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Things That Make My Writing What It Is Or What Inspires Me As A Writer

• The Marvel films, of course.

• Mumford and Sons. Every single song of theirs could be made in some way into something published here, in my opinion.

• Hozier. I sometimes am inspired by his music for Loki’s dialogue.

@valdemarismynonbinarylove for the absurd conversations, writing inspiration and for just being a friend of mine.

• Neil Gaiman, my favorite author. His writing is absolutely wonderful, and has inspired me to make my own writing style, and to just make good art altogether.

• Real life situations, on occasion. Mostly, conversations with my boyfriend.

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A/N: As I thought this would be cute, here this is

Warnings: Extreme fluff, minor cursing

Waking up before Loki was always a feat in itself. The god insisted on being awake before you for the sole purpose of seeing you in such a peaceful state. You couldn’t blame him, as he looked adorable with his little black curls framing his porcelain skin and his cheeks rosy from sleep. Still, you wished you could see him like this more.

Glancing at the clock on your phone, you knew you had to get up as your god’s present would take some time. However, glimpsing Loki’s serene face once again, feeling his cool chest rise and fall against you, his breath causing a small strand of hair to rise and fall, getting out of bed seemed harder than before.

Finally, after about 15 minutes of debating with yourself how important this present really was, you reluctantly pulled yourself out of his strong arms. Loki whined in his slumber, grasping wildly for your body, before relaxing once again under your touch. You removed your hand from his forehead, silently celebrating his return to subconsciousness, before leaning down to press a tender kiss to his head. Loki smiled and grabbed your pillow, bringing it to his chest and hugging it tightly.

Oh my god, that is so cute.

You snapped a picture and giggled quietly. That would definitely be a future screensaver.

You grabbed Loki’s gray hoodie and threw it on, quietly shutting the door behind you as you tip-toed to the nearby kitchen. The cabinets seemed taller than usual without your god but nevertheless, for the sake of the arrogant, adorable god sleeping in your bedroom, you persevered.

Pancakes were sizzling before you knew it, a melody of The Beatles and chocolate chips mixing together to form something nearly as heavenly as the jacket around your shoulders. A swirling sky of purples, pinks, and oranges filled the room, and you could almost feel the peaceful stillness of the newborn day. It being winter, the day would take a bit longer to lighten up, but with Loki in your home, your life was already the brightest it could be.

The oven kept the pancakes hot and you started on the fruit and tea you had recently bought. No matter how cranky the Trickster was about “questionable Midgardian culture”, you knew he couldn’t resist a good breakfast.

Suddenly, two strong, lean arms wrapped around your waist and you jumped, almost hitting the god with a rubber spatula. A deep chuckle was in heard from behind you as a gentle, sleepy kiss was pressed to your neck. Relaxing in your god’s arms, you smiled.

“Good morning, love,” Loki’s gorgeous voice whispered, nuzzling your neck with a little tired and happy sigh.

“G'mornin’, Lokes. How was your sleep?” The god’s arms tightened around your waist, somehow pulling you closer to him.

He grunted before answering, announcing his displeasure. “It was alright, though if you had stayed in bed, it would have been magnificent.”

A remorseful look crossed your features and for a moment, you were genuinely sorry, but not when you imagined how his face would light up when he realized all this was for him. That smile was better than anything in the world, even a few hours of sleep.

Turning back to look at him, you lightly smiled and kissed his cheek. Loki’s small smile returned as you murmured against his skin. “True, but I thought I might treat you today. You only get one birthday a year, you know.”

As you pulled away, Loki’s green eyes landed on you in shock. He searched for words in his endless vocabulary but none of them could describe how he felt to you. “Y-you made this for… me?”

The god’s gaze flickered from the food you had gotten up so early to make him, all the trouble you went through to make him happy, and he just couldn’t comprehend it all until your hand on his jaw guided him back to your eyes. Your eyes held nothing but love and adoration and care, and Loki was left wondering what he ever did that was so right, you looked at him like that.

“Course I did, cause you deserve this and so much more, Lokes,” You whispered, pressing a soft kiss to his parted lips before lightly pushing him away. These chocolate chips weren’t going to add themselves. 

“Go lay down, babe, I’ll be out in a second.” Despite your god’s numerous protests, you successfully pushed him out of the kitchen, wielding a spatula very mightly if you say so yourself. 

From the couch in the living room, Loki followed your every move, still trying to understand why the Norns had blessed him with someone so kind and loving. All his life he had never thought of himself as deserving of love, his mother the only true believer in there being any good in him left. When he came down to Midgard, all he left in his wake was death and ruin yet somehow, through some miracle, you had been able to see something in him worth saving. He had pushed you away, insulted you, threatened you, nearly killed you at some points but, despite every wall he built, you managed to hold his heart without fear of the monster he knew himself to be. How you were able to look at him like there was something in him worth looking at, worthy of your attention of you, he would never comprehend.

Your steps snapped him out of his thoughts and he smiled, turning his head to see you carrying an enormous plate of pancakes. He quickly got up to help, not wanting you to bear any burden for his sake, but you just shook your head. “Uh uh, you stay right there, mister. This is your day and I’m going to pamper you.” So Loki reluctantly returned to his seat, leaning in to press a quick kiss to your forehead, before letting you go back to the kitchen.

