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#loki of asgard
What was the deal with the old people's home? Even if Odin would've had more years left, he probably would have never seen another prank like that. Anything to say about that?

Odin was older than he needed to be and a complete fool. It was a simple trapping spell on the border of the Home; that and his “only son and family” claiming his dear dad thought they were Norse Gods? Simple and effective. They give him pills to dull his mind and had him under surveillance so he couldn’t escape even if he was able to break my spell.

How was I supposed to know they would just throw a bunch of old people out after closing down?

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Death’s Merchant - Snippet

Loki discovering that the Avengers Compound has some… Interesting residents and that Tony is kind of crazy 😁 I chuckled to myself writing this little addition to the chapter as several people requested Loki meeting Goose or Loki meeting Eddie. It was smallish, so figured I’d put it here.

“Boss, you need to go to the common room.”

Tony jerked out of his doze, having fallen asleep on his sofa whilst reading, he had a feeling it was around 3am. But that was early for being summoned places.

“What’s going on FRIDAY, its 3am for fucks sake.”

“Mr Liesmith just came across Goose.”

Tony froze for a second before swearing profusely in a few different languages. Dammit, how had he forgotten that someone like Loki would obviously be well travelled. He jumped up and firewalked to the common room, not wanting to waste and time and immediately jumped in between Goose and Loki.

Catching the surge of green magic before it got to his Murderfloof.

“Mm, tingly!”

“Do you know what manner of creature is stalking your hallways?!”

“Actually, yes I do. I know Goose is a Flerkin, and she’s very nice! Best Flerkin I have ever met!”

Loki just blinked at him with a facial expression he was very familiar with. It was the “Are you out of your damned mind?!” look. He edged closer to Loki, knowing the man was still on edge.

“Look, why don’t I introduce the two of you?”

Loki was squinting at him now and Tony wondered how the next meet and greet he had planned would go.

“Hey FRIDAY, is Eddie up? I figure we should get our interesting residents officially introduced to our resident God of Mischief.”

“You consider me a resident?”

He took that opening to link arms with the other God and sublty tug him in the direction of Goose.

“Of course I do! Now, Goose will eat anything you put ham on, but if you ask her not to eat anything in your room, she won’t. Usually. Isn’t that right my Goosey-Loosey Murder-Floofy.”

“I’m actually more concerned for your sanity than I am for my safety right now. Bravo.”

Tony snickered at that and it worked in loosening the other God up. Goose had been watching them with mild disinterest until Tony opened up his arms, the Flerkin made a graceful leap and he caught her easily. She started purring like a train.

“You like Drest, I’m sure you’ll like Goose too.”

“Drest is small, and does not have tentacles.”

“Well. One of those things are true, don’t freak out.”

“One saying ‘Don’t freak out’ is usually cause to 'freak out’.”

He pointed as the table where Drest coalesced from the shadows in her small, kitten shape. In the several steps towards Loki she shifted, growing larger each time until she was the size of a very large, sleek Panther. Muscles rippling under shining fur as he proceeded to greet Loki in the same manner as she had since they’d been introduced. A head but from a kitten however packed a lot less punch than as she was now. Loki wavered on the spot, his hand automatically going for her ears. Drest trained people very quickly.

“I did not expect that. Do you have any other felines that defy the laws of physics?”

“No, but since you are doing so well with Goosey-Loosey and Drest, I figure you should meet Eddie while we are ahead. Luckily the man’s sleeping patterns are worse than my own, is he alright to come down Fry?”

“He’s on the way Boss.”

Loki was gingerly offering a hand towards Goose, who was purring up a storm.

“Is it normal for people of Midgard to harbour one of the most dangerous species in the known universe and name them after harmless avian creatures or is it just you?”

“Actually, Goose has Carol as her pet human. And harmless? Goosey-Loose is much nicer than actual geese!”

“That ridiculous nickname is causing quite the disconnect in my mind. Right, after this I’m sure nothing could shock me. Why do you wish me to speak to Eddie? I remember him vaugley from when we arrived, he seemed Midgardian in appearance, but everyday I spend around yourself that means less and less. ”

“I’m taking that as a compliment, so, funny story. Do you know much about Klyntar? ”

Loki seemed to be speechless, something Tony found rather amusing. In his defence, it was 3am.

