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I have a q... what in particular in the natal chart defines what type of (everyday) makeup 馃拕 one prefers/does ?

Not sure if there’s any one point in the chart for this, but you could always check Venus, the 2nd house or the 6th. Venus obviously deals with beauty and aesthetic/cosmetic preferences, and the 6th deals with routine/consistency.

So for example an Aquarius in the 6th house person might be inconsistent with the amount of effort they put into their makeup. One day they might go full face, another day maybe they can’t be bothered and do the bare minimum.

Makeup at the end of the day is a skill and requires patience some people really don’t have so someone with let’s say Venus in Libra with their Sun in the 6th house may be willing to go above and beyond more so than someone with an Aries Venus and Sagittarius in the 6th.

I will say in general though, Pisces people who have the patience always put the most effort into their makeup, hands down. They’re very creative and imaginative and part of the appeal for them is being able to change their appearance/embody different energies and fantasies with different looks.

Hope that helps!

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