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#loki x you

Pairing: Loki x reader

Request: Hey! Can you do a Loki x reader Christmas smut? Loki x (virgin) reader having been dating for a while but haven’t had sex yet. The reader is finally ready, so she plans a night just for the two of them. However, Loki is sent on a mission and won’t be back until after the holiday. The reader mopes around Christmas day, but Loki surprises her that night. Sorry, that was probably too detailed… sorry. I’m just in the mood for something hot and smutty. Thanks! 💕 (from @lovesmesomehiddles​)

Warnings: smut, virgin reader, a bit of fluff

Word count: 1725

A/N: i’m super sleepy, sorry if i didn’t proofread it correctly 


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*Loki x OFC*

Part: 2/10

Words: 6.1k

Warnings: blood, poisoning, sass

Summary: ~Loki could just let her die here and now. His problems would be solved and he could go back to his usual ways. But then he would forever be left with an unsolved mystery and he hated the prospect of that even more than the fear of what would happen if she lived.~

Or: A story of what happens when Loki stumbles upon someone who is like him in every way. Only better. Oh, and they just happen save Asgard too.

A.N.: To celebrate over 1000 people following me (how insane is that?!), I decided to share the newly edited version of the very first Loki fanfiction I ever wrote! Enjoy the mischief 💚

All Parts can be found on my Masterlist!


She ran through the woods, as fast as her current state allowed. Darkness… The all-consuming blackness closed in on her, more and more until she could barely see her own feet. But she had to keep running.

A group of guards coming from the Asgardian palace had found her, wounded and resting in the darkest part of the forest, and decided to make her their target. An intruder, a young woman, poisoned and slowly dying… an easy prey.

She had fought, relentlessly and desperately and not in vain, ending more than half of them, until she had finally managed to escape. But she had been chased ever since, and by now her defense was running on a dangerous low.

She had been hurt, had been too slow to fight properly, and one of those beasts had managed to impale his sword in her shoulder before she could flee. Now, with every moment that passed in blind fear, her mind was getting more and more fogged. Her vision was blurry with tears, a haze of pain and poison, and she knew that death was reaching out its mercilessly fingers to fetch her. What a disgraceful way to die… weak, in mere rags, covered in scratches and mud. All alone.

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Request: Craving some Tom Hiddleston fluff so bad – something all festive and in the holiday spirit if you could? 💕 - @mygreenmoleskine

Warnings: Fluff

Summary: You and Tom go on a second date around the holidays

Author note: I love Christmas that’s one of my favorite holidays. Enjoy reading :)


Originally posted by fluturojdallandyshia

It was that time of the year again celebrating holidays all over again and again. Your favorite time of the year was Christmas but most importantly, you love spending time with the people who matter most to you.

Every year before Christmas they have this festival for everyone to come out and enjoy the food and the music, it’s almost like a blocked party but it’s not.

You love these type of festivals even though this is your first time being at one with someone you actually like.

This was your second date with Tom and you were pretty nervous all over again like it was your first with him.

“Look they got gingerbread.” You said excitedly looking at the booth.

“You want one?” Tom asked, looking at you softly.

Your eyes light up looking at him. “Yes, I love gingerbread cookies.” You felt like a kid all over again.

Tom got you what you wanted while walking around. You enjoy Tom’s company and the way he is as a person. You walked around with him laughing and telling each other stories about one another.

“Yeah, my dad was supposed to propose on Christmas but my mom got stuck on the plane coming back to London while pregnant with my baby brother.” You told him.

Tom listens to you talk still holding your hand. Christmas was your favorite time of the year. You used to celebrate it a lot back in New York, where you were born before you moved to London.

Y/N and Tom were having such a great time that you almost got a candy apple stuck in your hair. It was so sticky that she really didn’t want to finish it so Tom took a picture of you on his phone laughing.

“Sticky.” He laughs, calling you that. “Come here sticky.”

You hit him on his arm playfully. “Shut up.” He continues to laugh a little more then stop.

