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Winston Duke was born November 15, 1986 which makes him 33 years old and a Scorpio. Winston, born in Argyle, Trinidad and Tobago, is an actor. He is best known for his role as M’Baku in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. He is also known for portraying Gabe Wilson in Jordan Peele’s horror film Us. He has also been featured on the small screen on the TV shows Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Person of Interest, The Messengers, Major Crimes and Modern Family. He will be starring alongside Mark Wahlberg in the upcoming 2020 film Spenser Confidential. Winston is 6 feet and 5 inches tall.

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Originally posted by love-music-fashion-flawless

M’baku x Black Reader
: M’baku is a man of many talents, but finding a wife is not one of them. He has run the Jabari Tribe for two years without a Chieftess at his side. But what happens when he suddenly falls ill and has to meet the traditions of producing a rightful heir to the tribe? He begins his search for a bride in hopes to marry for love and not for traditions.
A/N: It’s a little short, but I felt like it was a good place to stop and  I decided to add a little magic power to this. You will see it as you read on through the chapters.

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Pairing: M’Baku x black!fem!Reader

Warnings: none, I believe, unless you include the fact that I am allergic to proofreading

Author’s Note: I love this series, and I am so excited to get another piece out to you guys! I was a little unsure of how to get M’Baku out of his head with friends, but I ended up liking it, and I hope you do too :)

Tag list: @thotyana-in-this-hoe  @neeadinghugs  @inlovewith3  @petrashappyplace 

Masterlist   Black Girl Insert Series

Clumsy:  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

*     *     *

“Can you lift me? Mama, M'Baku, can you lift me?” Uuka shouts happily with his hands in yours and M'Baku’s. M'Baku is so overjoyed with the question that he happily pulls Uuka off of the ground by his hand, yours accompanying so as to not dislocate his shoulder. The Great Gorilla laughs alongside your son, “Faster? Come, we have to run to go faster!” M’Baku goads Uuka, guffawing at the boy’s squeals of delight as he pulls him up into the air higher and faster. You laugh with Uuka, and M’Baku can feel it, the foundation of a great family settling in your laughter.

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AN: so we’re just not gonna talk about how i was gone for a year, but I’m back and finna write up a storm. BIG ups to @chaneajoyyy​ for proof reading dis shit! 

pairing: m’baku x reader

warnings: cursing i think thats it lol.

word count: 2312


Originally posted by danaisokoye

Courting with M’baku was a…. interesting process to say the least. Every morning you awoke he was on your mind, you felt the ghost of his hands wrapped around your waist possessively as you slept and the same kisses that he peppered all over your face to wake you up as you walked around your small house. By the time that you walked out of your house you always practically tripped over the guard that he had stationed outside who was charged with protecting you. 

“You know” You said as you made your way outside of your house the guard following close behind you. “If we’re going to be spending so much time together it’s only fair that we know each other’s name.”

You heard the man chuckle behind you.

“Eamon” he said following you on your walk.

“Eamon” You toyed with the name in your mouth “I like that name, you know I have a thing about names. I don’t understand how people end up with ugly names, it’s the simplest thing yet somehow overlooked.” You hit a quick left turn, you wanted to teach m’baku a lesson about sending guards to your house. You weren’t some frail flower that he had to protect at all costs. 

“Are we taking a detour today or are you trying to lose me again?” Eamon asked matching your quickening pace.

“We’re taking the scenic route to work today Eamon, stop assuming the worst about me” You smiled back at him but you were greeted with nothing but cold eyes.

“y/n lets go your shop is the opposite way we’re not doing this again.” 

“Fine” You pouted turning around “I don’t need to be watched, you do know that right? I’ve run my shop and walked from my house to it and back everyday since I was 18. You don’t need to protect me”

Eamon laughed to himself, “You think this is about you? I’m here because my king requested that I protect the woman that has stolen his heart and I serve his majesty. This has nothing to do with what I want to do it’s all up to him.”

