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#marvel fanfiction

Love and War - 3

Description: In a harsh medieval world, you set out on a perilous quest that will lead you onto a forbidden land. A land ruled and controlled by a ruthless Warlord King, one who does not look favourably upon trespassers of any kind, and punishes all with an iron fist. You may not know exactly where this quest will end, but what you do know is you will forever be altered by it. And that knowledge alone is what truly terrifies you the most.

Catch up HERE.

Word Count: 4,220 ish.

Pairing: Medieval!Steve Rogers x Reader.

Rating: PG for now. May become 18+ later.

Warnings: Violence. Curse words. Mentions of fears and potentially brutal medieval tactics. Most likely more to come down the road. Please don’t let these warnings scare you too much, give the story a try before you judge it.

A/N: I sadly don’t own any of these characters. And no beta reader, so I do proudly own all the errors and this story, so there’s that.

“Alright, so everyone knows the plan?” You ask quietly, not wanting the guard to hear you.

“Yes,” Wanda says back.

“Yeah,” Piet replies, “though, I will just put it out there that I think this is a horrible plan, but it’s really all we’ve got at the moment.”

Oh shhh,” you hiss, “have some faith, you negative nelly.”

He chuckles and murmurs something playfully that you don’t quite hear, but don’t really care to hear either.

“Okay, it’s go time,” you whisper then raise your voice to yell, “excuse me? Guard?

You notice Wanda move up against the wall, hiding herself in the shadows as best as she can. And then, she slowly starts to vanish before your eyes, using her magic to make herself disappear. She can’t make anyone else vanish, or stay that way for long, but you just need her to hold it for a few minutes. At most.

“Hellooooo! Guard!” You continue to yell, hearing his heavy footsteps coming towards you now.

“What are you hollering about, wench?” He asks gruffly once he reaches the cell door.

“I seem to have lost my cellmate,” you point out, innocently.

His eyes widen slightly as he looks around the small area, “where the hell did she go?”

Ya know? I’m not entirely sure,” you glance around and then shrug. “One minute she was here, then the next poof,” you wave your hands around with a flourish, “gone.”

A witch!?” He snaps, clearly angry now, “they didn’t mention you lot were witches.”

“Oh, I’m not a witch,” you shake your head, vehemently, “if I was, don’t you think I’d have escaped with her?”

“Back up,” he commands, ignoring your question, and you comply, reaching the back wall of the cell as his keys jingle and he unlocks the cell door.

“Stay right there,” he orders, “if you so much as move a muscle, you won’t like what happens to you.”

“Don’t move, got it,” you nod.

He comes towards you, pulling shackles off his belt as he does, clearly he plans to restrain you so he can check the cell over. But just as he is about to reach you, Wanda appears and jumps on his back, putting him in a steadfast chokehold. And then you spring into action, you lunge forward and kick him right where the sun don’t shine, causing him to hunch forward as he drops to his knees. Wanda still secured tightly around his neck, he tries to fight back, but you use all your weight to keep his arms down and away from reaching your sister.

After a few tense moments of struggle, he finally slows and then drops forward with a thud, unconscious. Wanda detaches herself from him and then you grab his weapon as she grabs his keys. You both quickly exit the cell, locking the guard inside and then go to release Pietro. Once his cell door is open you all share a quick group hug and then hastily make your way towards the tunnel door.

Pietro motions for you both to hang back, and then he takes the guards weapon from you and opens the giant wood door. Poking his head out to look both ways before he motions for both of you to follow him.

You make your way into the tunnel, and head back towards the large iron doors. This will be the hard part, dealing with the two guards on the other side.

After a few moments you reach the doors, and Wanda closes her eyes and focuses her mind. You aren’t entirely sure what she can see, or do in this state, but you have faith she will give you the window you all need.

After a silent and tense moment, she snaps open her eyes and goes to pull the doors open. Pietro and you quickly moving to help her, as the three of you pull with everything you have, hearing the same creaking sound as the doors open.

You glance out and don’t see a guard in sight, turning to give Wanda a curious look but she waves a dismissive hand, murmuring, “I’ll tell you later.” Huh, turns out, this was actually not the hard part after all. Go figure.

The three of you venture out the doors, pulling them closed behind you, as to not alert any passers by before you can get far enough away. Then you all head into the dense woods, knowing that taking a path isn’t an option currently. You quickly and quietly move away from the Kings city, wanting to put as much distance between yourselves and it, as fast as you can.

