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Natasha: This date is boring.

Bruce: This isn’t a date! I said I was going to the store.

Natasha: Then why did you invite me?

Bruce: I specifically said, “Don’t come with me,” and you said, “Screw you, Banner, I do what I want,” and followed me here.

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Captain Marvel Spoilers, you know the drill…

So the whole hidden memories/vague past thing was an excellent touch. And I liked how the simplest explanation was actually the true one. When the Skrulls were pulling memories from her head, I was thinking they were false memories designed to cover up some mission she’d been on. Like the piloting, interactions etc were real, but the details had been changed and replaced with ones from Earth to protect her and the intelligence she carried. Then, when the people turned out to be real and to actually KNOW her, I figured she must’ve been a Kree operative on Earth and had her memories wiped when she returned to Hala, and that everything on Earth had just been an act. But no, all of that was real and she used to be just a regular human woman, until the engine accident caused an alien race to kidnap her and indoctrinate her as one of their own. She had lived all her remembered life as a true Kree, yet she was actually just a human with accidental powers and no conscious memories of her home or her previous life. I really liked that twist.

On another note, I’m glad she was able to accept the truth and side with the Skrulls in the end, though I think the timescale for that whole scene was a little dubious. She’s lived the past six years as a sworn Kree fighter, brainwashed to despise the Skrulls and do everything in her power to kill them. You don’t just undo that conditioning in a day, especially not when the reasoning is coming from her mortal enemy who she has never trusted and who has remarkably little actual proof. But I get that they couldn’t spend too much screen time angsting over that, and it’s still not as big a plothole as the bloody Tesseract thing…

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More Captain Marvel Spoilers!!

So here are the rest of my thoughts on the movie:

-The plot: brilliant! It was pretty obvious that the Kree were going to be evil, because they’ve been fascist dictators in every other movie, but still it was an interesting storyline and Carol’s hidden memories were very intriguing

-Jude Law: fucking beautiful. Shame he turned out to be like Bad Guy #1, but at least he’s still alive ❤️

-Carol Danvers: interesting development, good backstory. Very fucking OP at the end though, not quite sure how that’s gonna play in Endgame

-Brie Larson: loved the casting. Powerful, badass yet still sweet and humorous, I thought she fit the role well

-The way she got her Kree name (Vers) was amazing

-No romantic subplot, hallelujah. The whole Bruce-Natasha shoehorning romance into AoU kind of ruined my tolerance for them, so this was a pleasant change

-Young Fury and Coulson: loved it! Especially Young Fury, he was hilarious. Totally called the eye thing too. Which leads me on to…

-Goose: hands down the best character, adorable yet terrifying, 10/10 character development

-Did Fury not think that /maybe/ Carol could’ve helped with the whole Chitauri mess in A1 though? Or, like, the flying city thing in AoU?

-I changed my mind about who’s going to become Iron Heart. It’s going to be Monica, fight me

-Omg that Stan Lee opening tribute, I was BAWLING

-We got to see Steeeeeeeeeeve yay 😍

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Captain Marvel Spoilers!!!

So we all knew that the “core” in Mar-Vell’s lab was going to be the Tesseract, but here’s my question:

Last time we saw it, it was fished out of the ocean after WWII and taken to SSR/SHIELD for research and experimentation, where we assumed it stayed until The Avengers and the Phase 2 programme. So how tf did it end up in SPACE, on some hidden ship, surrounded by aliens and kept secret by some random air force engineer/secret Kree operative? How did she take it from SHIELD, and how did Fury and his bosses not know about it or where it was???

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Now hear me out…..

Originally posted by fairestcharming

Just a second….

Originally posted by tuagifs


Originally posted by umbrellasource

*clears throat*

Kid Loki! (☞゚∀゚)☞

Originally posted by thesamebutgayer

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Captain Marvel highlights

- A suit that wasn’t revealing but was still super cool and flattering

- Easily the most adorable child in all the MCU (and I WILL fight you on this)


- The Soft scene with Stan Lee (brb crying in the corner)

- flannel around the waist for Maximum Gayness

- all the tie ins to other Marvel movies were done so effortlessly

- first round of credits were BEAUTIFUL

- I also noticed a ton of female names in large roles during the credits. idk if that’s just me looking for women but it seemed like more than usual

- The relationships and humor were done so so effortlessly

- Carol was legit such a fun character and not even specifically hilarious but she wasn’t super serious either she was a normal human with a good sense of humor

- “I don’t need to prove anything to you” GO OFF QUEEN

- The backstory of Fury’s eyepatch (I will never take the scene of him burning his eyepatch seriously again)


- Fury’s janky ass eyepatch (idk if you can tell but this subplot was by far my favorite)

- am I allowed to just straight up say Carol Danver?? Can that be its own highlight??

- while I’m on a roll BRIE LARSON

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Steve: Um, Bucky? What do you think you’re doing?

Bucky, using his prosthetic as an extension to reach for the banana bread that was intentionally put out of his reach: Uhhhh who the hell is Bucky

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