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#m: birds of prey

- silly, violent, emotional & flamboyant protagonist that makes quips and breaks the 4th wall all the time

- fight scenes incuding lots of impractical flips and twists that look really cool

- compelling cast of badass supporting characters (extra points for being ethnically diverse)

- part of a larger franchise but doesn’t leave you confused if you haven’t seen the other movies

- satisfying ending but the door still wide open for sequels

^^ All points the Deadpool movies & Birds of Prey have in common. If you liked one but not the other you might need to reflect a bit on why.

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You know what I just realised? We hear so much - SO MUCH about all these butt-hurt fanboys saying Harley isn’t sexy enough, the film isn’t good enough, complaint this, complaint that. Of course, I see my own tumblr community make gifs and fawning over how good they all think BoP actually is (and the film is indeed an absolute fucking delight), but nothing about the general audience response to this film outside our little tumblr bubble, or any professional reviews. Where are the positive critiques? The strong cases and arguments supporting that this is in fact a great film, stuff from newspapers and reviews that aren’t meta’s written by some tumblr bloggers? Why do I feel like only the male voice is heard in the reviewing of this film, and the female response - which I suspect is likely more positive - seems far to be found? Or just, positive response in general? Because I went to see this film with my female roommate and two guys, and all four of us loved it and had fun in that cinema. So where are the positive reviews, tumblr? Regardless of gender? Why won’t you highlight those? Show that this film is getting some love from the professionals. Please. I’m so tired of only seeing men complaining about Harley’s outfits.

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hello everyone! I know I haven’t been active here but college is really being a bitch to me

I just wanted to let you all know that I made an ao3 where I’m writing for Roman Sionis, so maybe if you like him you could check it out here

maybe after my exams I’ll start writing back here too

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just thinking about the symbolism of Dinah’s job as a singer for her male boss, singing “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” and she shatters his martini glass, an ironically quiet act of rebellion as her boss only looks at her body and the sound of her voice, hearing none of the power behind it.

just thinking about how she watches him and other men degrade every woman around them and she forces herself to choke her voice down in their presence, while secretly using her voice to warn other women about her boss’s wrath.

just thinking about how Dinah’s power is in her voice, not only the sonic scream that shatters mens’ eardrums and forces them to listen to her, but pushes other women forward, sometimes on their roller-skates.

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i love that harley’s unrealistic fighting shoes weren’t high heels, they were roller skates

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