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Opening up the terminal on my recent OS X Leopard install revealed this bit of strangeness. What was that about “unknown” and then just a bunch of numbers? What was going on?

Searching the web, I found it wasn’t really a problem, per se, but it did bother me. So, i found a solution.


It seems the router for my home network is overwriting the Mac’s host name . This can be disabled, but I couldn’t find a way to do it in the router settings. There IS a way to do it from within Mac OS, however. Go into System Preferences –> Sharing. Click the Edit button under the “Computer Name” field.


Make a note of that local hostname (don’t worry about the “.local” bit at the end.) Also make sure that the “Use dynamic global hostname”  checkbox is not checked. Click OK and exit System Preferences.

There’s a terminal command to manually set the hostname of the local machine, so open the terminal. This is the scutil command, and you have to be super user (adminstrator) to use it, so the format is going to look something like this:

sudo scutil –set HostName <HostNameToSet>

HostNemeToSet is, of course, the new hostname you wish to assign to your machine. In  my case, the command was:

sudo scutil –set HostName OldMacNewLifes-Power-Mac-G5

Anyway, run the command and reboot they system.


After you reboot and start Terminal you get, well, probably something closer to what you expected.

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Snuggling close into Taehyung’s embrace, warm, safe, you can feel his chest rumbling behind you as he sings you to sleep

Written by mac

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