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I don't understand how people depend on others. They always leave and never stay. I’m tired of trusting others for them to let me down. At the end of the day the only person I have to count on, is me.
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She stared at the girl across from her with half lidded eyes and a gentle smile. Leaning forward, she gently pressed their mouths together, sweet and smooth, a practiced exchange. 

They weren’t strangers, nor were they friends, but in that moment they fit together like two pieces of a puzzle, perfectly connected and wrapped up in each other. She raised her arms and caressed her temporary lover’s face, cupping her cheek in one hand while the fingers of her other entwined themselves in her ponytail. She leaned into the kiss, forcing the girl to fall back against the couch, and slid her tongue across closed lips. She gave a slight tug on the hair in her hand, and her partner’s mouth parted with a small gasp. 

It was perfect. It was beautiful. Smiling into the kiss, she pulled away, wiping her thumb across the girl’s brow. With a sad smirk, she rose from her perch on the girl’s lap and disappeared into the crowd. Though it was but a few seconds, it would be burned in her memory forever. 

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