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“…He who refuses the rudiments of prayer: fear, pain, sighing, silence, refuses the essence of prayer itself.”

- Metropolitan of Nafpaktos Hierotheos

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After missing our cruise ship, this is our first stop.

Grand Cayman, in the middle of the Caribbean sea, a part of the Cayman Island.

So for this trip, my cousin planned everything as soon as we docked off the ship. We had a bus to go to the yacht club to ride a boat.

We have arrived at our first stop, where you can hold and take pictures with sting rays! We had tour guides of course to brief us what to do once the sting rays get near. Everyone had a photo op with the sting rays and I tell you that they’re used to human since the easiest way to lure them is through food. At first, I was hesitant because they were swimming around and passing through my legs but once I got used them, I wasn’t afraid of them. It was because dad said about their tails.

Our time is limited, so after everyone got their chance with the stingrays,we went to our second destination. We went snorkeling for the second stop and damn, there water is so clear. I’ve never seen the water this clear in my whole life. I can really say there water is virgin here. There were lots of fishes and our tour guide had more food, so we fed them.

Our last stop was an island. We basically just took a dip, pictures with the starfish and left since we only had a whole day to spend it here in Grand Cayman.

It was drizzling going to the island earlier but it was a good thing that the waves weren’t that big and the sun shone when we arrived at the sting rays.

Of course, before getting back to the cruise, we had a little shopping for souvenirs and a lot of window shopping. Lol

While the ladies shopped, I decided to look around since they went to a jewelry store if I remember correctly. I didn’t feel like shopping since I was sticky from the swimming earlier.

After thirty minutes of shopping, it was time to head back to the ship. Finally, I can take a shower now. Lol

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Had a dentist appointment today but decided to sleep in in stead. So now I of course have a tooth ache and swollen gums on one side. Karma is a real bitch

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i kind of want to try and venture into the enamel pins industry and try my hand out for it. i’ve a high-key interest in graphic design and the pin industry has been something i’ve been very invested in since i followed a few on ig. and the resin charms too lol

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Sunrise or sunsets?

This is hard. I’m never up early enough for sunrises but the sunset normally means my day is over. And I’m always that girl that’s like “look at the sky” so I guess sunsets.

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By The Associated Press

The man accused of fatally shooting one person and wounding seven others at a Nashville church in 2017 testified Wednesday that he can’t remember if he did it.

Published: May 22, 2019 at 03:17PM

from NYT U.S.
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I don’t close my eyes because I know that when I open them I’m going to be stuck in the same miserable life I tried to forget about.

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What you speak, believe and think about is what you’ll receive. Law Of Attraction. It’s greater than us, the universe hears and feels. #LawOfAttraction | VC; @vybo ————————————————————— #InspireAgency #InspireThaGreat #Inspiration #NipseyHussle #Motivation #Love #SelfLove #Peace #Prosperity #Success #LOA #Gratitude #Peace #Happiness #Purpose #Life #Smile #BeGreat #Speak #Greatness #GiveBack #LoveLife #LetsGo 🏁

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