You smiled and quickly grabbed the fruit, tea, and eggs, making your way back over to your god. Yeah, you knew you were spoiling him, but come on, it was his birthday and you’d do anything to see that beautiful smile of his. Plus, that surprised little gasp of his was well worth the trouble. 

“Love, you really did not have to do all of this for me,” Loki gazed up at you in amazement, talking through the chocolate pancake shoved past his lips. A big glob of melted chocolate had missed his mouth and was currently sitting right on top of his porcelain cheek and you chuckled, wiping it away and licking it off your finger.

“Loki, how many times do I have to tell you that you are worth all of this and so much more? It really wasn’t that much trouble, so stop your worrying and finish your damn pancake,” you said, stealing a pancake from his stack and moaning at the taste. “Damn, I did good.”

Swallowing his pancake, Loki pulled you close, tucking you under his arm and pressing his lips to yours. “Indeed you did, my love,” he whispered, his lips still pressed against yours as smiles began to grow on both.

Once you and he were done eating, you rushed out of the room, digging through your closet to find his presents. Loki had attempted to follow you in pure curiosity but you had ordered he stay where he was. Excitedly running out of your room, you flung the horribly wrapped boxes in his face, watching a smirk appear on his gorgeous face. Gingerly, his long fingers took the presents from your hands.

Examining the mess of wrapping, your god’s smirk widened. “This is true artistry, darling, a masterpiece for the ages.”

You rolled your eyes and sunk into the spot beside him, laying your head on his shoulder. “I don’t recall you being the god of wrapping either, Frosty, or are we forgetting last year’s Christmas party?”

Your boyfriend glared at you hidden away in his neck, playfully cautioning, “We don’t talk about that, little one.”

Light laughter escaped your mouth, bringing a small smile to Loki’s face once again before you placed a small kiss to his throat, gently sucking a mark into his skin. “Oh yeah? And what are you gonna do about it?”

A growl left Loki’s throat and he nearly stopped this present nonsense but, as he glanced back at you, he realized how important this was to you. He would have to save that particular activity for later, as seeing her beautiful smile was worth more than any of his urges.

“You’ll just have to wait and see, my love.” Pressing a kiss to your smiling lips, he opened his present and his expression soon became one of shock. Slipping his fingers under the material, Loki pulled the canvas out and stared at the gorgeous brushstrokes, each one placed with such emotion that he could feel the sheer love you had held for him in this exact moment. The painting was one of an old picture you two had taken together, your lips pressed to his cheek with the corners of your lips in an adorable smile. You both had been skating on a lake, snow falling all around you and glistening in your hair, your cheeks rosy in the cold. That was the exact moment in which he realized he hadn’t just appreciated your companionship, he had grown to love you in every single way.

You drew him out of his trance, shifting to gaze at the portrait as well. “Do you like it? I wasn’t sure about the painting but I just love the picture so much and I know you do too and I-” Your rambling was cut off by his lips pressed firmly on yours, effectively shutting you up. His hands cradled your face, his thumbs rubbing gentle circles against your cheeks as he poured every ounce of love and adoration and appreciation into the kiss.

When you parted for need of air, a wide smile had appeared across your god’s face, and suddenly that was all you needed. Resting his forehead against yours, Loki whispered, “It’s perfect, my love, just like you. Thank you so much.”

Tipping your head down once again to meet his lips, a smile identical to his across your face, you muttered with all honesty, “I love you, Lokes.”

His smile somehow grew as he replied, seemingly entranced with this moment and the words flowing so easily from you. In his thousand-year life, he knew he would never be as honest nor as sincere as when he replied, against your soft, smiling lips, “I love you, too.”

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Summary: Tony and the Avengers are in desperate need of something like a “babysitter” to have an eye on Loki and teach him “how to human”. He decided to stay on Midgard over the dungeons of Asgard as punishment for his deeds in New York. That’s where you swoop in. A simple receptionist at the Avengers compound. You have to share an apartment in the compound with Loki and damn, he’s a really tough nut. With your open and kind character it seems that you are slowly cracking his shell. But suddenly things are getting twists that will change your life and your relationships there irreversibly.

Story rating: M

Chapter trigger warnings: flashback/PTSD

Words: 2615


As you slowly limped onto the Quinn Jet Loki wrapped his soft, green cape around you. Inside you almost fainted fell asleep the moment you sat down. You woke up every now and then; when Loki picked you up, as he laid you down on a bed in the medical wing of the compound. Eventually you woke up. You blinked into the dimmed light and looked around. Your gaze stopped as you saw a small tube leading into the thick, blue veins on your hand. Immediately the heart monitor next to announced your rising heart rate. In the other corner of the room were Tony sleeping on a couch and Loki on an armchair, long legs casually stretched out. The beeping woke them up but Bruce was already by your side to stop you from tearing out the tube and calmed you down. You started to panic and wanted to rip everything off your body, hoarsely screaming “No, no, no! Not again! No, please god, no!” Bruce came running over to you.

