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#loki fanfic

*Loki x reader*

Part: 3/?

Words: 3.3k

Summary: Loki finds himself stranded in Underworld, a kingdom hidden deep inside a desolate planet. In order to survive, he puts himself in the service of the tyrant king, who promises to give Loki his freedom back if he fulfills one simple task. Loki is to set out and bring the mad king his newest toy: You.

~A dangerous forbidden love. Abduction. Slavery. Tortured conscience. A mad tyrant… Escape?~

Request: A song fic based on ‘I found’ by Amber Run, requested by @strawberrysandcream

All Parts can be found on my Masterlist!


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This is a request from very long ago and I finally found the time to write it down. It’ s been a very busy year for me, but I think I’ll start writing again. I don’t want to promise anything, but maybe I’ll be more productive over the next few weeks.
Anyways, have fun reading it :)

Rating: explicit

Summary: You’re an assistant for the avengers. One day, Loki and you accidentally get exposed to a sex pollen in the avengers lab and it forces them to convince their feelings for each other followed by smut.

Pairing: Loki/Reader

Notes: (Y/N) = your name

Warnings: NSFW, fluff, forced confessing, pwp, smut (badly written, I guess), explicit sexual content, tender but hurried sex, feels

Word count: 2284

Requested by: a lovely anon

Read it on Ao3

Tags at the end

It wasn’t an unusual activity for you, being in Tony Stark’s laboratory. You had been working there for a few months now and then, when Stark couldn’t take care of it himself or needed an unusual big amount of chemicals for whatever insane project he was working on. You liked working in the Avengers Building. There were a lot of different people with so many different stories and backgrounds to work with, not just SHIELD agents and the Avengers. It was just amazing, you couldn’t wish for a better place to work at. Your favourite person to be around was Bruce, or Thor. They were like big Teddy bears, docile and pure-hearted, but at the same time brutally honest – at least Thor.

The only thing that struck you as odd was that Loki was somewhere in the room as well. You couldn’t see him, but you could feel his presence around you. Well, it wasn’t exactly odd to have him in the lab, just the fact that he preferred to stay invisible was somehow weird. Although you didn’t mind, as long as he didn’t interrupt your work or made snarky comments. And he loved to make snarky comments, it was a very Loki-thing to do.

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Author’s Note: 

Hello my friends! This is my first ever Loki x Reader oneshot, so I hope I didn’t do too poorly! This fic was beta-read by the wonderful @twentytwohearts​! 

If you end up liking this fic, let me know with a comment or reblog! I am taking requests for Loki as well as several other marvel characters, and if this fic inspires you, feel free to send one in!

Summary: Y/N and Loki have been getting closer for several weeks, but he’s still very ambivalent about their relationship status. Toss in a Stark party and an over eager fan and what will happen? 

IDEK y’all, I’m shit at summaries. Just…read it lol. 


Originally posted by slytherphanarmy

“Mmmmm,” I hummed non-committedly as some older man in a suit more expensive than my entire life was worth continued rambling on next to me. I shifted uncomfortably in the ridiculous heels that Wanda had insisted I wear tonight, mentally groaning at the way they pinched my toes. I could already feel the blisters forming over the calloused soles of my aching feet.

 I was stuck at one of Tony’s famous parties, forced into a dress and heels by an overly zealous Sokovian, and hating every second. To add insult to my injury, I’d been caged into a conversation with one of the most boring, awkward men I’d ever met in my life. I couldn’t be sure exactly how long it’d been, but I did know it had been too long. I’d been subjected to literal torture, on multiple occasions, and even so I was sure this was worse. 

He seemed innocuous enough at first – albeit very awkward. He was thin and tall, with a slightly receding hairline and an air of a man that made more money than I could possibly fathom. As soon as I unintentionally made eye contact with him from across the crowded room, his face lit up like a Christmas tree. He immediately made a beeline over to me with all the excitement and grace of an overexcited labrador puppy. He’d launched into conversation instantly, chatting eagerly about my abilities and past as if he had lived it himself. It was more than a bit creepy really how many details he knew about me and my life. 

