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#marvel cinematic universe

Tony after comming back from space and the Avengers having dinner

Steve: Hey Tony what would you like to eat

Tony: Food

Steve: Yea but what kind of food?

Tony: Anything. Just give me some goddamn food before I eat that build-a-bear over there

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the more i think about it, tony stark and sirius black are so similar. both would be willing to sacrifice everything for their loved ones. misunderstood by many. rash, seems to jump into situations without much thought. “i would have died. died rather than betray my friends” // “he’s my friend” “so was i”. both grew up in a toxic, affluent household. prone to depression/drinking. both have surrogate son figures that they care about very much. have a best friend that they met in school who keeps them in check. doesn’t always work well with others, can be snarky. both are smart as hell. sense of humor. morally grey character in some time periods of their lives but ultimately wants to do what’s right and just.

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The Light Between Oceans (1/?)

WARNINGS: Bad writing, mentions of trauma, death, etc.

PAIRING: Bucky Barnes x fem reader (Post-war 1940s AU)


February, 1946

Bucky stares at the dark liquid steaming in front of him, its aroma filling his senses. It’s been quite a while, but he can already tell it wasn’t going to be anything like the coffee him and Steve would get from Patti’s diner back home.

The memory brings a soft smile to his face. He glances at his wristwatch. It’s 7:15 in the morning, and they are only two hours into the journey. There is still a very long way to go.

Closing his eyes in frustration, he sincerely considers the idea of just dozing off for the rest of the ride. But then, he also can’t afford to be kicked off the train for scaring the passengers in his sleep.

He picks up the cup and gulps down its contents in one swift motion. Yup, he thinks to himself. Nothing could beat Patti’s.

Four hours and seven cups later, James finds himself standing in the centre of Dunedin’s only functioning railway station. The scene around him is so familiar, it scares him. The sound of engines starting, the static of announcements, children running all around with their parents hot on their heels, lovers reuniting– everything from the enchanting frenzy of the crowd to the underlying silence of an entire generation has been placed right there; and he can’t help but marvel at how even halfway across the world, some things never seem to change. _____________________________________________

“Well, Mr. Barnes, I must admit everyone here was rather hesitant to accept your services, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t suitably impressed by your record.”

Bucky doesn’t really know how to answer, not even sure whether he had been asked a question in the first place. The man across the table, a Scott Lang, was somehow more genuine a person than any he’d ever met. He decides he likes him.

“So tell me,” Lang continues. “Why would a young man like yourself be interested in something as fruitless as this?”

There it is.

He thinks about his answer for a minute, carefully placing his words together. “I’m not … ” Fumbling over his words a little, he hesitates before speaking again. “With everything that happened, I just need to clear my head. Just for a little while. So, I guess something ‘fruitless’ doesn’t sound so bad.”

“I suppose so”, Lang agrees before dropping his voice to a whisper. “I must be honest with you. The committee would rather I not tell you this, but our last keeper, well, he….he couldn’t exactly cope with his life on the island.” He pauses to gauge Bucky’s reaction. “It can get quite lonely up there, and your situation isn’t exactly ideal.”

Bucky can tell he’s doing his best to discourage him from taking the job. Lang means well, but he doesn’t understand exactly how much he needs this right now.

“It’s nothing I can’t handle,” he says with an air of finality.

Lang sighs heavily as he places the contract on the table. “Alright Mr. Barnes. All you need to do is sign.”

A/N: sorry about the wait. Original draft was too long so I’ve kept it short and bite-sized. Chapter 2 will be out in 4-6 days. Feedback is appreciated, but above anything else: Enjoy. Taglist is open.

Tags: @kaetha @crayonwriting

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Fandom Entertainment’s “The Evolution of Captain America” is fantastic. Chris Evans’ take on Steve Rogers is my very favourite human being, real or fictional, and the video quotes him on what makes Captain America… well, Captain America:

“It’s not about his allegiance to a certain country, it’s about his allegiance to values and character. This [character] could be called Captain Good. He just happens to be from America.”

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I really love your miraculous mcu hcs so I hope you don’t mind me bugging you about this 😅 what would happen if Chat disappeared during the snap? Like what if they were in the middle of an akuma attack? ILYSOMUCH ❤️

Originally posted by stream

At first, they felt it more than saw or heard. It was a disturbance in the very fabric of reality, itself. An itch in their bones. A shiver in their blood. A whisper in the back of their head, forewarning of imminent danger.

