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Hi there friends and readers alike! 
I am hoping to create a Patreon account to post never before seen Loki fanfiction as well as original fiction content! 


On my Patreon, exclusive patrons would likely have access to a Loki Fanfic podcast read and discuss, and live Q & A with me. In addition, there would be some fun things like artist donations and even a Loki playlist that you can only access as a patron. 

Patron’s would likely donate and contribute anywhere from $1-$5 per month for this exclusive, weekly released, never before seen content.  

This is something I would really only want to put on my radar if my readers are interested in it. I have a couple thousand readers now and if at least 100 readers were interested in this and commented below, I would create and share the account with you all. 

Please take a moment to consider, comment, and reblog. 

This concludes the message from your friendly Pet Tiger.

Loki’s Pet Tiger

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Summary: Astrid, the princess of Vanaheimr relocates to Asgard to seal a betrothal to the youngest prince and an attempt to escape unforeseen forces. She soon finds happiness and a multitude of new friends. Unfortunately treachery and deceit lie in the court of Asgard in unlikely places, and she learns that true love never dies.

Warnings: angst, mentions of death, fluff if you squint

Words: 2100

A/N: Guyyys! I know you’re getting tired of hearing this but I’m so sorry!! I was going through a hugee dillemma but everything is all good now! I’m actually thinking about rewriting the summary because I seem to have gone on a bit of a tangent! Hope you guys enjoy, please let me know what you think, if you want to be tagged just shoot me an ask/message, I love you all very much!! xxx


Originally posted by silverloke


Originally posted by annehathsaway

Part Seven - Revelations

The door to Mara’s chambers slammed open, causing the girl at the window to jump and cease in her writings and she glanced up away from the parchment, the quill producing a scarlet drop of ink on the thick wad of parchment. She looked up at the young prince who had a face like thunder, his eyes were wide and they had red marks just below them, his face was deathly pale. It looked like he hadn’t slept for days.

“I was under the illusion that you were a gentleman Loki. Aren’t gentlemen supposed to knock?” Mara questioned, tilting her head to the side innocently.

“Don’t bloody test me Mara!” he hissed furiously, “are you mad? Attempting to poison Astrid right underneath her mother’s nose?”

“I didn’t try to poison her,” she shrugged, “though I wish I had,” she muttered underneath her breath.

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Always (Teaser Trailer)

A/N I apologize for being inactive! I’ve been busy with my studies and job. Anyway, this is a bit of a teaser for a high imagine/request that will be posted this Friday, my birthday! I’m really proud of this and I hope you all enjoy. If you want to be tagged in it, leave a comment or put it in my inbox!

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson X powers!Reader

Warnings: angst, fluff, like no dialogue, super long, infinity war & endgame things

All it took was 10 minutes. One sixth of an hour, 600 seconds, not even a tenth of the day. It all felt like a joke. Like some sick impractical joke that wasn’t real. It couldn’t be… right? Your heart felt like it had been obliterated, you wanted to cry, but the shock of it all still hadn’t sunk in.

He was dead. Loki was dead. Your love was dead. Killed right in front of your eyes by “the mighty Thanos.” You saw the dagger materialize in his hands, you saw him look at you one last time with those ocean blue eyes before he tried to stab Thanos. When Thanos dropped his lifeless body on the ground in front of you every part of your body screamed that it wasn’t Loki. Your Loki was the god of mischief, playing tricks, this was a deception, but when Thanos left and Loki didn’t move, you knew deep down he was gone. When the shock finally settled in, you screamed. A horrid sound, one of heartbreak, you cried haunched over his body clinging on to him begging him to come back. You laid your head on his chest, praying for the faintest heartbeat, but there was nothing.

You didn’t wanna move. You wanted to stay there with him, but when Thanos left, he caused the ship to explode, leaving Thor to grab you and hug you close to him as a means of protection. You screamed and thrashed begging him to let you hold on to your last bit of Loki. Thor only held onto you tighter and you realized it was useless. You stared at Loki’s now lifeless body as the ships exploded into a haze of purple, sending you and Thor hurtling into nothing.

Losing to Thanos was the worst thing to happen. You fought along side Thor, channeling his lightning with your own yet to no avail did it stop the titan. When he snapped his fingers, the whole world was suddenly silent. You watched as people were reduced to dust and secretly, some part deep down in you wanted to go to. You wanted to forget your pain, forget Loki, forget everything and just turn to dust. Alas, the world had other plans and you were left with nothing once again.

Thor has taken you far away from Earth after that. He made a New Asgard, ruled for maybe a day before retreating into his hut with Korg and Mick playing this game called “Fortnite.” You never heard from him after that. You wanted to stay on Earth, with Bucky, your best friend without Loki or Thor. However, you wanted to be close to Loki, it felt like Asgard was the best way to do that. It seemed, despite the number of days the pain never stopped. Everyday you were reminded of Loki. Of his presence and how he was no longer here and everyday it still hurt just as much. You fiddled with the small promise ring on your hand. The one he gave you.