“You are jesting. Surely.”

“What are you after Tony, I was playing Diablo 3, Venom is grumpy at being interrupted as he finds the voices amusing.”

Loki was looking at Eddie critically and Tony kept himself not so subtly in the middle again.

“Well, you see, Lokester here just ran into Goosey-Loosey, which made me realise that introductions might be in order.”

Eddie was however quite distracted by Drest.

“Tony. Are you quite aware there is a giant fucking Panther head butting you right now?”

“That’s Drest.”

“No, Drest is a kitten.”

“Didn’t I mention Drest can change her size to whatever she wants?”

He was sure he’d mentioned that.

“Nope, I would have remembered if you told me the kitten that sleeps on my chest could eat my head in one bite.”

“Really Eddie?”

“Okay, fair point. So, what’s the deal?”

Tony turned back to Loki, who was still holding himself carefully but had been following the conversation back and forth with amusement.

“Loki, no magicy or throwing sharp pointies, Venom is friendly.”

Tony magiced up some chocolate which instantly got Eddie’s attention. Tony had become Venom’s chocolate dealer pretty early on after Eddie moved into the compound.

“If this is a prank, I commend you on your commitment.”

“You get used to weird stuff happening around Tony. I say this as part of the weird, right, Venom, no attacking. No. You can’t eat him. He’s Tony’s friend.”

Before anyone could say anything else, Venom decided to become an active participant and Loki proved to be very adept in swearing in several interesting languages.

“Friend of Tony is Friend to Venom?”

Loki nodded minutely before turning to Tony.

“You are actually insane.”

Tony opened the huge bar of chocolate before handing it over to Venom who was very happy with the offerings. Giving Loki a huge smile.

“You only just notice that Lokester?”

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Things That Make My Writing What It Is Or What Inspires Me As A Writer

• The Marvel films, of course.

• Mumford and Sons. Every single song of theirs could be made in some way into something published here, in my opinion.

• Hozier. I sometimes am inspired by his music for Loki’s dialogue.

@valdemarismynonbinarylove for the absurd conversations, writing inspiration and for just being a friend of mine.

• Neil Gaiman, my favorite author. His writing is absolutely wonderful, and has inspired me to make my own writing style, and to just make good art altogether.

• Real life situations, on occasion. Mostly, conversations with my boyfriend.

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Mystic: 6

You go back to the compound the next morning. Your Lyft driver had looked at you like you were insane when you’d asked to be taken to the Avengers compound but had nodded. He dropped you off and you and Ina had made your way to the front gate.

“The compound isn’t open for tours today.” An extremely bored sounding guard says not even looking up.

“Uh, I’m here to see Loki.” You tell him, “he’s expecting me.”

“Right.” The guard says still not looking up, “No one ever comes for Loki, unless they’re groupies.” He glances up, “you don’t look like his usual groupie.”

“Because I’m not.” You say starting to lose your patience, “I’m here to learn to control my magic. Please can you just let Loki know that I’m here?”

“No.” He says and you huff before folding your arms and stalking away. Ina meows getting your attention, you look down at her and she looks to the sky. Oh, Heimdall. Maybe he’ll hear you like he did Thor. You look up at the sky and feeling kind of foolish clear your throat.

“Uh, Heimdall? Can you please let Loki know that I’m here? The guard won’t let me in.”

You don’t receive a response so you head back over to the gate.

“I’m still not going to let you in.”

“Okay, maybe you could just call someone? If you won’t call Loki could you call Thor? Or Tony?”

“Listen here bitch, I’m not gonna call anyone. Should you fail to leave I’ll handcuff you and call the police.”

“You should be kinder to my guests,” a cool voice says, “or being fired is the least of your worries.” Loki glares down at the man whose eyes widen in fear.

“Loki.” You say and he turns his gaze to you. His eyes instantly softening.

“Hello Darling,” he says pushing a button and the gate opens. “Come on in, it’s nice to see you.”

“Thank you, I’m excited but also kind of scared.” Loki holds a hand out for you, and you take it as he opens a portal. You follow him through and Ina chirps softly at him.

“Hello Ina dear, are you telling on your witch?” She meows again and he laughs. “Yes, he was quite rude wasn’t he?”

