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Locusts. LokixF!Reader.(insect warning)


Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

“Y/n.. isn’t that too mean?”

“Since when do you care about anything being ‘too mean’?” You laugh out at your soon to be husband.

“… you’re right. Who am i kidding? Let’s do this!” Loki nods and you hum a 'yesss’ .

Ever since you and Loki got engaged, the team started pranking you because you two where too invested in each other.

This resulted in a prank war that you and him are obviously nailing! I mean, you can’t beat the God of Mischief and his girl in a prank war!

You tap on the name “Tony” in your contacts after making sure to call anonymously. Meanwhile,Loki transforms into Nick Fury.

“Hello?” You hear Tony on the other side of the line.

“Y-yes, Tony it’s m-me..” Loki stutters in his form.

“Fury? Why are you stuttering? Is there an emergency?” You can hear Tony’s concern.

“Look..uh.. a lady called Mariza came to my house.. she’s from Wildlife services..” He tries his best not to laugh.

“Is there an emergency? Do they need us?”

“In this case.. there’s nothing we can do..” Loki says dramatically.

“If you tell me there’s another Thanos coming, i’m gonna flip!” Tony almost yells and you silently laugh.

“No..there’s a locust apocalypse..”

“What the fuck are you on, Fury?”

“See.. it rained yesterday and locusts went out of their homes.. You need to turn off all lights, close all windows and any electricity in general. They are a lot!” Loki elbows your side to stop you from laughing.

“Oh. So it’s serious.. Uh.. okay fine, we’ll do that..” Tony closes the phone and does as told.“F.R.I.D.A.Y , shut down the whole building.”

“Yes sir. Is there an emergency?”

“Locusts.” Tony says and Natasha laughs from the other side of the room.

The building starts shutting down,doors and windows closing, leaving the Avengers in complete darkness.

“Locusts? Really?” The redhead says and Sam bursts into laughter. “Turn the damn lights on, Stark.”

“There’s no way you’re actually shutting down the building because of locusts!” Clint laughs out.

“That’s obviously a prank. Loki and Y/N are behind this,i’m sure!” Steve says seriously, trying to find his way around in the pitcy black living room.

“My brother is extremely annoying.” Thor crosses his hands in front of his chest.

“Oh yes, how did this not cross my mind? F.R.I.D.A.Y, turn on all electricity and open all doors and windows. Give me the exact location of Loki and Y/N.”

“Yes sir.”

As the doors and windows open,locusts fill the living room, sending the superheroes into panick mode.

“What the actual hell?” Wanda says in her tick accent.

“Is this part of the prank or is there actually a locust apocalypse?!” Bucky almost screams.

“Ha! Told you this was gonna work!” Watching the footage on the screen from the cameras, you squeal and hug Loki, who is more than happy to see you have fun.

“I can’t believe humans are so scared of insects!” He shakes his head and then you both burst into laughter again.

Steve is trying to kick the poor insects away from him,Tony is on a table targetting and shooting them, Clint is screaming , Natasha is nowhere to be seen, Sam is yelling curse words,Thor is playing with a locust, saying that he made a new friend, Bucky is hiding behind Sam, and Wanda , being the only calm one in the situation, uses her powers to pick up as many locusts as possible and throws them out of the window.

“I can’t wait to keep doing this with you for the rest of my life..” Loki says and your heart almost jumps out of your chest.

“I can’t wait either honey… So many more to come in our lives. I love you!”

“I love you too, honey.” He leans in for a kiss and you are quick to kiss him back.

“Hey. I know y'all are listening!” You pull apart and see Sam as close to the camera as possible. “Next time y'all do anything insect-related, me and Bucky are gonna get you back and there will be no mercy. That was not a warning. That was a statement!” Sam points at the camera and you laugh behind the screen.

“Oh, how about uniting our teams together?” Bruce walks in the room.

“Where were you this whole time? We needed the hulk-smash. I am so disappointed in you-”

Being part of the Avengers is hard,but moments like this are what kept you sane all these years.

These guys are your friends and without them, you wouldn’t have met the love of your life.

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*valkyrie arrives on a winged horse no one’s ever seen before*

Loki: “TA DAAAH!”

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6, 13, 20, 23, 30 & 42 for the ask meme. Sorry if it’s too much :) Thank you!

It’s never too much, thank you for the ask! :)

6. Single or multiple pov?

Multiple pov MULTIPLE POV

I mean, single is fine for short stories, but multiple is so much fun! I get to experiment with different voices, which tend to affect my style, there are multiple perspectives and if the reader doesn’t like the main character well, lucky for them, there IS no main character, and there are lots more povs to hopefully enjoy! My first book I ever started writing had five different main povs which I recognize now was…a bit much, but  if I was fed up with one of my characters while trying to write, well, I could give them a break and try another one! So many possibilities and I love it.

13. Describe your writing process from idea to polished.

Uhhhhh. Aha. Ha. Um. 

Basically none of my stuff will ever be at a point where I think it’s polished but just to the point in the editing process where I’m like “welp, I’m done agonizing over this, I tried,” and post the chapter. Probably not the…best way to do things but….anyway, um, first there’s the idea (which I usually get while reading or doing something else where I’m like “that’s a cool idea, but what if it went this way and this happened and…” and then I get really excited and fantasize forever and procrastinate with my crippling self-doubt until I finally start writing (usually at around midnight for no discernible reason) weirdly chronologically. I usually have a loose outline but give myself room for the chapters to go where they want, since they usually have a life of their own (and I have long since given up fighting it) and then I edit and then I post the chapter becaus I crave validation. Original stuff is the same except no one has ever read any of my novel material and I don’t think that will change anytime soon. Maybe one day I’ll find the courage to get myself a beta reader for fanfic or original stuff but until then… Anyway, that’s about it.

