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Originally posted by quikkksilver

Requested:  Hi! Can I request one-shot with Diego and his s/o being in established relationship and she helps him and his siblings with the whole mess of Umbrella Academy house (apocalypse is over, the world is saved but they’re left will all the stuff that you have to deal with after someone dies like cleaning the house etc)? -anon

A/N: Also based off the song Youth by Daughter. Really gave me a few tears because it reminds me so much of them. I also hope I did this request some justice. 

TW: Mentions of close death experience, loosing loved ones, etc. 

Word Count:862

Shadows settle on the place that you left

Our minds are troubled by the emptiness.

    The aftermath was devastating. A home that seven people watch crash to the ground. A place that was once refuge. A sanctuary. A house filled with many memories. The good times and the bad. Diego could only focus on the bad. The only good ones he has was with his mother.

The six heroes stood in front of the wreckage. Plus one. Diego’s lover, Y/N. They all stood there quiet. Diego just stared, thinking about Grace. How she could still be there. She could still be alive, right? Diego was snapped out of thought by Y/N grabbing his hand. He looked over at her, instantly feeling at home.

Yes, home. She was his home.

And if you’re still breathing, you’re the lucky ones

‘Cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs

   Y/N placed her arm on Allison’s shoulder, pulling her into a hug. Allison’s voice was still gone. Breathing felt like a chore to her. She couldn’t get the feeling out of her stomach. The feeling of gasping for air. The feeling of your life ending, right before you. The warm liquid running down your chest. The dread.

Allison started to cry. Y/N held her closer. Y/N mourned with her. “It’s okay, Allison. Everything will work out. I promise.”

Collecting names of the lovers that went wrong

The lovers that went wrong

   Vanya felt destroyed inside. Y/N could feel it from miles away actually. She also didn’t blame Vanya for what happened. Her powers were unbeknownst of. And she was lied to her entire life. Been told she’ll never amount to anything. Too ordinary.

“Vanya, you’re the complete opposite.” Y/N told her, holding her face in her hands. Vanya’s eyes watered. She sniffled, trying to hold the emotions back. Y/N enveloped her in a hug. Vanya was hesitate at first. But she remembered what home felt like. She knew why Diego loved Y/N so much.

One day we will reveal the truth

That one will die before he gets there

   They were picking up the pieces of Ben’s statue. Y/N made it her mission to put it back together or at least replace the memorial. She made it a promise. Ben saved all of them. Diego specifically. If Diego died, Y/N wouldn’t know what to do with herself. Diego is her rock. The glue that holds her insanity together.

Ben admired her. She was the person that the family needed in this desperate time. He observed how much joy she brought to everyone. Ben wished that he could actually talk to her, not through Klaus.

“Klaus, I hope Diego puts a ring on it. He deserves it.” Ben said. Klaus smiled. “I hope so too, Ben.”

If you’re still bleeding, you’re the lucky ones

‘Cause most of our feelings, they are dead and they are gone

   Five to Y/N was interesting. He was ridiculously smart. Y/N at first thought that he despised her. However, he found her refreshing. “Someone to have an actual intelligent conversation with.” He would say. Y/N’s face would turn red. It would turn even more red when Five said to Diego. “Keep her, please. I like this one. Better than the rest of all of you.”

Everyone was shocked, actually. Klaus begged you to teach him your ways, making you feel even more embarrassed.

Collecting pictures from a flood that wrecked our home

It was a flood that wrecked this home.

   Y/N’s relationship with Luther was… difficult. It was hard because of Diego. Diego constantly would talk down on his brother and vice versa. Y/N, however, was nice to him. She showed everyone she ever came across kindness. Kindness was something she was taught at a young age and has taught others.

Luther liked Y/N. She taught the Academy more about themselves then they thought they knew.

To distract ourselves from ever missing them

But I’m forever missing him

   Klaus got along extremely well with Y/N. Y/N helped Klaus with a lot of things. Helping him get and stay sober to letting him cry on her shoulder about Dave.

He remembers when he told her about Dave. She smiled and said, “That, my friend, is love. You loved him. He felt it, trust me.” Klaus’s eyes watered. The Seance choked out a sob. Y/N hugged him tightly.

“Have you found love, Y/N?” He asked. Y/N nodded her head, pulling away from Klaus. “Yes. I found Diego and he found me. I don’t know where I would be without him.”

