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#lgbtq art

some pride seals that seal boy emmett™ doodled a while ago and forgot to post!! remember that no matter who you are or how you identify, you deserve to feel proud of yourself and live as you choose!! to love anyone, including yourself, is amazing!! seal boy is so proud of you!!

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Gemini Rose Turner. 

I might post this on my art account as well idk but I wanted to put this here because Gem is ace. 

Okie so about Gem! Gemini is Asexual and Biromantic. She absolutly loves people and loves being in relationships, she falls in love very easily. She is completly sex repulsed and would honestly love to do absolutly anything besides sex in a relationship. She is a photographer and the youngest twin, the eldest being Merylynn Ophilia Turner (I’ll do a post about her next). Gem loves vintage things and her favorite hobby is Rollerskating. 

I think there needs to be more Ace representation in art and media. I mean Jughead was the only ace charactor we had then Riverdale sexed him all up which made me so sad, I still lover Riverdale though and Jughead’s everything xD I always have some ace charactor in any of my stories and even other LGBTQIA+ ids I just don’t focus on it all that much because being LGBTQ+ isn’t a personality trait. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk xD

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Again stating the obvious with sparkles and cute hearts… it’s kinda sad and tiring to keep stating basic things like these but there are some people who still need to hear this. Even if you don’t “get” something you can either try to educate yourself,learn about it and accept it or you can just shut up, because insulting and invalidating other people’s orientations(or identities,or anything else tbh) is just plain gross. you don’t get to decide wether a sexuality is valid or not 🌈 as usual when i post this kind of stuff, offensive comments will be deleted & you will be blocked, i dont accept any kind of discrimination here, i want my page to be a safe space for everyone. Peace ✌️🌸

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