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#loki god of mischief
Literally Anyone: Would you be friends with Loki if you could?
Me: Yes absolutely!!
Me: *remembers Loki tried to stab Thor when they were 8*
Me: Wait... yes but on some conditions...
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Sexual Healing & Godly Appetites

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson X OFC Reader

Warnings: Smut, blood, angst

Summary: A mission ends in disaster and strained trust, but there’s more to Loki’s lover than both could have ever hoped for.

A/N: This is an open-ended chapter, as in, it will possibly continue but I’m not sure how I would like for it to continue.

Words: +4,800


Waking up she immediately noted this wasn’t her bed. Almost in a panic she sat up. She and Loki had made a point to be careful no one took notice of their fascination with one another. A heavy arm wrapped around her bare waist made her fall back to her side to face the very god. 

“Morning lover,” his voice rasped feeling her pull the covers over them. Carefully his hand slid over her side to rest on plump hip. 

“Your maid will find us, and our cover will be blown,” she smiled at the god who sleepily looked up at her, the hand on her hip moving to cup a plump ass cheek and pull the healer flush. 

“Maybe it’s time they found out. You are to eat breakfast with me this morning are you not,” Loki hummed in amusement at how she studied him close.

This was a surprise, usually Loki mulled things over before diving in; so, to say. The god was a hell of a tactician, among other things. It had been only a few days since he brought up to her about the others knowing. Honestly she could care less, it was more or less his choice and she had gone with it. 

The healer wanted his trust, and the only way to do so was to allow him time to make his own decisions. It done no good to rush ones like Loki, as in ones that had been betrayed many times, placing confidence in ones they felt were worthy only to be proven wrong.

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The Loki Discord Server is up and running for the public!


Do keep in mind that I just finished putting in a majority of the chat rooms in today and although the server is functional, it’s still in early development!

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Up All Night To Get Loki
Y/N: *gets up in the morning and walks into the living room*
Avengers: *on the ground groaning*
Y/N: What happened to you guys?
Thor: Loki left, we were trying to look for him all night.
Y/N: So I guess you could say you were..
Tony: Don't say it.
Y/N: ... up all night to get Loki?
Tony: Goddamn it.
Peter: *holds in laughter*
Bruce: ...
Thor: Yes, that's what we just said.
Loki: *Appearing in the doorway* That was pretty good.
Thor: Where were you?!
Loki: Out for a walk.
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sooo I’m gonna make a Loki Discord Server.

so if you wanna help me make it, drop your discord user down below in the comments (don’t forget the 4 numbers after the #!). It’s in very early development right now!

any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

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Summary: Ever since she could remember, Cassandra had always had vivid dreams, dreams that often came to reality. She always thought it was not a big deal, everyone has some bizarre dreams, until one day she mets Loki Odinson.

Word count: 1135

Pairing: Loki x ofc

Rating: teen and up (for now)

Warnings: none except for Loki being his usual asshole self

A/N: This is my first Loki fanfic ever, I used to write for the Buffy fandom but that was a long time ago and in a different language too. Please, have in mind English is not my main language, I’m trying really hard here.

Find this on AO3


Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

Part 1 - Introduction

Cassandra could feel, almost to a physical level, the stare of the man sat on the leather sofa lingering on her. It seemed to her that those forest green irises burned her from the inside; a fire she had no control over. She sat at the desk for some hours now unsuccessfully racking her brain on an academic test she should hand over the next day; she kept reading the same sentence over and over again unable to catch the actual meaning of it, as it was written in a dead language unknown to her.

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Pairings: Loki x Reader

Warnings: Drabble


Originally posted by heartsnmagic

“Y/n, look up. Open your eyes.” Loki whispered, his arms wrapped around you as you both sat leaned against a small wall. Your eyes fluttered open, your eyes fixing on the night sky above. The stars shimmered bright and bold, a beautiful sight that caused you to be so fasinated by a mundane thing. Loki looked down and awed as he say the stars themselves lay upon your irises. He looked back up to the work of art above. “You see those stars? Let it be hope. Let it be a reminder that all those years of agony you suffered, it is all gone now. As long as I am here, I promise you it, that you will never feel alone again.” Loki said, smiling above and peering below to you. You beamed up at him, your figure finding comfort into his. Your legs were tangled with his and his arms were wrapped around your torso snuggly. You closed your eyes again, smiling as you did so, and leaning more into his touch. “Thank you Loki.” You whispered, drifting off to sleep as he did so aswell.

It was true that himself found loneliness to be a companion, but after sharing his time with you, he knew how horrible it was to be alone. He didn’t want to wish that on you. So he promised to never leave your side truely, relinquishing your lonliness, and his too.

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