“Y/N, please calm down. Look at me. Okay? Look at me!” He stretched out his arms, palms towards you, as a sign of being unarmed and not willing to harm you. “Everything’s okay. You are safe. You are back at the compound.”

You managed to focus on him and your heart rate slowly calmed down again. You blinked a few times and some tears ran down your cheek. Bruce sat down next to your knees, moving really slowly to not startle you. He explained every action he planned to do so you’d know what was going to happen.

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Anon said: “Can I request a Loki x reader smut when they hate each other and in one of their arguments he grabs and kisses her out of the blue. And confessions and stuff and then it leads to smut. But reader hasn’t done it before and she also feels super insecure because she has stretch marks all over her inner thighs. And cute fluffy loki smut please”.

So here it is, first of all happy 2020 loves,alrry for being MIA again, I hope you enjoy this. As always all mistakes are mine.

Warning: smut and insecurities?

I don’t think this is a good idea.” His voice, his damned voice again, you turn around and looked at him firmly, waiting for his next words, knowing very well that you weren’t going to like them. “And why not Loki? I mean is our last chance to beat them.”

Loki rolled his eyes as if the answer was obvious. “Because you are clumsy, you can’t even walk to the kitchen without fall into your face, so I don’t really see how you could do that. No offense just facts.”

And that was it again, him picking on your insecurities once again, you tried to stay calm, you were used to him being mean, but today was not your best day, and you could feel your eyes filling up with tears. You weren’t going to cry in front of him. “Okay then, do it yourself Mister, I’m done here.”

You didn’t wait for an answer, you didn’t want one either. Your heart was beating fast as you practically run to your room, you didn’t know why he was always picking on you lately, yes he usually picked on everyone because he was just like that, but with you, for some reason, was more consistent like he really hated you and it sucked because you kinda had a crush on him.

A hand stopped just before you opened your bedroom door, jerking away you looked at whose hand was. Loki. Awesome.

“I really don’t want to talk to you right now Loki, so could you please leave me alone?” You had patience, but he really was testing it.

“We need to talk.”

“About what exactly? About how you are a complete jerk? No, thank you, I really don’t have time for this.”

You dodged his arm again and opened your door, entering and closing the door on his face or so you thought, you tried to no scream when a hand touched your arm..

“What the fuck dude?! Get out!”

You could see how calm he was and that annoyed you more, how could he be that calm and relaxed when you were losing your shit?

“I want to talk and we going to talk. So sit” He pointed your bed,okay you were more than annoyed by now.

“Who the hell do you think you are? Honestly, I already told you that I don’t want to talk to you, can you respect that? I guess not.” Said that you moved away from him, searching for something to throw at him.

“We have to talk soon or later, you know. And I prefer it to be soon so I can stop seeing your face” Loki’s voice died at the last word, guilty already showing on his face.

His words made you stop, your eyes began to fill again with tears and a sob escape from your mouth without your permission, that shit hurt ,his words hurt.

“Nobody is making you see my face Loki, and if you have some problem with it you can leave, since this is my room and my face and I will be here.”

“I didn’t mean like that…”

“Oh but you did. Look I know, hell, everybody knows what you think about me, how pathetic and ugly I am, believe me I already know that, you really don’t need to remind me that every single day, so do me a favor now and leave me the fuck alone.”

“Would you listen to me, damn it?!” He sounded mad but you didn’t care.

“No I won’t, so now please get out of -“

His hands grab your face and you could see what were his intentions. “Loki no.” But it was too late, his lips touched yours and you breath hard at it. Your heart began to beat fast, your head was spinning as you tried to understand what the hell was happening… Was Loki really kissing you or it was one of his illusion making fun of you. Hating yourself for letting this happen,you moved away,eyes wide open.

‘’What the fuck?!’’

Loki lean his forehead on yours, his eyes fixed on yours, his eyes were shining and a little smile was forming on his lips.

‘’Shh, I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean anything I said. You are perfect. Everything about you is perfect, never but never doubt about it’’.

Yo stood there confused, what the fuck was happening?.

He kissed you again, and this time you let yourself enjoy it a little, his kissed became more intense, you were now more relaxed than before, you head still confused at his words but let, you let his hands touch,enjoying it. “You are the most beautiful person I know”


“What I said.”

“But, but you always say ugly things about me, and you always laugh at me…”

His lips touched yours again,your heart beating fast as you fell onto his arms,your arms wrapped around his neck, you could feel his smile, you couldn’t help but smile too.What the fuck was happening again here? You didn’t care.

“You are perfect, I’ve never wanted you to feel bad about yourself, I admire you, I love you, you are the most perfect girl I’ve ever knew, I’m sorry for being an idiot, would you forgive me?”

You blinked twice trying to comprehend. “You love me? Like me?”

“Yes you, I love you. And I want to make love to you, I want to show you how much I love you. Would you let me,love?”. You nodded speechless, your heart beating fast. Was that really happening?

Loki kissed you again, this time he took his time, tasting your lips. His hands moved to your arms, caressing them noticing how smooth was your skin and how you got chills, he smiled in the kiss, slowly but with confidence you kissed him back with the same passion, for the first time in years, you felt love, you felt in peace, you were happy and enjoying someone touching you, your breathed hard when Loki’s kisses descended to your neck. ‘’You smell exquisite my love.’’