The rest of the walk to your shop you spent in silence reflecting on your subtle realization, M’baku wanted to protect you, he wanted to make sure that no one in the entire world would be able to mess with his girl. And he wanted you to know that. While your mind wandered astray your feet had taken you to the street that your shop was on. A bouquet of roses sat on your step, the bright red in bright contrast with the blank white snow that surrounded them. You smiled to yourself, he’d been sending you gifts all week  and today’s gift had been roses. You picked up the bouquet and pulled out your keys unlocking your shops door. You hummed to yourself as you held the door open for Eamon to walk in behind you, he took his normal seat next to the door and pulled out his phone, no doubt informing m’baku that you had arrived at your shop and had started your work. You picked the note off of the flowers.

My dearest y/n,

       Roses today, diamonds tomorrow.

       Nothing is too good for you.

           See you tonight my love.

                       ~ M’baku

You smiled at his sweet note and felt a rush of happiness seep into your system, the blush redding your cheeks. Deciding to busy yourself you placed a pot of water onto a small burner.

“What are we feeling today Eamon?” You asked pulling out the rectangular tin that held your teas.

“What are my options again?” Eamon asked rising from his seat to walk over to your counter.

“Jasmine, ginger, green tea or this herbal blend that my mom gave me” you looked up at Eamon for his decision and he looked puzzled.

“You can pick this time y/n, I’ve tried all of them I don’t know which one I like the most” Eamon said as he returned to his seat at the front of the store.

“Ginger tea it is then.” You said grabbing the two tea bags and placing the top back on the tin and sliding it back into its place. While the water boiled you moved around your shop turning on your machines, you ran your hands over your records settling on the miseducation of Lauryn Hill. You popped the record out of its sleeve and placed it on the record player, intro played through the speaker on the record player, as you walked around your shop your mind flashed back to the last time you’d seen m’baku it’d been far too long…

“Why must you be so stubborn isithandwa?” M’baku asked. It was the third day that he had come to visit you since you agreed to let M’baku court you. He’d drop by around closing time and talk to you while you cleaned up your work for the day. He would walk you up to your parents house and talk to your Mom and Dad for a few hours before you fell asleep (with one of his arms wrapped around your shoulder and your back pressing up against his torso no doubt) he’d try to gently wake you up before deciding it would be easier to just call a car to come pick the both of you up and drive you back to your home. He’d open your front door and walk you back to your bedroom with you in his arms bridal style and plop you onto your bed, first he’d start by pulling all of your outside furs off leaving you in whatever pair of sweatpants or leggings you wore to work that day and a matching t-shirt. Next it was onto your hair most of the time your hair was pulled up into a puff so he would remove the hair tie that had kept it up, always earning a groan from you. Next he would throw on whatever bonnet he found laying closest to your bed making sure your head was on the silk pillows. Finally he would pull all the furs onto you that he could find. The first night that he had taken you home and wrapped you up in furs he looked down at his handy work and was immediately disappointed . “How is she still cold, she’s under 12 furs” he murmured to himself. He debated climbing into bed with you but he didn’t want to overstep his boundaries. You whined pulling the covers up onto your back, M’baku noticed you start to shiver. He couldn’t leave you cold and alone in your house “Fuck it” he said as he started shedding his outer layer of clothing and climbing into bed next to you, wrapping  his arm around your waist pulling your body against his own.

“M’baku” you would whine out his warm body instantly sending blood flowing through your entire body.

“Ssh ssh ssh my love” he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. “Sleep now, sleep”

This night was no different M’baku sat on your counter his long legs touched the floor, his coat long forgotten hanging on coat rack along with most of his protection from the cold outdoors.

“I’m not being stubborn m’baku! I don’t need to be followed around!” you retorted back at him.

“He won’t be following you he’s just there for your protection. He will be seen and not heard I promise” M’baku stood up and walked over to you as you turned off the record player.

“I don’t need protection M’baku! What would I even need protection from? I work in a weapons shop for hanuman’s sake!” you turned back to face him.

“I don’t know y/n protection from anyone or anything, I just want to know that you’re safe!” M’baku came back at you with a fire you hadn’t seen in him before. “I-“ he paused, his voice had gotten softer and his hand had found its way to his forehead and started massaging his temples. “I just want to make sure that you’re safe y/n that’s it.”

You paused for a moment and looked M’baku up and down scanning his body for any sign that what he just said was a lie. You wrapped your arms around M’baku and placed your head into his chest. “I’m sorry” you said quietly into his chest.

M’baku took a deep breath in. “No i’m sorry isithandwa, I shouldn’t have pushed you. You said you didn’t want the guard and that should of been the end of it. Do you forgive me?” 