“Now I got to wash my hair again.” You stomp and whine a little.

Tom chuckles a bit.

“Stop it’s not that bad darling.” You rolled your eyes hearing him say that.

You eventually took a bunch of pictures together with him then took some pictures of the Christmas tree and the decoration also someone who was dressed as Santa Claus and a snowman.

Y/N and Tom had so much fun that they lost track of time. He almost kissed you when you guys were watching people ice skate until a grown man bumps into Tom by accident, so you both decided to leave since it was getting late.

Tom drove you straight back home in his car while you look out the window just thinking a bit. He held your hand and kissed while paying attention to the road.

Five minutes later he stops his car right in front of your house. He got out of the car and help you out. He walked you to the door not saying a word.

You took your keys out of your purse and said. “Thank you for an amazing night.” You had a smile on your face staring at him.

“You’re welcome.” He smiles. “I had a good time too.” Eventually, he closed the space between both of you and lean in to kiss you.

Tom pressed his lips against yours softly. You kiss him back for a second, then pull away. You didn’t want to get carried away.

“Good night Tom.” You mutter against his lips before turning around to open the door to your house.

“Night Y/N have a great Christmas.” His British accent was kind of thick yet soft.

You step inside, closing the door shut with a smile on your face. You were hoping after the holidays you guys will see each other again.

You carefully went to your room tiptoe, trying not to wake anybody up in this house while you replay what happened tonight in your head.

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Reader catches Loki enjoying Christmas music

Carol of the Bells

WC: 1429


Originally posted by hiddlescheekbones

Really, you don’t know why you bother.

Loki is far less prickly than he used to be, back when you first started working in Stark Tower, but he still isn’t particularly enthusiastic about Midgardian life. He’ll humor you and watch a movie or something, on rare occasions, but he’s always got this look of vague disinterest, like he needs to remind himself (and everyone else) that mortal delights really aren’t all that delightful.

But, he does love sweets, so even though he was a total jerk and tossed the Christmas CD you made for him in the wastebasket by his desk this morning, you’ve decided to use your baking skills to give him one last chance to get into the holiday spirit. Your gingerbread men are perfect - maybe the best you’ve ever made. If this doesn’t get him to at least wish you a happy holiday…

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“You remember that chocolate advent calendar I got you for December?”

“I do,” he chuckled and pressed a tender kiss to your temple. “You made me display it in the kitchen so I would not eat it all at once.”

Your smile widened. “How about we get another one?”

Loki raised an eyebrow, only now paying proper attention to the sex toy ad. Then, he frowned. It was an odd mixture of disgust, genuine curiosity and even a hint of arousal flashing in his blue eyes.


A/N: Happy second Advent sunday, everyone!


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Loki X Reader : Sick P2.

As you were getting better and better from being sick, you noticed Loki getting sick and coughing a lot. You tried to help him bit he refused to let you near him because he didn’t wanted you sick again. You still disobeyed his orders and every morning you’d wake up at 6 am and make him breakfast.

As you were making breakfast this morning you hear wild coughs and punches on the night stand next to the bed. You sighed and knew Loki just woke up so you took the tray of food and walked towards his room. You opened the door gently and walked in to find Loki rolling around the bed and groaning in pain from the head ache. “Loki…” you said softly, he bobbed his head to your direction and frowned “you’re not supposed to be here, Y/N”, “you’re supposed to be sleeping” you replied and placed the food on the night stand as you sat next to him, “Loki… I gave you the sickness, And I should take care of you” you rubbed his perfectly sculpted cheeks as he looked at you and sighed, “I don’t wish for you to he sick again , dear.” That nickname made your heart beat fast and your cheeks turn red, “But I should, like you did to me.” You smiled, “please Loki” you begged. He finally sighs and drops his head down to the floor giving up, “Thank you, now c'mon let’s have breakfast” you said, and he stood up as he grabbed the tray, and placed it on his lap. You layed next to him on the bed.

