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#lgbtq art

The rest of the speedpaint for theWhat-Sexual?? Volume 1 Cover is on youtube! Http:// 🌈 I’m so excited for pre-orders to start in a week!! I’m thinking the price should be $14.50 USD plus tax and Los Angeles has a thicc tax rate of 9.5% so that’s $15.88, what do you think??

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‪Hey everyone,‬

‪My new album ‘Beauty’ is out this Friday 3/15! It’s for all the queers out there! ‬

‪Here’s the cover art and track list:‬

‪1. Queer‬

‪2. Epicene‬

‪3. Lies‬

‪4. Colors‬

‪5. Tundra‬

‪6. Helios‬

‪7. Beauty‬

‪8. Sphinx‬

‪Watch the video for ‘Queer’ now:‬

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