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Monsters Live Within (But I’m Not Afraid) - A Sequel to Shatter This Glass And Set Me Free


Loki thought he deserved peace. He fought many wars, he reclaimed royalty, and he somehow fell in love with, and even married, a certainly fierce human. Oh, and he killed Thanos where he stood.

So, Loki believed he deserved some sort of calm and quiet in his life. Yet, he could not be so lucky. When Queen Ingrid of Jotunheim visits Asgard with the promise that Loki can be King of Jotunheim, he adamantly declines.

He never wanted the throne, right?

But Queen Ingrid is not so easily convinced. Through the use of dark magic, the Queen seals Loki in a dangerous fate he never believed was possible.

The only person who might be able to save Loki is his wife, Alice. After all, she’s been to hell and back with Loki. Why not do it again?

*Can be read without reading Shatter This Glass And Set Me Free but reading it would be helpful*

Chapter Word Count: 6205

Chapter 10: Rescue

TW: Blood, violence, death


Originally posted by danidrawss

After explaining the plan to Thor, Alice was positive the God of Thunder had gotten three shades paler. He blinked carefully a few times before finally looking away. He sighed and a ran through his beard, scratching his jaw.

“Are you sure this will work?” Thor asked, his blue eyes swimming with uncertainty. Alice nodded quickly.

“Yes. I’m absolutely positive,” she said. She looked down at her wedding ring and smiled. “It’s worth a try.”

“If this goes wrong…” Thor trailed off. Alice eyed him and felt the waves of nervousness radiating off of him. Thor was never known to be an anxious man so his uncertainty was tainting her excitement a bit. Clearly, this was a dangerous and risky plan. But they needed to try it. They had to. Loki was stuck on Jotunheim and this was their only way to get him back.

“Then we’ll both end up in jail. But, I think it’s worth a shot,” she said. “So, are you in? Or am I going at this alone?”

“I’m in. You know I’m by your side through everything,” Thor said earnestly. Alice felt her eyes watering and she placed her hand on the barrier that stood between her and Thor.

“I’m so lucky to have you as my best friend,” she whispered.

“It seems that’s our destiny on every timeline, aye?” Thor winked. He paused and a mischievous smirk grew on his face. Alice wondered if he adopted that grin from his brother. “And I believe I know four other people who would love to join, as well.”

“I’ll be back for you soon,” she whispered. Thor put his hand over hers on his side of the barrier and winked.

“You better. I really need to pee.”


Fic requests are OPEN! Please read the Fic Request FAQ before requesting a fic! Be sure to check out my new Loki fics “Monsters Live Within (But I’m Not Afraid)” and “Feel Your Fear, Taste Your Fright” for more Loki angst, drama, fluff, romance, and smut!

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(Platonic) Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Words: 2,367

Warnings: Swearing, horse jokes, knives, playful threatening. I think that’s it.

Request: For someone who wished to remain anonymous, for donating to the Australian bushfires.

Summary: The Trickster God got tricked. Now you gotta help him.

A/N: Bold and italics = Letter. It’s a lot less angsty that what I think you wanted… but I really hope you like it nonetheless.


(Not my GIF)


It was a knock at the door that originally woke you, making you jump up, and stalk to the door with your pistol raised.

You peered through the peephole and spotted nothing. You had heard a knock, you were sure of it. It couldn’t have been a dream.

“Great,” you said to yourself, beginning to unlock the door. As it was the only thing you could do, with being on the run and all. “Now I’m acting like the white person in a horror movie. See, Y/N, this is how people die.”

Yanking the door open, with your gun raised, you checked either side of the hallway of your apartment. Nothing. Surveying the floor. Nothing. Even going as far to check the ceiling. Still nothing.

You shook your head, with furrowed eyebrows, before pulling yourself back into your apartment and relocking the door.

“Must have been some kids messing around-” you mumbled to yourself… then, “-Oh my fucking, God!”

“Hell, Y/N.” Loki stood before you, in a black suit, and holding a cane in front of him. “How are you? It’s been some time.”