Your heart is pounding again, your legs ache from the day you’ve already had. Something in you is telling you to stay, begging you to go back, but you ignore it. You push on, knowing that if you did go back, you’d surely die. There was no sugar coating that. But then why does every step feel painful? Every additional pace making your heart scream out to stop. To turn around. To go back. You shake your head, now is not the time to listen to your foolish heart.

You all run for a while, putting some good distance between yourselves and the city, enough distance that finally Pietro believes it’s safe to stop for a bit. To rest. And your aching lungs want to thank him. They want to jump out of your body and bow down at his feet.

You’re exhausted, utterly and truly spent. Your whole body hurts, even your fingers ache. You just want your comfy bed and your sketchbook. Though you’re sure you wouldn’t even be able to draw at the moment. Not with how much both your mind and body, pulsate with pain.

“We will rest here for a moment, but then we have to continue on,” Pietro says as he sits down on a stump, “they will figure out we are gone soon, and then they will come searching for us. We can’t risk staying in one place for too long.”

You nod, as you pant heavily and slump down on a fallen tree. “I was not built for this,” you mumble breathlessly.

Wanda giggles and Pietro shakes his head, chuckling, “that you weren’t. But we love you just the way you are. Sluggish and pesky.”

Sluggish!?” You gasp trying to pretend to be offended, but then you burst out laughing, quickly slamming a hand over your mouth to muffle the sound. You shouldn’t be so loud right now, but you couldn’t have prevented the laugh even if you’d tried. You and Pietro both knew you were neither sluggish, nor pesky, but this is what he did. He messed with you. This is just the relationship you both have, you sass each other but it’s all out of love. “This coming from the witless trespass—“

Your words are cut off by a deep earth rumbling howl, one that strikes fear into your very soul. You have no clue what would even cause a howl that loud, or that menacing, but what you do know is, you do not want to hang around to find out.

How could they have figured out we were gone so quickly?” You whisper glancing at the other two as you all quickly stand up.

But neither of them seem to have the answer to that, and then you all begin to run in the opposite direction from which the howl originated. Your body instantly trying to protest every step, but fear keeps you moving. Though not as fast as Pietro, though he has always been much faster then Wanda and you. Especially because you’re both wearing these damned skirts. The two of you should have each warn a pair of Pietro’s trousers, what were you both thinking!? Coming to this Godsforsaken place in skirts! Damned fools!

“Come on you two, we have to pick up the pace,” he says as he slows down and waves a hurrying hand.

“We are trying,” you say through your heavy breaths.

You hear commotion getting louder behind you, but refuse to look back. You don’t want to know what is currently chasing you. You don’t want to risk tripping if you aren’t watching exactly where you’re going.

The heavy sounds of …hooves? No! Paws! The heavy muffled sounds of large paws hitting the ground is what you hear next. And there is a lot of them. Way more than you could ever stand to fight off. Whatever it is behind you, you do not want to face it. Not even a little.

Your mind kicks up a thought and you almost shutter in horror. A half breed army, man by day, beast by night. Oh Gods, maybe that rumour is actually true. A loud growl echoes through the forest, bouncing off the trees and causing every muscle in your body to tense up, instantly. As if the growl is controlling your physical body, telling it to stop running, and what’s worse is it wants to freaking listen. Your body wants to halt entirely, and face the damned beast. It’s actually begging you to.

Though you just keep pushing yourself anyways, ignoring the inner urges coursing through you, but finding each step even harder than the last. What with your body trying so desperately to deter your escape. To prevent you from getting away. Getting to freedom. You glance up and ahead, seeing Pietro and Wanda about 6-7 yards in front, you know they wouldn’t leave you behind. They clearly haven’t turned back yet to realize they’ve started to lose you. Their bodies just don’t seem as affected by all of this as yours currently is.

A howl off to the right has your eyes snapping that direction, but you can’t see anything, it’s just too dark, the moonlight unable to penetrate the tree tops in most places.

But then, a large mass running alongside you through the dense trees catches your eye, and on instinct you veer left. Hoping that you can escape whatever it is.

Y/N!!” You hear your siblings both yell and you look up to find them, but can no longer see them, and that only makes you panic more. Where did they go? You just saw them only moments ago. You couldn’t have gone that far off course!

