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Swanqueen, Clexa, or Supercorp?


I love them ALL!!!! lemme think…..

okay listen…SwanQueen wasn’t canon we know this but can you imagine if it would have been? The power that holds. I mean, it’s a love story for the ages. I think it’s the storytelling of OUAT (at least like the first three seasons bc we all know the others were trash) that really locked it in place for me. If they had gone with SwanQueen, it would be untouched. Unmatched. And I think that’s why I love it just a little bit more. Also the fanfiction…like damn. Incredible.

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i’ve mentioned before how i think the writing in the show is inconsistent, and while watching season three again, lexa’s death was so… off. like, it didn’t seem like it was supposed to happen? the whole story just feels weird now? it happened so suddenly and the fact that it was a bullet wound from her flame keeper shooting a gun meant for clarke just doesn’t feel right.

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Could they be baiting Lexa so hard without any conclusion because ADC straight up refuses to show her face on this garbage fire of a show? They kinda did the same with Ricky. A real Octavia redemption would feature Lincoln but instead we got...Pike? Ew. I bet neither of them want to come back so Jason is screwed.

I was kinda hoping someone would have asked her and Ricky in Paris if they had been invited back, but I don’t think that happened. ADC has certainly kept her distance from it, and that’s probably just good advice not to be associated with, as you say, a garbage fire. We can only speculate on stuff though and there’s no real way to know how these people communicate or what is communicated to them bts.  

It would make total sense for Lincoln and Lexa to make appearances (even just cameos in dreamscapes or the anomaly or Madi’s head), so not having them (and I seriously doubt they were ever asked) weakens the story even further than it already is.  Lincoln appearing to O and telling her the “get knocked down get back up” mantra would be fitting. Like Lexa with Clarke, he didn’t judge O, just loved and support her, in spite of her people.  Clarke and O have that in common: they loved and were loved by these characters who were shot dead in front of them (in the same year) and both were left traumatized over it (I always say if the show were honest, they would confront BeIIamy over his responsibility leading to both of those deaths and free themselves from his hypocritical judgment).  There could have been some reconnecting for Clarke and O, but it has never happened. 

But we have the last season coming up and who knows? Maybe Kimsum wants them all to go out on a high and she’ll pay some bucks to get some people back if only for cameos and…yeah, it would make all the sense in the world…which is why it probably won’t happen.  

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Ok I got a question- what happened if someone gave birth to twins on the ark???? Did they just do some Giver shit and kill the smaller one?? Lock one up in the skybox until it was 18 and then floated it (because c'mon they locked octavia up just for being born and its not like she had any say in the lawbreaking) Or did they just abort one during pregnancy? Like wtf happened to all the twins??????

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