You pulled your head out of M’baku’s chest “Of course I forgive you M’baku, do you forgive me for being so stubborn?”

M’baku lifted your chin up and brought his lips down to deliver a sweet and tender kiss.

“One guard” you said after the kiss “One guard, not seen AND not heard” you saw the smile form on M’baku’s face. He lifted you up off the ground as his hand found your thighs.

“M’baku stop!” you exclaimed laughing with him as he spun the two of you around “You’re gonna drop me! ”

That made m’baku stop spinning “Eh? you think I’m gonna drop the wife that hauman gave me? what am I crazy!”

The shrill scream of the teapot snapped you out of your dream like trance. You walked over and grabbed two handmade mugs and poured hot water into each mug.

“Are you sure you want ginger Eamon, this is your last chance?” you looked over to see eamon gazing out of the window, he turned his attention to you. As the steam hit you, you flashed back to another time  M’baku had spent the night at your house.

You awoke to the shower running in your bathroom, no doubt M’baku had decided to shower at your place tonight. You looked over at the clock on your bedside table it shone bright with 1:38 am. The shower turned off and within a few moments the bathroom door opened and a wave of steam hit your face. M’baku emerged from the bathroom and his eyes met yours. 

“See something you like isithandwa?” M’baku smirked at you adjusting the towel around his waist.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about M’baku” you said plastering an innocent smile across your face.

“You looked me up and down like you wanted to pounce on me. Is that what it is? You want me?” M’baku cooed at you as you sat up in bed.

“Don’t test me m’baku, I’m following your customs by withstanding from sex with you until marriage. If it were up to me i would of been showering with you just now” you said crossing your arms and pushing your bottom lip out into a pout.  

M’baku walked over to you and placed a kiss on your lips. “I appreciate you and thank you little one, i know it’s not easy for you but trust me once we get together I will make it worth the wait”

“Yea it better be m’baku, hurry up and put some clothes on I wanna cuddle, I’m cold!”

Eamon’s words snapped you back to reality “Eh ginger is fine” 

You hummed along to ex-factor as you dunked the ginger tea bag into eamon’s drink and then one into your own drink. You walked over to Eamon and handed him his drink. 

“Thanks” he muttered focusing back outside the window after a few sips.

“I’m gonna get started I’ve got three jobs on back order so I might not be able to hear you with all the machines running”

You turned on your heels and walked into the back of your store and started on your work for the day.

Around 6 hours later you were done with two out of three of your orders and wanted to finish the third one tonight. You were blasting music so loud it blurred out your own thoughts, just how you liked it. You hummed along to your music as you grabbed the knife out of the ice bucket and turned around to set it on the tray.

“M’baku shit!” you dropped the knife you’d been working on to the floor. M’baku just smiled up at you from a chair sitting in your studio. You cut your eyes at him before you walked over to your speakers and turned it down so you could hear him.

“You really shouldn’t keep your music up that loud love” M’baku said to you as he watched you pick up the knife and survey it for damage.

“You really shouldn’t tell a woman with a knife in her hand what to do.” you said back to him. “How long have you been sitting there?”

“I don’t know isithandwa it’s hard to remember I was so enchanted with watching you move and sing as you worked” M’baku chuckled making a mental note to remember this conversation.

“M’baku I’m serious! When did you walk in?” you whined out still facing him toying with the knife in your hand.

“ An hour isithandwa at max I swear!” he lied through his teeth he’d been there for at least two. You turned you back to him as you set the blade down on the counter and went back to your work. You heard M’baku stand up and walk towards you, you felt warm arms wrap around your waist with ease and his breath down your neck.

“Come with me today” M’baku mused in your ear, giving it a little nibble.

You felt your entire body relax into his arms and you let out a deep exhale releasing all of your pent up stress from today. “Go with you where?” you asked

“Come home with me today, let me take you to my home” he corrected himself “Our home”

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SugarDaddy!M’Baku x Oshun(reader)

Summary: Due to work, M’Baku becomes less available; leaving Oshun on her own for weeks at a time. Through Oshun’s painter’s block and loneliness, Megan convinces her to accompany her to a party; what will Oshun do with this newfound freedom? 