20. How many WIPs and story ideas do you have?

Um. For fanfic, I currently have six WIPs, three of which are on hiatus (probably indefinitely), one I’m working on (for Loki) which I haven’t posted yet, If Anything It Was Unexpected (my first and main Loki one) and the last one my Theon wip which I haven’t….updated in a while….And I’ve currently got about five Loki ideas, all in different stages of development, one of which I intend to be a wip, the others probably only lengthy one shots. If anyone wants to know about them, I’d be happy to discuss them (it might help me get my ass into gear), and I’ve got an idea for Ward Meachum (another new trash son of mine.) 

For original fic, I’ve got about two short story ideas I’ve been meaning to try out, and I’ve been writing on and off (more planning and fantasizing than anything) a book series for the past seven years. So that has been a…ride…

23. Favourite author?

How. Do. I. Choose???????

Um. Terry Pratchett, I think. His books really got me through some tough times and the Discworld will always have a special place in my heart.

30. Favourite idea you haven’t started on yet.

How. Do. I. ChOosE???

This is literally my problem; I want to write everything and can’t focus on one thing to take priority gaaaahh.


Idea: Loki can’t get back to Asgard after the battle of NY (complications with the tesseract yada yada) and they can’t take off the gag because it’s restricting his magic (in Endgame he was still able to do magic with the cuffs so…) This begins to pose a problem (mainly an ethical one). Eventually, SHIELD gets tired of waiting and requests to take him off the Avenger’s hands. Odin can have what’s left of him. (Is this just an excuse to write Loki whump and h/c…?maybe….?) Credit for the idea goes to @lucianalight and I’ve been dying to try it out.

Or alternatively: Loki was the rat in the van.

Original fic idea: would take too long to explain and is probably boring.

42. How do you feel about love triangles?



Not much? Not to put anyone who likes that stuff down, you do you, but for me personally it’s…a no? Um, I…don’t really like writing romance anyway, anytime I’ve tried it I’ve actually…not gotten far, it just doesn’t interest me, and love triangles have always just…not been my thing either. Uh, no worries if you like that kind of thing, it’s just not for me, and I’ve never really liked it in books or movies either. There’s also a lot of themes prevalent in it that I’ve seen that have actually been…kind of harmful, so…yeah. I mean, not in all of them, of course, but…anyway……

Thank you for the ask! This was fun, and I hope you have yourself a great day :) <3

Writer’s Ask   

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Loki Series…

If Loki is gonna jump around Human history, how about we take a detour to Jotunheim. I would really love to hear Laufey’s side of history. Since history is written by the victors, wouldn’t be interesting to know if Odin found Loki, kidnapped him or what. Seriously, I need Colm Feore to be in this show. Just give me a glimmer of Jotunheim.

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Marvel: I can't believe loki is actually dead
Marvel: sometimes, I can still hear his voice
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Warnings: fluff, isnomniac

Summary: Y/N is an isnomniac, and Tom is the only one who can help her sleep.

A/N: made this bc I’m really tired, and I’ve been staying awake until 3 or 4 AM since March! It is now the end of August! *unenthusiastic yay* At least I’ve gotten this story out of it!


I’m at 1,789 sheep. I can’t sleep. It’s been that way ever since I was 12. You guessed it. I’m an insomniac. I look to the clock, and see that it is 6:34 AM. See, my sleep pattern is weird. I go to bed at 10 PM, wake up at 12 AM-3 AM, and don’t get back to sleep. Usually my fiance, Tom, is there to cuddle with me, so I can fall asleep faster and longer. He is away, filming a movie. I really am proud of him, but I wish he was here to cuddle…

It is now 7:36 AM, so I guess I’d better get up and going. Looking into the mirror, I see darkness under my eyes. I sigh, wishing I could get a good nights rest. Oh well, time to shower. I do my morning routine, then throw on a tank top and shorts. I make myself some much needed coffee. “This doesn’t help anymore..” I murmur to myself. I hear whining near my feet. “Hey, Bobby..”, I yawn,“I’ll let you outside now..” He follows me to the door, and, gladly, skips outside. I make myself some toast, and here Bobby’s paws on the wood. I didn’t let him inside… I grab a knife, slowly walking to where Bobby is. Looking to the source of Bobby’s happy barks, I see Tom! I run to him, and he notices what’s in my hand, and laughs. “Darling, that’s a butter knife! What if I was a burglar or something?” I laugh with him,“Well, I was making toast, and it was the first thing I had seen, so…” He shakes his head, a grin plastered on his face. “Come here..” he pulls me in for a long kiss. We hold on to each other, welcoming each other’s scents. I pull back, and smile at him. “You want breakfast?” I ask. He shakes his head,“No, I ate on the plane…. Darling, have you been sleeping properly?” I’m guessing he noticed my eyes. I shook my head,“No, but I’m fine, really.” He rolls his eyes, grabbing onto my hand,“Nonesense.” He starts dragging me to our room. “Tom, your luggage-” I start. He interupts,“Y/N, sleep is what we both need.” I nod, feeling the drowsiness from lack of sleep. He gets more comfortable, and joins me in the bed, wrapping his long arms around my waist. “I missed you..”,I put my head in the crook of his neck. He smiles, eyes still closed,“I missed you too, love..”

That’s exactly what I needed. 10 whole hours of sleep…

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with a side order of Verity-as-Anathema and Kate “How Do I Illegally Download Music” Bishop as Newt

David is much more on board with the Agreement and also steals Loki’s plants when they yell at them too much. Both of them say “what even is Gender” Loki just does it in heels

although…Loki/Crowley has a very “two houses, both alike in dignity” kinda vibe, u kno? being from different pantheons and all

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