Loki smiled and began to lift your t-shirt his face in awe when he saw what was underneath your clothes. “You are so beautiful”. Not letting you argue , he kissed you again, his hands playing with your top.

You closed your eyes ashamed, you didn’t want to see Loki’s reaction at your ugly stretches, you didn’t want to see the disappointment on his face when he sees your body full of imperfections.

Loki watched cleary your reaction and his heart hurt at the thought of it, he knew that half of your insecurity was because of him, he kissed all the way down to your body, his lips caressed slowly every stretch on your tight, making you a moaning mess below him. He kept going down, and you suddenly tensed at the feeling, you were not ready for that yet.

“Loki…” Your voice trembled and he looked at you with fear, he didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable nor afraid. “What’s wrong, Darling? Did I do something wrong?”

You could feel yourself blush. “I’m not ready for that, yet… It’s not something I really want… I’m still too… I don’t know..’’

Loki smiled, going up and kissing you sweetly. “ Don’t worry my love, if you not ready for it, then we don’t do it.”

You smiled at him,more relaxed about the fact he accepted your request, having more confidence you kissed him this time, all the passion and love was shown on this kiss.

Loki’s cock was ready ,hard, leaking already inside his pants, he couldn’t believe how fucking lucky he was because you wanted to do that with him, his mind was focused on you, on your pleasure, on your body, on your mind. He was determined to make you feel loved, adored and make you come too many times till your body couldn’t take it.

‘’Are you ready for me? Because I’m sure as hell, ready for you.’’ He undressed himself, his eye never leaving yours.

You nodded biting your lip as you removed your eyes from his cock, he was huge and the thought of him not being able to fit into you made you nervous, you knew that will hurt, you were a virgin but not an idiot, but you were feeling so loved and protect by him, you wanted this, you wanted him, so you nodded at him, your eyes never leaving his.

Loki smiled warmly at you, kissed your lips slowly, getting himself in between your legs,he played with your entry, you were so wet… His cock slid in without much a problem, he took it slow not wanting to hurt you.

“Are you okay?”

You weren’t. “It hurts.” You whined.

“I know baby and I’m sorry. We can stop, we really don’t need to do that, you know?

“I know but I want to, and beside next time will hurt me anyways if it doesn’t hurt now. I can’t take it.”

Loki admired how strong you were, he couldn’t believe how the hell you got that much power on you. “God, you are amazing.”

Loki was gentle with every thrust he made, he really wanted to enjoy this just like he was enjoying it. “Are you okay my love? Is it still hurting you?”

You nodded, not wanting to feel like that anymore, Loki caressed your tights and began to kiss your neck, distracting you from the aching pain between your legs.

Within minutes you relaxed more and Loki felt your walls tremble around his cock, you moaned at the feeling and Lokiknew that you were ready, kissing your nose he began to thrust into you, moving his hips as you slowly began the thrilling pleasure.

Your orgasm came slowly, at first you didn’t think it was, you read a out first time and how difficult was to have an orgasm, but you feel yourself clenching, as waves of pleasure spread over your body.

Finally, you came with a whine, your body tensing as you hugged Loki tight, breathing slowly, your vision become blurred as you thought you would die because the pleasure.

Loki watched your face as you came, he admired how beautiful you were, he twisted his fingers into the sheets as he felt his orgasm begin, the intensity of it made him close his eyes as he shoot his cum inside you with a loud groan, moving to your side Loki kissed your forehead with a smile, hugging you closer to his body.

“Do you feel okay,love?“

You nodded, closing your eyes still on cloud 9, you felt loved and safe on his arms, and for the first time since you arrived here, you fell asleep with a little smile on your face.

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A/N: An anon request: Hi! I’m looking for some Loki x reader stuff where either: they’re parents or expecting, the reader is his queen, his wife is an Asgardian or something like that.

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Summary: See Above

Warnings:  pregnancy and childbirth, implied smut

Word Count: 1287

Whole Enchilada Tag List: @winterisakiller @nonsensicalobsessions @hopelessromanticspoonie @pinkzz123 @jessiejunebug @cherrygeek86 @littleredstarfish @rjohnson1280 @the-minus-four @wiczer @lotus-eyedindiangoddess @catsladen @coppercorn-and-cauldron @gerli49 @lovesmesomehiddles @devilbat @he-is-chaotic-she-is-psychotic @tinchentitri @theheartofpenelope @noplacelikehome77@yespolkadotkitty@otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore@snoopy3000@voila-tout​ @bitchcraft-at-its-finest @kitkatd7@wolfsmom1

God of Mischief Tag List: @drakesfiance @obtain-this-grain @theoneanna @vodka-and-some-sass @brucestephenbucky @lokilover2000 @lokixme @jade10077 @disconnectedswift @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore@bluefrenchfries604@myraiswack@iexploded69420

Untaggables: @sterwild @jumpxjess



“Loki…” you yelled across the room. You shifted your weight in hopes to gain a more leverage but to no avail. You were stuck and your husband was nowhere in sight.  Most of the time, you didn’t mind living in the palace on Asgard, unless you needed Loki right away. 

