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Monsters Live Within (But I’m Not Afraid) - NOW COMPLETE! - Sequel to Shatter This Glass And Set Me Free 


Loki thought he deserved peace. He fought many wars, he reclaimed royalty, and he somehow fell in love with, and even married, a certainly fierce human. Oh, and he killed Thanos where he stood.

So, Loki believed he deserved some sort of calm and quiet in his life. Yet, he could not be so lucky. When Queen Ingrid of Jotunheim visits Asgard with the promise that Loki can be King of Jotunheim, he adamantly declines.

He never wanted the throne, right?

But Queen Ingrid is not so easily convinced. Through the use of dark magic, the Queen seals Loki in a dangerous fate he never believed was possible.

The only person who might be able to save Loki is his wife, Alice. After all, she’s been to hell and back with Loki. Why not do it again?

*Can be read without reading Shatter This Glass And Set Me Free but reading it would be helpful*

Chapter 11: Home

Chapter Word Count: 5497



Originally posted by fluturojdallandyshia

Alice couldn’t open her eyes no matter how much she tried.

She felt herself stirring, consciousness being returned to her body. She could tell that she was waking up but she felt too weak to do anything about it.

The first part of her that worked were her fingers. She curled them by her sides, registering something soft beneath her. A bed, she was in a bed. Moving her fingers slightly, Alice felt a pressure brushing above them. There was a blanket over her.

She faded in and out of consciousness, her body still trying to get her to rest. She didn’t want to rest anymore. She needed to know where she was, what happened, and if Loki was safe. Mustering all of her strength, Alice cracked her eyes open and took in her surroundings.

She was in her and Loki’s room on Asgard. Apparently, she was tucked into their bed as well. Based on the light in the room, it was night time. Alice blinked a few times, wondering how long she had been asleep for.

Turning her head slightly, Alice felt a sting of pain run up her shoulder to her neck. She suppressed a groan and the pain quickly faded into a dull throb. As the throb pulsed numbly, As Alice saw a figure sitting beside her bed. She kept blinking, trying to clear her vision, and when the figure took a solid form, Alice felt tears welling in her eyes.


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DESCRIPTION: Certain mates of Jotuns receive soulmate marks on their bodies. What happens when Loki’s mark is found on a girl with immense power?


NOTES/WARNINGS: :)))) Hope you enjoy, all feedback is welcome!

TAGGED: @kneel-before-queen-loki@lokis-girl-in-mischief @tarithenurse @fangirls94

“So why did you run out on Loki?”

I had been sitting in the living room where I knew Loki frequently avoided. Yes, I was ignoring him. But apparently, he had been asking around about me, and that led to Tony coming to sit by me the next day.

I shrugged, not making eye contact. “I wouldn’t call it ‘running’ exactly, more of a fast walk.”

The corner of his mouth curved up into a smile. He knew something was up, and he was going to do everything in his power to find out.

“Did he scare you?”


“Did he try to kiss you?!”

At this suggestion, my whole face went red. Tony looked serious and a little worried when asking. He had told me from the start to stay away so I’m sure a crush on Loki was exactly what he didn’t want to

“No!” I leaped to my feet and tried to walk away.

“JARVIS close the door.” At his command, all the doors for a clear exit were shut and locked. I groaned. I hated when he did this; it made me feel like a prisoner in our own house. Well, I was a prisoner, but I felt it now more so than before.

“Tony!” I exclaimed. “We talked about me not being a prisoner and yet here we are!”

He ignored my accusations and continued to stay seated on the couch. “Dana, talk to me. Why did you leave in such a hurry?”

I sighed. There was no way I could keep completely silent without Tony thinking Loki had hurt me in some way, which was the opposite of the truth.

But I couldn’t tell him about the mark. No way. He already viewed me as different, and I didn’t want to give him another reason to keep me from being an Avenger.

So, I had to pick the hard way out. The truth.

“Okay, fine! I have a teensy tiny crush on him…”


“But it’s not a big deal! He wouldn’t ever like me back. It’s just an infatuation!”

He didn’t respond. He checked me over, my flushed face, my downcast eyes, my shaking hands. He could see right through me, I was sure.

“That’s all it better be,” he said sternly.

When he left I took a huge gulp of breath. He obviously didn’t believe me fully but thank god he let it go. However, I knew he was going to watch me more closely, along with Loki. I groaned at that. Loki had just gained some sort of freedom, and I had probably taken it away from him

God, I’m a mess.

I decided to lock myself into my rooms when JARVIS finally unlocked the doors (which took a minute of arguing since he was being a little asshole yet lovable). I lied on my bed and took a short nap before I was called for dinner.

