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PSA to the Fandoms with Hispanic/Latinx/Portuguese/etc Characters: When you see that someone has been given two surnames, remember that both are their surnames, not just the latter given one.

If they were canonically given only one surname, it’s okay! Just use that, you don’t have to make a second surname for them! It’s how they identify themselves!

But if they were canonically given two of them… remember that both are their surnames, don’t cut it down to one.

Just trying to clear up some cultural misconceptions here.

Not a professional nor is it my culture, personally, but I did my research, okay? This is what happens when you stick around the Latin Hetalia fandom for just a bit too long. And I swear, if I read one more fanfic-!

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I remember when I made this post on Google plus, but I'ma do it again because my Tumblr account has more active followers than my G+ account ever had. Spoilers for tyrants tomb.

The sevens voices, plus Nico and Reyna


His voice is as smooth as, well, the Ocean. It has a nice wave to it and it’s usually laid back sounding. But, just like how the ocean churns when a storm is coming, so does Percy’s voice. It becomes shaky and gravely when he’s emotional or high pitched when he’s scared. The only real time his voice is calm when something bad happens is when he’s trying to reassure others.


When she was younger, she probably sounded like one of those annoying cheerleaders. But, when she got older her voice deepened and so did her attitude. Growing up with Percy definitely caused her to slow down a bit and enjoy whatever time they had together, so I could imagine her voice rounded up to be soft but steady (especially when she has full confidence of herself), having a bossy tone to it sometimes when she takes control of the situation.


(fuck I love this boy) I can imagine Jason’s voice as deep and firm, especially while giving commands. It booms like lightening while he yells orders, causing him to have a natural authority vibe. But when he’s around his friends, being laid back? He’s more soft spoken, laughing loudly and clapping people on the back and giving knowing looks.


Literally Jeremy Shada. Perfect for jokes and laughs, but also tender when emotional. Because let’s be real, Leo is a very emotional dude, he just bottles it up inside because he believes he isn’t important enough. He’s cocky when he wants to be, which gives off that kinda annoying high pitched voice. Also, could you imagine Jeremy Shada saying “badboy supreme”??? #JEREMYSHADANEEDSTOVOICEACTLEO


A typical mean girl voice, which makes her angry because she hates mean girls and being girly at all sometimes, (obviously i’m NOT like other girls 😠) but it’d be one of those soft girl voices, not the snarky kind. Partly because I can never imagine Piper being snarky. Her voice is also soothing due to her charm speak, lulling anyone to sleep if they listen to her talk long enough.


(I would literally fucking die for this boy.) OKAY, so where do I even start with this cutie??? He doesn’t have a hot boy™️ voice, he’s too kind and shy for that. He’s soft spoken at the beginning of HOO but his voice evens out and becomes more steady and sure of itself during the end of HOO. Ever have a very tall friend with a deep voice but in reality he’s a sweetheart? That’s Frank.


HER.VOICE.IS.ADORABLE. partly because it has that 1920-30 vibe, and because she was raised in new Orleans. She obviously has an accent, and has cute little gasps when she says “oh my!” I kinda imagine her voice to be like Tiana’s from Princess and the Frog, just younger.


Ya know this girl has one of the most (hottest) deepest voices. Firmed from shouting orders at the legion, with a accent from living in Puerto Rico (and also being a pirate) but very good grammar wise because of how disciplined she is. Her voice rarely faltered because has a Praetor she had to be sure of everything she did, but now as a hunter of Artemis I’m sure she can let go some of that responsibility and be more free with what she says and how she says it.


Maaan, this 14 year olds voice is dead as hell. Or, kinda. I mean, after going through the underworld and Tartarus, you can imagine he’s kinda dead voice wise. But, that’s not the case all the time. He DEFINITELY has emotions, and it shows through his voice when he let’s his guard down if he isn’t carful. While confessing his crush to Jason and Eros, you can imagine how raw he sounded. When he gets excited, his voice goes up a octave higher, (kinda like when he was young and hadnt seen hell) he definitely has or had a Italian accent, especially when mad or talking fast.

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I wanna set up either a Redbubble store or commissions or something to earn some money for a concert later this year (it would be cheap)

what would you guys recommend/what would you want to see? (don’t feel pressured to interact lmao if you aren’t interested please reblog/share to spread the word) ((or don’t if you don’t want to it’s okay))

(and here’s a list of things i will/won’t draw just to give you an idea)


  • fan art
  • OC’s
  • otp’s
  • quotes/lettering
  • i cant think of others but message me if you’re unsure


  • smut
  • NSFW
  • swear words
  • anything political lmao

again if you’re not interested that’s alright but if you are it would really help! if people show interest I’ll go a little further into prices and such

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1. Percy reuniting with Leo and Calypso and realizing that they’re in a relationship is an underrated moment. 

2. Blitzen’s password in The Hammer of Thor is one of the funniest underrated moments.

3. Carter waking up in Pokemon pajamas in The Throne of Fire is also an underrated funny moment.

4. Also Carter getting shitted on by a hieroglyphic bird.

5. Coach Hedge and Mellie’s relationship moved too fast. They only met in The Lost Hero and were already married with a kid by the end of The Blood of Olympus.

6. I’m tired of Solangelo fics/headcanons where Will is portrayed as a controlling schist. The only reason he gave Nico strict doctor’s orders in BoO was because it was a life or death situation. In The Hidden Oracle, Will doesn’t object to Nico using his powers at all.

7. Annabeth shouldn’t have judo flipped Percy.

8. It is an injustice that the MCGA fandom doesn’t use the term “meinfretr” more often.

9. I generally don’t like AUs (though Jason being alive I can accept).

10. The Arrow of Dodona is one of the funniest characters and deserves more appreciation.

11. Even though most “Not your type” jokes show Percy way OOC, I still find them funny.

12. Every time someone calls Nico “Neeks” I cringe inside.

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Does anyone remember that it was Will that introduced Leo to CHB, before delivering him to his siblings, back in TLH? Does anyone else headcanon that they developed a closer friendship? Because this is one of the more underappreciated possible friendship (even ship!) combos I’ve seen rn. Also, both are Texan Boys. *not Texan but as a Hetalian obligation to make such groupings*

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if this is incoherent i apologize but it spawned from talking about RR’s shitty ships in halfbloodsnet okay

RR did leo DIRTY which we all know but im gonna yell about anyways

what the fuck is up with calypso/leo???? why is that needed??? its NOT.

leo always felt like a seventh wheel w the Seven, a lot of which stemmed from how much he hopped around as a child. he didnt feel like he fit in with the Seven because they were all paired off (which is annoying but anyways).

he didnt need a relationship with some immortal chick (which is a DISGUSTING age and maturity gap thanks). he needed character development to where he realized that he did have a family, a home, with the seven. to feel like he fit in despite being the only single person.

to open up about his past and trauma a bit more, or at least acknowledge it more, and realize that he has a home. he doesnt need a relationship to fill that void because he has a group of friends who love him and care for him

his past:
its either implied or made clear that leo’s “class clown” persona is a coping mechanism. which 100% makes sense, percy kind of does the same thing. its good.

but whats not good is that RR never gave him a chance to show that he wasnt just some jokester, which resulted in a lot of fans being annoyed w leo’s character.

leo is so much more than just comedic relief and i feel like RR totally did him dirty on that. yes, showing his coping mechanism for his trauma is good. no, not showing him as anybody other than a jokester is bad.

i could keep going on but like………. im right

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