“I’ll help you!” You smiled, “Y/N I am not a child you cant just feed me I can do it myself-”, “watch me” you interrupted as you broke in the toast into pieces and spread butter on each piece and feeding it to him. “Y/N- please stop this is embarassing” he said after he swallowed, “Don’t make me do the choo choo train” you threatened childishly, which surprisingly shut him up.

You giggled and kept feeding him like a little child as he tended to roll his eyes and groan from time to time.

The door creaked open and a tall muscular figure came in with long blonde hair and a hammer in his hand “Loki, I heard you were sick so I bought you some medici-” he stopped as he saw you feeding Loki , “Oh hey Lady Y/N, I see you are already taking care of my brother, I hope he isnt a bother”, “THOR GET OUT!” Loki yelled, causing him to cough and his voice cracking “Loki, Don’t yell” you said as you pet his head, Thor laughs “the beast has been tamed” he placed the medicine down and sat next to the two of you. “Let me help Y/N” , “Thor no, Leave!” Loki said trying his best to not yell.

“With pleasure” You evily smirked as Loki looked at you with his puppy eyes begging for you not to. “Tough. Thor can you go make some tea” you asked. Thor nods and leaves the room to make some tea. “I love you, Y/N–” He realised what he said but soon changed and said “As in thank you for making my brother go away” he crossed his arms as you smiled and kept feeding him “Love you too.”

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*Loki x reader*

Part: 4/?

Words: 3.4k

Summary: Loki finds himself stranded in Underworld, a kingdom hidden deep inside a desolate planet. In order to survive, he puts himself in the service of the tyrant king, who promises to give Loki his freedom back if he fulfills one simple task. Loki is to set out and bring the mad king his newest toy: You.

~A dangerous forbidden love. Abduction. Slavery. Tortured conscience. A mad tyrant… Escape?~

Request: A song fic based on ‘I found’ by Amber Run, requested by @strawberrysandcream

A.N.: A little early today, but that’s only because I have a surprise for tonight 😉😁😇

All Parts can be found on my Masterlist!


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Fandom: Marvel

Summary: Based on: “Imagine having a love/hate relationship with Loki.” by @thefandomimagine


Originally posted by ineedhealingpls

If only rage could rattle the stars, the world would finally meet its end swiftly. Instead, proven by the most unfortunate events, it was forced to wait for a bit longer, suffering through endless hours of vocalized emotional distress.

You caught Loki’s eyes over the table. At least you weren’t the only one having a dead-fish-glare.

“Don’t you roll your eyes at me!” Stark jabbed a finger at you. He never stopped pacing the room, which should have made it even more impressive and threatening, but not much could beat being portalled by Doctor Strange back to the Tower. Some things are hard to beat.

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*Loki walks into the lounge where everyone is arguing over who could pick up Thor’s hammer*

Thor:Hello, brother! Do you want to try lifting mjolnir?

Loki:*coldly* In no way, I am in the mood of humiliating myself in front of all these midgardians.

*Loki starts walking back towards the exit*

Tony:He’s just scared.

Loki:*snapping*You must think as you wish!

*Loki is about to walk out the door when*

Tony:*smirking* You get a date with (Y/n) if you could pick this hammer up.

Loki:*stops in his tracks and smiles mischievously*

You:*slightly offended but blushing at the same time* Excuse me! You did not ask me before deciding that.

Loki:*Walks back into the room* Challange accepted.

You:*standing up* Hello? I can speak for myself!

Tony:*to Loki*Go on, then.

You:*sighing* I need a part in this discussion.

Loki:*walks up to the table where mjolnir is placed and picks it up effortlessly*

Everyone:what the-

Thor:*yelling* Fuck!

Loki:*smirking* Now what do you say, Stark?

Loki:*looks at you* Shall we go now, love?

You:*chuckling* well, I guess you are really worthy.

Loki:*smiling as he extends his arm*

You:*placing your hand on his arm* Let’s go!

