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(via ‘Elementary’ Boss on the Surprise 'Blessing’ of Season 7 and Wrapping Up Sherlock & Joan’s Story (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight)

I must ask you about Lucy’s blonde hair because it is quite a dramatic new look for Joan, and the hair color change is even referenced in the first episode. Was that a creative conversation you had with Lucy or something she wanted to do?

I have a very detailed recollection of this. I was at my son’s Little League baseball game when I got the call from the network that we were officially coming back for a seventh season and I immediately texted Jonny and Lucy. Lucy wrote back, “I’m a blonde now” or “I have blonde hair now,” and I texted back, “Haha very funny.” And then she texted, “No, I’m serious.” At that point, I very quickly wrote back, “Can’t wait to see it, bet it looks amazing!” That was the discussion. The show had ended, Lucy was looking for a change. She didn’t really have to worry about whether Joan Watson would do it or not, and it was great! Lucy looked beautiful no matter what she did with her hair, so it was nothing that any of us worried about even a little.

(Good answer. That’s the way it should be.)

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Elementary 7x02 “Gutshot” Promo - Holmes and Watson try to work a stateside investigation from London when someone close to them is gravely wounded by an unknown perpetrator in the United States. However, Holmes’ stateside legal trouble – the result of a confession to a murder he didn’t commit – threatens to derail their efforts, on ELEMENTARY, Thursday, May 30th on CBS.

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