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#marvel characters

Reader, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes

Words: 2006

Warnings: Awkward first meets, panic attack

A/N: Welcome to chapter 1 where we get to meet the main characters of our story. Not much to tell here, so I hope you all enjoy! 


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Things I wanna know about your character!!!!

Do they make the bed?

Do they get up when their alarm goes off? Or do they relax for a few minutes?

Does one close his eyes for ‘just five more minutes’?

Do they both?

Are they both early risers or night owls

Are they ever late?

Why ;)

When do they go to bed, what’s their downtime like

Are their schedules solid? Do they fluctuate a lot?

Do they shower of a morning or of an evening

Do they shower together or separate? If they shower together are they graceful or sloppy about it?

does one move the other out from under the showerhead so they can rinse off? Do they wash each other’s hair?

Are they out about their relationship? Or is it a secret? Is it an open secret when the people close to them know but they don’t tell anyone else? Do they care if people know? Why?

Are they messy?

Hobbies? Do they play board games? Video games? Do they like clue? Or monopoly? Is there a game that’s banned from the house (cludo?)

Are they competitive?

Is one a sore loser, does the other let them win?

How often do they play?

What about when they’re sick? Who takes care of who?

Is one whiny? Does one sleep it off? Is someone dead quiet about everything? So much so that they worry their partner?

I just wanna know everything!!!!!

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Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers x Winter Soldier, Stucky

Words: 1608

Warnings: Depression, angst, loneliness

A/N: Hello friends! I was listening to music (shocker!) and heard this song and it immediately spoke to me and I came up with a angsty Stucky fic. It’s based on “Waking Up Beside You” by Stabbing Westward and you’ll find the lyrics are bold and italicized. Also there is a picture in the pic by @0-ves-0​. I tried to reach out for permission but they haven’t been active since 2017. I’m still giving credit to them anyway for all their creativity! I hope you all enjoy!

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-really Seb?!, we woke up early to see the sunrise and is cloudy can we go back to sleep?

-stop whining and come here -he grab you holding you close getting a selfie with his phone, you just kiss his cheek, closing your eyes resting your head on his shoulder -dont fall asleep on me now

-is your fault I barely slept last night

- I didnt hear you complaining last night - you just smile hiding your face on his neck, you stayed there, he was hugging you close watching as the calm waves comes and goes

-I want to spend the rest of my life in this moment - you said with a sigh

- am I in that moment?

- always…-Sebastian smile kissing your head resting his cheek there as you both watch the cloudy sky came alive with the sunrise.

Alright here we go again this time with the picture he just post on #instagram inspired this little something, bare with me because english is not my first language😘

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Imagine riding in that car on the back going as his +one to a premiere for the first time, you just smile and lean foward to kiss his neck distracting him from his phone, he turns around and you give him a very exaggerated smile

-hi…-he simply said resting his head on the headrest

-hey…-you can’t really help to lose yourself in his handsome face

-are u alright?

- petrified -both of you chuckled at the same time

- don’t worry I won’t let you go

-I know- you smile knowing he meant more than just that premiere night

“First time ever writing something like this”, love Seb and Bucky so probably will try this again with inspirational pictures😉

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Bucky X Reader

Words: 1735

Warning: Sex talk and angst

A/N: To get back into writing, I joined a challenge hosted by one of my favorites @captain-rogers-beard. Congrats on 11K love, you deserve it! My prompt was Keep Your Hands to Yourself by The Georgia Satellites. That song has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember and was already on my phone, so writing this just came naturally. Hope you all enjoy it and feedback is always appreciated!

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This is a Tony Stark/Steve Rogers & Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes fanfiction based on the events of Captain America: Civil War. It is AU - Canon Divergence. Please enjoy this short blurb from the most recent chapter. 

To find Civil Heart, click this link:

And finally, here’s the blurb: 

When Tony woke in the morning, Steve was already gone, his side of the bed cold. He scratched his chin and shifted sleepily, confused by the emptiness of his bedroom. Throwing his legs out of bed, he dragged on his pants from the night before and pulled a black tank out of his dresser; the sun had barely risen over the tree line, and the clock beside the bed read just after five am. It had to be some sort of emergency to get Steve up and going - or the accords. As he stepped toward the door, however, he heard yelling from down the hall, and flung the door open. Steve’s raised voice echoed from the sitting room, barely drowning out Natasha’s own screaming.