Setting fire to our insides for fun

  Y/N comforted every single one of them. She brought out the best out of every single one of them. She helped them in every way possible. She loved them. Just her being there to help clean up the mess of the Academy was enough.

Y/N kissed Diego’s cheek. “C’mon. We’ve got stuff to do. I’ll be with you every step of the way.”

We are the reckless

We are the wild youth.

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Umbrella Academy really did dangle Ellen Page in a suit in front of my nose and like the dumb lesbian I am I took the bait and now I have 7 new children. Unbelievable.

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every time Five tries to stop the apocalypse:

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Deep Sleep

my first draft deleted kms. but anyway im not too good with writing about death and stuff because i genuinely feel sad writing about it since when i get attached to someone/something i get At T. ac H Ed

so yeah i did my best. it’s angsty dw but just no actual death

- - -

The ticking of the clock was driving you insane.

tik tok, tik tok.

It went on repeatedly, as if it was mocking you.

Five had gotten hurt in some accident. At first it seemed harmless but Pogo had said it could possibly be fatal. Fuck, if you lost him you didn’t know what you would do.

Your leg bounced with each second that flew by and you waited and waited for someone -anyone to come and tell you he was okay. Please, please let him be okay…

The thought of him dying scared you shitless. Hell, it scared all of you. The Hargreeves had all been comforting eachother and you tried your best to be strong for them. In this moment you all needed eachother equally as much so you had to push through. For them.

God was it harder to keep it together when they were gone. When you were alone.

Alone. You wondered if Five felt alone, wherever he was. You sighed and brought a shaky hand to pull your hair from your face; your nerves were causing you to overheat. Klaus had tried to reassure you all that if Five actually was…dead… then he would know.


“C'mon guys I’m the ouija board, remember?”

It didn’t offer much comfort but you appreciated it nonetheless. He had tried making jokes to take your mind off of the situation but no matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t. You resorted to hugging him, figuring he was in just as much pain as you were.


The strange feeling of water slipping down your cheek brought you back to your senses. You had barely realized you were crying. The tears felt strange on your face… almost foreign even. Soon you were a crying mess, gripping the end of the chair and trying to take deep breaths.

You just couldn’t take it. You wanted him to sit there beside you and tell you everything was ok. That he would be ok. Fuck even thinking about him hurt.


You sat on your bed, hugging your knees tightly and burying your head in between. You tried to take deep breaths, you really did, but nothing was working.

A blue light flashes and you hear a familiar voice speak up.

“So y/n, I was think- Hey, hey what’s wrong?”

Your bed dipped and you felt a pair of arms gently pet your hair. You lifted your head and sniffled. Your breathing was off and you wheezed, desperately trying to get air.

Five lifted your hand and placed it on his chest.

“Can you feel my breaths? Try and even yours out with mine, okay?”

He squeezed your hand and he tried to breathe as slowly as possible, even though his own heart was beating 50 miles an hour.

“One, two, and breathe in. C'mon you’re doing great y/n/n, stick with me…”


Your heart clenched at the memory and you felt your eyes burning even more. Feeling a huge sob coming on, you decided to go outside for some air.

Tears blurred your vision but you tried to scope out the place as best you could. You practically knew this place like the back of your hand, it shouldn’t be hard.

When you reached the back door, you practically launched out the door, tripping over your own feet. The cold air hit your face and you closed your eyes. It felt amazing against your hot skin.

You sniffled and sat down against Ben’s statue. You knew he was with Klaus and not anywhere near you but talking helped you calm down, so you began talking to his statue.

“You know when I first met Five I thought he was a little smartass. I didn’t really like him at first but… something about him drew me in,” you laughed at yourself before continuing.

“I don’t know if it was his stupid sarcastic jokes, or how soft and cute he was around me or his beautiful, enchanting eyes…” The sob that left your mouth after didn’t sound like you. It felt like you heard it from someone else. God, it sounded gut-wrenching.

Covering your mouth you knelt forward, gripping your hair with the other hand. You inhaled as much air as you could before letting out another huge sob. Your breathing was ragged at this point and you couldn’t control it. You let yourself spiral down into a pit that you couldn’t crawl back out of.

The back door creaked and you heard soft footsteps on the gravel.

“Honey I’m finished. You can go see him.”

You lifted your head and saw Grace’s white gloves pointing towards you. You gripped her hand and she helped you stand up.

“I’m not sure when he’ll wake up so try to be quiet,” she gave you a soft smile and rubbed your back, leading you back inside.

