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I really want to write a smut/angst/fluff but I don’t know what to write. So feel free to send requests! Pick from any of these people.

Tony Stark

Peter Parker

Bucky Barnes

Steve Rogers

Loki L

I can do more but these are some that I’m just going to name. I am also willing to do actors.

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Why is it when Loki is represented as unable to navigate human social norms? He was brought up as an Asgardian prince, younger brother to Thor- the recognised crown prince. He’d be great at navigating the pitfalls of royal court politics. Everyone in the palace would’ve either been an enemy or someone who was seeking to gain favour with the royal family and anyone who tried to get to close to Loki would not have had HIS best interests at heart in any case.

So my headcanon - whatever self-doubt Loki feels or self-esteem issues he has - it would never show up in public. Unless he allowed someone to see it. 

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So I was thinking - Crowley and Loki would make one heck of a duo, wouldn’t they. Enjoy this mess that is me trying to write in present tense.

Contains gay insinuations.

Two immortal beings with a strange fondness for snakes and quite the cynical attitude towards authority, which they have acquired thanks to years and years of belittlement and ridicule, walk into a bar. Not together, separately, about fifteen minutes apart.

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Today’s the day.
It’s offically been a year since I first prayed to Loki. A year since I first became a pagan.
It was a crazy year. Hectic, to say the least. Is some of it Loki’s fault? Hell yeah. But I don’t regret praying to Him and welcoming Him into my life. Not one bit.
I couldn’t have anticipated what Loki would eventually mean to me. He’s more than just the deity I pray to, and I plan to go more into that in March. March is an important month for me and Him, anyhow.
Either way, I love Loki tremendously. Sure, He can be a complete pain in the ass, but at least I can say that He’s my pain in the ass.
Here’s to many more years with Him. Happy yule.

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We hope everyone had a wonderful Yule, a lovely Solstice and a happy first night of Hanukkah! And of course we hope that everyone enjoyed Lokane week and all the wonderful works posted during it.

Lokane week’s holiday celebration isn’t quite over yet though! If you found yourself too busy to post during this busy time of year, we will happily receive your submissions until the 6th of January. Just tag them #lokaneweek within the first five tags or mention us @lokaneweek.

If you need a refresher our list of the themes and prompts is here, and we welcome works that feature a Jewish Jane Foster or celebrate Hanukkah.

Have further questions, such as how to submit something if you don’t use tumblr? Check out the FAQ and our rules before asking us.

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so I really want to find one specific fanfic and I forget what it called so I dunno what else to do than ask you guys,

it’s loki-centric and it isn’t shippy, it starts out after infinity war and explains how he came back from death, later I think that he and thor are staying in hotel for a bit and thor just can’t stop drinking and loki ends up just packing his stuff and leaving. he goes to… Norway, I think? and gets himself a cottage. blah blah some shit happens and he develops an eating disorder not because he’s insecure but because he was so depressed that he refused to eat until it became a huge problem. someone finds him and gets him back to thor in new asgard. more shit happens and he actually joins the avengers into going back in time.

that’s all I remember tbh

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I’m in a… situation, I guess. I’m very much in love with Loki. I’ve loved Him for a while now, and I love what I have with Him as well. But, there is another guy I’ve been interested in for a bit. He’s already given me His blessing about it and does not care if I go out with him. The problem is that my crush doesn’t know about Loki, and I don’t feel comfortable enough to talk to him about it yet since its a very personal topic. I’d just feel awful going out with this guy if he doesn’t know that I also love someone else, but I really don’t want to give up what I have with Loki. I’m going to feel guilty whether or not I stay with Him or leave Him. I’m just really lost and I have no idea what to do.

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#8 with Loki? Preferably not involving a death scene?

Thank you for requesting. I would love to!

I think this is my very first marvel fic so I’m kinda nervous haha. Have mercy on me.


Prompt : "“You promised! ”

Warnings : Angst, Fluff

Pairing : Reader x Loki


You’ve been sitting on your sofa for a couple hours now. You tried to go to sleep. You really tried, but you just couldn’t.

So you grabbed a book in hopes that time would pass more quickly that way.

Loki was out on a mission with the avengers and even though you knew he was more than capable of taking care of himself you were still worried sick.

Yes you had work tomorrow and yes you haven’t sleept properly yesterday either but this was important right now.