Another growl rips from behind you, this time much, much closer. You know it will be on you soon. The end is near for you. You just hope that Wanda and Pietro can escape, can get to safety, that’s all you pray for now. You are truly doomed, but maybe they aren’t.

And just as you are entering a small clearing in the woods, something large—extremely large—collides with your back, knocking you on to your stomach on the ground. A massive weight landing on you, though not enough to crush you, but definitely enough to render you immobile. You clench your eyes shut, too afraid to look, while feeling the heavy panting of somethings warm breath hitting the back of your neck. You feel the weight lift off you, just as something large and warm slips under your stomach and flips you onto your back.

But you still refuse to look, to petrified to even peak at the beast above you. A deep, menacing growl reverberates through you and it feels like a warning. Like it is telling you not to move, or somethingyou obviously don’t speak wild beast so you really have no clue. But just in case, you decide it best to not move a muscle, for fear of only angering the beast more.

Another deep, rumbling growl rips from above you and this time your eyes involuntarily snap open, only to lock onto an eerie glowing set of blue eyes. If you weren’t so damned terrified, you might have even found them breathtaking. Entrancing even. You’d love to draw them, though you probably wouldn’t be able to do them justice. You find yourself just staring into them, you could easily get lost in these beautiful blue eyes—what are you even saying?! This thing is about to make you dinner and you’re admiring its eyes?! Give your head a shake, woman!

You tear your eyes away from the piercing, glowing blue orbs and drop them lower, taking in the sharp white teeth gleaming in the moonlight at you. The long snout connected to a body covered in thick, coarse golden flax coloured fur. Instantly you know exactly what it is, it’s a wolf. And a freaking huge one at that. Larger than any animal you’ve ever seen before. You can tell that even if you were standing up, it would still be taller than you, on all fours. And what’s worse, is that it probably still would be, even if it was slouching. This thing could easily eat you in 4 bites, max.

A huff noise, accompanied by a gust of air hitting your face causes you to furrow your brows and flick your eyes back up to meet the beasts. Why hasn’t it killed you yet? What is it waiting for?

Then, for some unknown reason, the beast starts to step back, removing itself from over top of you. And in a complete daze you sit up as it does, completely lost as to what is happening right now. But more curious about what is to come.

The sound of a branch snapping startles you and the beast’s head snaps to the left, towards where the noise came from. Then it hunches down low in a defensive stance as it’s hackles rise, causing the wolf to look even larger than it did before. Which is hard to believe is even possible. And then it growls deeply, the sound causing every muscle in your body to tense up once again. You vaguely hear the sound of retreating steps over your heart, which is once again pounding in your ears, but then the beast relaxes, huffing once more before it sits at your feet, just staring at you. Watching you.

What is going on? Why is it just looking at you? What does it want? You go to stand up but just as you reach your full height, your legs give out, sending you plummeting to the floor. But before you make contact with the ground, you feel something brush up against your side, and then a large furry neck is tucked under your right arm, helping to slowly lower you back down to the ground. And once you’re settled, it pulls away, going back to sitting in front of you, just staring once again.

Before you can even think about it you mumble a, “thank you.” Instantly realizing you are talking to a freaking wild animal. But oddly enough, it nods back at you. Or maybe you are just imagining things now? Or maybe you are actually dead? Because there is no way this giant wolf actually understands you, is there?

The rumour said they were beasts by night and men by day, so maybe somewhere in there, there is actually a man, one who can understand you. It sounds ridiculous and farfetched, but then again, it hasn’t killed you yet. And on top of that you swear to the Gods that it truly nodded in response to you.

But the only way to find out is to test that theory. You make eye contact with the massive blue eyed wolf and then ask quietly, “can you understand me?”

And you honestly almost fall over when the wolf nods its head, again in response to you. You are talking to a wild animal right now, what are the odds? “Are you—are you going to kill me?”

It tilts its head to the side, inspecting you for a moment, then huffs loudly and shakes its head. As if it’s frustrated by you? Seriously? “Then if not, may I leave?”

You go to stand again but a deep warning growl erupts from the large wolf and you halt your movements instantly. Lowering yourself back down slowly, as not to piss it off again.

But now, as you sit in complete deafening silence, with only the sounds of the woods around you, a stream running off in the distance, crickets chirping, and an owl hooting, you realize again that your legs ache.