“Loki! Help!” you yelled as your voice reverberated off the walls of the great hall that was your bedroom. “I’m stuck.”

A flash of light appeared next to you as Loki appeared. “My queen…” he offered you a hand, and you pulled yourself up off the couch which held you prisoner. “… allow me.”

You huffed as you rose to standing grabbing your swollen belly. “Thanks.” you grumbled as you pecked his cheek before waddling off.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“To find some food.” you yelled. “Your child is hungry.” you said with a smile. Loki rushed to catch up with you. Not a difficult feat given you were 9 months pregnant and due to give birth at any week. 

“Shouldn’t you rest?” Loki attempted to guide you to the bed. “I mean the child could arrive at any moment.”

“Perhaps. But my hunger will not wait and besides, I’m not dying just pregnant.”

Loki took your wrist and held you back from taking another step. He came up to wrap his arms around your waist, caressing your belly. The child inside of you squirmed at the touch. 

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Originally posted by erikisright

Loki stared at you from his spot on the bed, his brow furrowing.

You reach up and tapped his nose gently, a smile on your face. “Watcha thinkin’ about?”

Loki’s eyes turned to you and you saw something swimming in their depths - an emotion you’d seen before but couldn’t quite put your finger on. It was heartbreaking - and beautiful. “Nothing. Just lost in my own mind it seems.”

“Come on,” you prodded, scooting closer to his body. You nuzzled your head into the junction of his neck and shoulder. “You can tell me.”

Loki sighed, wrapping you in his cold embrace. “It’s just… you’re good. You’re good and I’m not and you shouldn’t be here with me. You should be with someone worthy of your attention and love. Someone who hasn’t tried to take over your world. Someone like…” He fought with the rest of his sentence, but eventually seethed through his teeth. “Someone like Thor.”

You sighed and placed your hand on the side of his neck. “Loki…”

“It’s true. You’re pure and I’m tainted black.”

You leaned up and placed a small, sweet kiss on his jaw. “You’re exactly who I want you to be.”

“But you don’t belong -” you cut him off with another small kiss, this one on his lips. He didn’t pull away, he couldn’t deny you, but he wasn’t as enthusiastic about it as he usually was.

You pulled away and rest your forehead against his own. “I’m exactly where I belong.”

Requests are OPEN!!

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Could you do Loki and a rainy day please?

Rain lashed against the windows of the flat and Loki stared out at the street below. He hated this city. It was bleak and grey. Grimy stones and grotesque sharp angles. There was nothing aesthetically pleasing about this rat’s nest on congealed shit and industrial waste they had the nerve to call Metropolitan. 

At least until he heard the door of the flat open and you blew inside shedding papers and swearing the air blue and you stood dripping on the rug and peeling off your very wet and now very useless cardigan. Even in your current state of disheveled fury, you brought a little bit of sunshine.

When you noticed Loki standing there, your eyes met his and your whole face brightened. Like the sky clearing after a storm. Loki felt his heart swell and he smiled a little, “No umbrella today, my love?” he teased.

“The wind turned it inside out as soon as I stepped out of the station,” you explain, raking fingers carelessly through your wet hair. You open your mouth to say more but before you can, you turn your head abruptly and sneeze.

“Oh dear,” Loki hummed, “This won’t do my darling. Out of those wet clothes please, and into the bath. You’re chilled to the bone.”

You open your mouth to protest, reaching for a tissue and he shakes his head, “No, sweetheart, I insist. Go on, or I’ll be forced to take drastic measures.”

You quirk an eyebrow and give him a smile that sends a frisson of anticipation down his spine before turning to do as you’re told. 

When he turns back to the window again, suddenly the City doesn’t seem so bad. Maybe he could steal a gargoyle for you… He’s willing to bet you’d like to put it in funny hats.

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Summary: In the events following Asgard’s destruction, Loki finds himself on Earth seeking refuge to await the inevitable. Much to his surprise, it comes from a source he would never have expected.

Warnings: fluff, angst, cute stuff, eh

Word count: 4.5k

The AO3, Wattpad, and Spotify links are all available on the MasterList



A/N: New chapter! Yay! Ugh I know these take forever to make, but I love making good things I’m confident in so y’all can read it and like it (at least I hope y’all like my thing here <3). How was that last chapter? Didn’t see that coming, did ya? Not gonna lie, I was counting on it XD


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this certainly is going to be interesting…happy reading ;) 

part 16 warnings: include drinking and drunkenness, plus the general life changing stupidity that comes along with it. major development alert.

Loki can still feel your fingertips, still ghosting along his shoulder blade.

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Loki arrived home early to find her painting a mural on the wall. He tried to call out her name, but then he saw her hearing device and her cell phone next to each other. Loki sighed in relief. She gave herself a self-care day. After weeks of seeing you crumble, Loki was relieved.

He eyed the furniture that was moved out of the way. An empty bowl of leftover spaghetti was next to her. Paints and color on the wall made Loki stop completely before he could say hello to you. You had painted an entire mural of Asgard at sunset. Though, Loki had only shown you sketches and pictures of his home, this was…astounding.

