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#lexa x clarke

Incorrect Quotes !!

Clarke: Please? For me?

Lexa: Don’t do that.

Clarke: What?

Lexa: You think every time you say, “Please? For me?” I’ll do whatever you want. Well, not this time.

Clarke: Please? For me?


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Incorrect Quotes !!

Clarke: I hardly slept last night.

Raven: When you can’t sleep, it means someone is thinking about you. Someone who loves you.

Clarke: Who the hell would be thinking of me at 3am?

Lexa: [Gay Panic]

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I’ve had a really rough couple of weeks and need some Clexa fluff

Send me random Clexa fluff fics please. Preferably one shots or short chapters, I don’t have the mental capacity to 1) search on my own and 2) to read anything long

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“I need you.”

~Bellamy Blake

ok my little bellarke heart almost exploded at that scene, but i’ll risk talking abt it for u tumblr.

ok first of all AHHH

second of all, THE HEAD AND THE HEART

i’m not going to go into that cause a ton of people have already, so go find theirs

third of all, i want to talk about 2 things, the first one being Bellamy’s voice coming from the speakers in Clarke’s mind space.

no-one else’s voices came through the speakers. the only reason clarke could ever hear bellamy when josephine was in control was because their minds were almost totally merged. josephine and clarke’s minds were separate and clarke’s body was DEAD. so why could she hear bellamy? cause her subconscious could recognize that it was bellamy and he’s very important to her so his voice came through.

idk that’s my thought.

ok, so the second point is everyone else in general. octavia, josephine and gabriel.

BECAUSE they were so different.

let’s start w octavia. she was the fandom. she didn’t rly believe that clarke was gonna survive, but was not trying to stop bellamy once he started. THEN her FACE when bellarke hugged!! omg she was so happy. yknow why? cause clarke makes clarke happy and bellamy being happy makes her happy.

now let’s talk gabriel. he was so confused. especially abt bellarke. he knew they were friends but he saw more than that. bellarke was the reason he helped them. he saw what he and josephine had. what he would nvr have. and he knew that they could work even though he and josephine (obviously) didn’t. idk he gave up his love for them and for that i’m eternally greatful.

ok now let’s talk josephine.

i liked her. she was cool. idk i think that honestly she was right when she said she and clarke were starting to be friends. she had many times to kill clarke and she didn’t. which in the world of the 100 is pretty much equivalent to friendship. she just was retiring everything that she could to save both of them, in her own conniving sneaky way. so i appreciate her.


let’s talk abt someone who we all know was there even though we couldn’t see her.


i love clexa. clexa is the best.


bellarke is canon in the books, and, lexa is dead. i wish she wasn’t. but that’s the way it is, and we can’t change that. and on top of that, i think that lexa would approve of bellarke.


i think she can see how happy bellamy makes clarke and that’s all she wants for her. she obviously didn’t like bellamy when she was alive, but i think that bellamy is so committed to clarke now, and lexa can appreciate that.

so yeah

i stan bellarke and clexa.

thx for coming to my tedtalk talk, good bye and goodnight!


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I mean there was some high class philosophical shit (”The dead are gone, the living are hungry”), the most epic plot twists (like Lexa being the commander and Clarke killing Finn and honestly, them letting Lexa and Clarke kiss) and just overall epicness that no season before or after ever had! It was brutal and SUCH AMAZING WRITING.. HOW DID IT ALL GO TO SHIT SO FAST?

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Madi: Clarke, what’s a GEC?

Clarke: *panicking* W-what? Where did you hear about that??

Madi: Lexa-

Clarke: Doesn’t know what she’s talking about and she’s lucky I can’t kill her in the flame.

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Bellamy: Welcome to the 鈥榝uck Lexa鈥 support group, where we gather to say a collective 鈥榝uck you鈥 to that stupid bitch.
Bellamy: But first, a few words from our newest member.
Clarke, sweating: So I may have misunderstood-
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