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Ugh I know y’all are probably tired of this, but I still feel like complaining about Billy dying. Like… Why are the crAzY plot twists in shows and movies always about killing off a character whose had a troubled past? If you think about it, it happens all the time. A redemption arc is all I ask for!!

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DESCRIPTION: Certain mates of Jotuns receive soulmate marks on their bodies. What happens when Loki’s mark is found on a girl with immense power?


NOTES/WARNINGS: Plot development!! Hope you enjoy, all feedback is welcome!

TAGGED: @kneel-before-queen-loki@lokis-girl-in-mischief @tarithenurse

Sunlight trickled through the windows, illuminating the book I had in my hands. It was on the history of the Assyrian Empire in Mesopotamia. I needed something to draw my mind away from the events of the past three days. Reading always calmed me down.

The doctors had kept Loki in the hospital room for observation. They wanted to be absolutely sure that no other seizures or accidents would occur. But he seemed fine. Thor was with him every hour to hear his whining about being kept as a lab rat.

Clint visited once. He didn’t say much, only asked to see if Loki was okay then left. It was a start.

The other Avengers came in and out bringing food and drinks. They seemed to have accepted him as an ally at the least, and they didn’t treat him as an outcast anymore.

Meanwhile, I brought him books to keep him occupied, which Thor was always thankful for. He hadn’t asked me about my powers since, even though I dodged the question because the doctor interrupted us. I had a feeling he hadn’t dropped it but simply saving it for a better time. I wasn’t looking forward to it.

Another issue was my mark. It was burning like crazy again, on and off for three days. It was like the intimate contact I made with Loki set off an explosive inside my wrist. I kept looking for things to soothe it, but it was all temporary. I even went to Bruce, lying that it was a kitchen accident with a knife, to see if he had any anecdotes. Nothing worked.

I put a cool bandage around my wrist in place of the bracelet now. I explained it all away to the team, but I couldn’t keep the act up for longer. Kitchen cuts don’t bleed for days. The bandage had to come off soon, but it calmed the burn if only for a slight bit.

“Dana,” a voice called to me. Tony walked in front of my chair and sat down on the couch next to me. I had never seen him in the library before, assuming he had read everything already. “Can we talk?”

I hadn’t exactly been avoiding him the past few days, but I just couldn’t feel comfortable in the same room. What if he still saw me as a monster?

“Sure.” I put the book down, settling in my seat more comfortably.

Tony sighed. “Listen, I realize what I said to you last week was… bad. I didn’t mean for it to come out that way. God, I didn’t mean it at all. I just want you safe and protected, not because you’re a monster but because you’re family.”

“You said I would never be an Avenger,” I started.

“I meant… that you weren’t ready. Maybe I was wrong, but Dana if something were to go wrong, what would the world see you as?”

“You’re worried about what the world thinks? Since when?!”

“Since you were thrown into my life! I want to protect you not just from physical harm but from emotional damage, and having the world hating you counts as that.”

“I’m not worried about their opinions.”

“Yeah, well you should be.” He looked me dead in the eyes. “Their opinions mean everything. They can take away your privileges, your rights, your life. If they don’t like what they see, they will push back.”

“Well then I’ll just have to do my best to not piss off the whole damn world. Sounds easy enough.”

“I’m serious Dana! One wrong move, one innocent life taken, they will be at the gate.” His words were sinking in. He was leaning forward, making sure he had my full attention. “Can you honestly say
you’re ready?”

I stuttered. “I… I saved Loki’s life.”

“One life, not in the midst of heavy battle,” he interrupted.

I blanked at that. He was right, I wasn’t fully ready for battle. I could control my powers in a controlled environment, but a real fight was different. And if civilians were around… things could go south for me very quickly.

“Dana, let us keep training you,” he pleaded. “Don’t give up on us yet. You’re here for a purpose, not for imprisonment. We just need a little more time.”

I nodded, defeated. I couldn’t reject the one man who had stuck by my side through all of this.

“Thank you,” he breathed.

He stood up and gave me a big hug. I held him tight, almost tearing up at his love for me. We were all each other had most of the time.

“And another thing,” he added, “Loki is back in his rooms. He’s been released by the medical staff; they say he’s in the clear. You did well kid.”

