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#love poem

Remember to Forget

Last night I packed my things

I was on my way to a place

With the things I long to do

Then you came unexpectedly

I double stepped-

Can’t believe what I am seeing

But there you really are

Longing for you, I hugged you tight.

My heart fluttered, my eyes dampened

I could feel your heart beating against mine

And slowly I woke up into the darkness

How I wish memories of us be swept away.

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closure, closure, we grew apart

we thought too much, it broke my heart.

2 months without end, my brain was in bits.

my feelings were a warzone, the biggest blitz.

a girl came along, my heart drowned in guilt.

my thoughts about her made me feel like filth.

for wanting her and not caring for you,

scared of my actions and your heart too.

headstrong I was not, I cared too much to let you go.

I cared for our future, I wanted to see you grow.

we had parted once, I came back to you bawling.

I was confused about us never brawling.

you let me go, adventure in my eyes,

I’m ready for love again, ready for surprise.

excited in awe, giving it my all,

but keeping it slow, not yet going to fall.

for if we cannot love freely,

is it really love?

is love nothing but all chocolates and a dove?

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mousikē tekhnē

Originally posted by skull-heads

beat comes tumbling in the door

your muscles tense, your eyes close

your legs pirouette, through the room you explore

graceful through and through, like a white rose

you do not halt, nor do you flaw

you glide then you flicker

no one is here, not one is in awe

this stimulates your movements to go quicker

the adrenaline rush, pumping through your veins

the beat is your saviour, it broke you from chains

she was as strong as a storm all her movements were beautiful,

she was top of the league, no one was suitable.

~ a poem by me

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Two souls close

Yet so apart

Like the four chambers of a heart

Beating day in and out

To keep two separate bodies alive

That was meant to be one.

The warm blood oxygenated

by the touch of their soft skin,

against eachother

caressing and holding the other part

of them they need to live without,

keeps them living the half lives they’re destined to live.

Their teeth

Biting into the promises made

To feed off the love they have

Before needing to let go

And move on searching for their better half

In other empty bodies across the earth.

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I remember

Watching you walk

Down the hallway at school

A slight smile

took over your face

Books in your arms

Along with a pencil box on top

You stand in front

Of your locker

Struggling to open the door

What your arms behold

Fall to the floor

Books and Pencils

scattered everywhere

You bend over to pick them up

As you exhaled

Harshly with frustration

I figured that

Something was wrong

I knelt down to help you

Pick them up

We look at each other

Slowly standing up

You reached to

Grab your belongings

From my hands

Your soft fingertips

Glide across my hand

Butterflies appear

Fluttering in the stomach

You look at me one last time

Before you give me a shy grin

Your smile shines

Like Polaris in the night sky

It was at that moment

I knew that I found

My way home


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You make me feel like the moon. You want to see me bloom at night, but forget me in the morning. You want to feel my light sometimes, but then go on without me. I want to forget you, but somehow I can’t cause you showed me, how the night feels in your presence but I know she must be calling. Was it real at all, or were you just fucking with my emotions?
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She is the heart that beats among the ghosts.
She is the star that lights abysmal skies.
She is the light of hope; the lantern’s post.
I saw the world collapse into her eyes.

With grace unmatched, she meets the moon’s lone light.
I am that which can only watch her there –
as, beaming face, she greets the black-winged night.
I am adrift – I watch her dance in air.

She is the face that I have seen in dreams,
as creeping shadows lurk amongst my mind.
She is the peace that only once I knew,
she is the solace I am urged to find.

And I have known her as the world was born.
She is the paradise to which I’ve sworn.

D.C Yost

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but you are not kind,

dear flower girl.

you are hard, spiky rubble.

you are nails and chains

and bleeding bare feet.

red paints you

in all her shades,

because you let her

and have continued

her work

even when she stopped.

//f.s. navratil

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You place your pleasure beside mine, my sun rises in your moon.
Hollowed forests now lit up.
The planets sway, it’s the scared dance says the wind.
Words swirl into mystic circles into undefined lines.
After-all, How much of me is you ?

Smoke jets through my lungs, through our soul and in unison we exhale.
How much of you is I ?
The mind can’t help but contemplate.

It seems only time can tell, only time will.

Ayaaz Ahmad.

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