Words: 2K+

Warnings: Mentions of SMUT; that’s all lol

A/N: Hey, lovelies! I know it’s been a looooooooong time since the last update, but I haven’t given up and neither should you! It’s only going to get better from here. Thanks for rocking wit me! - Shanti J.

Chapter 4: 

The Ritz, Los Angeles

Your knee bobbed up and down as you stared at the blank canvas in front of you. After hours of procrastination, you had plopped yourself into the chair in the art studio with the intent of starting one of the custom orders that had been sent to you via Instagram. Megan had convinced you to post your art on social media and, much to your surprise, people really liked it. In just two weeks, you had already garnered more than 400 followers and the requests were slowly piling up. And yet, you weren’t down to take any of those requests. The one you had actually said yes to was already difficult enough. You couldn’t think of anything to paint; no colors called out to you and your eyes were starting to hurt from staring at the canvas. You couldn’t very well draw M’Baku; again. Damnit.

It had been almost six weeks since you got back from Bali. M’Baku had gotten a call from his company manager and he insisted that he would see you as soon as their emergency was taken care of. He hadn’t texted, called, or facetimed. His guards still stood idly in their places outside of your condo and your weekly allowance was still directly deposited every week. But you didn’t care about the money or the guards; you wanted to see your muse. To feel the warmth of his breath against the back of your neck at night; to hear his boisterous laugh at dinner. You missed him. And in the midst of your loneliness, you felt upset. Why wasn’t he answering his phone? The least he could do is call you back. Or respond to the 25 texts you had sent him. At first, you were worried about his well being. Now you were pissed. You tried to call him one last time and was sent to voicemail. 

“You have reached the cellular device of M’Baku. Please leave a voice recording stating the purpose of your call and-” You hung up the phone and kicked down the easel that was holding the blank canvas. Your head was throbbing and you decided it was time to lay down. 

After climbing into the covers of your king-sized bed, you instructed your google home to play Nao. As the smooth sounds of “Orbit” filled the room, so did your snores. 

A series of pounding knocks yanked you out of your sleep and your body collided with the rug on your floor. You groaned in pain and gathered yourself before stomping your way to the foyer. 

“Who is it?!” You yelled, rubbing your eyes. 

“Megan is here, Ikumkani wam,” Zoya explained. You opened the door to let Megan in and squinted at Zoya. 

“Zoya, what does that ikumka nonsense mean? You know my name,” you said between yawns.

“I am only addressing you as Lord M’Baku has asked me to,” Zoya stated, his eyes distracted by Megan’s thick curves. 

“Lord M’Baku? Since when is he called ‘Lord’?” You scratched your scalp with both hands as you walked away from the door. 

“Thank you, Zoya, boo!” Megan said as she closed the door. 

“Okay, what the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you asleep at 8 pm?” She asked with her hands on her hips. You fell back onto the couch, cuddling the pillow in a fetal position and groaned in response. 

“O, what’s wrong? He still hasn’t messaged you back? You don’t think he’s in trouble, right?” Megan drilled out the questions as she sat in the love seat next to you. 

“He’s fine, Meg. He’s still sending the allowance, therefore, he is fine,” you groaned, shifting around to look at her. 

“Oh, well, at least you’re still getting your money.” 

“That’s not the point, Meg,” you said pouting,“ it’s not like I’m in this for the money. I mean sure it started that way but it’s not like that now.”

“Oshun,” Megan trailed off,” are you falling for-”

“Don’t even; Meg, what are you doing here?” you asked, sitting up on the couch. 

“Well, I came to check up on your cranky ass. You need to get out, O. Matter fact, there’s a See You Soon party in Hollywood tonight. Let’s pull up, have a couple of drinks, take some cute ass photos and flirt with some people. You down?” She smiled, bouncing in her seat.

“Nah, I’m good.” You laid back and sighed as Megan glared at you.

“I wasn’t asking. Now, get up and take a shower! Hey, Google; play Freakum Dress by Beyonce!” 

The intro of horns, cymbals, and beats began to blast through your condo as you groaned loudly. 

“And don’t sulk to the bathroom either!” She yelled as she pulled you up from the couch and slapped your ass. You glared at her over your shoulder and began to body roll as you walked to the beat; which made her cackle loudly in response. 