*Both of you walk out the door*

Thor:*realizes that he picked his hammer from the table before and kept it beside his chair* LOKI!!!!!!!!

A/n: This idea just popped into my head. Idk from where and why but, whatever. Enjoy! ❤🖤


@angelic-holland @harrysbbby @angelsparkers @snowflakeparker @spideyyeet @angelhaz11 @farfromhaz @overly-obsessed @luckyfiction17 @lauras-collection @afictionaladventure16 @lokidokimagines @hollandraul @hoforhaz

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Idk if you take requests but could you do something where Loki had dated the reader/oc and he decides to leave her, but then he returns to her a few years later and when he returns he finds out that she had a child. The child is his son or daughter that he had no idea existed...

Here it is. The last request of the year! I hope you like it Anon.

When half the population had been turned to dust you’d been terrified either you or your daughter would follow suit. You’d held her tight, keeping her close to you for the next few days as the world adjusted to the new order of things. You hadn’t wanted to let her out of your sights. You were sure you weren’t the only person feeling that way.

The years past and you watched your daughter grow up. You were glad she had never had to deal with the horror of watching half the world disappear. All she had was the world as it was after.

And then everyone came back.

Including the one person you never thought would.

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After a week full of Keanu and John Wick, it’s finally time for some Loki.

“Is that a snowman in our driveway?”with Loki requested by @kittensrcute4231


Originally posted by nightcrawler0213

With Loki being gone to take care of some business in the center of New Asgard you found yourself alone on this Tuesday morning. Watching the snow outside fall down in big fluffy flakes you curled into your blanket and wanted to continue to read your book, when there was a loud knock on your door.

Wanting to ignore it first, because you felt so comfy, the knock got louder. Sighing you got up, and walked over to your door to find Thor standing outside with 5 children.

“What.. Can I do for you?” You asked, a smile sneaking to your face.

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I told you you were gonna hate me for the Betrayal reference that is the title but I swear Robert and Jerry’s talk of their squash games sounded like they were doing more in the shower than they let on… and if that’s the case why didn’t I make this a Matt x reader? 50/50 chance, maybe next time.

Here’s some post-workout smut because I live for that shit! Enjoy!

Also because it’s been a busy week, Monstrous Love is unfortunately going to be delayed until next week, I do apologize… 

After a friendly sparring match, you and Loki hit the showers. For others, that means showering separately, but you and Loki do things a little differently

Words: 1886

Warnings: martial arts badassery, slight injuries, smutty smut, oral (female receiving), the implications of how Tony feels about this


Being an avenger had its perks. Stark funded just about everything for each member of the team: meals, sleeping arrangements, spending money for day-to-day stuff, the whole nine yards. 

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Wicked Moon


Chapter 1

      Silver light trickled down in through the canopy high above, a howl pierced the midnight air as each of his steps were silent. The doe ahead raised her head, ears flicking around trying to determine where the howl had came from. Dark eyes scanning the forest around her, green eyes focused in as he lowered his head closer to the ground, body still, poised to lunge at the animal in front of him.

     Nights like this always made the wolf wonder if there was anything more to life. The hunt was what he lived for, stalking and tracking his prey. The high from taking down a beast. He was sure the others weren’t like him, they relied on politics. The bartering and trading to elevate their own status. All except him.

     A branch snapped, the doe’s head flicked toward the sound, a flash of golden fur and the deer sprang into action. Hooves kicking up leaves as she sprung from her spot. Loki snarled as he watched the lumbering wolf who’s body was a mixture of human and wolf take off after the deer. Loki’s posture returned to normal, standing to his full height, as he gave up pursuit of the animal he had been stalking.

    Loki began to slowly travel back toward Asgard, annoyance coating him as he heard the deer bleat in pain from somewhere behind him.

    Stupid Thor, the wolf thought as he followed the game trail back to the golden city deep within the woods. Asgard was a city untouched by man, one filled with others like him. Well, not quite like him.

