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You had stumbled through the woods on a whim, you were visiting another country and had always loved trees. It was beautiful, the lush flora winding and climbing over one another, weaving to create stunning a tableaux. You’d been so wound up in nature, that you neglected to mark your path or pay attention to the sun. You stopped, scanning your surroundings for any familiar path or landmark, but everything seemed to melt together. The warmth of sunlight pushed out by a nipping cold, a low fog beginning to roll in along the forest floor. You clutched your arms around you, regretting not bringing a jacket of any kind. Picking a direction, you slowly trudge through the forest, trying to ignore the numbing of your legs. After what seems like hours, the woods now entirely shrouded in darkness, you hear a noise. A branch snapping, leaves crunching. You shudder, taking quick glances around you until you spot it. You freeze in place, eyes glued to the pair opposite you. They’re bright, a hazel maybe, but they’re definitely not human. A low growl cuts through the otherwise silent forest and now a chill runs down your spine, no longer from the cold but from the raw fear that surges through you. The creatures takes small strides, coming closer and closer. In turn, you start to backtrack, trying to put as much space between you and the animal until you’re flat out running in the opposite direction. You push through branches and ignore the brambles scratching your jeans, launching yourself over fallen trees and overturned roots. That’s when you notice there are more. And they’re gaining on you. 

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Have some foxy girlfriends to celebrate the occasion!

Please do NOT repost nor remove the caption! Do NOT tag as ‘kin’ or ‘me’, nor as your character(s)! Do NOT use or redistribute anywhere without my written permission!

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*Click or download for a better view*
You may recognize the face from my ID and/or profile photo on Deviantart, Facebook, and Fur Affinity.
Had a lot of fun with this except for the desk, chair, and fur texture.

So this is all a WIP and finished piece of what’s supposed to be a scene from my Dark Conscience 2 story. I just transformed into my werewolf form and killed some psychopaths, who were part of some deep/dark/shadow web group that tortured me in some Red Room-type situation. I escape by transforming, and then devour them. In this image is where I find the last of the bunch hiding behind a toppled over desk.

Drawn on Sai with an Intuos Medium Pro tablet.
Colour on Sai with a mouse and the tablet.

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*Cringe and long explanation alert* 😶
(I feel a bit silly sharing this but thought I should)
You may recognize these figures from a few submissions of mine I’ve done before. They were intended to be used in this weird self-insert Devil May Cry comic fic of mine, where Dante would have this escort mission that he’s not in the mood of, and not too fond of doing. Reason for this mission is to protect me from those who are after my blood (That includes demons, which is what kind of made him give in to take this mission).

Blunt info was given about his mission (At the same time he didn’t really care, and just decided to rush ahead on things to get it all done and over with). So he doesn’t find out why people and demons would be after my blood till I change right in front of him in the middle of the mission.

I may finish this sequence, but at the same time I’m unsure about finishing it. This idea started back in 2017/2018 around the time Marvel vs CapCom Infinite was announced and released, which put me into a highly obsessive mood over Dante again. And I do find it strange considering how it involves self-insert (And the inclusion of my werewolf form from a story of mine called Dark Conscience), and how old the images are. I pretty much have most of the line work and colouring done. But if I were to plan on finishing this, some changes might be made.

Drawn on Sai with an Intuos Medium Pro tablet.
Coloured on Sai with a mouse and the tablet.

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A few doodle concepts of my Dark Conscience 2 story, which takes place 10 years after the 1st one. I might not use these for future comic plans I have of this story. But if I do, they may possibly change.
For the images, we have (Going left to right, top to bottom):
1. My werewolf self.
2. Me handcuffed to a chair about to change into my werewolf form.
3. A creature that’s supposed to pop up in part of the story.
4. Me changing back to my human self.
Done on Sai with an Intuos Medium Pro tablet.

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It’s been a while, but I’m back in action now! Picking up the pieces and starting up again on my RWBY nature scene series. The latest count is 17 scenes, which essentially means 17 characters, with each scene based upon their color palette and theme (and of course will feature that character as well). Haha, I never intended to make this many, but I couldn’t help myself with such amazing characters that allowed for a wonderfully new opportunity to try something fun. I’m super excited to be working on these again!

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