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Sexual Healing & Godly Appetites

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson X OFC Reader

Warnings: Smut, blood, angst

Summary: A mission ends in disaster and strained trust, but there’s more to Loki’s lover than both could have ever hoped for.

A/N: This is an open-ended chapter, as in, it will possibly continue but I’m not sure how I would like for it to continue.

Words: +4,800


Waking up she immediately noted this wasn’t her bed. Almost in a panic she sat up. She and Loki had made a point to be careful no one took notice of their fascination with one another. A heavy arm wrapped around her bare waist made her fall back to her side to face the very god. 

“Morning lover,” his voice rasped feeling her pull the covers over them. Carefully his hand slid over her side to rest on plump hip. 

“Your maid will find us, and our cover will be blown,” she smiled at the god who sleepily looked up at her, the hand on her hip moving to cup a plump ass cheek and pull the healer flush. 

“Maybe it’s time they found out. You are to eat breakfast with me this morning are you not,” Loki hummed in amusement at how she studied him close.

This was a surprise, usually Loki mulled things over before diving in; so, to say. The god was a hell of a tactician, among other things. It had been only a few days since he brought up to her about the others knowing. Honestly she could care less, it was more or less his choice and she had gone with it. 

The healer wanted his trust, and the only way to do so was to allow him time to make his own decisions. It done no good to rush ones like Loki, as in ones that had been betrayed many times, placing confidence in ones they felt were worthy only to be proven wrong.

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Originally posted by toying-with-matches

Tell No Lies

Genre: romance, fluff.

Warnings: Involves teasing and nervousness.

“Tell no lies, Darling,”

The prince smirks, circling your tense form that feigned annoyance at his presence in order to conceal your nervousness.

“I know of your true feelings towards me,”

His smoothe voice drips into your ears and sends a delightful chill down your back almost effortlessly.

He never wasted an opprotunity to make it clear that he was not oblivious to your thoughts on him.

“So you’re aware I can hardly stand your presence?”

Your quip only prompted a mere chuckle to escape his being. His lean frame propped itself against the large oak table that your books rested upon.

He lazily picks your favorite to dangle it from his slender fingers, his gaze falling upon the cover.

A soft smile graces his lips before his emerald eyes dragged to meet your own.

“I was not aware we shared the same preference in books, (Y/n),”

He almost mumbled the words as if they were directed more to himself rather than you.

Growing tired of his games, you suddenly reach across the table in attempt to snatch the book from the boy’s grasp.

Only to be stopped by him raising to his full height and hold the book far out of your reach.

Strings of curses and anger fueled words tumble from your lips as you flail about in hopes of obtaining your beloved book once more.

“Give it back, Odinson!”

His head simply shakes as he clicks his tongue in response, as you watched your book ascend with each word.

“Only once you confess, honestly,”

You ignore his offer and continued to try everything in your power to recapture your beloved novel, but all proved to be useless.

You could not believe the prince would stoop to such childish levels to discover if you held feelings for him.

With a huff, you cease your attempts to regain the object you held so closely.

You could not bare the thought of the look of satisfaction that would surely cross his features once you revealed he was right all along.

But you also feared for your book’s safety and desired to have it within your possesion once more.

With a sick feeling forming in your stomach, you make your choice.

“Alright, you were right,”

You sigh, your head low in embarrasment as you awaited the mockery to begin. But much to your suprise, you were not met with taunts but instead pure silence.

Your eyes raise to meet the now shocked expression of the prince who teased you mercilessly.

For once, his silver tongue was tied, completely unable to conjure a witty response.

Many seconds pass before a quiet “Oh,” breaks the silence.

Wordlessly, he lowers the book into your grasp before clearing his throat and straightening his posture.

“Very well, I will allow you to finish your studies,”

The sudden change frustrated you, many months you endured the mischevious boy’s teasing.

Along with his constant taunts, he poked fun at your love for him. You desired answers of your own.

“Well? What about you?”

Your words cease his long strides to the door and prompt him to turn to face you. His face pale, his palms sweaty.

