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Clinical rotation anxiety

Does anyone have any tips about preparing for different clinical rotations? Or what to expect when doing them? I start mine on Monday and I’m SO anxious. I’ve been off work for two weeks, so I’m already starting off anxious coming back, and now I have to be pharmacisty? I am terrified. Any advice or help please send it my way!! (Doesn’t have to be pharmacy specific advice either!)

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9/2/20 // 18.28

Sitting out the stormy weather by revising chapter 1: the GI system. I thought it would end on section 6 but here we are going all the way up to section 11! This is painstaking, but made more bearable with Kitchen Nightmares USA on in the background, and some before-dinner wine

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I will NOT take patients home with me

Scrolling insta like you do when trying to avoid licensing of acne treatments, I found a girl with a disease awareness account as a suggested person to follow. Clicked on it, it’s a patient I did a meds rec on and had to phone her mum because she was on SO many IV meds at home I needed to confirm I wasn’t going mad. This poor girl has so many things wrong with her, which I knew, but I’ve just rudely reminded myself. It’s always the worst when it’s kids, I know I shouldn’t let myself get affected by my patients but there’s some that I’ll never forget their names because they’ve impacted me so much. MJ, MF, AK, JW and now LD, this post goes out to you.

How do you all leave your baggage at work and not think about your patients when you’re home?

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25/1/2020 // 14.36 // ❄️

I (half) cleaned my house this morning and did some outdoor jobs like washing my car, and now I’m doing some planning with a latte whilst I wait for a webinar to download.

This week has been so crazy (and cold!) I’ve been to the CCG, which makes decisions about funding treatments and was super interesting, and had a meeting about what should be on the formulary to guide prescribers. I’ve barely had chance to do any work, so tomorrow I’m going to try to smash out a lot.

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19/1/2020 // 10.14

I’m really loving this brown pen colour today! Today’s plan is to crack on and finish GI over the counter conditions, then I’m going to actually start looking at my audit and writing it up! If there’s time after I’ve made some progress with my audit, I’m going to try and finish a job application and then finally finish going over blue box warnings in the BNF. A busy Sunday!

Also last week I was in GP practice and it was fantastic, I made some good interventions and felt like I did some good to help some patients ✨

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Hi all, sorry I haven’t posted since like last week (or before that?!) but I’m living a very unaesthetic life that comes with working 9-5.30 then studying after. So here’s what’s happening in my life and zero pictures because who has time.

  • This week I’m in GP practice and loving all the nurse diabetic clinics (?? Does this mean I’m interested in diabetes? Should I have done nursing instead? Do I want to be a GP pharmacist?)
  • I’m writing job applications in my lunch break because I have no time in the evenings and I’m freaking out about my 5 Year Future Plan now being nearly over and not having a Life Plan anymore
  • I have a calcs sheet due Friday. I am not going to look at it until at least Thursday night. It will be messy
  • I have to email next weeks placement provider and I keep forgetting
  • I have no idea what’s going on in my life at all ever which is not aesthetic at all, people ask me if I’m free X week and I’m like mate idk it’s all a mess I just need to survive January
  • Audit? Should deffo write it up but am not doing so. Same with more evidence.
  • I tried to do some work before work in my car but gave up after writing the title because the steering wheel is too inconvenient.
  • It’s 22.03 and I’m showered and in bed because after eating ridiculously late I couldn’t face doing ANYTHING so I just decided to give up on today. I made a good intervention and that’s me done.
  • What is happening
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17/12/19 // 21.15 // 🎄

I was gonna post some nice pictures of me doing work but guess what? Technology is so incompetent that I got no work done and now my house is freezing so I’m just going to bed

Today I:

- screened some prescriptions

- met the cutest baby ever (I love paeds)

- dealt with some queries

- completed more of my checking log

- lost all will to live

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Thank you everyone for your kind messages! I’m slowly feeling better and having some time off from studying this week will really help I think. I feel a lot more positive than I did last night, I did some valuable pharmacy today at work and I feel a lot less pessimistic now. I’m still struggling, but I’ll get there and now I’m aware I’ve got a problem I’ll be able to fix it.

Thank you so much again for your lovely lovely words, I feel so reassured by all of your messages and it’s really boosted my morale. You are all absolute stars and I love you so much, wishing you the best of luck with all of your studies! 💕

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I’ve done it, I’ve officially burnt out. My insides are a mess and my head is a mess and I’m crying because I miss home and I’ve just realised that it’s because I’ve burnt myself out beyond belief. If this was uni I would be on week 15 and therefore long into my Christmas holidays by now but this is real life and I don’t get a break every 12 weeks and trying to revise and study on top of a full time job has officially kicked my ass and I’m not coping emotionally or physically my intestines are in shreds and I’m so goddamn exhausted all the time and now I need a break more than anything. I’m writing this week off to look after myself when I get home in the evenings and I’m starting by watching Marley and me and crying my eyes out to just release some goddamn energy because Self Care Is Good

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So I was talking to the most interesting patient ever today who was prescribed chloramphenicol eye ointment on repeat and I was like wtf so I went to ask him how often he used it and he told me that when he was younger he was in a car accident and both his eyes came out and he pretty much lost the top half of his face, and they were so focused on replacing blood etc (12 pints worth) and saving his sight that they were less concerned about the rest and now if he gets any sinus issues or any sweat on his forehead or anything it can go back into his eyes and he has to use these drops all the time or he temporarily loses his vision AND he can’t use nasal preparations because the skin in his nose is so senisitive from where they fully reconstructed it. So, to conclude, always ask your patient about anything weird you come accross with their meds because they might keep you sidetracked for 20 minutes telling you their whole life history, but equally it might be the most interesting 20 mins of your day.

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31/10/19 // 21.22

Just a quick one to say I got signed off on my 13 week review as competent and I’m absolutely thrilled!!!!!

However that doesn’t matter because MCR ARE BACK YAY so this sideblog now has lost all importance if you want me you can find me on my main @alltimechemicalkilljoy where I’m going to go and be super emo

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