“I think you just made me piss myself.”

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Originally posted by gameraboy1

*In an interview*

Interviewer: Tom, (y/n), would you rather scream ‘Hulk smash’ before using the washroom or before kissing someone.

Hiddleston:*laughs* I’ll tell you, that’s a tricky one. Maybe the second.

You:*also laughing* Yeah, that would be interesting!

Interviewer: Oh, really?

Hiddleston: yeah, I think.

You:*nods head*

*after the interview*

Hiddleston: hey, (y/n).

You:*looks at him*

Hiddleston:*yells* Hulk Smash!

Hiddleston:*grabs you and kisses you passionately*

Hiddleston:*sweetly* So, would you go on a date with me?

Tagging some people who must see this😂:

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Originally posted by erikisright

Loki stared at you from his spot on the bed, his brow furrowing.

You reach up and tapped his nose gently, a smile on your face. “Watcha thinkin’ about?”

Loki’s eyes turned to you and you saw something swimming in their depths - an emotion you’d seen before but couldn’t quite put your finger on. It was heartbreaking - and beautiful. “Nothing. Just lost in my own mind it seems.”

“Come on,” you prodded, scooting closer to his body. You nuzzled your head into the junction of his neck and shoulder. “You can tell me.”

Loki sighed, wrapping you in his cold embrace. “It’s just… you’re good. You’re good and I’m not and you shouldn’t be here with me. You should be with someone worthy of your attention and love. Someone who hasn’t tried to take over your world. Someone like…” He fought with the rest of his sentence, but eventually seethed through his teeth. “Someone like Thor.”

You sighed and placed your hand on the side of his neck. “Loki…”

“It’s true. You’re pure and I’m tainted black.”

You leaned up and placed a small, sweet kiss on his jaw. “You’re exactly who I want you to be.”

“But you don’t belong -” you cut him off with another small kiss, this one on his lips. He didn’t pull away, he couldn’t deny you, but he wasn’t as enthusiastic about it as he usually was.

You pulled away and rest your forehead against his own. “I’m exactly where I belong.”

Requests are OPEN!!

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this certainly is going to be interesting…happy reading ;) 

part 16 warnings: include drinking and drunkenness, plus the general life changing stupidity that comes along with it. major development alert.

Loki can still feel your fingertips, still ghosting along his shoulder blade.

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Loki arrived home early to find her painting a mural on the wall. He tried to call out her name, but then he saw her hearing device and her cell phone next to each other. Loki sighed in relief. She gave herself a self-care day. After weeks of seeing you crumble, Loki was relieved.

He eyed the furniture that was moved out of the way. An empty bowl of leftover spaghetti was next to her. Paints and color on the wall made Loki stop completely before he could say hello to you. You had painted an entire mural of Asgard at sunset. Though, Loki had only shown you sketches and pictures of his home, this was…astounding.

Loki closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them, there you were. Jumping up and down in excitement.

“Do you like it? I did my best!” Loki heard her thoughts. Their way of communicating was Loki’s favorite part of their relationship. He smiled and hugged her.

“Yes,” he thought. “It’s incredible.”

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Mystic: 7

You spend the next month running around like a crazy person. You’ve got work, training with Loki and then the side gig of card reading with the carnival company. Loki had wanted you to quit reading cards but it actually paid really good money for the work you were doing plus tips.

You head home one Saturday evening, the hair on the back of rises as Ina hisses. Something isn’t right. You almost make a portal but if you don’t close it quickly enough you’re going be bringing whoever is following you along with you home and that wouldn’t be good.

“Ina. Watch.” You tell her and get a low growl in response. You know she’s on high alert and you’re ready to run. Unfortunately you and Loki haven’t covered defensive spells yet, something you’d be sure to rectify next lesson tomorrow.