Loki closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them, there you were. Jumping up and down in excitement.

“Do you like it? I did my best!” Loki heard her thoughts. Their way of communicating was Loki’s favorite part of their relationship. He smiled and hugged her.

“Yes,” he thought. “It’s incredible.”

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Dating a tattoo artist

Imagine: being a tattoo artist and your boyfriend being part of it

This was a fun idea I had. I hope you like it. Enjoy ❤️

Victor Creed


Originally posted by walterkov

-he is here for it

-since his loooooonnnnggg life is well long he loves to tells stories of tattoo artists he met Japan, Brazil, New York, New Zeland…

-and you can bet that he will have the most elaborate tattoo you can think of since he said so

‘You want a tattoo? From me?’

'Yes, I trust you.’

'That’s the problem, Vic, you could end up with a dolphin tattoo on your arm.’

’…. Well… I still trust you?’

-after that, he was a little bug just to be on your good side which you took full advantage of

Being on top, commanding him? Sure

Handing you the remote even though it’s next to you? Of course

Helping you choose an outfit even though you are indecisive and he has a short fuse? Hell yeah.

-when the day came you tattooed him a small quote that described him

“Tough times never last but tough people do”

(Robert H. Shuller)

'I love it. Thank you kitten.’

Loki Laufeyson


-Since he was in the cell for most of his life (in my universe that’s the worst thing happening for him, he didn’t die nor his mother) he doesn’t know what a tattoo artist is he thinks that’s an alternative art form he is supportive

-after you talk to him describing the definition of tattoos and the art behind it he is very much perplexed

'So mortals pay you to pierce their skin with black ink to paint…something????’

'Tattoo something on their skin and yes.’

'With pain in mind?????’

'Yes, and it looks awesome.’

-when he heard the story of your tattoo shop he decided to tag along to see the magic

-he saw how men and women tattooed others while they squirmed in their seats he chuckled at the sight of it

'Darling you could have told me.’


'You torture people with the needle machines and coax them into paying you. Brilliant.’


-he stayed with you to help you with the pain giving without a medical license

'I’m a God. I’m above it.’

'No one is above the Inspection.’

Thor Odinson

-since his depression and weight gain he is very much informed of the world of MTV tattoo show “How far is tattoo far?”


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-so he very much thinks that tattoos are a stamp of disgrace

-and keeping that in mind he is frazzled why are you doing a job like that

'You are a shame barer?’

'Shame-what…? Thor! I’m not. The show is a disgrace to the tattoo world.’


'Just come with me and spend one day and see it for yourself.’

-Thor is reluctant much to his words but still, you sat him down in the waiting lobby he chats up the customers a.k.a big muscular dudes that are already tattooed from the neck down

'So… what is your shame? What horrible deed have you done to come here?’

'Excuse me!?’

'You must be here to condemn your shame by immortalizing it with a flesh sticker.’

-at this point, the muscle dude stood up ready to attack Thor but you intervene quickly

'Marc, stop!’

-the man turned around hiding his tight fist behind his back

'Y/n, already done? That’s fast.’

'Marc, you know that you were released 7 months ago and you are still on parole. Come on. Stop it.’

'He insulted me and-and my tattoos. Your tattoos. You know how am about your work.’

-Thor hears that as stands up grabbing Marc’s arm examining the tattoos in amazement

'My darling, I want that felsh sticker as he has.’

’………. Sure…….. Wait here. Let’s go, Marc. I need to vent.’

Steve Rogers


-Steve knows what tattoos are since he has seen the stick and poke of his fellow soldiers but never a photorealistic tattoo in your portfolio

-he is very much intrigued how you made that look like a real person on someone’s skin knowing very well there is no eraser

-loves to ask how do you achieve such colors that simply jump out or how you make a fabric that of a shirt or some patterns, he is armed with questions

-and since he is an art wizard himself he loves to have a painting duel with you, you paint on his skin with watercolors and he paints on the canvas

-that’s one of his favorite moments

'What did you draw?’

'A dolphin kissing a penguin.’


'Just kidding I painted the building in Brooklyn where you lived.’

'Did I tell you how much I love you?’

Bucky Barnes


-this man thrives to see you fulfill your dream and passion

-especially when he picks you up, he parks the car exiting it and walking in seeing you talk to your employees and customers exchanging stories and laughs even though in the near distance is the buzzing sounds of the machine guns

-you see him and grab his hand giving him a peck on his lips as a cheeky grin is stuck on his face

-as you talk about your day he always asks the question

'Were there any wusses?’

-alluding to men who cried out form the stinging pain, eventually tapping out to take a break

'Yes, a big dude Marc. Ordered a neck tattoo with details. Tapped out in 15 minutes.’

'I knew it!’

-he enjoys in the hilarious stories you can make up… I mean tell

Bruce Wayne


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-you already know the drill he has money he will give it to you but politely delined

-he tried to help with purest of heart but still, the answer was no

-he loved to see your shop filled with many customers as he walked incognito, sunglasses and a cap saying he wasn’t a private appointment with the head tattooer

-Let’s just say you were pretty much in tears of laughter as he reveled his face

'At least you tried, Bruce.’