You gasped at the green gem Loki gave you.

“Loki, it’s beautiful.”

“(Y/N), I may not be one with words, but I cannot imagine a world without you in it. You are the spark of my life.”

You laughed at his pun.

“You make me want to be a better person and spend everyday laying in bed with you. I want to spend every day with you, will you marry me?”

He gently held your hand and slipped on the Golden band. It wasn’t a traditional wedding ring, It was the ones they use in Asgard. You kissed him after. It was the happiest day of your life, well aside from the further wedding he suggested.

You didn’t know how many days it had been. Only that you needed the pain to stop. The memories to stop. Anything related to Loki needed to just stop. You wanted to forget. It sounded cruel, but you had to. Your life couldn’t move forward like this. Not anymore. It was simple, easy. Make a potion one to forget. Not everything, just him. As you gathered the ingredients, you could feel the tears brim in your eyes. The thought that you even wanted to go through with this sickens you to the stomach. Lucky for you, the potion requires the tear of one who wants to forget. You let the tear fall into the beaker a satisfying sounds echoing your empty home when it hit the glass. The beaker glittered green, the very color of Loki. Before you think about him, or any of it any longer you grabbed the beaker and drained it to the last drop.

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Pairing: Loki x Reader

Title: Stress-Relievers

Summary: You were an unusual young lad, the Avengers could all agree on that. You were undeniably a strong and bright young independent individual, but there was something you greatly lacked— confidence. It wasn’t that you didn’t feel your abilities and skills were good enough, you were among the best in combat. It was just… an aching feeling that remained for far too long, at the worst of times. So, you’ve had stress-relievers to help you along the way. One day you’re on another mission with Loki, and your anxiety strikes back, so you quickly began to do something to distress. Something, Loki didn’t expect someone would do in the midst of a mission.

Word Count: Roughly 1000-1500 words

A/n: It’s a bit rushed, I apologize. I tried to make it seem better but overall I think I messed up a bit in some parts. Thank you for taking the time to read.


Originally posted by fluturojdallandyshia

Being an Avenger didn’t mean you had problems normal people had, sometimes they were on a much higher scale. And this time, it defiantly was.

You, were someone dependable in the Avengers, earning your spot for not only your wits but for your combat-style and technique. You weren’t very magical, either, you knew a few decent spells to help aid you psychically, but that was about it. Nothing fancy.

Everyone was grateful that you were apart of the team, but there was something they all had to help you with; something that had been bothering you for a while.

Your anxiety, and stress levels…

It wasn’t always bad, it wasn’t. There were plenty of times that were accompanied by great, treasurable memories that will forever remain between you all. You could be having the best day of your life…

But anything in the world could trigger it, unfortunately.

You’ve tried for years. When you revealed it to the Avengers Tony had attempted almost every fast, and easier ways to handle it.

Deep breathing exercises. Calming and soothing sounds. Essential oils. Positivity classes. Yoga. Focus sessions. Journaling/writing, poetry. Considerable well-known outlets to reduce stress (music, art, reading, etc.), but it seemed none had really helped. You had taken a personal liking to some, but none seemed overly helpful when your stress came daunting you.

Weirdly enough, food helped you. Water, food, sweets, had. It wasn’t necessarily healthy, you knew that, but the combination of food and your sessions of calming helped tremendously; the Avengers never questioned your random sessions, since it was just something they’d have grown accustomed to over the years. Everyone had their own problems in The Avengers, it was just the fact that yours was much more visible, especially throughout the rough years you’ve had.

But this. This was an entirely different story because it seemed nothing was working.

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Fandom: Marvel

Summary: Based on: “Imagine having a love/hate relationship with Loki.” by @thefandomimagine


Originally posted by ineedhealingpls

If only rage could rattle the stars, the world would finally meet its end swiftly. Instead, proven by the most unfortunate events, it was forced to wait for a bit longer, suffering through endless hours of vocalized emotional distress.

You caught Loki’s eyes over the table. At least you weren’t the only one having a dead-fish-glare.

“Don’t you roll your eyes at me!” Stark jabbed a finger at you. He never stopped pacing the room, which should have made it even more impressive and threatening, but not much could beat being portalled by Doctor Strange back to the Tower. Some things are hard to beat.

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Just a real quick IMPORTANT thing for all of you who can access Disney+ already

It would be really nice of you if you could just add a huge !!!Disney+ Spoiler!!! (or something like that) before you spoil stuff cause most of us can’t access Disney+ yet and we would really like to watch all those Movies/Series without reading spoilers beforehand. (And please don’t just put it in the tags cause that’s usually the last thing people read..)

