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So, nighbloods can be used as hosts for other nighbloods? Then maybe they could resurrect whoever is in the Flame, soooo… Lexa could come back in another body, hoping that the Dark Commander they keep talking about doesn’t hijack the whole thing

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Major Spoilers for 6x04 of The 100!!

We know that Clarke is a fighter and was most likely screaming to get out but do you think that a small part of her was almost…relieved? She would finally not have anyone depending on her anymore. She no longer has to make the tough decisions. She doesn’t have to go through anymore pain. She can finally be at peace like Russell said. She’s going to fight like hell to get back for Madi and her mother and everyone else even if they treat her horribly. She cares about them and knows that they’re going to need her but there was probably that small part of her wanted to finally let go and be at peace. Actually, we know that she’s filled with self-loathing so she honestly might have even been relieved because she believes that she’s only going to continue hurting them

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Clarke: Wanna hear a joke?
Lexa: Okay.
Clarke: Knock Knock.
Lexa: Who’s there?
Clarke: Choke
Lexa: Choke who?
Clarke: Choke me da—
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My opinion on 6x04 (why can’t Lexa be back?)

I’ve just seen the 6x04 ending with Clarck becoming the Primes’daughter..

Oke, we all know that somehow Clarck is gonna take her identity back BUUUUUT if they just need an alies’s chip to turn someone in another person…why can’t Lexa come back?! They have the chip with the commanders inside of Madi, i’m pretty sure that Reven would be able to take Lexa from her chip and put her datas in another one to let us having our’s true Heda back

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The 100: Top 5 moments of season 2

1. Bellamy infiltrates MW and becomes the hero we all needed

Originally posted by clarkgriffon

2. We meet the commander of the grounders, after she does a bit of spy work to find out about Skaikru’s intentions

Originally posted by lexascandlelovestory

3. Indra offers to train Octavia and make her a warrior after seeing she’s a fighter

Originally posted by octaviagifs

4. Bellamy meets Echo and sacrifices himself for her

Originally posted by hedaswarrior

5. Clarke decides to leave Camp Jaha/Arkadia after they rescue their people from the mountain

Originally posted by bellarke

What are your favorite season 2 moments?⚔️

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Ever wonder why Lexa has so many damn candles?

[One week after Lexa gets the flame]

12 y/o Lexa: Titus! There’s a scary commander! What should I do?

Titus: That is the Dark Commander, Heda. You must fight off the dark.

12 y/o Lexa: Fight off the dark, huh?

[The next day]


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so i definitely think clarke is in the flame now. gaia’s little spiel to madi about clarke not being in the flame was like, chekhov’s flame speech. i imagine they probably can’t restore normal hosts because their mind has nowhere else to go? but clarke had the flame in her, so her mind could in theory live forever just like lexa and the other commanders.

i have a further theory that using this sanctum tech, they could fill host bodies with the minds of former commanders when they inevitably go to war with sanctum–which would also explain why they’re making such a big deal about sheidheda, cause the groundwork is all kinds of laid for the dark commander to return to a body as well and possibly become the “surprise” big bad of the season. like why else would chekhov’s commander matter as long as madi didn’t listen to him?

i would be so much more engaged with this season’s plot if i hadn’t had to watch clarke get her freak on tbh.

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