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#like. WOW

still thinking about the “you cant be the real superman” “you’ll never know” scene with kon and cyborg superman in reign of the superman. Fucking Iconic

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i cant believe in happy feet, the humans found a colony of dancing penguins and were like WE HAVE TO STOP FISHING THERE THIS IS A PROBLEM WITH THE UNITED NATIONS NO FISHING ALLOWED!!! and that solved everything

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its so god damn weird to see fics talking about how bakugou actually getting repercussions for his bullying but then you check ops profile and with every other fic they’re a hard core bk///dk

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im normally very pro ‘like who/what you like fuck the people who tell you not to’, but when it comes to all these real serial killer fellas im like. begging u all to find a fictional character and imprint on them instead

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// putting in my two cents about the tumblr update/adult content ban:

I love how they’re banning mostly nudity (my favorite is “female-presenting nipples”) and yet this still is a safe site to go to for literal nazis 🙃🙃🙃

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