“You don’t get to decide-”

“The fate of the world is not-”

“What everyone else’s lives-”

“In our hands, Steve! We’re not-”

“Looks like, we’re not-”



They both paused their yelling as Tony stepped into the room, eyebrow raised and arms crossed over his chest.

“Good morning,” he said softly. He glanced at Wanda, who sat beside Vision on the couch, her face streaked with tears. Between the five of them were the Sokovia Accords, still unsigned. “Shall I remind everyone that we have a no yelling before eight in the morning rule?” Steve stepped away, scoffing, his hands curled into fists at his side. Tony felt sick watching him struggle as he did, but agreed still with Nat; they weren’t gods.

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I’ve decided I’m gonna do a sleepover to sorta catch up with you all.

Send in:

  • Tell me about the best part of your day
  • Tell me about your crush (irl/online/celebrity)
  • Ask for advice
  • Fuck/Marry/Kill
  • Send me a word and I’ll give you a lyric/song with that word
  • Rant
  • Tell me a secret (on/off anon)
  • Send me your favorite song right now and I’ll tell you what I think of it
  • Top 3 anything
  • Ask something personal about me
  • Unpopular opinions
  • Would you rathers
  • Movie/tv/book/music recs
  • Make me blush
  • Make me choose between _________
  • Give me a prompt and a character or person and I’ll write a lil imagine (ya girl might go back to posting writing, who knows)
  • Send me pictures of your pets
  • Theories
  • Hot or nots
  • Have you evers
  • Tell me about your ships
  • Ship me with a character or person etc lmao
  • Ask me about my opinion on celebrities/tumblr users/characters etc
  • Send me a name for a name playlist
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Mood Board made by @lostinthoughtsandfeelings

Y/N Rogers was just existing through high school. Her past has made her circle of friends protective of her, making sure the past won’t repeat itself so she doesn’t get hurt again. What happens when a hot brunette from Indiana shows up and sets his eyes on the shy girl? Cue an overbearing big brother whose a brick shit house and captain of the football team, a scary best friend, a host of people loyal to the Rogers siblings and big bad mom Sarah Rogers who goes above and beyond for the kids she loves dearly. Can Our Love Survive? is a roller coaster that will have you feeling some type of way and will test if love really can make it through all the shit life can throw at you.

~Updates post @12:00 pm weekly

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If you follow me on AO3 as well as here, you may have noticed that some of my fanfictions disappeared.

Don’t worry!! They’ll be back**. I’m taking some time with all of them to update how they sound and look. Among those gone (and the order in which they will return) are:

To You, the Sea: James left many years ago, leaving behind only a note to his friends and one to his love. He hoped they’d never figure him out. Now, on an island off the coast of British Columbia, Oliver finds him, hiding from his ghosts. Can they reconnect? Or is the past too hard to reconcile with the present staring him right in the face? (If We Were Villains, rated explicit)

The Weight of a Trigger: Katniss wants nothing more than to be alone, to get away. But the world is cruel and times are tough; she’s got dirt in every inch of her when she rolls into Far River, Arizona, a new, tiny settlement deep in the southwestern states. This territory is new, almost unexplored, but it’s safe and far. As she grows closer with the people around her, she finds her need for fear to grow smaller; life just ain’t worth livin’, ‘specially if it’s lived alone. (Hunger Games, rated explicit - graphic violence & non-con)

Hands and Fire: Darkness sets in at night for Katniss, and the nightmares. Ghosts of those who had loved her and lost her haunt the day to day events, and she doesn’t know how to survive. But then, Peeta - all blue eyes and blonde hair and gripping hands. And whole doesn’t even begin to describe how full she feels. (Hunger Games, rated mature)

The Tired Fight: Peter struggles to regain stability int he months after everyone returns; he longs for the sound of one man’s voice, which he plays over and over again in his head. (Spider-Man and Iron Man, MCU, rated Teen+; spoilers for Endgame)