I smiled at his words but also at the confirmation that Loki was okay. I let out a breath I feel I had been holding in for days.

Before Tony walked out of the library, he turned to me, smirking. “And he wants to see you.”

“See me?” I exclaimed.

Tony shrugged. “Evidently so. But if he gets too friendly, I’ll kick his ass.”

Chuckling, I stood up to follow him. We parted ways when he turned to go to the lab and I kept straight to the resident area.

I felt my heart skipping a few beats. What could Loki want? He was probably going to interrogate me on my powers now that he was able to be alone in his rooms again. I had no idea what I was going to say to him. I wasn’t confident in my ability to lie to the God of Lies’ face. Surely, he would know!

The walk to his rooms seemed far too short, but there I was. I took deep breaths, willing my heart and mind to steady so I could be more composed in front of him. But I was also facing the issue of calming my heart from the excitement of seeing him.

I had a crush! What was this? It didn’t seem like an ordinary crush. Feeling so intensely for someone so fast. And a god at that, who wouldn’t think of me like that in a million years. But there was something there, between us. I swear I felt it. Did he?

Okay, Dana calm down. It was time. I knocked on the door, eager and dreadful of the next step. The burning in my wrist made an appearance. It was like it could tell when he was near, like it wanted something. But what?

I scoffed at myself. This was all silly, just romantic notions in my head getting out of control. The burning was something medical, and it needed to stop soon. Very soon.

I heard footsteps approaching the door. I breathed in as much air as I could take in, praying that this was just a “thanks for saving my life” conversation. But doubtful.

Suddenly, the door opened.

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Originally posted by fluturojdallandyshia

A single confession.

“Absolutely, positively, not." 

"Oh come on Nick!” She addressed him by his first name, and if looks could kill, he would have strangled her through the hologram. 

“You are in possession of the planets most powerful weapon.” He lectured, folding his arms across his chest. 

“I am the weapon!” She scoffed back at him, 


"And that’s precisely why it would be safer for her to be on Asgard,” Gamora interjected. 

“Listen, Lady, I don’t know who you are but you have no say in where my Agent is safe.”

“Director, Sir, Fury.” Y/N tried to win back his attention with some respectful titles, “I don’t like this idea as much as the next person, and I tried to argue through my point but they really do hold a stronger reason over ours." 

Fury shot her a quick glance, but returned Loki’s gaze as he spoke firmly ”…And you think being on an alien planet is safer for yourself?“ 

She nodded slowly, looking to her left where Loki was standing "Without me on earth, there is no reason for Thanos to come here, meaning innocent lives that could be collateral will be spared, this isn’t a choice you get to make for me..” She pleaded. 

“I haven’t been the one to make choices for you.” Fury’s hologram flickered and Y/N gave the monitor a swift boot under the table, bringing the visual back to a clear picture. 

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Monsters Live Within (But I’m Not Afraid) - Sequel to Shatter This Glass And Set Me Free


Loki thought he deserved peace. He fought many wars, he reclaimed royalty, and he somehow fell in love with, and even married, a certainly fierce human. Oh, and he killed Thanos where he stood.

So, Loki believed he deserved some sort of calm and quiet in his life. Yet, he could not be so lucky. When Queen Ingrid of Jotunheim visits Asgard with the promise that Loki can be King of Jotunheim, he adamantly declines.

He never wanted the throne, right?

But Queen Ingrid is not so easily convinced. Through the use of dark magic, the Queen seals Loki in a dangerous fate he never believed was possible.

The only person who might be able to save Loki is his wife, Alice. After all, she’s been to hell and back with Loki. Why not do it again?

*Can be read without reading Shatter This Glass And Set Me Free but reading it would be helpful*

Word Count: 3612

Chapter 9: Solutions


Originally posted by myhoneymoontour

The last thing Loki expected was to wake up chained to his bed. He opened his eyes and felt that tragically familiar weight on his arms. He tugged at the restraints and growled, thrashing dangerously.

“I told you not to remove it.”

Loki looked up and saw Ingrid standing at the end of the bed, the crown hanging on her finger. Loki stared at her with wild eyes, his blue chest heaving.