“I feel like I’m missing part of the conversation.” You grumble and Loki smiles at you.

“As your power gets stronger you’ll be more able to understand her.”

“That’s cool.” You tell him looking down at Ina, “will it work for all animals or just her?”

“Just your familiars. You may get more depending on your power level.”

“You don’t have a familiar.”

“I’m different. I’m a god.”

“Is that going to be the standard response? I’m a god?” Loki chuckles again.

“Perhaps. Much of how my magic works is because I’m a god.”

“Thor said something about my magic maybe being a gift from Sol.”

“You met Thor?”

“He came to my house yesterday.” You didn’t know this was supposed to be some sort of secret.


“I don’t know.”

“Don’t lie to me Darling. It won’t go well.”

“Maybe you should ask him. It was a private conversation after all.” You amend, not technically a lie. Loki lets out a low sort of growl but doesn’t push it, “and no snitching from you either.” You mutter to Ina who also grumbles at you.

“So secretive.” Loki coos, “will there be no persuading you to tell me?”

“Does it honestly matter? He cleared some things up for me. That’s all.” You say folding your arms over your chest. Loki studies you for a few more moments before turning away with a small frown. “I’m here and I’d like to learn.”

“Good. This is probably not going to be easy but if you work at it and you practice I think you’ll catch on quickly. The first thing I want to teach you is how to open a portal. That way you don’t have to deal with the front gate every time.”

“That sounds wonderful. Didn’t know there was such thing as an Avenger groupie until today.” You roll your eyes, “ever meet any of them?”

“Are you jealous Darling?”

“No, just curious.” You attempt to lie to him again, he doesn’t exactly call you out but he does chuckle lowly. “Can we get started?”

“Anxious?” He asks turning back to you with a furrowed brow.

“Excited.” You tell him with a wide smile. And you are excited but you’re also a little terrified. What if you screw up? What if you’re terrible? What if your magic isn’t as strong as Loki thinks it is? Ina meows loudly drawing your attention to her and you give her chin a scratch.

“I thought you said you were excited.” Loki says looking concerned.

“I am.” You insist then sigh, “and I’m also terrified. I have a whole lot of doubts.”


“What if I’m actually terrible? What if my magic isn’t strong enough? What if-“

“Hey, Darling. Breathe.” He says softly, one of his hand taking yours. “Any Magic you have is enough.” He assures and you and you suddenly feel much better about all of this. “Portals aren’t the most difficult thing to work on but they can also be tricky. What I’m saying is if you don’t get this right away you don’t have anything to be ashamed of.”

“Do you think I’m going to struggle?” You ask, one brow raised.

“I’m just saying don’t get discouraged if you do.” You nod and let out a slow breath.

“I’m ready.” You tell him and with a smile he begins.

It takes you nearly an hour to make a portal from one side of the room to the other, but Loki seems pleased. Ina has only hissed a warning once when you’d gotten dizzy and Loki had immediately stopped you. That was the only time he’d gotten upset through the entire six hours of training you’ve done.

He’d been encouraging, protective and impressed by what you’d been able to accomplish. After he makes you create your own portal back to your home he escorts you through.

“I just want to put up a couple of wards for protection if that’s alright.” He says and you nod then watch tiredly while he does some magic while walking around the perimeter of your apartment. “There. Now, so I don’t need to have Heimdall watch you should you need me just say my name and I’ll be here in an instant.”

“Just Loki?”

“Ah, good. It works.” He says, “You look like you’re going to fall asleep on your feet. Get some rest. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I work tomorrow.”

“We will worry about it later.” He says with a wave of his hand. “Please rest.”

“I will. Goodnight Loki.”

“Goodnight Darling.” Then he opens a portal and steps through.

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I want to have a threesome with loki and bucky. Literally this is the only thing im thinking about right now 😩

whoops my hand slipped


Originally posted by itsawkwardfanboi

Warnings: death by fluff, an emotional threesome

It’s no secret. At least, not to Loki.

He sees how your eyes light up whenever Bucky comes through the door. He sees your eyes flick downward and back up again. He sees how you look at James Barnes and he wants to make you happy.

No, he’s not mad. Sure, you’re dating him, but being attracted to someone else while in a relationship is fine, as long as you don’t act on it without the other’s permission. That’s what he says. 