“Okay one last chapter.” you mumbled to yourself for the third time now while turning another page.

You were already halfway through the book now. When someone unlocked the front door and stepped in. Quietly loki enterd the room. Stopping in his tracks when he spotted you on the couch.

“Wha-…. Do you know how late it is!? ” he asked.

You jumped in surprise, nearly dropping your book. “Your home!” you jumped up pulled and him into a hug. Holding him tight but for a few second before holding him on arms lengths away from you. “How did the mission go? Was everything okay? Are you hurt? Wha-”

He stopped you by placing on finger on your lips. “Good, yes and no. Now answer my question.”

You looked across the room at the clock.

It was nearly 6 am. You stayed up the whole night waiting for him… “Uummmm….” you stepped back a bit, crossing your arms.

He looked at you and you could both see anger and worry mixed in his eyes.

“Something tells me that you didn’t just get up really really early today…. You waited for me again didn’t you? Y/n You promised! We both know that this isn’t good for you and you said it would happen again!”

You turned your back to him walking over to the sofa.

“No you said that! I just aggred… And I didn’t wait for you.. I read a book!”

You picked up the book you were just reading and showed it to him like it was the prove of your innocence.

He looked at the book with a blank expression, then back to you. With a deep sigh he walked over to you, taking the book from your hands.

“Are you trying to lie to the king of lies y/n?”

You looked back at him without breaking eye contact, responding, “Why? Am I doing good?”

He clenched his jaw. You knew he wouldn’t back down and why should he? You did promise not to wait for him anymore after all…

When he didn’t respond you looked down in defeat.

“Hey… I don’t wanna fight okay?…. I’m sorry that I broke my promise. I tried to go to sleep loki. I really did. It’s just… The bed was so empty without you and I kept thinking about all this terrible things that could happen… ”

You wrapped your arms around yourself, slowly shaking your head.

“I was just worried. I know that you are capable of keeping yourself safe but still…

The thought that I would wake up in the morning and you still weren’t there scared me so much that I couldn’t go to sleep…I’m sorry-”

Before you could continue loki placed a hand under your chin gently lifting your face up until your eyes meet his.

His facial expression has softened and he looked at you with adoration in his eyes, he opened his moth before closing it again as if he was out of words.

Carefully he cups your face with both hands. His thumbs ghosting over your cheeks while mumbling, “No one. Not a single soul has every cared for me like you do…

Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve that someone like you keeps waiting for me…”

You immediately shake your head at his words.

“That’s not true. You deserve anything.

You deserve someone who worries about you.  Who waits for you.

More than anyone I’ve ever meet loki… You really do. And I will be this person for you as long as you want me to be and longer.”

For a moment he just looks at you completely starstruck. His eyes scanning across your face as if he’s searching for the trick. For the lie. But he’s just meet with pure honesty. Gently he leans his forehead against yours.

“Thank you my queen…”

Both of you stay like this for a while silently enjoying the company of the other. You relaxe and feel your eyelids getting heavier by the minute. Loki grabs you tighter when he notices your state and carefully picks you up, whispering, “Let’s get you to bed now alright?”

But you didn’t even answer anymore.

You were already snuggled again him fast asleep. With a small smile on your lips.


Thaaats it!

Hope everyone liked it!

Love ya’ll <3

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the fire that springs forth
from the birch wand
scarred lips
mocking the hypocrites
bringing the mighty to humbleness
with a dagger tongue
the dancing flame
that changes shape from moment to moment
the hungry flame
seeking new sensations
passion and love and vengeance
creating, destroying, transforming
seeing the potential in all things
to become
the flirt, the clown
the father, the mother
poison and antidote
silly, strange, and ancient
awful and deranged
like lightning that splits
the tree leaving black scars
the fool and the sharp-witted trickster
the net to catch the unwary
the slippery salmon of words
the flea that creeps in undetected
the fly that bites and distracts
handmaiden of the thunderer
creator of monstrous offspring
the serpent, wolf, and corpse-queen
all beloved by thee
the roaring wildfire
that sweeps like phoenix wings
and drives all before it
turning the field and forest to ashes
turning the ashes to field and forest
the maddening smoke
and the twisting geometry of visions
playing with my mind
let your fire burn away
my self-deceptions
let the heat of you fill me
and move me to create myself anew
warm my blood to greater passions
and let me live a life
of laughter and curiosity
and surprise        

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