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Dave: This is my boyfriend Klaus, he’s so smart and handsome and I’m so proud of him

Luther: This is my beautiful girlfriend Allison, she’s my angel and I love her so much

Vanya: This is Five, he has rabies.

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@ everyone who posts anti shit in the Alluther tags

Look, you’re all allowed to dislike Allison/Luther. But please stop crosstagging your hate. It ruins the experience for those of us who actually want content (and we do exist, tyvm). Don’t be That Person and crosstag hate.

This has been a PSA.

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The fundamental difference between the odd numbered and even numbered Hargreeves children is that the even numbered trio have broken the cycle of abuse, while the odd numbers continue to perpetuate the kind of abuse they were subject to, with the exception of Allison, who only found coping methods and necessary language and behavioral changes to do so after going to therapy send tweet

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