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#lovely dog

Let me introduce you all to “no, she can’t come into my room” AKA “fine, but she can’t get on the bed” AKA “fine, but she’s not sleeping with me”.

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Someone tell me where i can find guy like him please. I’m so much in love with his uwu-ness 😭😭


Hahha.. I’m horny and cry a lot for baby ChuuChuu


Love him!

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I have a corner apartment with a bunch of windows and it’s a beautiful sunny morning so I have the blinds open. A german shepherd bb walked by and I nearly tripped over myself trying to watch him and I made freaking eye contact with the owner.

I’m sure I looked insane, lmao. Awkward moments before 10 am? My life.

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 ☎ If you think Wrath would have her

Put ☎ in my ask for your muses info in my muses phone!

NAME: Lily
PICTURE: Probably a picture of her dogs or a selfie he let her take on his phone just to have a picture there
LAST TEXT RECEIVED: “Jäger fell asleep on me”
LAST TEXT SENT: “I got all my pets in one picture look at them!!!”

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Dear Diary,

The Vet called, we set up a plan. And as soon as I told my dog the good news, he lifts his leg, looks right at me, and pisses all over the curtain. All I could say was “You’re a fucking dick.” I couldn’t even move I was so livid. So much cleaning to do and I stepped on tacks -_- Little things just throat chop me. One step forward, ten steps back. 

However, now that I said “No ice cubes.” He is attached to my hip, sucking up, putting his heart-shape nose on my lap looking up with big sad brown eyes. And I will give in because he knows he did wrong, dogs don’t know time, and I don’t want him thinking he is a delinquent forever.

I call this a prank because I thought he was fetching a ball he chased after. Cherish the moments because they don’t last forever. This good feeling will tip back to dark and I just want to absorb as much Good as I can. Prank war with my dog? The score is now 6-4. I am losing, I taught him well. But I need to get creative, he is learning my hiding spots. I am not ashamed to say my dog is my best friend. But he is also an asshole. 

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