Loki talks about it with Bucky one night, says what the situation is. Then he asks something, and Bucky agrees.

He has wanted to love you, too.

They’ve come into the room, crouched down to your level. Bucky on your right, Loki on your left.

“I’ve noticed some things about you and James here.”

You sigh. “I’ve been caught.”

“Answer honestly, sweetling. Do you want us? The both of us?”

You cover your face in your hands. But you nod anyway. 

You can hear Bucky smiling. “Hey, doll, it’s alright,” he says slowly. “It’s okay. I feel the same way. And Loki does, too.”

You look up, your facial expressions slowly going from fear to confusion. Then, a small smile of relief. “You’re not mad?”

Loki shakes his head. “No, darling. Not at all.” He smiles, too. “This just means there’s more love in the room, right?”

All you can do is look at the both of them, a swirl of emotions going around your mind all at once. Confusion, acceptance, excitement, embarrassment, lust-

“Let’s give her what she wants, yes?” Loki asks Bucky, and you shiver. 

They must have silently agreed because you feel Bucky’s lips on your shoulder. Loki is running his hand up and down your thigh, and the action is warm and welcoming. They are both soft and gentle with you, and you appreciate that.

“Tell us, honey,” Bucky murmurs against your skin, “tell us what you want us to do.”

You whine - it’s small and quiet, and you can’t decide if you want them to hear it or not. “God, I just – I don’t know…” you say shyly, Loki moving to replace his hand with his lips.

“We’ll ease you into it, then. That okay, doll? If you’re not into something or if it hurts or anything like that, then tell us.”

You nod. “Okay,” you say quietly.

Loki sighs into your skin. “You’re always so tense, love. Ease up… We won’t bite.” He smirks up at you. “That is unless you want us to.”

You smile.

“Don’t let this intimidate you, either,” Bucky says. He holds up his left arm - the metal one. “You trust me, don’t you?”

“Yes,” you say, looking him in the eyes. This is the first time your voice is louder than a whisper. “I trust you, Bucky.” You smile at the both of them. “I trust both of you… with my life.”

They both smile too. Loki seems like he’s close to tears. At the moment, it looks like they’ve forgotten what they’re here to do, but you don’t mind at all.

You tear up from their gaze - they look at you with the utmost love and admiration, and it’s almost too much for you.

“Oh, darling,” Loki says, sounding incredibly sad now, “I’ve made you upset, haven’t I?”

“No,” you say, wiping your eyes, “you haven’t.”

He seems to get it. “You think too little of yourself, my darling. Just let us love you the way you deserve to be loved.

"Lay down,” Loki says quietly. It sounds like he’s asking you.

And you do. Bucky shifts himself so that he’s behind you. They undress you, pulling off your clothes with a gentleness that you hadn’t expected from them. You hear Bucky exhale through his nose, and the rustling of clothes as Bucky and Loki undress themselves.

“You’re beautiful…” Bucky whispers, leaning over your head. “You don’t know how much I’ve wanted to see you like this…” He kisses your shoulder again.

“She is, isn’t she?” Loki asks rhetorically. He has moved so that his face is level with your sex, and you swallow, instinctively grabbing his hand in yours. 

“Are – are you sh-sh-sure you want to do that?” you gasp.

He chuckles, moving to kiss the insides of your thighs. His lips go so close to where you need him, but they don’t go there directly, and it’s maddening. “Darling,” he says gently, “It seems like Bucky needs you.”

You look up at Bucky, and of course, you’ve been duped, but only a little - Bucky is there, and he is still gazing down at you hungrily. While your eyes are away from him, Loki latches onto your sex as an answer, and you jump with a small cry, though not with pain.

“Hold her down,” you hear. Gone is Loki’s questioning tone. Bucky immediately does so, taking your shoulders in his hands and applying pressure. Loki himself wraps his arms around your legs, and his grip is firm. 

You’re not getting out of this one. The very idea makes your chest warm with anticipation.

“You like this?” Bucky asks, and all you can do is nod.

But suddenly, you get an idea. Your eyes race - from Bucky’s eyes to his length, then back again.

“Do you - do you want me to -” you ask.

