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Singing in the Rain


Originally posted by bishopl


Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

Hey there, hi there, ho there! Back at it again with that content! Thanks for all the love that you gave my first fic… It was very much appreciated😊! I wrote this one based on my own anxiety of storms so it’s a little more personal for me :) . Don’t forget to request (I mean if you feel like it of course) aaaaand yeah hope you enjoy!

-imagine going out in a thunderstorm at night with loki-

Warnings: storms, anxiety

Nobody else heard it, just you.

It was as if you had your own Spidey Senses to sense thunder. It was obviously miles and miles away, it was only the slightest rumble. You really didn’t want to stay awake and stress about it anyway. It had been a long day, with a mission and hours of training.

You sighed, looking into the complete darkness of your room. You felt Loki’s arms still wrapped around you protectively, and hoped sleep would come again.

And it did.


You immediately jumped and gasped, waking Loki too. Your heart was pounding a million beats per second and rain started to pour on the roof of Stark Tower. You slowly steadied yourself as you laid back down and covered yourself in the warm bedsheets. You snuggled closer to Loki’s chest and he stroked your hair, as lightning dimly lit up the bedroom.

“I cannot even begin to comprehend what my oaf of a brother is upset about,” Loki murmured into your hair. You giggled quietly and heard more thunder rumble over the city. You kissed his shoulder and smelled his familiar scent, giving you more comfort.

“I don’t know… what have you been up to lately?” You responded. Loki smiled; he knew you weren’t a fan (him as well) of thunderstorms and he was proud of you for even being this positive about it.

A bolt of lightning lit up the room once more like a fluorescent lightbulb. Loud thunder shook the room as you clutched onto Loki’s shirt for a moment while closing your eyes. You had had this fear ever since you were little. It was a fear you were almost ashamed of (though you should never be ashamed of what you are afraid of) because many people grow out of fearing storms by the time they’re at least nine years old. And here you were, sleeping next to the man who’s brother was causing you all this fear and stress.

“My love, you know that if there was a way for me to prevent my brother’s dramatic tantrum, I would do it immediately,” Loki whispered, sending chills down your spine. No matter what he said, he never ceased to make you shiver or fill your stomach with butterflies.

You sighed. “I just wish I could get over this fear, you know?” You closed your eyes. Suddenly you felt Loki abruptly move away from you. You opened your eyes and saw him get off the bed, pulling his gorgeous hair back into a low ponytail and putting on a black windbreaker.

“What are you doing?” You asked, clutching the bed sheets in your hands. Loki didn’t respond until he turned to you and reached out his hand.

“Come along (Y/N),” he said with a sort of excitedness gleaming in his blue eyes. You cocked an eyebrow. Loki’s impatience got the best of him and he grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the bed, throwing a jacket into your arms. “If you want to start relieving your fear of storms, a starter solution is to go out in one.”

You put your jacket on shakily, struggling to get your arms through; Stark Tower was a giant metal tower in the middle of New York. There was a pretty high chance of being struck by lightning. You gulped as you took the God of Mischief’s hand and he ran you out of your shared room down the stairs.

You had never seen your boyfriend more excited about a simple storm. It was cute, actually, and it gave you a warm and fuzzy knowing he wanted to aid you of overcoming this fear.

Loki ran you out to the door of the balcony, holding your hand tightly. He was going to have a talk with his brother about his scaring you, naturally, but for now this would do. He looked back at your frightened face, your (Y/E/C) eyes dark with fear. The grand windows were pattered with raindrops, blurring the lights of the city. More lightning lit the dark room, for a moment showing more than silhouettes. Thunder tumbled and slightly shook small things in the room like chairs and picture frames. You, clad in a rain jacket, one of Loki’s oversized (for you) shirts, and socks, were visibly shaking. Loki pulled you close to his chest and kissed you softly, as almost a promise saying I won’t let you get hurt. He gazed into your eyes for a second before slowly taking your hand once more, opening the balcony doors, and stepping carefully outside.

Rain pattered on top of your head, and your socks were already soaked from the standing water on the balcony. You blinked, adjusting to the rain hitting your eyelashes. The rain did not seem to bother Loki. He kept a tight grip on your hand, not taking his eyes off you as if you would break from a raindrop any minute.

As he slowly let go and stepped back giving you space, you circled around yourself. You held your face up to the rain, allowing it to hit your cheeks, mouth, eyes, and forehead. You smiled. Loki sighed, knowing you were comfortable.

You did a faster circle, running to grab Loki’s hands and spin him around too. You laughed joyfully and started to dance and jump in the rain. Water started to splash on Loki, but none of that mattered to him; his favorite mortal in the entire world was enjoying (him/her/them)self.

“Loki this is wonderful!” You called gleefully into the night, throwing your arms up. It felt like Christmas in that moment, your spirits lit up like a child. Your hair was soaked and sticking to your face, and you were no longer shivering from fear, just from being cold. You quickly pecked Loki on the cheek and sighed, walking over to the edge of the balcony to peer over the never-slowing city. Loki came up and snaked an arm around you, kissing your head.

“I had hoped you wouldn’t be too frightened if I just took you out here…” he mumbled softly. You were about to kiss him when suddenly lightning flashed and before you could even react, the loudest thunder crack you had heard that night shook the tower. You screamed and held tight to Loki, who took you back inside quickly. When you got back in he held you by the shoulders and looked you over.

“Are you alright?” He asked with concern. He lifted your chin with his finger and looked at your shaken eyes, your heartbeat refusing to calm. You then smiled, giggling a little.

“Yes… I’m fine love.”

Just then a light turned on and you and Loki both looked over. A tired Tony Stark stood in pajamas, looking at the soaked God of Mischeif and you. He rolled his eyes and sighed.

“I don’t even want to know right now… Just go back to bed,” he pleaded. Loki smirked and you two ran back up to your room, leaving a trail of water behind you. You knew what you had signed up for when you two began dating, and you knew there would be many more adventures like this to come.

They didn’t call him the God of Mischeif for nothing.

I hope you enjoyed this! I would totally let Loki cure my fear of storms… And I liked this happier side of Loki, he doesn’t deserve to always be depressed. Anyway, if you have requests for ANY Marvel character fanfics, let me know! Thanks again for reading!💚

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peter: i know you play mysterious and aloof just to avoid getting hurt. i know you have reasons for not wanting to talk about your past. and i want you to know that i don’t care about any of that stuff.

peter: because i’m in lesbians with you.

mj: …what?

peter: i really, really mean it.

mj, confused: …ok

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