“I gave my answer, what is yours? Do not lie to me,”

You place the book you had just regained upon the table to slink up to the male who attempted to hide his nervousness.

But you saw right past his facade.

“What are your true feelings, Loki?”

The inches between your faces seemed to be miles as your smaller frame looked up to his.

His eyes flit between yours, you could almost hear the frantic beating of his heart through his chest.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,”

His quick denial paired with his uneasiness made it obvious he was not being truthful with you.

“For a notorious liar, you truly are terrible at lying to me,”

He swallowed thickly once he heard your observation. Now realizing he had fallen into your trap, there was no use in spinning his lies now.

“I am, because I happen to care for you more deeply than anyone else,”

The sudden information you had wondered about for years was finally yours. Now all of the teasing and questions all made sense

The young prince had fancied you all these years and desired for you to be the first to admit.

“Would you be able to find within yourself to forgive me and allow me to do something I have merely dreamed of?”

The raven haired prince questions, a soft smile upon his lips, his hands held out for you to take.

You place your hand within his much larger and nod, granting him permission to carry out his dreams he wouldn’t dare to tell a soul.

His head bows to press his surprisingly cold lips to yours, your eyes fluttering close as the chill of his skin met the warmth that clung to your own.

With this simple action, long time enemies became life long lovers who’s love for eachother promised to withstand any obstacles until the very end of your days.

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The winning side

Y/n: How is it that you’re always on the winning side, Loki?

Loki: I’m not partial to allegiance.

Y/n: You’re not partial to courage.

Loki: *kisses you in front of the entire team of avengers*

Y/n: … Nevermind.

Loki: I’m always on YOUR side, darling.

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To all my followers, I am sorry that I haven’t been putting anything out for you in the past weeks. I have been writing. It’s just that I’ve either been terribly busy, unmotivated, or that I’ve accidentally deleted two of my drafts for asks that I’ve gotten.

To all of the people who have been asking me to write things, I see you and I love you and don’t think that I haven’t seen your messages. Don’t worry, I am thinking of you.

So sorry guys. I’ll hopefully be back with some new writing soon. Have a great day, or night wherever you are!

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ANY FIC??? Def Loki x Reader, maybe them adopting a cat together?? That’s literally my dream :’)


Pairing: Loki/Reader

Rating: G

WC: 841


Originally posted by kittieheartsyou

You lean against the large window, as transfixed as a child at a candy store. Just on the other side of the glass, there’s a pile of kittens. A sign on the window says that the shelter is in desperate need of people to foster and adopt. Your heart melts.

“Come along,” Loki says impatiently. “It’s going to start snowing soon.”

“Since when are you afraid of the cold?”

“I’m not, but I don’t want you to catch a chill.” His eyes narrow when you turn to face him, like he can already hear what you’re going to say. “No.”

“I haven’t even said anything!”

“You want me to come coo over small animals,” he says. “I don’t care for small animals. They are useless. How can a cat aid me in battle, hmm?”

“Not everything has to be practical for battle, Loki. I’m not practical.”

“You’re a rare exception to my rule.”

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*Tom Hiddleston x reader*

Parts: Oneshot

Words: 4.2k

Genre: flufffff

Imagine: You catch Tom’s interest at Comic Con

Request: by @my-mind-was-lostintranslation I rly hope this is something you will enjoy 💗 I just never end up writing requests the obvious way 😂


You had been reluctant about agreeing to come along. Reluctant about the entire idea of going to Comic Con, about buying tickets for way too much money, about your somewhat-friends wanting to randomly crash with some people they would surely meet instead of getting an overpriced hotel, about your one friend making you wear this skimpy green Loki dress because she thought it would go along nicely with your tattoos and skin color. And still, some demon had planted the seed of hope in your brain and thus you found yourself coming along, hoping to meet the only person at this convention you actually found any interest in. Tom Hiddleston.

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So I know updates and new posts have been slow this past month (finals, they’re the absolute worst) but I’ve got exactly 10 days left until they’re done! After that, I’m excited to get back into a few WOP that have been needing my attention! 