Thor got me this time. We went to the kitchen and ate with the rest of the team. I almost froze on the spot when I saw Loki there, but Tony’s eyes were on me and I couldn’t make a scene.

What was worse is that the only seat open was right next to him. How poetic. I glared at Tony feeling he had a part in this. He didn’t give anything away except for the amusement in his eyes. Oh, how I wanted to hit him.

I took my seat and tried to concentrate on the Chinese food Steve had ordered for us. It went without incident until Loki believed everyone was yelling over one another enough that he could speak to me without being heard.

“May I ask why you ran from me the other day?” he asked without looking up from his plate of food, acting casual. Maybe he knew we were being watched, too.

I took a bit of sesame chicken. “I forgot that I had to call my parents,” I lied. “They… would have killed me if I missed another scheduled Facetime.” I laughed it off as if I was being silly.

Loki kept eating and not looking at me. Then said, “I thought we agreed to no lying.”

“I don’t necessarily remember agreeing to it, only that you said it was in my best interest not to.”

“It is.”

“That may be so, but I believe I know better than most what is in MY best interest—”

Loki chuckled slightly. “Miss Bahar, you are most fascinating.”

“I would say that I am impressed you learnt my last name, but then again, it was never a secret.”

“I did not intend for it to come off as such. I simply mean to point out that you, my darling, are extremely intriguing.”

I rolled my eyes. I was intriguing to him because I was powerful. Not that I would let him use me in such a way, but that’s where my mind wandered to when looking for a reason as to why he thought me interesting.

“I’m sorry to say that I am rather boring,” I commented back.

Only Thor realized that Loki and I were engaging in a battle of wits. His small smile and constant looks at us gave his position away easily. The rest of them were thankfully occupied in an argument over who was the best cook in the tower.

“Doubtful,” he purred. “To me, you’re a diamond in the middle of this filthy planet.”

Was that a compliment? He called me a diamond… WHAT?

“Thank you?” It came out as a question, unsure of his intentions.

“It was meant as a compliment little one,” he laughed.

“You know, I’m not so little anymore,” I snapped back.

Finally, Loki turned to me for the first time that night and looked me in the eyes. “To me you are, little one.”

When dinner was over, I was headed to the library to pick up a new book for the night. The conversation between Loki and I at dinner was still replaying in my head. I was imagining things, right? He was being… different with me.

As I was contemplating his strange behavior, I was stopped by a strong hand holding my wrist just above my bracelet. My heart started pulsating.

“Meet me outside in the gardens tonight, little one. I would like to have a word with you in private.”

Then just like that, Loki was gone.

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Loki w/ breeding kink. Plz. I beg.

A/N: Your wish is my command nonie. I tried to write this as fast as I could, this might even break a record. I have to thank as well @midgardqueen because if it wasn’t for that imagine about Loki offering to help the reader out with a baby, and that other hc of him in bed, idk from where I would have drawn enough inspo. Enjoy ;)

Warnings: NSFW. Plotless one-shot, 1k words of pure smut/lemon, breeding kink, teasing, slight edging, creampie innuendos (if you squint), dirty talk. 18+ You’re reading at your own discretion. I’m not babysitting anybody (no pun intended). Fluff at the end :))) I wrote this on a whim with very little editing, so…it’s not the best. Also, I suck at writing smut.




The soft scent of roses mingled in the dimness of the chamber. White candles were dispersed like ghosts witnessing the unfolding of events; their playful flames dancing excitedly, encouragingly. The world was no more beyond the four golden walls and the plush king-sized mattress.

A soft melody, its origins unknown, hummed in the stillness of the golden chamber. The mellowness of it turning the atmosphere into a magical backdrop where ecstasy and desire were one and the same. A pyre burning bright within their knowing hearts.

Postponed, or rather forgotten were Loki’s duties. All left hanging. A throne empty. Awaiting letters. Unfinished Discussions. Odin would be mad, furious as a matter of fact. If he were to be alive, that was…he was king now, it mattered not. There were other matters at hand, other inviting things to apprehend and relish…

“Don’t you see, they occupy themselves by sharpening swords, whittling arrows, practicing their horsemanship. It’s time lost. But I…” Loki prowled her form. His footsteps barely audible as he circled her with crystal eyes; lost in wanting, dripping with a hunger for something lurking within him. He stopped once he was behind.

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Dont know if you take prompts, but: Loki and Darcy stuck on a greyhound bus for an unfortunate amount of time.

