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Fun Fact

The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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tryna find a part of me you DIDNT TAKE UP!

gave up on me like i was a bad drug? now im searching for signs in a haunted club

  • our songs; 
  • our films UNITED WE STAND
  • our country (guess it was a lawless land???)

quiet my FeArs with the touch of ur handpapercut stings from my Paper-Thin plans-

  1. my TIME 
  2. my WINE 
  3. my SPIRIT 
  4. my TRUST! 

tryna find a part of me you DIDNT TAKE UP! gave you so much, but it wasnt enough,

but i’ll be alright :) it’s just a thousand… :) 

cuts……….. :)

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En el lenguaje de las flores, las gerberas símbolizan la belleza y la inocencia, están fuertemente relacionadas con la amistad y la pureza del primer amor.

Y en específico las gerberas rosas, simbolizan la admiración y simpatía que tienes con la persona a la que se la das.

Algunos dicen que es para decirte que te consideran la más hermosa.

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To be so lonely

In a crowded room

To have searched

For meaning with no avail

To have found your people

With great relief

To feel the weight

Rise from your shoulders

To no longer be so lonely

But when you part ways

The loneliness sets back in

To be so lonely

Yet again

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