Reaching the room he was in, you almost gasped. His hair was disheveled and his face was littered with cuts and bruises. He had a huge gash down his chest and his skin was so, so pale. He looked peaceful, like he was in a deep sleep, which was ironic in this situation…

You heard the door close behind you as you sat on the chair next to him. Grabbing his hand, you held it tightly, as if letting go would lose any chances of him surviving.

Bringing his freezing cold hand up to your lips, you pecked it, hoping it’d revive him like snow white. This would be so much easier if it was a fairytale. You let a tear slip onto the cold metal surface of the bed and leaned your head on his arm.

Drifting off into a less-than-peaceful slumber, your last thoughts were of Five. His eyes, his hair, his hands. Even his stupid goddamned uniform… You missed everything about him and you hoped to God- to anyone out there- that he would come back to you. That he would come back home, into your arms.

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My thoughts on Luther Hargreeves?

Look, i dont particularly like him. Maybe its more his decisions i dont like, but either way hes not my favourite. However, i do have to agree that his trauma is valid. The twat was sent to moon for 4 years for no reason! Thats gotta hurt, knowing you wasted 4 years of your life. Then again he locked vanya in a box when shes emotionally unstable and I can’t really over look that.

Tl;dr: his feelings and trauma are still valid, but he still a bitch for locking vanya up so i dont like him much

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Umbrella Acadamy Headcanons


  • So this little bitch used to be a disaster in training sessions
  • It was like no matter what he did he always seemed to be the weakest link
  • Until one faithful day when Reggie sent him outside to water the plants
  • He was rlly peaceful and then later in training he actually did something good
  • He threw one of his siblings across the room
  • Everybody was shook but then he became daddy’s favourite and everybody was no longer that shook


  • Its no secret this boy loves his mother
  • But i have a headcanon that he didnt always love her
  • He saw her as a lifeless robot simply there to provide for them
  • But then diego got upset about his stutter almlst ruining a mission once
  • And grace had comforted him and offered him help with his stutter
  • She even let him help her with dinner
  • And thats the story of how the ultimate mamas boy came to be


  • When she first discovered she had the rumour ability she had been arguing with klaus about which sailor scout was superior
  • She said it was sailor mercury, but klaus insisted on sailor jupiter.
  • Klaus had said ‘I heard a rumour that you’re wrong!’
  • 'Oh yeah? Well i heard a rumour you’re super wrong!’
  • Then klaus admitted defeat (which never happens) and Allison has a quite a big 'o shit moment’ for a 6 year old.
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Mariokart With The Hargreeves

Hargreeves siblings x best friend! Reader

Summary: just you playing Mariokart with the Disaster Squad

  • If you guys can hook up two TV’s with Wii’s, then all eight of you can play together
  • Luther plays Bowser
  • Diego is Luigi
  • Allison is Peach
  • Klaus is Daisy
  • Five is Dry Bones
  • Ben is King Boo
  • Vanya is Yoshi
  • You play Toadette
  • You guys start with low intensity courses like Luigi Circuit and Moo Moo Meadows
  • Unfortunately, the fighting quickly starts
  • “Get out of the way you stupid cow!”
  • “Hey!”
  • “The actual cow, Klaus!”
  • “Five, stop yelling at Klaus.”
  • “Make me!”
  • Five dominates, never getting lower than fourth place
  • Klaus and Ben quickly abandon the actual races and start playing with each other
  • On Coconut Mall they pretend to be shopping
  • You eventually join them
  • Diego and Luther get in multiple screaming matches
  • Diego stops as soon as Mom comes in with snacks
  • He starts up again when she leaves
  • Allison and Vanya try driving like responsible people
  • They yell at anyone who rams into them
  • Klaus manages to convince everyone to let him pick Rainbow Road
  • “How does this keep happening?!?”
  • “Because you suck, Y/N.”
  • “I’ll red shell you just for that, Five”
  • “Noooo!!! I can’t fall off the track ten times in one lap!”
  • You fall off the course because you were laughing at him and turned the wheel by accident
  • After about four hours, you guys switch to coin runners
  • Luther, Allison, Diego, and Vanya choose the red team
  • You, Klaus, Ben, and Five went with the blue team
  • You guys went with Funky Stadium first
  • “Ben, start pulling your weight around here!”
  • “I have eleven coins!”
  • “And I have thirty! Now come on!”
  • Five ends up with forty coins in one round
  • Luther gets hit by everything
  • If there’s a flying shell, blue box, or even a shell just sitting there, he’ll hit it
  • Vanya carries their team with thirty seven coins in the first round
  • Allison and Diego can’t get more than ten without Klaus bombarding them with shells and bombs
  • Klaus just becomes the general sign of trouble
  • He and Diego get into a competition to see who can cost each other’s team the most points
  • You and Five are the dream team
  • Ben gives up and just starts seeing what tricks he can do
  • When you convince them to do Chain Chomp Wheel for one round, you and Vanya are the only ones who can get any coins
  • Everybody else keeps either getting run over by the giant dog or blowing each other up
  • When you guys decide to do one more regular race, you all agree on Delfino Square
  • Tensions have reached their peak at that point
  • “Diego, if you blue shell me one more time, I swear-”
  • “Five, focus. You can kill Diego later. LUTHER! I KNOW YOU DIDN’T JUST PUSH ME INTO THE WATER!”
  • “What was that about focus, Y/N?”
  • “Shove it Five.”
  • Klaus ends up winning the race
  • Ben comes in second
  • Five in third
  • You’re in fourth
  • Vanya gets sixth behind one of the CPU’s
  • Allison comes in seventh
  • Diego in eighth
  • Luther comes in last
  • “Luther, how did that even happen?”
  • “I got distracted by all the yelling, okay?”
  • You guys decide to play Mariokart every few weeks
  • As long as you guys keep the threats empty
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Oh. Have I mentioned that I love

