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It’s quite hard to approach the topic of confidence when the person discussing it is shy. Confidence is not something that comes naturally to me personally, but it does have its moments where it really shines. Streaming on Twitch is one way that helps me personally because at least I’m interacting with others and I’ve made this channel my own.

Social confidence is another matter, I suppose. Being outgoing is one thing, but I am the complete opposite. Although the outgoing personality is natural to most people, it can be very draining for introverts. Is there a way to bridge that gap? I’m not entirely sure.

Being confident possibly can relate to determination, a desire to succeed and to power through the failures and obstacles life puts in front of us. It’s very hard to grasp that strength when self-doubt and all the worries in the world hold you back. You can find yourself at the final hurdle, almost there, then flake away and lose sight of the goal. Is it worth it? Is it worth the struggle to get there? Or should you just take that leap of faith?

This is not an advisory piece of writing from the author. No, this is musing, wondering, exploring the topic of confidence because it’s a tough nut to crack. What would I define as being confident? Maybe an element of bravery? I don’t know.

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Книжный марафон: день 3

Автор: лев Толстой

Название: Война и мир

Том 2

Итог прочтения: Грустное послевкусие… читать не хочется…неприятное ощущение…

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much to be said for all that’s left unsettled, unresolved, un (requited)?

Much is distilled in the gray.

That’s what humans do: we lie to ourselves, we take our singles in tips and invest in false beliefs for the sake of convenience,…

not pity, not shame, just


Moral procrastination

Spinning words, meanings, what for?

It’s all coming off quite provocative


Her name is pandora, she’s quite tame and not the best of cuddle buddies, but most of the time,…

I’m not the best when it comes to riddles, just leave me out of this, please?

She mutters, oh, omniscient she!

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There was a random sound in the distance, something peculiar, far beyond the halls where Grace stood. She peered out of her classroom door. It was probably nothing.

Grabbing her backpack, she hurried to meet her friends to catch the bus back home, thinking nothing of this. They always told her to stop reading those silly sci-fi comics, but did she feel like she could give them up? No way! The truth was out there.

It was no wonder that Grace Reynolds began her pursuits in science. She enjoyed all of the clinical experiments and equations. Then she could work her way into searching for life in space!

She grew up loving science through to her college years, and then suddenly stopped all pursuits in the subject. It was an extremely unusual thing! Why would this be a probable outcome? It didn’t make any sense!

Maybe she learnt too much? Or simply gave up the passion of the mysteries.

Actually, in reality, Grace found everything in the subject far too complicated. Equations and chemical compounds no longer offered her a thrill. Maybe it was due to her boredom of sci-fi and being outcast for believing in aliens.

Eventually, she took to dog walking! A nice little stroll through the park with random strangers’ dogs, what a wonderful pastime! Well, if the dogs weren’t too excitable, that is. Trying to clean up their poop with them yanking at the leash was a difficult task. Seeing them happy was more reward than staring through a telescope for hours on end, even in the freezing winter.

Time passed and Grace grew old. She never had any children and never looked up into the night sky thinking of aliens or otherworldly pursuits. It wasn’t a huge loss, there were other people following that dream as she lived her life on a totally different path. In the end, she had peace in her little bubble on Earth, but her dreams would remain in space.


This drabble was written live on on the 9th May 2019.

Watch the video here:


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conhecimento & solitude

conhecimento (noun): facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation.


everything i know,

i learned by myself.

alone in my rooms,

in the pages of some book, lost between the lines

i learned in silence, cause this is how i was taught to be:

mouthless, quiet, soft

a good girl for no one to see

and they told me how unladylike was to speak

they taught me how to keep myself shut

but everything i know, i learned on my own

in the light of screens, where i discovered the world

and other people like me

who had no one to talk to

i found out all the possibilities;

wanted to be more than that

i learned a whole new language alone

and unlocked a new part of humanity

i was understanding what that word meant yet;

and was not able to call myself human back then.

but life kept going,

and for someone who was taught to be wordless,

i was quite full of them.

now i’m still learning

how to not silence myself

it’s difficult sometimes

but i keep reading, i keep writing

there is nothing soft inside me

there is nothing noiseless inside me

i am loud; i am noisy

i am not a robot.

i’m still learning on my own

and all the words i had to repress when i was younger,

will come back,

more furious than ever.

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“One quality or principle there is perhaps — that one must not lay down rules. The laws are mere conventions, utterly unable to keep touch with the vast variety and turmoil of human impulses; habits and customs are a convenience devised for the support of timid natures who dare not allow their souls free play.”

- Virginia Woolf, Montaigne

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