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When someone in your comments embodies everything wrong with the LGBTQ+ community haha not that having long hair makes anyone any less agender obviously. But they looked at one post of me trying on a wig for the first time and feeling myself a little bit and decided that I was just spam tagging. Hi I’m Jonah and I’m agender, and part of the reason I identify that way is because I don’t feel a connection to any gender despite how I choose to express, which is more “masculine” or androgynous 98% of the time anyways, not that it matters agh. If you don’t know somebody, then keep your mouth shut. How hard is that? Damn.

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people who think 1) trans folks need dysphoria to be trans and 2) people who don’t identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, or non-binary are invalid snowflakes that need to stop acting like they’re “special” and just be normal physically hurt me. 

You can love your body and be trans. you can be a trans women and love your body with no dysphoria. it’s not a crazy concept! There are days where i feel like a guy and i feel perfectly comfortable in my body. There’s no wrong way to be transgender. 

I one hundred percent think everyone should have free speech and be able to voice their opinions however they want (both within reason and within guidlines of where you are choosing to speak), but the minute you start attacking people because they need specific labels to be comfortable with themselves (pansexual instead of bisexual, agender instead of non binary) you’ve misused it. Why would you hurt other people. I don’t care if it’s your opinion, which again, you are completely entitled to voice and make known, why would you use it to hurt someone. why would you describe people as “snowflakes” and “disabled” because they need to feel good about themselves, and they choose a label other than one you fucking like. 

They aren’t affecting you. Their gender has nothing to do with you. So why attack them when they aren’t hurting you? 

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cishet aces/aros may not be lgbt, but that doesn’t mean i hate them! they’re worthy of a good life! cishet people are not lgbt, but they’re still worthy of love!! maybe if we spread the message saying that everyone deserves love and respect, then we wouldn't have people pretending to be something they're not or shoehorning themselves into a community that will not benefit them. you do not need to join a larger community to receive love. 

we need to stop preaching hate against people who are less oppressed. it’s causing cis people to think they’re trans because on here, being cis is bad. it’s gotten to the point that people are trying to get into the lgbt community so that they can feel like they have a community, even when their smaller community that suited them better is right there. we need to stop the bullshit that is happening on this site, right now. stop. hating. majorities. it’s only doing harm. 

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I like fantasy, sci-fi, stories about siblings and anything lgbt!

netflix faves: stranger things, umbrella academy, the haunting of hill house, bojack horseman, shadowhunters, black mirror, sense8, altered carbon, 3%, fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood, one day at a time, one punch man, brooklyn nine-nine

others I’ve already seen and liked: the dragon prince, a series of unfortunate events, voltron: legendary defender, the chilling adventures of sabrina,  the innocents, the returned, neo yokio, orphan black, class, teen wolf, izombie, merlin

others I’ve seen but weren’t keen on: once upon a time, dirk gently, disenchantment, rick and morty

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I really don’t know.

On one hand, I really would like to get top surgery. I fucking hate my chest and it looks so weird one me. I’m dying to have a flat chest.

I also would be very grateful if I could get rid of my period. I see no point in having it if I don’t want kids and it makes me feel so gross and it doesn’t seem like I should be having one. It doesn’t really cause me pain, but it makes me super fucking emotional and I don’t like that. 

Those are the two things that are really bothering me right now. 

I don’t know about Testosterone. I really don’t. I don’t have any HUGE problems with the lack of facial hair, or the tone of my  voice. I wish I didn’t sound so feminine but at the same time I don’t want a lower voice. 

Also bottom surgery is something I don’t feel like I want. I’m fine with things down there, other than the periods. There have been some fleeting moments of being disgusted with myself because it doesn’t feel like I should have nothing there, but it’s not an every day thing atm.

My boyfriend says he supports me using male pronouns and the top surgery and getting rid of my period, but he says he doesn’t know how he feels about T. I’m not so sure of it myself, which is why I think he’s on the fence about it too. It kind of hurts but at the same time I know where he’s coming from. I’m sure if I was super adamant on it and KNEW it would make me feel better, he’d be okay with it.

I don’t know how to identify. I guess I’m not “fully Trans” but also not non binary because I know for a fact, I feel SUPER masculine right now. Like I want a guys hair cut, the boxers, the flat chest and no more periods. I want strangers to call me “sir” and my friends (if I had any) to be like “what’s up bro” and be super chill about it all. 

I don’t want to be a daughter. Or a girlfriend. Those terms feel so alien to them, I can’t connect with them if that makes sense. When strangers call me Mam I just feel awkward. I don’t know. Is this all just in my head? Why wont it go away?


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