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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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About Tom Tweets: That time when an actor who has portrayed two doctors (and pretended to be a third as part of another role) finally gets to put his undoubtedly in-depth research (plus his compassion and common sense) into practice, 20th January 2020


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Loki: I warn you, I’ve been trained to kill since birth.

Aisha: Wow. And how long have you been training to be a prat?

Loki: You can’t address me like that.

Aisha: Sorry. How long have you been training to be a prat … my lord?

Quotes from Merlin season 1 episode 1 ‘The Dragon’s Call’

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Stephen: Attention Class! To properly celebrate the end of the year in the winter spirit, we shall-
Tony: Get drunk on eggnog.
Peter: Stare blankly at each other over cooked turkey and roasted potatoes.
Loki: Be cold, distant and filled with darkness.
Stephen: My mistake for forgetting who I was dealing with. Let us all go back to our room in silence.
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Odin: Has anyone thought of a good reason why we shouldn't cancel Midgard?
Loki, raising his hand: Because it would be a bummer.
Odin: Okay, we might need more than that.
Loki: Are you actually at least going to write it down?
Odin: *sighs* Alright. *scribbles something*
Loki: Did you actually write it down, or did you just do a scribble-scrabble?
Odin, annoyed: *Rips the paper up and writes "bummer" on a new sheet, then shows it to him*
Loki: :)
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remember when Dark World premiere and everyone thought Loki was dead so Tom Hiddleston started fake crying to preserve that lie when he was asked how he felt about his “last” Marvel red carpet?


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Listen this ain’t all yall but

There be hoes out here defending Loki (a whole ass man who MURKED PEOPLE) and being all like yes he got redeemed (I do stan loki ngl) but then these HOES also be coming after me for staning billy Hargrove and his DESERVED REDEMPTION ARC (my boi was abused by his parents and then raised to be a racist anger issue filled piece of shit trash kid but I believe that my boy can learn to see past his parents’ bigoted teachings and be the good big bro I know him to be) cause he was racist to lucas,,,,,,,,

In conclusion,

I need billy to stop being a shitty human and get some character development and

Hoes: racism>murder

Thank you for coming to my TED talk

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Always been drawn to villains?

I think flawless characters are boring. Like those typical heroes who swoop in and save the city from the evil hand of (blah blah); basically they’re lame. Flaws make us real and our everyday human lives are constantly jam packed with events that make us self critical of our flaws! And sometimes seeing these constant “do-gooder heroes” can really feel like a drain on your mentality because they’re just “too perfect.” Villains though? They are PACKED with flaws! Some are humorous, some are cold, some are charming, and some are bold! Either way, they are usually given legit reasons to feel the way they do or to become villains and most of these things are relatable! Breakups, death, being cast aside and forgotten, or never being able to be free. These characters are usually so fleshed out that they feel so real. They feel like people we can relate to and I think that’s why some of us are always drawn to the villains. So come join the dark side, we have legitimate and validated human emotions!

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