Though it’s more than an ache, now that the adrenaline is wearing off, your legs feel severely cramped and your right thigh muscle is throbbing and pulsing uncomfortably. While your lower left leg now stings from your sweat entering all the scraps from your earlier tumble.

And your breathing is still crazy and erratic, though your heart has slowed down a little now, not beating at such a rapid pace anymore. You just continue to sit in the intense silence, while this wolf thing just watches you. Studies you. Every small twitch of your fingers, or quiver of your lip, or twitch of your leg from the pain. It just keeps its eyes on all of it. Not missing anything.

It’s rather nerve wracking, if you’re being honest, just having this predator stare at you, as if you are the most interesting thing in the world. Or maybe it’s looking at you more like you’re dinner, like you are the meal that will help sustain its life for a little while longer.

As the minutes tick on slowly, agonizingly slow, you become more frustrated. More antsy. Why are you just sitting here, still and unmoving? What does this beast want with you? And where are Wanda and Pietro? Did they get captured as well? Are they also just sitting around being watched by some other massive, intimidating beast?

“P-please,” you stutter out, “just let me go, I promise to never come back. If you—if you just let me—“

The beast growls at you again, abruptly stopping your words in your throat. And then it stands up and the threatening pose it gets into is not a friendly one. Not even close. It’s hackles are up again and it’s baring it’s large teeth at you. But then, it turns it’s massive head and looks to the right, just as you hear footsteps in the distance the beast moves towards you.

You flinch away, thinking it’s going to attack you, but instead it towers over your smaller, still sitting form. It stands sideways, directly over your legs. Your face almost pushed into the side of it’s stomach, and everything in you is telling you to reach up and pet the damned thing. To run your fingers through it’s golden fur, but you fight that urge and instead focus on whoever—or whatever—is coming towards you now.

And then you see it—or him, rather—a large, ridiculously large, man appears from the tree line, coming towards you both. The wolf growls menacingly and the man kneels down and bows his head. You are utterly confused as to what is going on right now. You just glance back and forth, between the man and the wolf—who’s still hovering directly over you. And then the wolf visibly relaxes, and a moment later the man stands back up right, to his full height and then cautiously steps towards you.

And it’s then that you notice he has something in his hands, you squint your eyes trying to make out what it is in the dark. Is it…rags? Blankets? Clothes? You can’t overly tell, but the man holds them out for the wolf, who takes them in his mouth and then looks at you, locking eyes and you can almost see a warning it’s the beautiful glowing blue orbs. Something tells you to stay put, some weird force making you acutely aware that you are not to move a muscle. You nod, not entirely sure why, but figuring it wants you to agree to it’s terms. Whatever they are.

That is, if it even gave you any terms in the first place.

Then, strangely enough, it nods back once, and steps away from you. Slowly removing it’s body from above you, and taking it’s warmth along with it. You shiver as the cold air surrounds you again and just watch as the beast vanishes into the dense tree line.

You glance up at the man, he looks even larger now that he is up close, and clearly your spot still sitting on the ground, isn’t helping that at all. You give him a once over, noticing he is rather handsome, with shoulder length brown hair, that is twisted into a bun at the back of his head. However, a few parts of his hair have fallen loose and hang down on his face and shoulders. Your eyes then flick over his face, before locking onto his crystal blue/grey eyes. And you instantly realize that you are just openly staring at this man, and he knows it. If the smug smirks now on his lips is anything to go by. That causes heat to rise in your cheeks and you quickly glance away, looking down at your hands to hide your embarrassment.

The silence is, once again, deafening. The man hasn’t said a word, nor has the wolf returned and you still have no clue what is currently going on. Nor do you know what you should be doing in this moment. Do you beg for your life? Plead that they let you go? Ask where Wanda and Pietro are, if they are alive? Oh Gods, please let them be alive and safe. That’s all you ask.

“Am I—am I going back to the cell?” You go to ask, but it comes out a quiet whimper, lost in the wind, and you aren’t sure if the man actually heard you. But then he scoffs and shakes his head, as if your question is stupid and ridiculous. But he doesn’t offer you anything else, not even a voiced response. So either he doesn’t actually know your fate, or he is just refusing to tell you.

Either way, all you want is to go home, to be in your cosy room. Wrapped up in a throw blanket and lounging on your bed as you draw the world around you. But you know deep down that even if you do live, you will never see your little room again. Nor get to just lounge in it, drawing.

