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Five Reasons Why Evie is Indubitably the Best Character in Descendants -

1. Evie is always thinking of how others feel and how her actions make them feel. Example: Evie offering to make a change to Mal’s dress in the second movie “only” if Mal was ready for it.

2. Evie is absolutely the most adorable thing with her little mannerisms. Example: In the first movie, her funny little hoppy excited walk when the VKs first start following Ben after he begins to lead them away from the limo (going with only one here, but it’s so hard because there’s so many others)

3. Evie is too understanding for her own good. Example: In the second movie, she quickly lets go of and ignores how Doug openly and unashamedly accuses her of cheating on him with Happy’s son (seriously, what the heck’s up with that? She deserves so much better than that)

4. Evie cares so much about others’ well being. Example: In the third movie, she checks a lot to ensure that Carlos is okay after dangerous events.

5. Evie is one of those people that loves with all of her heart and completely unconditionally. Example: In all three movies where she openly stands behind Mal, no matter how the faerie has turned her back on Evie, done her wrong, or lied to her.

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Evie: Carlos, what do you see me as?
Carlos: An older sister.
Evie: Jay, what do you see me as?
Jay: A younger sister.
Evie: Mal, what do you see me as?
Mal: A giraffe.
Evie: ...
Evie: Why?
Mal: Do I have to have an explanation?
Evie: Well, I would like one-
Evie: ...
Evie: I think you're a little tense.
Mal: OH, NO, I'M NOT!!!
Evie: Mal, you can't just proclaim that. Have you thought of seeing things from my perspective?
Mal: *calms down* No, Evie, I haven't and I can't.
Evie: Why not?
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Evie: So, guys, I have this really cool game that I thought of. How it goes is that you name what animal that you think your best friend is most like and say why. I'll go first.
Evie: *looking at Mal laying on her lap since Evie wasn't paying enough attention* A cat because she wants affection when she wants it and has no problem just pushing her way right in.
Jay: *looking at Carlos embarrassedly talking to Jane with a huge grin* Definitely a puppy because he's so eager to please and so happy.
Uma: *looking at Harry that is currently smirking as he looks her up and down almost hungrily* Honestly, it's a toss up between a vulture and a donkey, because he's always waiting to ravage whatever drops in front of him and a total jerk at the same time.
Evie: ...
Evie: Okay... Who's next?!
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Soy muy cerrada, tengo la manía de guardarme todo para mi. Me cuesta mucho compartir mis problemas con alguien. Prefiero callármelos y sufrir en silencio, y esperar a que todo se solucione o por lo menos el dolor disminuya..

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- Evie lets Mal see her ideas for upcoming designs before anyone else

- They sit next to each other in class but Mal tends to pay more attention to Evie than the teacher

- Evie wants them to do couple activities

- Mal not so much 

- They have double dates with Jay and Carlos 

- They study together but they don’t do much studying ;)

- Mal helps Evie deliver dresses and suits 

- They often talk about their past back on the Isle and their futures  


Originally posted by dcomgifs

AN:  idk how long its been since ive been on this account lmaooooo

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Summary: After Evie deems that Mal needs a break from her duties as a new mother, Ben is left to babysit and spend some time with Mallory. However, when Hades comes over after hearing that Ben’s with Hades’ grandchild, things get interesting. Bal, Mal and Evie sisterly feels, and overall family feels.

  “Ben, you’ve got her bottle, right? And you know where the formula is?” Mal questioned, and Ben nodded, smiling at his wife as she gathered her purse and her things before she left out the door.

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No one:

Literally no one:

Not a soul:


ok but what if mal died at the beginning of shadow and bone instead of alexei? So alina sees her best friend who shes in love with carried off by the volcra and is distraught but then she sees this guy this sweet sweet guy who helped her with map making and hes in danger and she just thinks ‘fuck. that.’ and saves him.

and then shadow and bone continues as it did except that alina is mourning her best friends death instead of constantly trying to contact him etc. etc. But then alexei shows up at the little palace and when he talks to alina hes so grateful and happy that shes alright because he was so afraid because she never wrote or anything and he tells her that he volunteered for this mission in the hopes that he could see her and make sure that shes alright

so when alina runs away alexei decides to return his life debt by finding her and helping her so he uses all the skills he has to track her down and when he does she tells him everything and instead of being a prick hes so understanding and agrees to help her stop the darkling but they get caught

at the end of shadow and bone alina cant stand the idea that they’re in the same position they started in so she saves him again and they run. they hide.

it doesnt last that long but alexei and alina are still getting closer and closer comforting each other over everything they lost and alina starts to forget the best friend she was infatuated with because shes falling in love with alexei

just…. imagine if alexei hadn’t died and mal had

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