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#lexa x clarke

A little teaser from the next chapter of Clearest Blue.
Fandom: The 100
Ship: Clarke/Lexa
Rating: Explicit (smut with plot)

“You told me…” She closes her eyes. “You told me that I looked like a painting you had seen—at the library, I think.” She laughs a little.

“You did!” I laugh, too. “I still remember the painting.”

Her smile fades, but her eyes are still shining. “It was the most beautiful thing anyone ever said about me.”

“Well, you never saw the painting I was talking about,” I tease.

“Don’t do that.” She looks at me with blue eyes so serious I’m startled. “I know you meant it. Well, now I know.” She shifts onto her back. Her breasts are small, topped by tiny pink nipples that are always erect. She puts her hands behind her head. She would have never left herself so exposed a year ago. She looks at the ceiling. “You’re a good person. I hope you know that.”

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New Theory

Okay so now we have confirmation of what we all thought: the primes use technology similar to the flame to be reborn. The difference is that the Commanders retain their memories while the primes’ hosts lose theirs.

Maybe this makes taking the chip out particularly difficult. Maybe it’s not as simple as saying that latin stuff and pulling it out.

Also in this episode, we saw a reminder of how much Madi wants to keep the Flame in her head. My hope is that this line was a deliberate foreshadowing of her having to take it out this season.

What if she takes it out so that the flame can then go inside Clarke’s head (again, dear god) and then Madi and Lexa and Becca and everyone in between (except u dark commander, fuck u) can all save the day. Yay!

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Natblidas are the descendants of Becca Pramheda and her first nightbloods, they are rare, and only a nightblood may assume the flame of the Commander.

Season 3: Yo let’s kill every nightblood except Luna.

Season 4: Wait nah let’s kill Luna, too. Oh and btw Clarke’s a nightblood now.

Season 5: oh surprise there’s now a small nightblood child that will literally whoop all ur asses.

Season 6: Welcome to Planet Nightblood where we all have nightblood and we are all nightbloods did we mention we have nightbloods?

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