Thank you for your cooperation.

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The winning side

Y/n: How is it that you’re always on the winning side, Loki?

Loki: I’m not partial to allegiance.

Y/n: You’re not partial to courage.

Loki: *kisses you in front of the entire team of avengers*

Y/n: … Nevermind.

Loki: I’m always on YOUR side, darling.

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Natasha Romanoff arc

Chapter 6: The Flashes

Platonic Natasha x fem!Reader, Loki x fem!Reader (soulmates?)

Theme: With cracks between the most powerful superheroes of the earth, Natasha Romanoff does not find rest when she is assigned on a mission to find the missing pieces of a puzzling power that once nearly got into the hands- rather, tentacles- of Hydra. In order to unearth the pieces, she must dig through her own past and make a decision that might decide the fate of the earth in the coming wars.

Series: Will contain violence, death, destruction, softness, fluff, smut, friendship, and whatnot

Chapter warnings: Flashes. I have honestly forgotten what counts as warnings

A/N: This was written a few years ago with an OC in mind so reader has a name but it is a reader insert.

Word Count: I need to build up my resume and it kills me that I cannot put ‘part time fanfic writer on tumblr and AO3 with a decen following’ on it because some people are just cowards.

MASTERLIST in bio, love

Time: 1000 hours

Location: Vienna

The highest quality of teakwood, most expensive beige tiles and white paint that smelled like a walk in a pinewood forest- these were all the things you took in from the villa these group of buffed strangers took you to. Not to mention it being smack in the middle of a high-profile residential area where the personal property- along with your privacy- extended to nearly a kilometer. With two stories housing an open contemporary style house, the entirety of the villa’s so-called four walls were just endless glass looking out at the green belt of shrubs and evergreen trees making up for the seclusion of the estate. Or, according to you, making up a hell of peeping entertainment window for all the nosy neighbours.

Safehouse, they said.

We’ll all be safe here, away from prying eyes, they said.

Let’s stay here till we know what to do with the asset, they s-wait.

“Here,” the redhead called out, gesturing at the sofa while Brunn brought you a glass of water, “have a seat. You must be quite confused by all of this.”

You took the glass and barely planted your ass on the expensive-looking sofa before turning to look at Red. “Confusion would be an understatement but yes.”

“Keosha, right?”

You looked up from the glass after gulping it all down. “I…never told you my name.”

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*Loki x reader*

Part: 1/?

Words: 3.3k

Warnings: mention of blood, violence, slavery, sexual stuff

Summary: Loki finds himself stranded in Underworld, a kingdom hidden deep inside a desolate planet. In order to survive, he puts himself in the service of the tyrant king, who promises to give Loki his freedom back if he fulfills one simple task. Loki is to set out and bring the mad king his newest toy: You.

~A dangerous, forbidden love. Abduction. Slavery. Tortured conscience. A mad tyrant… Escape?~

Request: A song fic based on ‘I found’ by Amber Run, requested by @strawberrysandcream 💗 Hope no one minds that I’m making another mini series!

All Parts can be found on my Masterlist!


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AU where Infinity War Loki is sent back to 2012 and he takes the place of his past self. He does subtly changes to the timeline to spin fate his way.

Plot twist: he sometimes fails horribly, such as by not killing Coulson, not getting the Avengers together, messing up T:TDW, and other problems, so he goes back multiple times. He and the Ancient One actually work together for a solution, but they can’t find one so he goes forward to see Dr. Strange and have him come up with one.

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Happy Thanksgiving Loki~! I know you probably don't celebrate that holiday, but it's a day to remind yourself what you're grateful for and spend time with the people you care about. I know Midgard isn't your home, but...if you want. I'd love to celebrate Thanksgiving with you. Because, I'm grateful to have met you. (Ooc: you don't have to reply to this. I just thought Loki should get some Thanksgiving wishes too.)

“Yes, I’ve heard of such.”

The god says in a light voice, his long torso cover by a dark grey sweater, the fabric seeming soft and tightly woven.

The Thanksgiving party at the compound had finally came to a cool down. bellies full, yet the smell of pumpkin and spices lingered in the air with the touch of alcohol.

Loki seemed to be giving the question actual thought as he stood silent for a mere moment.

“I suppose finding the odd ounce of gratitude is healthy for a sound mind.”

Loki stood in place, drawing shapes on his palm with his long index finger. Green eyes observing his own pale skin in thought only to be interrupted by his brother’s snoring as he lay flat on his back on the black leather of the living room couch.

Loki turned to look over his shoulder to the passed out thunder god, long wavy black hair tide up in a loose bun now visible as he raised a brow at the blonde.

He gave a light hearted scoff and gently shook his head.

“I’m thankful for many things, at this point in my life.”


Originally posted by sharingloki

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