Then, Hawkmoth’s latest akuma disintegrated.

“Mon dieu….“

Ladybug stared at the pile of ashes that was their opponent. A howling wind picked up some of the remains and dispersed them over Paris.

“Wh-What just happened?“ Chat glanced about, searching for an answer. “Did I do that?“

She shook her head. “I don’t think so.“ She turned to the sky as dark clouds began to gather, thunder rumbling within them. “We should see the Guardian-”


Ladybug sucked in a breath and forced down the brief burst of anxiety that struck her. She didn’t have time for interviews, even if they were with her best-friend.

“Sorry, Alya, we gotta-“

“Ladybug, what’s happening?“

Bluebell eyes fell upon the amateur reporter as she stumbled towards them, her body slowly crumbling into ash. Pure terror showed in her eyes, amidst brimming tears and darting pupils.

“Ladybug, hel-“

She never finished. Her legs shattered into puffs of dust and she fell onto the asphalt, becoming a cloud of ash.

Her throat became tight and her stomach churned. Dread evolved into horror and suddenly her ears began to ring. A hand—her hand—clamped over her mouth, but she failed to stifle the frightful gasp that left her.

She looked around like Chat, seeking an answer, some physical manifestation of a solution to this nightmare. She found none.

All she found were piles of dust and people becomes dust. They looked to her, calling out, reaching out, seeking her aid. She gripped her yo-yo tighter and looked to her partner.


He stared at his hands, watching the black, leather-clad palms turn grey. His eyes met hers and they stared at each other for an eternity.

“My lady?“

He stepped forward, then fell. She caught him and held him tightly. Yet, her attempts at holding him close were not enough to keep him with her.

His legs were already disappearing, and soon his torso would be gone too. His hands had retained their structural support far longer than his feet, but now they were crumbling.

In a flash of green, as his fingers fell apart and his ring fell, Adrien Agreste appeared in her arms.

“Adrien?“ she breathed, taken back by awe and terror.

“Hey, bugaboo.” He smiled, but faltered. “Don’t worry, I know you can fix-“

He dissolved into dust. She stared at the ash in her arms, watching it float up into the air. A choked sob escaped her before the waterworks broke free. She didn’t have long to mourn, however, as she noticed her own body beginning to turn grey.

“No. No. No. No.“ She clawed at the yo-yo on her belt. “Come on. Lucky Charm!“

Her yo-yo spun in the air, then fell back into her hand. “What?”

In a flash of pink, her super suit disappeared and Tikki manifested before her.


A gust of wind blew through the street, spreading Tikki’s ashes away, into the beyond. Marinette was left sitting on her knees, staring blankly into the distance as thunder rumbled and the Mad Titan sat upon his porch, breathing in then out, content with his triumph and the sacrifices that it cost.

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Hello all! A few weeks ago my friends and I were given the amazing opportunity to meet the cast of the new Spider Man movie, while we were in Disneyland celebrating our friends birthday. We couldn’t believe our luck, and had a great few seconds chatting with all of them. The only problem is we’ve been having trouble finding any photos of us online, if anyone took any while they were in the park or spotted photos of us on another site please let me know! I would so appreciate the help! ❤️❤️❤️

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It was always going to be Natasha???

It still breaks my heart whenever I think of how Natasha died but thinking of Clint dying breaks it too because I don’t think Nat would be able to live in a world without him???

Because in so many ways Clint Barton was her first family. The first person she fully let in. The first person she ever fully trusted and one of the very few (if not the only one) she would trust with her life. And she loves him so much because he let her in too, brought her into his family, his kids call her Auntie Nat. He gave her what she believed she would never ever have. So while the Avengers were her family Clint would always be her first. She loves him in a way that is not sexual or romantic yet still intimate and unconditional. And she would not be able to live without him being there so she chose to sacrifice herself, and she was okay with it, because Clint would be reunited with his wife and kids he would have the support and strength to go one whereas if Natasha were to live and he didn’t she would completely break. So she chose to die knowing that Clint would be able to live on rather than suffer the loss of the one person she ever truly loved. Her first true bond.

ahfjdks im ranting i wanna cry bye i cannot expound further but add more if u want

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