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#marvel cinematic universe

I was rewatching Black Panther and Couldn’t help but notice the look on M’baku’s face when Okoye stepped in front of the charging Rhino!!!

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peter: i’m so sorry mr. stark

peter: i’ll never sneak out of the house ever again

tony: it’s okay kid i just got a little worried

the doctor in the corner of the hospital room: sir, you went into cardiac arrest

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“ Some concept art from scenes that didn’t make it into the epic ensemble has found its way online, and it’s downright mind-blowing! 

” We kick off with an alternate death scene for Loki. It turns out that in a different version of Thor: Ragnarok, the God of Mischief would have fled on one of the refugee ships to Jotunheim with the Tesseract where Thanos would have eventually tracked him down before killing Thor’s brother. “

[ Link to the complete article is in source below. ]

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Pony Loki and twilight vs Tirek and Cozy Glow death battle

Oh shiiiiit! Now we’re talkin’! That would definitely be something to watch!

As for the winners, I’m honestly unable to say. I mean, my guy Tirek can literally absorb any creature’s energy for his own benefit, but Pony Loki and Twilight might be too clever as a team to succumb to Tirek’s power.

I’m way too invested in Pony Loki now, guys. It’s a problem😅

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