“Please.” Suddenly, he’s desperate.

You prop yourself up on one elbow, and, tentatively, manage to put your mouth around his length, your head upside down. It’s not big, but it is long, and it can only go down so far before you gag and move off of him. Immediately, Bucky’s over you again. “Only take what you can, alright?” he asks, and you tell him okay.

So you bring your mouth around him again, slower this time, and you stop when you need to. You manage to bob your head a bit, keeping your teeth away but your lips on it. He sighs. “You're… you’re doing great…” All the while, Loki is still expertly going down on you, using his tongue to explore and to surprise and to please.

Soon, you pry your mouth off of Bucky and catch your breath as Loki brings you closer to the edge. You’re gasping. Your legs shake a little, and you’re gripping Bucky’s knees as you try to move away-

“Hey,” calls Bucky gently, moving off of you. He takes your hands in his, kneeling above you. “Honey, don’t fight it.”

You look right up at him.

“Just let go for us,” he says, his voice soft yet encouraging, almost inaudible against your temple. “Go on. You can come.”

And you do - it’s not gentle, yet it feels just how you remember. You let out a choked moan, your hands squeezing Bucky’s. It’s heater warmth, and it’s sparks and shivers, ocean waves…

And suddenly, it’s over. The sparks all center at the place where Loki’s lips are, and you twitch as it all becomes too much.

He pulls away, and… all he does is look at you. For some time, he gazes at you while Bucky cradles your face in his hands.

“A beautiful thing, isn’t it?” Loki says, his tone again rhetorical. “You did wonderfully.” He wipes his lips with the back of his hand, and only then does he kiss you.

The both of you roll around, so you’re on top of Loki, straddling his waist. Bucky shuffles behind you.

You’re sandwiched in between the two of them, torn between feeling safe beyond belief and scared beyond measure. You whimper when you feel Bucky’s length dangerously close to your behind. 

“Have you done this?” he asks. His voice is laced with both lust and concern. “Talk to me, doll.”

“No,” you say. “Never.”

“Would you like to?”

“Will it… will it hurt?” You swallow the lump in your throat.

“Only for a little. But, maybe it won’t even hurt at all. It may just feel weird.”

It takes you a moment to make up your mind. Then, you nod. “Okay.”

“First, I will go,” Loki murmurs.

He grabs his sex in his hand and slides it inside of you. Immediately, you give a high pitched moan, almost falling onto his chest. 

Loki exhales through his nose. “My darling, you feel wonderful. As always.” A jar of something suddenly appears in his hand, and he hands it to you. “Give this to James, would you?”

It’s lubricant.

“Sh-sure,” you say, handing it over to Bucky.

“Thanks,” he mutters, and after a few seconds of nothing but silence, you feel Bucky’s now cold length against your ass. 

“Oh - oh my God,” you stammer, “Buh-Bucky–”

“Hey,” he says, his voice softer. “I won’t do that yet, don’t worry. I need to… er…” And, without him saying it, you know.

His fingers enter you first, cold and wet.

To distract yourself, you look down at Loki, who himself looks like he’s mustering all of his strength to prevent himself from moving inside of you. He offers you a little smile, and you smile breathlessly back in return.

Bucky’s fingers (two to be precise) leave you. “You think that’s okay for you, doll?”

You look back at him and nod. 

And oh, God, the sight of you, naked, with Loki inside you, your ass ready… it’s more than enough for him. 

“I’m gonna put it in now, okay?”

“Yeah,” you say, “that’s fine.”

He goes slow, but the new sensation and the sheer force of him make you fall forward again. You moan quietly, but he can still hear you.

“You alright?”

“Yes,” you whimper, “yes. I’m okay.”

It’s a new experience, having both of them inside you, and it feels… interesting so far.

They stay like that for a little bit, caressing you and murmuring sweet nothings — just enough time to get you used to the both of them.

The secret conversation must have been exchanged once again - Bucky and Loki move inside of you suddenly, but very slowly, and you make a noise at the back of your throat.

“Does it hurt?” asks Loki almost immediately. “Talk to us, love.”

You shake your head. “No,” you breathe, smiling, “no, it doesn’t.”