Purgatory is a Greyhound Bus

Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Loki

WC: 8969

Rating: T

A/N: This kinda went longer than planned, but please enjoy! ❤️ This one’s also cross-posted on my Ao3


Originally posted by spockvarietyhour

Rain streaked down the windows, and Darcy Lewis leaned her forehead against the cold glass, thinking better of it a moment later. God only knew what kind of germs resided on the interior of a Greyhound bus’s windows. She groaned and tried to stretch her legs, groaning even more when there wasn’t an adequate amount of space to fully extend them.

“Will you be quiet?” her companion hissed from the seat beside her. 

Darcy rolled her eyes, sorely tempted to elbow him in the side. He was the worst. The four hours they’d been riding felt like four thousand, as far as she was concerned. “This is all your fault, Mischief,” she said. “Don’t take it out on me.”

“How is this my fault?”

“Um, excuse me? You’re the one who decided to kidnap me—”

“I didn’t kidnap you—”

“—and you’re also the one who had literally no plan. Your ass would already be in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody if it wasn’t for me.” Crossing her arms, she stared resolutely out of the blurred window. “Imagine, thinking you could actually get through airport security—”

“If I had my powers, this wouldn’t be so difficult.”

“But you don’t have your powers, do you? So it’s kind of a moot point. God, you’re terrible at being a normal person.”

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Series Masterlist

Reposting fics from my old account @mybesttobobcratchit 

Summary: Loki has always been known as the God of Mischief and Lies. So what happens when he meets someone who can see through his lies? And what will he do when he learns she is promised to another?

Word count: 1200

Pairing: Loki x Sigyn

Warnings: Small mention of blood and VERY minor violence

A/N:Originally posted 8/6/19. This is my first attempt at a multi-chapter in YEARS. I started this a long time ago and it’s gone through a major edit since the first iteration. Send me an ask if you’d like to be added to the taglist!

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hey!! I love your writing, and I’m requesting a matchup for bnha and the mcu. I am 4’11 with brown skin and eyes and v curly black hair. I love to read, stargaze, write, bake, and cuddle! I am pan and don’t have a type, but I do like guys mainly. I admire the traits of tall, smart, and a little devious. I take people as they are, and never want them to change for me for any reason. Hope this helps!

BNHA: Todoroki! 

 - Todorki also likes to read when he’s not training. He doesn’t like to be idle, so when his body’s tired out he likes to work on his mind. Reading together would be really relaxing for him, and he’d love to tell you about what he’s been learning recently. He’d also love to go stargazing at night! 

 - He’s fairly tall compared to his classmates, and he’s definitely extremely intelligent. He tries his best to study hard and work his way to the top ranks! He isn’t that devious, but he can throw out some pretty good sarcasm when someone’s bothering him. 

MCU: Loki! 

 - Loki seems to fit you really well! He is also someone who is fairly morally grey, so he’d appreciate you not wanting him to change, as someone like that probably wouldn’t get along well with him. He’d be very appreciate of an s/o that supports him. 

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Summary: Long ago, in a time before spidermen and avenging heroes, Loki convinces Thor to undergo a vision to meet his future lover.

Love interest: Thor

~Thor, Asgard, 500 Years Earlier~

“You jest.”

“I can do it. Swear on Freya’s cursed boar.”

I scoffed at my brother. Loki was slim and long-limbed compared to other Asgardians. His face was even more unique; it had potent cheekbones that jut out like his daggers. They always made my brother look refined, and incredibly conniving.

My brother’s emerald eyes lit up with mirth. “I’ve been working on visions with mother.”

“So you are a witch after all?” I teased, raising my draught to my lips.

Loki rolled his eyes. “And you a lumbering oaf—this is a discussion for another time. These visions give me a glimpse into the future. Tell me there aren’t things you don’t want to know?”

I didn’t bother with the maze of words he weaved. I simply tipped my drink back, stealing a glance at him over my mug of ale.

Loki huffed. “Come on—you’ve been with countless men and women. Don’t you want to know whom you might end up with?”

My eyebrows furrowed. Loki and I had different opinions on the subject of love. For him, it was a dance. It was a mental game. I thought of romance as more of a sensation; something deep and warm and trusting. It was suspicious for him to bring up the matter.

“I’ll know when I find them,” I told him, setting down my drink with more force than I intended.

“Why not know now?”

“I like surprises—except when they involve you.”

Loki paused, his thin lips pressed together. My eyes widened as I realized what my words had implied.

“I am happy you are my brother. I would replace you with no other, Loki.” My hand clapped on his fragile, bone-thin shoulder. “Although, I prefer when there isn’t a knife in your hand.”

Loki nodded. His face still held that slight distortment. Sometimes that warped expression appeared around Volstagg and Hogan. Our friends. He called them my friends.

“Alright, I’ll agree to this vision.” I surrendered, watching the triumph glint in my brother’s eyes.

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