“Ekam em elbisivni os yeht tonnac ees. Ecnelis oot dluohs edih em.” You whisper, fading from view and becoming silent, like you’re part of the shadows. Loki didn’t particularly like how your grandmother’s book taught you magic because you still had to whisper them and they seemed to take longer but in a pinch the spells worked well enough. His were more powerful and faster but they still took more concentration, so really they weren’t that much faster yet. But they would be once you got better at them. The feeling is still following you.

“Wohs em ohw swollof.” You mutter and someone halfway down the block starts to glow. His eyes meet yours and it’s like he can actually see you through your spell.

You don’t wait to find out and take off at a run. Ina jumps off of your bag and runs next to you, and you pick up your speed without her weight throwing you off. You round a corner and suddenly fall through a portal. Ina luckily makes it through next to you as you crash into a well built African American man.

“Hello witch,” he says with a sneer. Before you can react he has a hand wrapped tightly around your forearm. Ina let out a snarl as she launches herself at one of the other men that have gathered around you.

“A familiar!” The man cries, his grip only tightening.

“Loki!” You scream why can’t you remember the other man’s name? The one that watches!

“I’m not Loki. I’m Mordo, and I’m here to take back what you don’t deserve.” He raises a hand and you bring a knee up into his groin. He grunts but is too fast for you to actually land a good hit. He starts pulling your magic from you, it’s like he’s sucking the energy out of your soul.

“Loki!” You cry again hoping to gain, Hamdoll, no, Hemdall? Oh god what is his name? You need him to notice you’re in trouble.

“I told you, I’m not Loki you stupid girl.”

“I don’t think,” a cold voice says as the air temperature rapidly drops, “that she’s talking to you.” Your breaths are coming in short pants that you can see in the sudden cold.

“Who are you?” Mordo says, not letting you go but at least he’s not currently drawing your magic from you.

“I am Loki. God of Mischief and Lies, son of Odin, Brother of Thor, the King of Asguard. It would do you well to let go of Sol.”


“The woman.” Loki sneers and Mordo looks down at you.

“I’m not going to hurt her. She’s a mortal, I’m taking away her magic.” You didn’t know it could get colder but it does. Mordo must see anger on Loki’s face because he shoves you back and Loki catches you as Mordo dives through a portal.

“Are you okay?” Loki asks gently, he’s got most of your weight as you slump against him.

“I think so. Just tired. Ina? Where Ina?” A small meow comes from your left and you go to get her but Loki doesn’t let go.

“Let me darling.” He says softly and with a flick of his fingers Ina floats gently toward you to rest in your arms. “You did well little familiar.” Loki praises before sweeping you up off your feet. “Why didn’t you call Heimdall and ask for me?” He asks.

“I couldn’t remember his name.” You admit softly, “that felt awful. Like he was sucking out my soul.”

“He may as well have been.” Loki grumbles as he carries you through a large room that you haven’t seen before. “A mortal who doesn’t deserve magic.” He huffs setting you gently down on a long couch type chair. Ina let’s out another pitiful meow.

“Is Ina going to be okay?” You ask looking at the exhausted cat in your arms.

“She’s going to be alright. She is the one that came and got me after all.”


“That’s how I found you. Ina sent half of her soul to come and get me. The other half stayed and protected you.”

“Ina,” you soothe petting her as you hold her against your chest. “Is there anything I can do for her?”

“No darling. I’ll take care of her.”

“She’s my familiar. I should be doing something.”

“Yes, she’s your familiar. So anything you do to help her could be detrimental. After all she helps you use and control your magic.” Loki reminds you so you continue to anxiously pet her.

“Relax darling.” Loki says, bringing you a cup of something, “here, this is for you,” he places a saucer on the floor, “and this is for you Ina.”

“What is this?”

“Restorative tea. My mother used to drink it after she used too much magic at once.” You sip the tea and make a face, Loki chuckles “it’s quite bitter.”

“Just a bit.” You agree with a wince after swallowing a second mouthful. It too is in the fanciest cup you’ve ever seen, this whole place is elegant and you feel very out of place in your leggings and sweatshirt. “I’ve never seen this part of the compound before.” You comment and Loki freezes. Suspicion suddenly fills you. “We are at the compound right?”