-he loves to talk about tattoos and the process of healing if it’s on top of a scar

-you are hooked on the conversation and even make him some sketches

'A huge dragon on your back with black and gold lining.’

'Okay but how about initials of my parents?’

'That sounds… Better much much better.’

-so the day of his tattooing comes you tattoo in his inner arm putting the letter T. & M. W.

'Thank you Princess.’

Clark Kent


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-Clark loves to see the vast tattoos so much that he wants one but he knows that his body will “absorb” the tattoo too fast making it disappear in a few months maybe weeks

-but still, he loves to see how your gaze is sharp focused on the tattooing even when HE walks that is how much you are focused

'Alrighty, Marc you are done.’

'Thanks, Y/n, you are the best.’

-Clark also loves to hear the influx of comments of your artistry even if he’s a little jealous

-he loves to see just how much you are happier to follow this insane passion

'You are an inspiration Y/n.’


'Because… You just are.’

Arthur Curry


-you already know that Fishman is tatted to perfection and he is here for a tattoo lover as well

-if you ever have someone asking for a Maori style tattoo Arthur will be a fair judge, that’s what he says


'Why do you want a Maori tattoo?’

'Um, sir beca-’

'It’s Mr. Aquaman. Continue.’

'Oh, sorry. Mr. Aquaman, I want it because I find them cool.’

'Just cool? Do you think that the abundant culture of Maori people is cool? Go home boy.

Case #2

'You want a Ta Moko? Do you what that is?’

'Sur-sure, it’s a tattoo of the Maori people.’

'Ufff… Do you know how much of a meaning Ta Moko carries? Why don’t you go to the Yakuzas and get a tebori.’

'They would kill me.’

'Of course, and I’ll whoop your uncultured ass with my two hands.’

-you turned to the now pale boy


-the man ran like the wind as the Aquaman caught him easily giving him a cultural lesson of Ta Moko

Orm Marius

-he kinda has a small soft spot for tattoos especially those with a loving meaning lover, family…

-and he likes to “inform himself” about it so he asks a ton of questions even asking what kind of tattoo would suit him

'I think a small red tattoo would suit your taste.’

'I like the tattoos who can hold audios.’

-with that sentence, he left you frazzled as you google and got the special ink kit gifting it to Orm as a present for being a nice guy and not killing anyone

-he immediately records his audio in secrecy and handing you the ink

-after you tattoo the ink you hand him your phone with the app to scan the audio

'Hey, Orm. I’m just reminding you that I love you. So much. It’s Y/n if you forget… Somehow.’

-later that day you doused him with kisses


-that man oozes with tattoos *cough*damaged*cough*


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-and you can bet that he wants more of them he brings into your home the whole tattoo parlor just so he can have a private session with sex mixed in

-you gladly tattoo him patching up some of his tattoos he has outgrown them

'Why did you tattoo Kick Me on your back?’

'I won a bet.’

'Are you sure you won?’

'For sake of this question I did.’

-you cover the kick me tattoo with a large red dragon with green eyes

-he stands up looking at the tattoo in the mirror

'Sweets, you just got a huge tip.’

Duncan Vizla


-for him, tattoo nowadays are dumb in his time tattoos were means of solidarity with people who are bounded by the same ink and gun

-but keeps his mouth shut about it not to offend your dream even if it’s tattooing dancing hotdogs

-he loves to pass your parlor when he finishes grocery shopping just to see you in action

-he loves to arrive at the parlor if you are doing a night shift just to keep you safe and in good company

-he loves to bring you lunch and watch you eat it with such content and happiness

-it melts his heart and just wants to make you more food

-but as he is present for the good he is here for the bad

-if he is somewhere anywhere you just need to call him and he is there in a minute be it a drunken person not wanting to exit or an aggressive man trying to grope someone in the shop

-he is ready to kill them if you say so

'You okay sweetheart?’

'Um-yeah…Thank you Donut.’

'Nonsense. That’s my duty.’

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Mystic: 7

You spend the next month running around like a crazy person. You’ve got work, training with Loki and then the side gig of card reading with the carnival company. Loki had wanted you to quit reading cards but it actually paid really good money for the work you were doing plus tips.

You head home one Saturday evening, the hair on the back of rises as Ina hisses. Something isn’t right. You almost make a portal but if you don’t close it quickly enough you’re going be bringing whoever is following you along with you home and that wouldn’t be good.

“Ina. Watch.” You tell her and get a low growl in response. You know she’s on high alert and you’re ready to run. Unfortunately you and Loki haven’t covered defensive spells yet, something you’d be sure to rectify next lesson tomorrow.

“Ekam em elbisivni os yeht tonnac ees. Ecnelis oot dluohs edih em.” You whisper, fading from view and becoming silent, like you’re part of the shadows. Loki didn’t particularly like how your grandmother’s book taught you magic because you still had to whisper them and they seemed to take longer but in a pinch the spells worked well enough. His were more powerful and faster but they still took more concentration, so really they weren’t that much faster yet. But they would be once you got better at them. The feeling is still following you.

“Wohs em ohw swollof.” You mutter and someone halfway down the block starts to glow. His eyes meet yours and it’s like he can actually see you through your spell.