Ben Hargreeves?

Or no?

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hot fucking tea, but making fun of luther for not being able to put his experience on the moon aside and reducing him to ‘angry moon monkey man” until it isn’t funny anymore isn’t really my cup of tea

1) Both my opinion and show stuff: from episode one, he did hold faith in reginald hargreeves, mostly because he believed that man gave him purpose and expected him to lead them and he himself stated he stuck with him because of it, he had no friends and he lived a lonely life as an adolescent. 

that cannot be healthy. do i condone him being self-centered in episode seven and do i condone him not believing and locking up vanya and ignoring klaus’ advice not to take drugs? no, i don’t. dislike luther for being awkward or not your favourite character, but for the love of god, stop legitimately devaluing him spending four lonely, desolate years on the moon. later he found out his father barely looked at his packages and that shattered something inside of him and he’s clearly holding on to the idea that he has some purpose.

2) anyway, i find luther as that round bear and innocent ‘THE MOOON’ jokes as funny as anyone else, but you can tell when people are just reducing his character to ‘self centered astronaut who talks over everyone.

and please, don’t take this personal if you do make luther jokes, but actually try to understand that he’s complex and responsible for his actions and y’know, you can have preferences, and that’s okay, me too! i don’t always know how to deal with more ‘unconsumeable” characters or ‘harsher” ones either, but i often just try to give it a place in the show, especially if it’s well written. i just personally find it a little hypocritical that some fans cancel luther right after one misstep, yet infantilise klaus/vanya, think five is so ‘funny uwu” only, and don’t notice him being selfish, or diego being selfish. etc..

3) there’s a difference between hating a character because he doesn’t react in a way that’s conventional to you (AND NO I AM NOT JUSTIFYING HIM LOCKING VANYA UP) and just disliking him because he’s not your type of character or because you simply don’t like his personality, but you don’t put him down next to his siblings. also no i don’t ship him with allie, and i am not forcing you to like him or consider him your favourite, but i’m just a little sick of fans reducing him to a 2d character and being superficial about him while praising others to the high heavens. 

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1. Allison (No surprise, really, she is a movie star after all)

2. Diego (That damn Leather Uniform makes him the person most likely to catch the eye of someone who had a similar encounter with him only a few nights prior. He really needs to change his closet up)

3. Vanya (Not everywhere but in her neighborhood? She is cherished and it is not all that unusual that she is out and about and some guy a few streets over asks her how her day was)

4. Klaus (His relationships might not have been the most stable but the social circle Klaus managed to built up is quite impressive. Most of them would probably not talk to him during day light hours)

5. Five (He is the celebrated lost hero. When he vanished, his face was plastered everywhere. Everywhere. Of course most of it is “That kid looks like one of the Umbrella Ones” but still…)

6. Luther (The Serum Treatment and the moon made sure that Luther basically vanished from the public eye. Nobody sees the big guy and thinks: Spaceboy)

7. Ben (Who is going to recognize him? Klaus? Maybe while sober. Ben is just happy if his siblings remember he existed)

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