After a long shower and an hour of makeup and hair, your face was beat for the gods; your curly tresses tucked tightly under your colorful wig, and your dress; that black velvet corseted bodice and skirt that barely touched the middle of your thighs was dangerous. You topped everything off with your 14k gold grill, a black fur coat, and a pair of winged black heels. You walked out to Megan whooping deliriously. 

“Now that’s what I’m talking about! She ready!” Meg yelled as you laughed. 

“Come on, Meg! Let’s go before I change my mind.” You said grabbing her hand and heading for the door. 

The Standard Hotel, West Hollywood 

Zoya drove you and Megan to The Standard Hotel on Sunset. Once you got out and he drove away, you looked at Megan confused. 

“Meg, this is a hotel..where’s the party?” You asked, turning in a circle. 

“Just trust me, O.” She grabbed your hand and led you inside. 

A bouncer stood menacingly in front of the doors, holding a clipboard with a list of names. You looked at Meg and she strained to whisper in the man’s ear. He bent down, and as Meg whispered something to him, he laughed. He nodded as Meg kissed him on the cheek, unclipped the velvet rope and welcomed you both inside. Meg held your hand once again and led you into the hotel and into the kitchen. The sounds of pots and pans clanking together and the smell of roasting garlic and sizzling meats filled your senses as you bobbed and weaved through the kitchen staff. You made your way towards a door that was muffling loud, entrancing afrobeats. As the door swung open, you entered a sea of beautiful black and brown bodies glistening with sweat and shimmer; dancing, laughing and drinking to the beats arising from the DJ’s booth. Meg made a b-line straight to the DJ. 

“Yo, E! Can you play my song?” Megan yelled over the music.

“You got it, Meg!” The DJ said as he masterfully switched the music mid-tempo. Tia Tamera by Doja Cat began to blast through the surrounding speakers and you followed Meg to the dance floor.

You both spent the next three minutes of the song rapping the lyrics to each other; laughing and twerking the whole way through. After dancing for a couple of hours, you made your way to the bar for the fifth time of night; refilling your poison of choice. 

“Back for another, huh? You must be on one tonight,” the person next to you observed. 

“Yep,” you replied shortly, closing your eyes as you took a long sip of your drink. 

“Wish I would have known, I would have made my much move earlier.” 

That comment made you finally look at the person you were attempting to ignore. Her beauty was enamoring and her dark skin glittered under the disco ball. Her full lips opened to reveal her pearly whites with a smile that could make anyone go weak in the knees. Either you were entirely too drunk or she was entirely too sexy to be talking to you. The dark beauty reached over and drug her perfectly manicured nails down your bare arm as she bit her bottom lip. 

“You by yourself, boo?” She asked seductively. You shivered as she looked you up and down. 

“I came with my friend.” 

“What brings you here tonight?”

“Just needed a night out; it’s been rough lately. My situationship isn’t working out,” you spilled. 

“Ah, I see,” the beautiful stranger nodded. “So your nigga fucked up and now your drowning your sorrows with Henny.” You both laughed in unison. 

“Nah, I wouldn’t say that. I guess I just needed a night of distraction.” You gulped as she stood behind you to whisper in your ear. 

“If you really want a distraction, I’m in room 201. You down, ma?” Her hand smoothed over your ass and you nodded vigorously. She chuckled and instructed you to follow her. 

Once you were in the elevator and the doors had closed, she backed you into a corner and kissed you lightly. Leaving a trail of kisses from your lips and down to your neck. 

“My name is Yemoya; what’s yours?” Yemoya asked as she palmed your pussy under your skirt. 

“Oshun. Nice to meet you, Yemoya.” You said before kissing her, squeezing her breasts. 

The elevator door dinged and an unsuspecting group of guys stared at you as you both laughed and staggered to her room. After unlocking the door with her key card, Yemoya led you inside and instructed you to sit whilst she ran to the restroom. 

She sauntered back into the room, no longer in her curve-hugging dress but wrapped in lace. 

“Listen, Oshun; we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” 

“No, I’m fine. I want to.” You reassured her. She straddled your lap and laid you back against the covers. 

“I only have one request; let me send him a video so he can see what he’s missing,” you said slyly. 

“I was thinking the same thing,” she giggled. 


