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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Hey gays anyone feel like,,,,, skating down this bridge that’s still a construction side with me? And make out afterwards? And we’re both boys

That’d be dope

(Also that’s me in the video. I’m not joking. Hmu)

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“I read your article ‘Conversations about Hate’,” Markus Kant says.

“You did?” chokes out Haruki, mouth suddenly dry.

This is just like any other person who’s ever contacted you for a story, he says to himself. So what, three? The voice whispers. Shut up, he thinks. 

This is Markus Kant, the voice crows delighted. He’ll see how pathetic you are and then he’ll leave and you can drink microwavable soup for the rest of your life, working at a dead end job. 

Shut up, he thinks viciously. Shut up. The voice keeps on talking.

“-No. I read your article ‘Fifteen things to get your Halloween spook on! Number five will surprise you!!!’.”

Haruki looks up, the voice inside his head interrupted. Before he can die of horror and humiliation that his former job is coming to bite him in the back, Markus Kant laughs, hollow and short.

“I’m joking,” he says. “It’s a side effect of being shipwrecked on an island with only a coconut named Wilhemina to talk to”.

“Wilson,” Haruki corrects automatically before the horror makes a comeback and he realizes that he’s correcting a multimillionaire. Former? Are you still a multimillionaire if you’ve been gone for half a year and your company majorly messed up when you were away? Is it just a normal millionaire now?

“Wilson,” Markus Kant agrees, and he looks like he might be smiling in the same way that a Girl With A Pear Ear might look like the Mona Lisa.

He has a nice mouth. He should maybe smile more, Haruki thinks suddenly. What kind of thought is that? The voice sneers. You’re going to slip up and accidentally tell him that and then he’ll be disgusted and you’ll drink microwavable soup for the rest of your life!

Shut the fuck up about microwaveable soup, he snaps back. This is going to be the coverup that not only uncovers what the Minister’s really doing but also the full potential he has beyond articles like ‘You’ll Never Believe What This Award Winning Actress Was Caught Doing!’. (eating dumplings with a fork at a mom and pop store, by the way).

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Everyone!!! Today is pan day of visibility! I am pan so I just wanted to say that is so rad and if you’re pan too, that’s so cool! Celebrate yourself today cuz you are wonderful!

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It’s okay to use labels as a transition period. If you identified as gray-ace before deciding you were actually ace, that’s okay! Same for visa versa! You’re not doing anything wrong, and it doesn’t lessen the validity of these identities as stand-alone, permanent labels.

Labels are here for you. How you navigate your identity and your personal journey is up to you.

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Weather you’re pansexual or panromanic have an Amazing day! We love you so much!❤️

So weather you’re trans, NB, or cis; I LOVE YOU

So to my pan enbies, you rock it!

To my pan men, you’re amazing!

To my pan women, you’re beautiful inside and out!

Even if you’re not pan I hope you have an awesome day!


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Happy Pansexual/Panromantic Visibility Day!

Hello, all you wonderful and amazing pansexual folks! Today is your day to be celebrated!  Pansexual folks are fully part of the LGBTQIA+ community and are worthy of being validated.

Pansexual Visibility Day started in this beautiful place many of us call social media home, aka Tumblr, in 2015. The day is not as well known as other days in the LGBTQIA community but it should be.

Pansexual people are not “confused.” 

Pansexual people do not have to “choose.”

Pansexual people are not “basically bisexual.”

Pansexual people are valid, worthy and their pansexual identity can intersect with other identities as well.

So, however you identify, your pansexuality is real.

May you always remember how amazing you are!

Mod Kisa

P.S. We always welcome submissions so…if you want to show your fat pansexual POC self off…send us your pics, arts, writing, WHATEVER! Let us showcase YOU!

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I accidentally told some of my new colleagues that I’m ace aro AND ONE OF THEM ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT IT MEAN!

He be like “Oh yeah they exist they are part of the LGBTQA community.” Like I’m so delighted to the fact that people in HK that I’ve met know what asexual AND aromantic are!


The other boy asked me, “What make you realise?” I replied “Well I saw the terms online and the descriptions fits me.”And a girl be asked“How long since you know?”“For two years or so I think.”

I’m just. Feeling a bit better? Like oh yeah people do know what asexual aromantic are.

It’s like the rare good thing happened to me lately.

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My sexual and romantic Headcanons on the Quatuor Rulers

Peach: Asexual HeteroDemiromantic

Daisy: Bisexual

Rosalina: Oriented Aroace

Pauline: Demisexual Lesbian

It’s my version, if you’re curious about my choices, don’t hesitate to ask me. Also, if you want to make your own version, don’t hesitate to do it and send to me: I’m curious! ^.^

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