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#magpie sketches

The Sitting Man. 

(About 3-4 weeks back I had my first sleep paralysis experience (I wasn’t sure if it was just a dream for the longest time until I looked into it more). 

I was stuck looking at the end of my bed, where I saw a dark figure sitting on the end of my bed with his back turned to me. He didn’t turn around and he didn’t move, but I could hear his breathing.

Thinking back now, I would have screamed, but I was so tired all I could think was ‘I’m too tired to deal with this.’ so I just stared at him and drifted back to sleep.

I snapped awake during the night and drew a rough sketch of it so I wouldn’t forget how he looked. I found the rough sketch this morning, confirming to me it happened. So… yeah, here’s the sitting man.)

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(Peny gets into a lot of scrapes, some of them leave them with cursed substances contaminating their blood. To deal with this, and to also contain the abominations that merge with their ink, Peny has to cleanse themself and keep their curses bottled up.)

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I’m currently taking part in a series of one shot Dungeons & Dragons campaigns with @whiskeyinthejamjar, the pair of us playing a Disaster Duo: Thokk and Pebble.

Each campaign we have a guest DM and 3 guest players to help us along in both me and Dave’s first times experiencing D&D for ourselves. 

Give @whiskeyinthejamjar a follow to know more about what we have in store… 


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