Rustling bushes and footsteps draw your attention up and you see another huge man enter the clearing, this one even bigger then the one currently next to you. But this one, this one takes your breath away, instantly. He is stunning, in every way imaginable. All hard muscle, broad shoulders, and slim waist.

But then as he nears you, you notice his chiselled jaw line, one that could probably cut diamonds, and then his luscious golden locks, that you instantly have the urge to run your fingers through, it just looks so soft, so fluffy, so damned touchable. But as your eyes travel down lower, you notice his piercing blue eyes, and you completely freeze. They are the exact same eyes as the wolf, that much you know for sure.

An army of half breeds, men by day, beasts by night’. Oh Gods, that rumour is actually true. These men are clearly half breeds. You side eye the brunette, giving him a more thorough once over. But that doesn’t really give you much to go on, you honestly can’t be sure if he is a half breed or not. But you know the blonde is for sure. He was the wolf who caught you, and now stands before you in all his rugged, manly glory. Your eyes flick back to him and your heart skips a beat as you realize he is still studying you intently.

“Can you walk?” The large blonde asks, gruffly. His voice deep and penetrating. Like nothing you’ve ever heard before, it’s like his massive body only stands to amplify his voice, ten fold. You figure he could easily command a room full of men with just his voice alone.

“I-I think so,” you reply.

“Then stand up,” his deep voice now commands, and it sends a shiver down your spine. You nod quickly and slowly push yourself up onto your wobbling legs. Unsure if they will be able to hold all of your weight, but you don’t want to anger this man. Something deep inside you aches just at the thought of upsetting him. At the thought of causing him any more grief than you already have.

But just as you reach your full height, which is still a few feet shorter then the two men, you start to feel light headed. Black spots start to appear all throughout your vision, causing you to glance around, as if to look directly at them. But every time you aim your sight at a new spot, it vanishes and then reappears somewhere else. The movement of your eyes only stands to make you more dizzy.

You know what’s to come, you know you’re about to faint and you try to warn the men, you try to tell them. You’re eyes lock onto the beautiful, entrancing blue ones again as you manage to whisper out, “I think I’m about—“

But the words end there, dying in your throat, as your vision starts to turn fully black now, and you feel the momentum of your body plummeting to the ground. With no chance to prevent it, or to protect yourself, all you can hope is that you don’t hit your head once you meet the forest floor. The last thought to cross your mind is, ‘Please Gods, let me land softly’.

And then the world disappears into a lonely black, cold abyss.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Dark Times

Winter Solider!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You’re a double agent posing as a HYDRA assassin for SHIELD in order to take the organization down. The soldat pays you a visit in the middle of the night.

Warnings: None

Translation: “Ya ne pozvolyu nikomu trogat’ tebya.” ↠ I won’t let anyone touch you.

Originally posted by sssssssim

Being a double agent took a huge toll on your sanity. You witnessed all of the atrocious, inhumane acts HYDRA has committed and had to pretend to be okay with it, then report back to Nick Fury at SHIELD and pretend to be perfectly fine and dandy in front of your coworkers and teammates. Worst of all, you had to leave him in the hands of evil. The Asset. The Winter Solider. James Buchanan Barnes.

Steve Rogers had quickly become your best friend. Hell, you considered each other family. He told you all about Bucky; from their childhood antics to their last days together in the army. Through these stories, as ridiculous as it sounds, you began to care for the sergeant the same way. When Alexander Pierce introduced you to The Asset, it took everything in you not to faint and projectile vomitt. You thought of how crushed Steve would be if he found out the torture his best pal had been exempt to for all these years. But mostly, you felt incredible sorrow for the man behind the mask.

Pierce had made you his trainer. Every single day you and The Asset would spar, work on hand to hand combat, then off to weaponry you’d go. You were around him quite often. Alone. This allowed you to be gentle to him. Compassionate and nurturing. He took to you easily. Rumlow got handsy one day and the soldat had a glock to his head in less than a second. The feeling was mutual since then. You both looked out for each other.