It takes them quite a bit to make a rhythm for themselves, but eventually, they do, and it’s incredible how fast your pleasure builds up. You’re pushed, pressed against the two of them at once, with the both of them inside you, and it’s almost overwhelming.

Occasionally, they each take you in their arms and hold you while they do it. 

It’s a more literal exchange now: Bucky holds you up against him from behind as he manages to press into you. His metal arm is forever cold, but it’s the force of it that makes your breath hitch.

This man could snap me in half, you think, looking down at it as the fingers curl against your breasts, if he wanted to.

Loki, on the other hand, though they both keep the same pace, takes you with a more gentler touch. Wrapping his arms around you, he also holds you against him, whispering how much he loves you. It could wreck someone, and it certainly destroys you.

You make another noise after a while - this one more like a shuddering moan - and grip onto the both of them with white knuckles — one hand behind you, on Bucky’s shoulder, one hand in Loki’s side.

“You’re there, aren’t you?”

At this point, you can hardly speak - the emotion of it all plus the physical pleasure you’re feeling is enough. But you nod once again.

And some part of you wants to reject it. Wants to make it all stop, and even if you’ve already come in front of them before, make you leave before you finish. Either it’s the sense of vulnerability, or the complete incomprehension of the thought of oh my God they’re doing this out of love, and that’s more than I ever expected, but it’s your mind that does it. 

And your mind is heard by one.

“Dearest,” Loki says. You choke out a sob. “Don’t think of that now. We do love you, you know. Come, my love, come for us.”

Bucky takes your hand in his free one. “Please, honey. We want this. We love you.”

And that’s what does you in. 

You come, spasmodically, your moan - almost a scream - covered by your hand. This one is not gentle, either, but it’s not as sharp as the previous orgasm you had. You’re shaking, your face pressed against Loki’s chest, aware of him mumbling something along the lines of, “There we go.”

It takes a little while for Loki and Bucky to reach their peaks, but they do, eventually, while you’re still between them. 

“Babe, ” Bucky rasps, “can I-”

“Please, ” you whisper. That’s all he needs. He releases inside of you, hissing through gritted teeth, and you sigh at the feeling. He pulls out of you, and you gasp at your emptiness.

Loki, however, knows his limits. “Move, dearest. Please.” So, you do. You move off of him, falling onto your side of the bed. You hear Loki groan, and you guess that he has reached his end.

For a few seconds, there is peace. Slow, deep breaths are coming from all three of you as you lay beside each other on the bed. The feeling of satisfaction, of tiredness, and of love - pure, ideal love - coming from and being received by all of you.

You start to laugh, your joy too overwhelming to keep to yourself. “I can’t-” you gasp, “I can’t believe that happened.” There are tears in your eyes again, but they are happy ones, and you don’t blink them away in shame.

“Believe it,” Bucky chuckles back. “It was… really nice.”

“It was,” Loki agrees. “If you want to do that again sometime, I wouldn’t be objected to it at all.”

There’s a pause, from all of you.

You inhale deeply. “Listen. Um. Maybe… maybe we could… actually start something here. Not just the sex part. I mean… a relationship. With the three of us.” Your voice rises a little, and you stammer, “I-I-I don’t mean to be the one that’s all like, ‘You made love to me, now be my significant other’, because that’s not right in the slightest… But, if you guys are up for it…?" 

You leave the question open-ended, and you wait for them.

"Yes,” says Bucky. “Absolutely. I’d love to.”

You turn towards him sharply. “What?” you ask, surprised.

“He said 'yes’, dearest,” Loki says gently. “And, you and I already have something here. We could connect the two.” He smiles. “Oh, I can tell we’re going to love this.”

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*Loki x OFC*

Part: 9/10

Words: 3k

Warnings: nudity, teasing, no smut tho

Summary: ~Loki could just let her die here and now. His problems would be solved and he could go back to his usual ways. But then he would forever be left with an unsolved mystery and he hated the prospect of that even more than the fear of what would happen if she lived.~

A story of what happens when Loki stumbles upon someone who is like him in every way. Only better. Oh, and they just happen save Asgard too.

A.N.: To celebrate over 1000 people following me (how insane is that?!), I decided to share the newly edited version of the very first Loki fanfiction I ever wrote! Enjoy the mischief 💚

All Parts can be found on my Masterlist!


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