Somebody to Love: Prim is visiting her sister after a long first term of her senior year at college. Rory cheated on her, she failed her first test, and her sister moved to Ipswich, Massachusetts, about as far away from home as she could get. Now Prim, trapped in a town where he knows no one but Katniss and Gale Hawthorne – her ex-boyfriend’s eldest brother – has to find some way to make it through the holiday break. (Hunger Games, rated mature)

Poison Me: It’s been six months since Haymitch Abernathy entered the arena with 48 other tributes. In those six months, he’s lost everything, including his will to live. Now, it was just a matter of surviving. With the Victory Tour pressing memories of his time in the Games upon him, he must relive everything he did just to get out. (Hunger Games, rated explicit - graphic violence, major character death)

**Moon and Stars is not scheduled to return in the foreseeable future. It was not terribly popular and it’s been too long since I’ve written it.

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This is a new fanfiction that is still in the works. It’s been titled ‘Break the Tie’ and is a Tony Stark & Peter Parker fic based in a real-world AU. 

SummaryPeter Parker, a young, up & coming photographer, doesn’t think his boss, Anthony Stark, notices him. When they both have to fly to California to cover a medical conference, long nights and strong drinks lead to revealed truths. 


“So kid, how does it feel working for a real newspaper after ten months?” says a voice from behind me. I jump, my drink sloshing a little down my front, and turn to find Anthony Stark staring at me over the rim of his square-framed glasses. 

“Mr. Stark, I didn’t hear you walk up,” I reply nervously, mopping my shirt with a cocktail napkin. I take a sip of my gin and tonic as my boss chuckles and hope he doesn’t notice that my breathing picked up since he arrived. 

“That’s fine. But,” he says, taking up a seat next to me. He stirs the olives around his glass. “You didn’t answer my question.” 

“Right,” I reply, but pause. What had he asked? 

“How do you like the newspaper?” Mr. Stark prompts, nudging me gently in the side with his elbow. He takes one of the olives off his drink pick and chews slowly, watching me. I can feel his eyes burning into me. 

“It’s good!” I say too quickly. My face heats up as his smirk widens and he chuckles again. “I mean, I like it. I was pretty science-minded in high school but then college- well, I changed tacks and then I…” I trail off, feeling embarrassed. “You don’t need to hear my life story.” 

“Well, I hired you, so I saw your resume. I must say, your photography is impressive.” 

“Thank you, sir.” He splutters over the rim of his glass, choking out more laughter through his drink. 

“Please don’t call me that. I have a name,” he puts his hand gently on my shoulder and squeezes. “You can call me Tony.” 

“Right, sorry Tony.” I glance over at him as his hand falls from my shoulder, watching him swivel his barstool to face out, toward the crowded floor. His face is a little flushed over his cheeks, and his eyes are glazed in a way that makes him seem ethereal. My heart feels like it’s choking me, climbing up my throat to escape the discomfort of this situation. He scans with a vigilance I can only put towards his years of journalism, and clear my throat. “I have a question, Mr. – Tony,” I correct quickly. “If you don’t mind.” 

“Shoot kid, I’m a reporter. It’s not often I get to answer the questions instead of asking them. Go for it,” Tony replies, stirring his drink absent-mindedly with his olive pick. 

“Why did you bring me?” 

“Hmm?” He shoots me a worried look. “Do you not want to be here? I can send you home, it’s–” 

“No– no, Mr. Stark, I’m really grateful for the opportunity, it’s just… I’ve only worked for the paper for ten months.” I swallow heavily. “So, I guess you could say I’m confused why you didn’t pick a senior member of the photography staff.” 

Tony looks me over, his gaze calculating and piercing before he looks away with a sly smile pulling at the edges of his lips. “Because, Mr. Parker, I only take the best when I go to conferences as prestigious as this one.” He glances at me once more, then slips off his stool and tips his head. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m going to find someone I want you to meet. Stay right there.” 

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“We thought, OK, he’s [Johnny Storm]. Let’s keep looking. As we continued not finding people, we went back to the initial lists. And that brought us back to Chris. And I thought, well, Patrick Stewart played Jean-Luc Picard and Charles Xavier. Harrison Ford played Han Solo and Indiana Jones. Who cares? - Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios 🎬

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