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The Loki stream series on Disney+ will reportedly be told from the PoV of 2012 Loki. And that makes me sad because it means his redemption arch is completely undone. However, I am looking forward to seeing what path Loki will take now that he is not tethered to Thanos, Thor, or Odin. Will he be a hero or a villain? Also will this series see a return to the Shakespearean style of the first films (Ragnarok is good but I want old, tortured and self-conscious, slightly insane Loki back)?

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  • Genderfluid and pansexual Loki (it’s canon in the comics so Marvel has no excuse)
  • Loki advancing his magical abilities [seriously, can we talk about how badly Marvel screwed that up, especially in the last couple movies?]
  • Taika and Chris to stay far far away from production
  • Loki dealing with his trauma from the previous movies
  • Loki with the iconic black nails
  • Loki with Mjolnir
  • his outfits to go back to being the black, green, and gold aesthetic [maybe take inspiration from AoA comics]
  • maybe at the end of the series, we get kid Loki who eventually becomes teen Loki [this later sets him up for an appearance in Young Avenges movie- like in the comics- and if I don’t get him in the YA movie I’m gonna-]
  • flashbacks to his childhood and life on Asgard, maybe acknowledging how terrible of a father Odin was
  • perhaps exploring his birth mother? 
  • answer to how Loki can look like an Asgardian now that Odin is dead and Asgard was destroyed [I personally want Loki’s mother to have either been Hela or an Asgardian]
  • Loki, Lorelei, and Amora either fighting or teaming up
  • Loki being the hero instead of the ‘villain’ 
  • Lady Loki with the iconic black nails, black lipstick, and black eyeliner 
  • Loki’s eyes to be green [pleaseeeee]
  • a new logo altogether [I don’t care for marvel’s half-excuse-half-explanation for the serial killer note style]
  • if we are dealing with time travel or alternate universes, I’m down for either a steampunk or cyberpunk aesthetic
  • let Loki be the badass, intelligent, sorcerer he is instead of watering him down to Thor’s Stabby Little Brother
  • no mention of Ragnarok at all
  • Loki conjuring memories of Frigga
  • epic fight scenes where Loki uses magic instead of just knives [looking at you, Infinity War]
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Didn't we just deal with Lady Loki rumors? Honestly, I can't even keep track of all the rumors we've been hearing about the series, and the fact is they can't all be true. On the other hand, I was telling myself "Oh please, no way is Disney THAT stupid" but I just sat through Rise of Skywalker and well...Yes. Yes they are that stupid.

Well, exactly. Ever since the series was announced, there’s been some rumour or other every couple of months, claiming that they’re going to be replacing Tom with Kid Loki or Lady Loki or who the fuck knows what else. It’s just too much stress to treat every rumour as credible. We have enough reasons to dread this bloody series without getting ourselves worked up about the possibility of them writing Tom out. I don’t know if the people generating all these rumours just aren’t creative enough to think of storylines that aren’t some gimmick mutilated from the comics, or if they’re bad faith actors who just enjoy upsetting fans of Tom’s Loki, or if Marvel is legitimately entertaining the notion of replacing Tom after this series wraps up. But at this point, I really think we all just need to tune out the speculation as much as possible while keeping our expectations reasonably low because the show will probably be a disaster whether they replace Tom or not. God, I hate Marvel.

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Wow, this guy and this “official” Loki series account 🤣 I thought the speculation about it ended in September with fans from twitter shutting this “official” account down, and apparently it did, there is no “lokiseriesofficial” Instagram username. All the fans on twitter agreed that this guy was just trying to boost his popularity, but in the end he just pissed off a bunch of Loki fans with this lie

We’re at the point where I don’t even care enough to check on rumours anymore. I’m just like, “Meh, if true, it will suck. If not true, it will probably still suck.” I am truly impressed with the degree of apathy Marvel has managed to inspire in me.

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“There will be a man on the run quality to it and we get the chance to explore more human sides of Loki.” - Loki executive producer Stephen Broussard during Disney+’s Expanding the Universe

The Loki TV show is said to be released on Disney+ during Spring in 2021. What we know about the show is that Tom Hiddleston will continue his role as Loki, the show will be following the timeline of the Loki that escaped with the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame, and it will play with time and explore human history. Some even suggest that the Loki series will be a set up for Thor: Love and Thunder directed by Taika Waititi which will be released next year, November 2021. So what are some things that’ll be included in the Loki series to look forward to?

First and Foremost, Lady Loki


You may already know about Lady Loki’s appearance in Agent of Asgard which is a series about Kid Loki and the mischief that he gets up to on Midgard. Loki is known to shapeshift, and we’ve seen this ability before in Thor: The Dark World where he shape-shifts to Thor’s friends to annoy him. He shapeshifts again in Avengers: Endgame and impersonates Captain America (which is, very well done). 


This means that Loki can also shapeshift into his female persona, Lady Loki, who is just as attractive - so it’s a hell of a double kill for Loki fans. Actress Sophia Di Martino has been rumored to play Lady Loki in the upcoming series. So it’s definitely something to be excited about.