The Ritz, Los Angeles

Your head pounded loudly as you struggled to sit up in bed. Picking up your phone, you squinted to look at the time; 12:57 PM. You groaned and swung your legs out of bed and stepped into your slippers. Shuffling down the hallway, you heard the clanking of pans and the smell of bacon wafted in the air. You walked into the kitchen to see Megan cooking up a storm; wearing your cow onesie and a pair of your rainbow socks. Waffles, bacon, eggs, and spinach were lined up on the breakfast bar. 

“Wassup, light-weight? Good morning,” Megan greeted you, waving the spatula in her hand.

“Why are you yelling? It’s so loud in here! Wait, how did I get home last night?” You covered your ears and groaned; sitting at the breakfast bar and slamming your phone down. 

“Ain’t nobody yelling. Your ass disappeared for an hour and a half last night; when I finally found you, you were slumped over at the bar so Zoya and I collected you and brought you back home. What were you even doing?” She continued to cook as you looked through your phone.

A video was in your camera roll and you played it only to be greeted with loud moaning sounds and a bright light. 

“Are you watching porn?!” Megan yelled as she walked over to your seat. 

“Holy shit,” you trailed off. “I think this is me.” 

“Well, at least we know where you were now,” Megan chuckled. “Who’s the girl?” 

“I don’t know. I don’t know. Why would I film myself getting eaten out? UGH!” You sighed in defeat as she left your side to turn off the stove. 

“Maybe it was so good that you wanted to experience it again and again.” She placed two small glasses of cold apple juice at the table and two wine glasses of ice water next to them. 

You grabbed a plate and filled it up with food, placing it at the table before going to the fridge and grabbing some smoked salmon to go with your bagel. After sitting at the table you both began to eat: with you eating much faster than Megan. She couldn’t help but laugh at you. 

“So was it good?” She asked. You narrowed your eyes at her and took another bite of your syrup-drenched waffles. 

“Oh, don’t give me that face! It’s not like it’s against the rules, right?” 

“I honestly don’t know,” you said before taking a sip of your apple juice. “He said no other man; not woman.” You both shrugged and continued to eat. 

Halfway through your second plate, your phone buzzed. iMessage: M’Baku. 

You opened up the text conversation and the phone dropped onto the table. 

“What’s wrong?” Megan asked.

“Fuck. I-I sent the video to M’Baku while I was drunk. He’s gonna kill me!” You could only predict the worse, as you had come to know both M’Baku and his fury. 

“Oh shit, what did he say?” She said, grabbing the phone. M’Baku had sent an empty message in response; not a good sign. 

You heard the front door unlock and you both looked towards it in horror. 


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Was tagged by smol bean @fvckingavengers💕

1. NAME: I’ll let y’all guess. It starts with G.

2. NICKNAMES: Gigi on here. “Dumb bitch” everywhere else, tbh.

3. ZODIAC SIGN: Virgo☀

4. HEIGHT: 5′6 or 5′7

5. LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Spanish, can read French, too! Also, Dominican, because that’s a whole other kinda Spanish.

6. NATIONALITY: Dominican!

7. FAVORITE SEASON: I have only ever experienced hellfire summer or still-as-hot rainy season thanks to where I grew up sooooo

8. FAVORITE FLOWER: Carnations and sunflowers

9. FAVORITE SCENT: Anything sweet

10. FAVORITE COLOR: I don’t have one…? But my closet is full of yellow/orange/gray/red.

11. FAVORITE ANIMAL: Anything that lives in the ocean🐟🐠🐡🦈🦑

12. FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER: Oof… next question pls.

13. COFFEE, TEA, OR HOT CHOCOLATE: How about all of them???? Why must we choose

14. AVERAGE SLEEP HOURS: I’d go insane if I actually kept track of this.

15. DOG OR CAT PERSON: Dogs pls. Cats don’t like me much.

16. NUMBER OF BLANKETS YOU SLEEP WITH: Comforter all day every day.

17. DREAM TRIP: Iceland or Australia so I can go torment one person in particular. She loves me, though.

18. BLOG ESTABLISHED: May 1st, 2018 after I lost my soul watching IW!!! I had to find a way to cope.

19. FOLLOWERS: hahahahhaha next queshion.

20. RANDOM FACT: I can lick my toe?

Tagging @evanstarff @kentuckybarnes @captain-kelli @moonstruckbucky @sugarfreecapsicle @brooklyn-boy and @sunmoonandbucky!

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