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#less days please

goshiki tsutomu - praise kink 

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*NSFW warning featuring praise, dirty talk and fingering*
fem reader


Tsutomu slammed his apartment door shut, tore off his gym shoes, threw his duffel bag on the ground, and then stomped to the bedroom in search of you - all while trying his best to not scream out of frustration. 

And you knew what was coming as soon as you heard the door slam. As if it was a part of your daily routine you asked, “What’s wrong?” when he swung the bedroom door open. 

Bad days didn’t happen often for your boyfriend, but when they did, you were the only one who could bring his mood back up. 

“My fucking cross is shit, Y/N. Why the fuck do I even play volleyball?! I’m not even good at it! I should just quit now -” 


He looked over at you, letting his hands fall from tugging on his hair.


“Just breathe.” 


“Come here.” 

He sat on the edge of the bed next to you; your hands went straight to his messy hair, combing through it to neaten out the soft black strands. 

“You wouldn’t have gotten a scholarship if you were bad at volleyball, babe. If you quit, you’d probably have to transfer universities. And the team wouldn’t do so hot without you.” 

“I know,” he mumbled. “But I really feel like I suck at it.” 

“That’s because you can’t see yourself play,” you replied. “Sure, your cross could be sharper, but if you could see how cool you look on the court, you’d never want to stop playing.”  

“Are you sure?” 

“Tsutomu, watching you play literally turns me on. Thinking about how cool you look when you play turns me on! You’re the upcoming ace for a reason - because you’re a good player. And a hot player. But mostly a good player.” 

His dark brown eyes lit up as you spoke, and a smirk appeared on his face. “I am the next ace…” He laughed as he pulled you closer to him, giving you a sweet kiss. “But I’m still frustrated with how I practiced today…” 

“I think I can help you with that,” you said, pulling him closer. “I thought about your crazy good serve and now I’m turned on.” 

You were always best at telling him what he wanted to hear when he needed to hear it. And your words erased his bad day from his memory.

He pushed you to lay on your back, and you happily complied. 

“Tsutomu,” you mumbled, “I need you, babe, please just hurry.” 

“I need you more,” he replied, tugging your pants off. 

“I’ve needed you all day… I couldn’t stop thinking about you, I’ve been so turned on for hours.” 

Tsutomu could hardly believe his ears, but knowing he’s the one you’ve spent the day thinking about put his actions in overdrive. He’d give you anything you needed. 

“You should feel how wet I am because of you,” you hummed, and his hand dove right into your underwear.

“This is because of me?” 

“Who else?” you giggled. “I’m soaked for you, Tsutomu. You made me make such a mess.” 

The more you praised him, the more confident he got - you learned that a long time ago. And so over the years, you’d gotten used to telling him how good you were feeling - he needed to hear it, honestly. 

His touch was gentle - you couldn’t tell if it was on purpose or not, but you needed him to give you more. “Don’t tease,” you said, “I’ve waited all day for you to touch me, I don’t wanna wait any longer.” 

“What do you want me to do?” 

“You know I love your fingers,” you replied. “God, do you have skilled fingers.” 

So, he did what he knew you’d love. Two of his fingers found your entrance and pushed inside of you - you tightened around his digits as if every muscle you had was tensing up. He flicked his fingers upwards over and over, rubbing that specific spot that turned your words into strained moans. 

“Oh my god, Tsutomu, fuck yes - keep doing that - you’re so fucking good at that -” 

“Should I touch you here, too?” he asked, his other hand moving to your clit. “Do you like this, babe?” 

Of course you liked it - but you were struggling to say it, because he was about to make you cum and that was the only thing you could think about. You were holding on to his arm with a tight grip, your body was jerking into his touch, your moans were loud. It was a sight Tsutomu loved to see - one he loved to cause

So he moved faster, his wrist was aching but he didn’t care - he wanted to make you feel good. It was the one thing he knew he was good at. 

He was desperate to make you cum, and was elated when you finally did - his own arousal was painfuly throbbing in his shorts, but he ignored it. All Tsutomu cared about was that he was the reason for your pleasure. 

You pushed his hands away when you were finished, and he peppered your neck in kisses.

“Was that good?” he asked, already knowing the answer. 

“Of course,” you said. “But I’m not done with you yet, ace.” 


tune in tomorrow for kinktober day 20: cunnilingus 

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