“I didn’t, you vile witch,” Loki hissed. Ingrid chuckled and sat down on the bed, brushing her hand along Loki’s stomach. He was certainly glad he opted to wear those pants to bed. In this rare moment of clarity, he could feel the danger in Ingrid’s touch. He stared at the crown knowingly, aware that this object in her hand had subdued him and held him under her control.

“Did you dream of her?” Ingrid asked. Loki pressed his lips into a tight line. He wouldn’t speak of Alice – not to Ingrid. She didn’t deserve to know about his wife. Ingrid watched him carefully, peering into his red eyes. She chuckled and twirled the crown around her finger. “No matter. I know the truth. You were calling her name out all night.”

“And if I was dreaming of my wife?” Loki said the last word with a bite, trying to remind the Queen of Jotunheim that he was, in fact, here against his will. Ingrid tossed her head back and laughed, holding the crown closer to her.

“Well, if that is so, I could pay her a little visit to…rid her from your thoughts,” Ingrid said with a grin. Loki growled, his eyes flaring a vicious red, before he attempted to jump at Ingrid. She was worried for a moment because the chains clattered and groaned under Loki’s force. He used all of his strength to attack the witch but she slid backwards, watching Loki flail like a rabid beast.

“I’ll kill you! Don’t you dare lay a finger on her!” he snapped. Ingrid tilted her head and smiled…


Fic requests are OPEN! Please read the Fic Request FAQ before requesting a fic! Be sure to check out my new Loki fics “Monsters Live Within (But I’m Not Afraid)” and “Feel Your Fear, Taste Your Fright” for more Loki angst, drama, fluff, romance, and smut!

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This Loki holding you in his gentle arms

petting your hair

kissing you on forehead

caressing you

slowly untieing your corset (not in sexual way, more like playing with it when he is talking to you)

telling you stories with that soft voice

showing you his magic, your eyes glowing

kissing his neck while he is doing so

playing with his raven black hair while he is talking

listening to him and not even breathing cos you love his voice and listening to him talk

Loki adding more wood into the fire and then surprise you with a hug from behind, and when you see his nipple that slipped out of his robe, you blush


ending up like this on the floor, both talking, now he playing with your hair

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Thor captured in Thor:

Loki comes down the next day to see him


Thor captured in Ragnarok:

Loki comes after few hours to visit


Loki in prison:

Thor comes to visit after 1 year and its only cos he needs something


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DESCRIPTION: Certain mates of Jotuns receive soulmate marks on their bodies. What happens when Loki’s mark is found on a girl with immense power?


NOTES/WARNINGS: Plot development!! Hope you enjoy, all feedback is welcome!

TAGGED: @kneel-before-queen-loki@lokis-girl-in-mischief @tarithenurse

The hospital staff was running around me in a frenzy. The monitors hooked up to Loki were beeping wildly, and nothing they did could stop them. Thor and I were thrown out of the room as the rest of the Avengers came running to meet us. Loki’s room was so packed I couldn’t see him anymore except when his body would arch off the bed in a seizure. They couldn’t help him.

“What’s going on?” Steve asked, out of breath.

Thor was right by the glass doors in case he needed to get in. He was also eavesdropping. “They’re saying the knives were poisoned,” he mumbled. His voice was breaking, and I could bet that if he turned around to us, we would see tears. “They injected deadly cells into his body, and they’re multiplying faster than we can kill them. There’s no hope.”

Thor crumbled to the ground, holding his head in his hands. I ran over to him and held him in my arms. His whole body was shaking, and I could hear thunder rumbling outside. “Shh,” I whispered to Thor, hugging him.

One of the main doctors who had been treating Loki was Dr. Cullen. She looked at us, and taking a deep breath, said, “The poisonous cells are taking over his body. There’s no way we can kill them. Their magic is just too powerful, and we’re only just starting to learn about Asgardian anatomy.”

They couldn’t save him here. Even with all their knowledge, we were still just humans. This was a new level, this was magic.

An idea suddenly popped into my head. “Tony,” I yelled. His head whirled to look at me. “I can kill them. I can kill the cells!”

Tony narrowed his eyes. “Absolutely not,” he hissed. “We just started training on that, you could do more damage than help!”

“He’s dying!” I screamed, tears rolling down my cheeks. “What more harm could I do? I can save him, Tony. Maybe you think I was meant for only death and destruction, but I’m not. I can do more.” At the end, my fists were balled up, and I was standing straight, not breaking eye contact. I would not stand down.