“Actually, no.” Loki says still not looking at you. “We’re in Asguard.”

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Loki x Reader, Pirate!AU
Word Count: 3,163
Warnings: none!
Summary: Your life has always been set in stone. Born to a wealthy merchant family in the Caribbean, you’ve spent your years as an heiress in the daytime, escaping at night to wander the streets of St. Thomas. Now, on the eve before your life settles into mundanity for good, you discover someone who could change everything– if you choose to trust him, that is.

A/N: Thanks for being so patient, I needed to rework some future plot elements. Everything is lined up nicely now. Enjoy ;) 

Chapter One ~ Chapter Two ~ Chapter Three ~ Chapter Four ~ Chapter Five ~ Chapter Six ~ Chapter Seven ~ Chapter Eight ~ Chapter Nine ~ Chapter Ten 


Originally posted by theitalianmoviegoer

You woke up suddenly. The sand-covered stone was hard beneath you. Light filtered through the palms, shining from the curved entrance of the rocky overhand and baking the stone floor in its warmth. Rainwater dripped from the ceiling, but there were no outward signs of the storm: no howling wind or flashing lightning to assault your tired vision.

You sat up and gasped in pain- your hands reached for your back, but stalled a bit. Moving your arms hurt. Every inch of your skin ached with soreness. You felt like your muscles had unravelled into string. You gingerly rubbed at your shoulders, finding them sensitive to the touch, and let out an echoing sigh. You couldn’t imagine the state Loki’s body was in.

Loki. Where was he?

You looked around the cave. He was nowhere to be seen.

Despite the protest of your aching limbs, you stood, dusting the sand off of your chemise and pushing up the frilled sleeves. This was now your only piece of clothing to wear, and it was completely indecent. More than that, you had no doubt that the white color would turn sheer when wet.

Lovely, you thought.

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Seeing someone else walking towards you made him halt for a second. He never thought of himself as overly jealous but yet he recognized the feeling crawling up from his stomach towards his throat. Closing it up and keeping it in a tight grip that made it hard for him to speak. His eyes burned from the intensity of his fixed stare. He could feel his heart beat a heavy rhythm -like war drums- inside his chest. It was now or never…

You did not know it yet, but Loki thought of you as his.

He clenched his jaw for a second before his deep, dark timbre cut through the silence.

“What is mine is mine. End of story!”

His long, lean and divine body started to move towards you.

Soon you would find out what it ment to be claimed by a god…

I do not have my taglist to look at, sorry!

@hopelessromanticspoonie @nonsensicalobsessions @just-the-hiddles @yespolkadotkitty @anchored-in-high-tide @wiczer @alexakeyloveloki @coniumalces @drakesfiance @lokiloveforever @kinghiddlestonanddixon

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Updates on my blog:

1. My new masterlist will be out tomorrow!

My first one was messing up, so I made a new one! It is more organized, and does not include my blurbs! Instead, I will be tagging the blurbs.

2. My writing!

“Only Best Friends” part 4 will be posted tomorrow! I am still working on “Lies, Lies, Lies”. Someone requested an imagine, and I completely LOVE the idea!! I just really need to get “Lies, Lies, Lies” and a couple ships done first!

3. New fandoms!

I made a form that asked you guys questions. The choices were Supernatural and Stranger Things because they are my main fandoms (besides Hiddles). A person brought up The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but I will not be including this one! I will be watching it when I finish Supernatural though! My best friend keeps telling me to lol

If the choices made it above 25%, I decided I would include them in my blog. Well, Supernatural made 100% (YAY :D), and Stranger Things made it at 50%!!

What will I be doing with these new fandoms (and Hiddles ofc)?

Imagines, headcanons, ships, preferences, and Q&A (if they are open)!

4. New stuff about ships!

I always do romantic ships, so I thought about this: platonic ships! If you like the show, but aren’t into any of them romantically, just ask for a platonic ship! See who you’d be friends with :)

You are more than welcome to request ships from multiple fandoms in one request!

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