The days till Project Insight counted down quickly until finally, it was the night before. You, Fury, and Hill worked vigorously to make sure everything was perfectly set into motion. You left work early, turning in for the night to prepare for tomorrow’s events. The whole ride home, you nervously jittered in the driver’s seat. You took an extra long, extra hot shower hoping it would help, but you only continued to shake until you were having a full blown nervous break down. You exited the shower quickly, hastily drying yourself off and shoving you favorite baby pink silk robe on before slamming the bathroom door open and taking a large gulp of air. You basked in the cool air of the open space of your apartment. You never realized how suffocating a hot shower could be.

As you stumbled clumsily into the kitchen for a glass of water, you noticed a dark figure sat stoically at your dining table. His stature rigid and unmoving. He was still clad in his tactical wear, weapons strapped to him along with his usual muzzle. The Asset was here. You shot your best attempt at evening out your breath.

“Soldier.” You choked out. “What are you doing here?”

He studied you, his brows furrowed slightly. The soldat stood up out of his seat and cautiously approached you as if he was unsure of his own actions. He cupped your face with both hands, turning it side to side to check for injuries. When he saw none and that you were still in distress, he cradled your face more urgently. His eyes begged you for answers.

What was wrong?

How could he help you?

You placed your hands on each side of his face and unclasped the muzzle, removing it and placing it on the kitchen counter next to you.

“I’m..” You breathed. “I’m okay.”

Placing your hands over his, you focused on the steady beat of your heart.

“ can I h-help you?” He rasped out, his voice hoarse from disuse.

You felt the panic start back up in your core.

“I-I don’t know..” You whimpered, the grip around his hands tightening.

An instinctive feeling took over the soldier as he pulled you to his chest. He remembered a crying little girl clinging on to him as she cried. He remembered holding her, until her cries ceased. Just as he was doing to you. You wrapped your arms around him. The gun strapped to his stomach pressed against you in discomfort, and yet, the soldat had provided you more comfort and safety than you have ever felt in your entire life.

After a few moments, you finally settled down. Pulling back to study his face, you were stunned at the softness of his expression. You had never seen him like this.

“When are they expecting you back at the base?” You asked.

“An hour.” He answered.

You cupped his face again. “Promise me something.”

He stared down at you and nodded slowly.

“When I tell you to run tomorrow, no matter what happens, you run.” You said sternly.

Your first priority was him. Steve would be fine. Natasha would be fine. He had suffered through too much to be put through more hell. He deserved peace

He frowned. “What about you?”

You shook you head. “Don’t worry about me. You run.”

He shook his head as well.

“You’re the only good that I’ve encountered in seventy years,” He said quietly. “I’m not running anywhere without you.”


“What’s my name?”

You were silent.

“I know you know it. What is it?” He begged.

You looked up at him with watery eyes.

“James. Buchanan. Barnes.” You whispered slowly. “People called you Bucky,”

His eyes were glazed over.

“The man on the bridge called me that.”

“You knew him.” You informed. “His name is Steven Grant Rogers. Also known as Captain America. You guys were best friends, grew up together in Brooklyn.”

“And you know him?”

You nodded.

“I do.”

The two of you stood wrapped in each other’s arms. You were the first one to move, offerung him a cup of tea. He didn’t remember the taste, but he accepted. How could he deny you? You lead him to the couch where the two of you sat in close proximity sipping the warm honeyed nectar.

“We’re on your side, James.” You whispered.

He looked at you with the most sorrowful expression you had ever seen.

“Then run with me.” He begged. “I don’t know anything about this life anymore. I’m not the man I hear everyone speak about anymore. All I know is you.”

You thought about everyone you loved. Steve, Natasha, Tony, hell even Sam Wilson who you had just met only days ago. Could you leave them behind? Could you sacrifice it all?

The answer?

“Okay,” You breathed.

As soon as the word left your mouth, he pulled you into his arms protectively. You surrendered, falling into his embrace.

“Ya ne pozvolyu nikomu trogat’ tebya.” He growled.

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Here are some prompts that I found on Tumblr compiled in a list. Feel free to send me an ask with a number + a character if you want to request something. You can definitely reblog if you want to.

Requests are always open and I write for most Marvel characters.

