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The weary of our life comes to end someday but to live every moment of your life without any regret and to enjoy every aspect even the pain is an immense joy which nobody can takes from you.



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Mivel a decemberi szobakoncert elmaradt, tettem egy felelőtlen ígéretet, hogy cserébe online fogunk találkozni élőben. Na most ennek a technikai feltételei nem álltak rendelkezésre. Idáig.

Így a 29. születésnapomon teljesen élőben az irodánkból (6lépés/rawfilter/gódorbálint3d/kalisession) jelentkezem hangszerekkel, dalokkal talán még vendégekkel is. És nem kizárt, hogy néhány új dalt is eljátszom, ami az idei év második felében megjelenő albumon lesznek majd rajta.

További részletek hamarosan. Az információkért kövessétek az instagram oldalamat, illetve addig is iratkozzatok fel a youtube csatornámra, hisz ott leszünk élőben.


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freestyle bar 輪



alaska highway50



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Hello there!
Check out DJ/Producer OJJ’s 8-bit-gaming-vibe-live-dj-mix !

Feel free to share if you like it!

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So Behavior announced that they are going to be nerfing Ruin…the only perk in the game that gives killers time at the beginning of the game to gain momentum in higher ranks. They will be replacing it with…a crappy version that doesn’t seem to be that useful. So since half the killers in the game really need ruin against better players to get things going…I’m trying out different builds to see if I can find anything that works. So far huntress can do well on smaller maps without ruin but the problem is many of the maps are way to big and their doesn’t seem to be an answer for that anymore. I really have no idea what these Behaviour is doing half the time with this game. It seems like they don’t realize that it’s already survivor sided and eventually I think they will kill their game because less and less killers will want to play because it’s very imbalanced and they are just making it worse at this point. Alright, rant over but I hope you enjoy the game. ;)

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While broadcasting for my weekly charity stream over at the official @extralife4kids @twitch channel, @josephwymanphoto did it again and brought a much-needed cup of joe (pun intended) to the studio. Only this time, I didn’t hear or see him coming until he popped in and magically handed it to me out of frame. I didn’t even need the coffee to wake me up after that.
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