The Appearance of Kid Loki


Long story short, Loki was reborn after sacrificing himself for Asgard, became Kid Loki, began to be a good guy, and joined the Young Avengers. Tom Hiddleston himself is a fan of Kid Loki. He even wrote to the writer of the Kid Loki series, Kieron Gillen, saying

“You and I see Loki the same way. He’s one dark, anarchic, bottomless black hole of rage, hatred, pity, and pain. An exiled outcast, a lost & lonely agent of chaos, who wouldn’t know what to do with familial forgiveness if it walked up to him in the street and slapped him in the face. I’ve had as much fun playing him as you’ve clearly had writing him.”

Tom Hiddleston likes to follow the story of Loki even if it might not make it to the cinema. He likes to base his performance of Loki off Gillen’s Kid Loki. So the appearance of Kid Loki could mean seeing a younger, mischievous, kind of morally right, yet equally as attractive version of Loki as seen in the Agent of Asgard series. To say I’m excited about the possible appearance of Kid Loki is an understatement.

Loki Messing With Human History


Originally posted by endlessghostfire

The Hollywood Reporter in February of this year suggests that the show “will follow Loki as the trickster and shape-shifter pops up throughout human history as an unlikely influencer on historical events”. Upon first hearing this, my instant thought was Loki traveling through time Mr. Peabody & Sherman style.


Originally posted by creating-tabs

Now obviously this is very exciting because the main question is what will Loki be influencing? Maybe Loki (like Mr. Peabody & Sherman) will nudge and influence a few major historical events like the Trojan Horse or the French Revolution. Hell, Loki may even be the cause of more than half of Buzzfeed Unsolved’s mysteries. No matter what, this will surely be interesting.


Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

So let us await with excitement the well-deserved Loki TV series that will be released next year and hope that our King, will not die….again.

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like a lot of internet discourse, the Lady Loki discourse rn is just a temporary headache, but I don’t even think it’s at all possible for Lady Loki to be what Marvel is going for

1. The news are that Sophia Di Martino was cast to co-star in Loki tv series along with the information from “someone close to the source” that she’ll play Lady Loki… and that in and of itself makes me certain that that won’t be the case because no news this early into production ever turned out to be true, ever. It’s almost like it’s not even individuals coming up with plausible scenarios to gain extra money but the studio itself releasing fake information to keep the buzz going without spoiling the show

2. I’d be shocked if after their legendary gay rep in EG they immediately jumped to genderfluid rep in this show. A new female character is nothing risque, however trying to explain what genderfluid is to the wide general audiences, most of whom would have never heard the term before, would most likely prove to be a tedious and ultimaely impossible task. When you look at how mcu handled diversity so far it seems ridiculous to expect for them to suddenly make such a drastic jump instead of going for the safe diversity of a new female character.

3. I don’t read comic books but eventually learn things about them through osmosis. From my understanding there are quite a few female characters in marvel comics that interact and have arcs along with Loki. From the top of my head I can name Amora, Sigyn, Leah, Lorelei and Verity as characters often mentioned by Loki fans, and from my understanding most of those female characters aren’t introduced to be Loki’s love interests. It’s also quite a few characters and so it almost seems inevitable that at some point at least one of them would be introduced into the mcu.

And then we have the Lady Loki, who for the longest time I thought was the reason why ppl say Loki is canonically genderfluid in comics. It turns out Lady Loki isn’t just Loki who shape-shifted into a female body, which is what I always assumed based on hearing the phrazes “Loki’s canonically genderfluid” and “Lady Loki” on the internet, Lady Loki is actually Loki’s spirit possessing Lady Sif’s body so that he can interact with the physical world after he died. Meaning that if they were doing Lady Loki they’d cast Jaime Alexander to play a Loki in Sif’s body. 

Which brings me to something I’ve noticed about how mcu consistently relies on their source material for the stories they adapt into movies, even if they’ll end up only using the bare bones and drastically change everything else. Like you’d think that a character like the Grandmaster was created for the purposes of TR but no, he was also pulled from the comics. Guardians of the Galaxy? are still pulled from the comics even tho in their place you could have as well come up with completely original characters since no one read gotg comic books anyway. 

Which  brings me to the conclusion that it seems they’d always rather rely on pre-existing stories/characters rather than create completely original stories/characters.

And now it turns out that the concept of a female Loki is a completely novel idea because Lady Loki is actually something entirely different. That along with Jaime Alexander not being the one who was named a co-star and I’m entirely certain Sophia is gonna play a new female character. Add to that that in the comics it seems like there’s more of a precedent for Loki to interact with female characters platonically rather than romantically and her being introduced as a new female friend for Loki seems the most plausible scenario.

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If ppl like you were directing and writing the Loki series I’d honestly sleep so much better at night

*sigh* When are we as a fandom going to collectively sue Marvel for custody of Loki?

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Can we just…Have Loki in his jotun form please? Like, he finds out he’s a “monster” (in his eyes) and after the first movie it’s never brought up again? Like, that’s some shit right there. I hope they show us him struggling and coming to terms with his Jotun form. 

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Here to remind all of you that Loki TV show shoots will begin in about a month. Which means hiddleston will have to finally shave his ugly ass beard and dye his hair black and I live for that

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