You don’t wait to find out and take off at a run. Ina jumps off of your bag and runs next to you, and you pick up your speed without her weight throwing you off. You round a corner and suddenly fall through a portal. Ina luckily makes it through next to you as you crash into a well built African American man.

“Hello witch,” he says with a sneer. Before you can react he has a hand wrapped tightly around your forearm. Ina let out a snarl as she launches herself at one of the other men that have gathered around you.

“A familiar!” The man cries, his grip only tightening.

“Loki!” You scream why can’t you remember the other man’s name? The one that watches!

“I’m not Loki. I’m Mordo, and I’m here to take back what you don’t deserve.” He raises a hand and you bring a knee up into his groin. He grunts but is too fast for you to actually land a good hit. He starts pulling your magic from you, it’s like he’s sucking the energy out of your soul.

“Loki!” You cry again hoping to gain, Hamdoll, no, Hemdall? Oh god what is his name? You need him to notice you’re in trouble.

“I told you, I’m not Loki you stupid girl.”

“I don’t think,” a cold voice says as the air temperature rapidly drops, “that she’s talking to you.” Your breaths are coming in short pants that you can see in the sudden cold.

“Who are you?” Mordo says, not letting you go but at least he’s not currently drawing your magic from you.

“I am Loki. God of Mischief and Lies, son of Odin, Brother of Thor, the King of Asguard. It would do you well to let go of Sol.”


“The woman.” Loki sneers and Mordo looks down at you.

“I’m not going to hurt her. She’s a mortal, I’m taking away her magic.” You didn’t know it could get colder but it does. Mordo must see anger on Loki’s face because he shoves you back and Loki catches you as Mordo dives through a portal.

“Are you okay?” Loki asks gently, he’s got most of your weight as you slump against him.

“I think so. Just tired. Ina? Where Ina?” A small meow comes from your left and you go to get her but Loki doesn’t let go.

“Let me darling.” He says softly and with a flick of his fingers Ina floats gently toward you to rest in your arms. “You did well little familiar.” Loki praises before sweeping you up off your feet. “Why didn’t you call Heimdall and ask for me?” He asks.

“I couldn’t remember his name.” You admit softly, “that felt awful. Like he was sucking out my soul.”

“He may as well have been.” Loki grumbles as he carries you through a large room that you haven’t seen before. “A mortal who doesn’t deserve magic.” He huffs setting you gently down on a long couch type chair. Ina let’s out another pitiful meow.

“Is Ina going to be okay?” You ask looking at the exhausted cat in your arms.

“She’s going to be alright. She is the one that came and got me after all.”


“That’s how I found you. Ina sent half of her soul to come and get me. The other half stayed and protected you.”

“Ina,” you soothe petting her as you hold her against your chest. “Is there anything I can do for her?”

“No darling. I’ll take care of her.”

“She’s my familiar. I should be doing something.”

“Yes, she’s your familiar. So anything you do to help her could be detrimental. After all she helps you use and control your magic.” Loki reminds you so you continue to anxiously pet her.

“Relax darling.” Loki says, bringing you a cup of something, “here, this is for you,” he places a saucer on the floor, “and this is for you Ina.”

“What is this?”

“Restorative tea. My mother used to drink it after she used too much magic at once.” You sip the tea and make a face, Loki chuckles “it’s quite bitter.”

“Just a bit.” You agree with a wince after swallowing a second mouthful. It too is in the fanciest cup you’ve ever seen, this whole place is elegant and you feel very out of place in your leggings and sweatshirt. “I’ve never seen this part of the compound before.” You comment and Loki freezes. Suspicion suddenly fills you. “We are at the compound right?”

“Actually, no.” Loki says still not looking at you. “We’re in Asguard.”

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(A/N): So, here is part two that I wrote some time ago and posted it on wattpad. Enjoy. I am still very slowly working on part 3.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader x Loki

Warnings: none

Words: 2800+


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Part 2

When they arrived in the courtyard, Y/N’s maid was already waiting there for her with the rest of the women that helped the princess with everything. There was fear in her eyes when she discovered how many men were surrounded by her – not because they could hurt her, but because the king sent too many guards to hunt her down as if she was a criminal. One of them, dressed all in black and green with golden armour, did not look like one of the guards. He was dressed like royalty.  

“Your highness,” the woman ran to the girl when she was down from the horse, standing on her feet. Her hands landed on her face and checked her from head to toes. “You knew there will be consequences,” she asked. “We need to hide the messy dress. Come, quick,” she grabbed her hand and took her inside the castle.  

Y/N took one last quick glance at Loki, who made sure that the horses were taken to stables. Why did he decide to go to the village? He, too, did not listen to the orders of his father and yet he was not worried about anything.  

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Relationship: Loki/AFAB!Reader/Bucky

Word Count: 1870

Warnings: Smut, daddy kink, breeding kink, slight cuckolding, metal arm kink, double penetration, anal, oral [male and female recieving]


1. “I think we were a little too loud last night.”
2. “You’ve been giving me bedroom eyes for the past half an hour-time to show me what, exactly, was on your mind.”

Link: Found here on my AO3

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