Until then, I’m updating tag lists. Normally I only do them for series, but I’ve decided to make two other ones. The first is for anything I write that’s LOKI, the second is for anything I write that’s BUCKY. I’ll always offer a temporary tag list for series, but if you’d like to be on a permanent tag list of either one (or both) just contact me and I’ll add you! 

Figured it was time to make this more official! Thank you for even wanting to read any of it, it warms my heart so much! <3 

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Dark!Loki x reader

TW: Exhibitionism, Pregnancy

The seamstress turned you around, measuring carefully. A few days after you had arrived at the palace, they had measured you for dresses, but now they needed to be adjusted. Loki insisted there be a few newer ones as well.

The seamstress smiled at you. She was a kind, elderly woman, with hands that were gnarled from arthritis, but she was still the best seamstress in the kingdom. “So, are you excited for the big day?” she asked, turning to write down the measurements she had taken.

“Big day?” you asked, a bit confused. Was she referencing the coming child? Surely it wasn’t that obvious yet, and besides, that ‘big day’ was months away. She glanced over her shoulder, then turned back around quickly.

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*Loki x reader*

Part: 2/?

Words: 3.4k

Summary: Loki finds himself stranded in Underworld, a kingdom hidden deep inside a desolate planet. In order to survive, he puts himself in the service of the tyrant king, who promises to give Loki his freedom back if he fulfills one simple task. Loki is to set out and bring the mad king his newest toy: You.

~A dangerous forbidden love. Abduction. Slavery. Tortured conscience. A mad tyrant… Escape?~

Request: A song fic based on ‘I found’ by Amber Run, requested by @strawberrysandcream

A.N.: So… This might get a little longer than expected 😅 already have written four parts and there’s still more to come. But it’s gonna be a ride for sure 😁💗

All Parts can be found on my Masterlist!


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A Pairing: Loki x OFC

Summary of the story: She was a mutant with healing powers. Avengers were her family and she did all she could to protect them. She always tried to see the good in others. The smile. Beautiful and unique one was something she noticed in Loki and fell in love with. But not every love story ends the same way, and not every prince comes on his white horse and the story ends with a happy ending… Or maybe?

Story Warnings: Angst, a bit of violence, psychological issues like low self-esteem, depression, anxiety; swearing, eventual fluff and smut - maybe.

A/N: This is my first Loki story I have written, so I am quite excited. I planned to post it as a two-chapter story, each with around 10 000 words but assumed it was too much, so I will divide into 7 parts. I portray Loki as a bit of a dick here, so I hope you will bear with me and despite all this will enjoy reading this story, as much as I do writing it :)

If you want to be tagged to this or any other of my stories, please send me an ask <3

Words: 1626


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Can you do 14 with Loki? Angst probs cause thats the mood I'm in. Maybe something with a depressed reader? No matter what you do I am cool with tho. I love you're writing, it makes me smile no matter what mood I'm in! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

You wanted angst with a depressed reader, and I did my best to give that to you! I couldn’t help but throwing in a bit of fluff in there, because 100% angst just isn’t something I can really write it seems, but I did my best! Thank you so so much for your kind words! They mean the world to me <3 <3


Originally posted by hiddlescheekbones


You loved him. That was a fact as true as the sky was blue.

But it was a fact, not a feeling. When you looked at Loki sitting next to you on the couch, thumbing through an ancient tome written in a language you couldn’t begin to place, there was an emptiness inside of you where warmth used to blossom. The butterflies he had once stirred inside of your belly with a simple grin shot in your direction had gone dormant, barely fluttering their colorless wings.

Everything took energy that you didn’t have, pulling from an empty void that stretched out across your chest and mind and swallowed everything in its path. It was a monumental effort to force a laugh at one of his jokes or feign a smile when he told you stories about lightly tormenting one of the Avengers. You tried your best, but there wasn’t any use trying to pretend to the God of Lies.

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Headcanon of the day: Loki and Thor as young children. While Thor would learn to write his own name in wonky letters, Loki would teach the greatest poets and novelists of Asgard to write in perfect verse.

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