Tony was shocked at what I had said. “I don’t think that at all….”

“Then, prove it. Let me try.”

Everyone was silent. I looked to Thor for approval, for even though I believed I could help, there was a chance I would fail, and he would lose his brother forever. Thor knew of my powers, but I don’t think he understood the full extent. They only came in after the Battle of New York.

I was in my yard back at home with my family the next summer. We were at our pool, having another family get-together on a sunny day. My cousins and I had just finished playing volleyball, and while I was sitting on the ground putting my shoes back on, I stopped. I started feeling the grass, curious as to how green and healthy it looked.

Suddenly, the grass turned black and brittle. It was dying. The whole yard started to die. All the plants and leaves were disintegrating before my very eyes, and the source was me! The old oak tree behind our house collapsed, it leaves dried up and its branches broken.

I pulled my hand from the grass, holding it with my other. My family came to see what happened only to see that I was the cause.

And that was the start of it. My powers were to kill. My parents were so afraid of me that they sent me here, practically begged Tony to let me in. He felt so bad for me that he allowed it, and then we became a family. Even though I was cursed.

But now, maybe I could turn it into a gift. Maybe I could help more than hurt.

Thor nodded his head at me. I ran inside and bumped past the hospital personnel. “Stay back!” I warned them. Tony hurried them out of the room.

“You sure about this?” he asked.

“More than anything.”

I pulled down Loki’s blanket to show his torso, especially his wound marks. The big gash on his side looked infected as hell. I slowly and gently put my hand over the wound, feeling Loki twitch a little.

My mark started to sizzle, but I ignored it. I had to save him, nothing else mattered. I focused on the wound, careful not to hurt the rest of his body. I felt a surge of power flow from my hands and into his wound. There was always a black mist that released from my hands when I used my powers, and this time was no different. The wound was soon covered in black.

I concentrated hard on what I needed to kill. I found the cells in his body that were poisoning him and destroyed them. My powers flew from cell to cell in rapid succession, killing off the lethal ones.

When I finally felt his body recover and the cells gone from his system, I brought my powers back in, releasing them from Loki. I felt them come back into me with a push, and I let go of Loki.

Dizziness encased me. I couldn’t hold myself upright, and there was nothing for me to grab onto. I could barely see, as my eyes wanted to shut so badly. What was happening to me? Did I overwork myself? I collapsed, but Tony caught me before I was hurt.

I woke up a few minutes later still in Tony’s arms. “What happened?” I stammered, feeling my forehead.

Tony chuckled. “Using your powers like that will take a lot out of you, kid.”

I smiled at him. Maybe we would be okay after all.

I looked around to see Thor by his brother’s side, gripping his hand and looking over him. “He’s healing!” he shouted to us.

Tony pulled me up, and we went over. Thor was right. Loki’s wounds were closing up by themselves. His heart-rate had slowed down considerably, and there had been no more seizures.

My heart soared. He was coming back to me. Well… he was coming back… not specifically for me. But for whatever reason, I found myself needing him to come back. I needed him.

Maybe I loved him.

I mentally slapped myself for that one. How stupid could I be? I couldn’t love a god who was perfect in every feature and had superior intellect. I was only a mortal.

But that couldn’t stop the feelings. His voice calmed my rushing waters. His smile made my heart leap. His eyes drowned me. I never had a chance.

Loki’s eyes blinked open. He turned to Thor, noticing he was grabbing his hand. “What are you doing?” His voice was weak, but that didn’t stop him from being a little shit.

Thor didn’t drop his hand, though, and hugged his brother tightly. Loki growled at his brother to stop, but Thor was laughing and shaking his head.

I giggled at the sight, happy to see Thor so happy again and Loki so alive again.

Loki noticed me. “Hello little one,” he whispered.

I grinned at him and went in for a hug, too. I mouthed “I’m sorry” to him before which made him smirk.

“How did you manage to bring me back?” Loki asked in wonder.

Thor grinned widely. “That would be our lovely hero, Dana.” He hugged me tightly and kissed me on the cheek. “She saved you.”

Loki turned to me with curious eyes. He had questions. Lots of them. But I wasn’t sure I would know how to answer them just yet.

“And pray tell, how exactly did you do that sweetling?”

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