     Loki passed one of the guards to the city, his form much like his brothers. Standing on his hind legs, body slightly slunched forward, massive arms that were out of portion with the rest of the body. The head resembled that of a wolf, but that was the only similarity to Loki that the rest of the asgardains had. His father was built like Thor, and so was his mother. Loki was the only who looked like a wolf when fully transformed.

     The guard nodded, spear in hand as the wolf trotted pass. Odin, Loki’s father was the lead alpha of the pack, and their mother was the omega. Loki and Thor were both poised to become the lead Alpha after Odin had given up his rein. Some days the ebony wolf wanted it, wanted nothing more then to be lead Alpha. Other days, he just wanted to be in the hunt, to be out there, way from everyone and everything. Either way, Odin hadn’t decided on when he would step away from the thrown, but first the brothers would have to show they were worthy and procure a mate.

     “Loki!” Thor’s voice bellowed from behind him, the wolf rolled his eyes as he continued back toward the palace doors of his home. “Brother!”

     “What Thor?” Loki snapped never bothering to slow.

     “You should see this deer I caught.” Thor announced, catching up in massive strides. Loki could smell the scent of the coppery blood before he even caught sight of the golden massive beside him.

Thor’s luscious coat was stained crimson, the doe that Loki had been stalking thrown haphazardly over his shoulder. The head nearly ripped off, Loki rolled his eyes as Thor all but skipped next to him.

“It was an amazing hunt, the beast barely gave a fight.” Thor stated proudly as they passed through the golden door, Loki’s claws clicked across the marble floor as he attempted in vain to ignore his brother. “Mother said that the Alpha from one of the neighboring packs was coming today.”

“Yes, I heard that.” Loki replied coolly as he turned and headed toward the grand stair case. Rich mahogany wood, deep in color followed the wall turning as it ascended up to the next level where Loki’s bed chambers were.

“Loki.” Thor called from behind him. “Mother wanted us to be present, he has brought us their Omega daughter to meet.”

“Not interested.” Loki snapped back as he hit the next flooring.

He didn’t want to meet the omega, not being forced in this kind of situation at least. He knew this was set up, hopefully to have either him or Thor ready for when the time comes. Loki would prefer to meet an omega on his own, one where the political pressure attached to it wouldn’t be present.

The wolf continued on, past his room, toward the seemly blank wall. The palace in itself was a work of art, grand in many ways. From the beautiful marbled floors, the rich woods used to build the walls, the intricate wood carvings on the banisters. Ornate paintings lined the walls, rooms with breathtaking views, a garden that rivaled even those of the gods. But what few knew was the secret passages, hidden chambers, all of them the trickster knew.

As he neared the wall Loki hit the switch close to the floor, one that was hidden in plain view on the molding along wall near the floor. The wall ahead slowly gave way, the passage behind it dark. The wolf sprinted up ahead, allowing the darkness to enfold him. He rushed head first, watching as he continued past the other hidden corridors, knowing exactly where he was headed.

Mid run Loki began to shift, his body becoming up right, forelegs reverting back into the arms of his natural human shape. Slowly the black pelt that covered him shifted, changing into leather with emerald and gold accents. His face became to take form, his muzzle receded into an angular jaw with high cheekbones. Black shoulder length hair slightly slicked back as he slowed before the door leading outside to the massive Asgardain garden.

Loki pushed the door open allowing the warm breeze to cover him, the moon was slowly beginning it’s descent on the horizon. The scent of summer flowers engulfed him as he stepped out and allowed the door to close behind him. Besides the library this was Loki’s favorite place to be.

Most of the Asgardain’s choose not to come here, it wasn’t a private garden by any means, all of Asgard was allowed to mingle here. But they choose to go through the training course, trying to prove who the better fighter was. Loki’s mother Frigga was one of the other few that would wander the garden. That is why when Loki caught scent of another Alpha his curiosity peaked, most of the city’s people were Beta’s with few Alpha’s and even fewer Omega’s. Naturally he followed the scent till he came within sight of the weeping wisteria, a woman stood underneath, one he had never seen. Her scent was peculiar, drawing him in. Mostly Alpha, hints of the soft sweet smell of Omega, and something altogether completely unique. She didn’t smell of wolf, nor human, but something entirely new.

