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broke: not recognizing Fem!Kano is canon


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me: bisexuals aren’t “part-straight” or “only kinda gay”! we are not not half-anything! bisexuality is one whole identity!! respect that!!!

also me: yeah I’m half-gay and what about it

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LGBT+ Characters

Okay, Gallup estimates that 4.5% of all American adults identify as LGBTQIA+. That’s about 1 out of every 22 people. So if you’re writing a story, realistically, a character is probably going to be LGBTQIA+. It could be a side character or a character that’s barely referenced, but any person (and therefore, any realistic main character) interacts with way more than 22 people in their day-to-day lives. You don’t necessarily have to talk about this at all in your story, but it’s just something to think about. It’s probably realistic for one of your characters to be LGBTQIA+, even if they’re just a side character, and it’s important for good writers to realize this when writing characters.

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when someone says ‘i don’t label my gender/sexuality’ that does not mean you get to pick whatever label you like for them. it means they don’t have a label. if they don’t label themselves then neither do you.

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I cradle her head between my thighs, she closes

Her eyes and sighs

Hot air boils as our skin

Rubs against each other, static

Friction like electricity, like lightening

We’re creating an energy so

Volatile that our bodies shake

As though the Earth tremors

Under the weight of our lust

That is also love but also lust

And I wonder where all this need,

This need to mesh our flesh

Together like an intricately woven

Tapestry that tells a story of Dedication

And Devotion, with the threads of brilliant

Coloured silks, creating our story with the most

Beautiful of blues, pinks and oranges

And ah! Together we have reimagined the sunset, a serene orb

Of warmth and light, a kaleidoscope that refracts a whole

Treasury of colours into our eyes that are wide open to the expanse of the Universe

The gold shimmer of ecstasy dances around us as our bones

Attempt to touch and fuse into each other

And so, we finally become one, one body, two souls and a spirit, one body.

Oh, her gasps and sighs are so musical and lovely

To think of the poetry that Sappho would have written about us if she knew of a love such as ours

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