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20 from angst with depressed y/n and loki if that's ok with you? I'm just not doing good and I'd love me some Loki ❤️. but like only if you'd like to. no stress if you don't

20. Just let me die, I don’t care anymore.

Summary; Loki finds the reader trying to attempt suicide in the bathroom.

A/N; I swear if anyone leaves a comment saying that I shouldn’t romanticize this, I will FLIP.



She remembered the storm, how there was a swirl of emotions, she hates it and yet at the same time, it was tolerable it that made sense… She was always called out on everything she did wrong and how she was too scared to look at herself in the mirror because she didn’t want to see if those words were true. She didn’t want to prove them right. That she doesn’t belong here. Who would want to feel like that? Who would want to think like that?

No matter how much he tries to tell her that she’s important, she still didn’t think she was worth it because every time she saw her reflection, all she could think of was the distant chatters of the Asgardians who frowned upon a human marrying a monster.

“How can she marry someone who attacked her own kind, killed hundreds, is she mad?”

Loki didn’t mind. In fact, he didn’t care at all. But Y/N… Y/N was different… She wasn’t as strong as he was, she couldn’t throw those words away because Y/N always takes everything to heart and let it get to her mind, it was who she is and there’s no changing it.

She’s toxic to Loki, she thought. Because of her Loki gets all of these words thrown around him… She didn’t want that anymore, she needed it to stop. She just wants Loki to be happy. She doesn’t matter, she knows that she never does, but Loki… Loki deserves to be happy.

The icy cold water filled the tub in a matter of seconds, it always made her wonder how that works in Asgard. She had always thought Asgard was magical. But the people… The people was something else.

She shouldn’t do this, she thought.

But the pessimistic thoughts trump the optimistic ones, almost as if it wasn’t there at all.

Before she knew it, Y/N’s head was already below the water.

Her head is pounding, every cell in her body is screaming for oxygen. She kept fighting until she felt like her head is about to explode, she had to take a breath. So she did. For some reason it doesn’t hurt like she thought it would, she’s not scared anymore, it’s almost peaceful actually. She begins to fall. She falls further and further into the darkness until it threatens to swallow her whole.

She was dazed, still unconscious but she still can hear the muffled screams through her water-filled ears.

“Y/N!” The voice screams, but she was too far gone. “Y/N, please… Please, my love… Please don’t do this to me” The voice cries, she felt numbing pushes on her chest, but it didn’t budge.

She was still peacefully asleep.

“Y/N… Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” The familiar lips touched hers, blowing harsh puffs of air into her body. “Sweetheart…”

A couple more attempts. He succeeded and she… She failed.

Loki inserted his fingers in the back of her throat, poking it so all the water could be freed from her body. She coughs violently… But then she cried.

“Just let me die! Just let me die, I don’t care anymore!

“Shush… Shush… Sweetheart, it’s alright… It’s alright… I’m here… The sun’s shining on you, isn’t it? I’m here, I love you, don’t I? Why did you have to do this, my love? Were you going to leave me all alone? Do you not love me anymore, sweetheart?” He cooed softly into her ears, his own body getting wet but he didn’t mind. He was willing to stay here forever and let her cry her heart out, he was willing to do so just for her. “Just feel my heart beating… Fast isn’t it? Well, what happens when yours stop? Mine would stop with you…”

Both of the most broken people on the universe laid there on the floor together and if the whole world would be against them. It was enough that they had each other…

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Loki : How do I get her to notice that I like her? Where do I even start?

Thor : Just tell her “You’re beautiful”

Loki : Good idea. Thanks!


Loki : Y/N , I have got something to tell you

Y/N : Yeah? what is it?

Loki : I am beautiful

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