1.     ‘I didn’t come here to make friends.’
2.     ‘Good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion.’
3.     ‘I hope we’re never stuck together on a deserted island.’
4.     ‘Did you have a bad dream again?’
5.     ‘Are you going to act like it never happened?’
6.     ‘I’m not sure if I want to hug you or slap you.’
7.     ‘I wish I’d never met you.’
8.     ‘You weren’t supposed to fall in love with me.’
9.     ‘I just had the weirdest dream about you.’
10.  ‘Are you going to kiss me or what?’
11.  ‘Come with me.’
12.  ‘This reminded me of you.’
13.  ‘I can’t believe I’m dating a superhero.’
14.  ‘You know we’re meant to be.’
15.  ‘Our story doesn’t have a happy ending.’
16.  ‘Some people just aren’t meant to be together.’
17.  ‘Stop looking at me like that.’
18.  ‘I remember when we first met.’
19.  ‘I’m way too sober for this.’
20.  ‘Our first child will be named after me.’
21.  ‘Did you really think I wouldn’t find out?’
22.  ‘I told him I moved on. I lied.’
23.  ‘Walk out that door and we’re through.’
24.  ‘Despite what you think, I am capable of taking care of myself.’
25.  ‘You woke me up at 3am to cuddle?’

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I know I already asked for some prompts, but can I ask for one more? Or two? #4 and #37 I think would both make great fics and would be great Spideycelle NSFW content!

Of course! Thank you so much for your request! I’ve already written a fic for prompt 37 (Miss Your Train), so here’s 4 on its own. The seriousness of this fic is, imo, quite a departure from the Spideychelle stories I’ve written in the past. This one goes out to the anons who’ve asked me to write angst.

nobody actually meets in a bookshop
Pairing: Peter x Michelle (Spideychelle), background Ned x Betty
Rating: E/NSFW
Word count: 7172

4. “I really wish you’d told me your mother was in town.”

“Nope,” she says. “You have to leave. Nobody actually meets in a bookshop.”

“I told you,” Peter insists, almost laughing as she hustles him to the door, “I do have to leave.”

He’s late now. A friend (not that close) from college is exhibiting his sculptures at the gallery one door down (he won’t realize for a relatively long time how near the gallery is). Peter turned too soon, didn’t read the sign on the door, just saw the mood lighting and a crowd of people inside.

“Get out then,” she tells him, and they’re already standing on the sidewalk. You’d think rain would make it cleaner, but it feels grittier than ever under his sneakers, like the water got into all the cracks and floated the broken things to the surface.

“MJ,” someone calls from inside right before the door closes.

The woman in front of him gives Peter wide, mischievous eyes and he has a feeling. A second later, they’re hurrying down the sidewalk and he feels like an outlaw.

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Summary: Spider-Man saved you that one time when you needed him and now he comes and checks up on you every single day. 

Author’s note: Since part one got a crazy amount of love for a very short time I decided to continue the fic. I hope you enjoy the other parts as much as you enjoyed the first one. There is a surprise guest in this one (Deadpool)

Warnings: Far from home spoilers and sadness (there aren’t that many spoilers tbh)

part 1

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Chapter Title: “With a Blade of Grass”

Pairing: Loki x Original Female Character (Eva)

Word Count: 13,832 (the most carried away I’ve ever gotten)

Warnings: VERY Loki/Eva-centric, some angst, Loki’s usual self-loathe, adult content (not “explicit” per se), so. much. fluff.

Name Pronunciations: Hjalmar: “He-all-mar” | Aaldir: “All-deer” | Ephinea: “Eh-fin-ee-uh”

Summary: Eva and Loki experience a night of freedom together and rediscover each other.

A/N: I was too excited and had to share this new chapter ASAP. This is my favorite chapter I’ve written…ever. Once again, thank you all so, so, so much, and I hope you enjoy reading this installment as much as I enjoyed writing it <3

Tagged: @teddyboobear @alledeglyfunny @xletmetaste-yoursmilex @itsknife2meetu @mynameisyara @j-j-ehlby-writes @jillilama-blog (anyone who wants to be tagged can message me and ask. It’s not a problem at all)

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Pairing: Cop!Steve Rogers x Reader
Cop!Bucky x Reader, Cop!Clint x Reader, Cop!Sam x Reader

Warning: Broken people. Demons. Possessive. Overprotective. Dark Sides. PTSD. Invasive. Four Very Alpha Men. Violence. Flashbacks. Little bit of Dark!Sexual content. One girl connected to four men, in very different ways. Girl fights. Cheating is mentioned (cheated on, not cheating).

A/N: Sharron is, who Sharron is in this. I don’t like her, my girls don’t like her. So if you want to pretend she is a different Sharron. Be my guest. But don’t chew me out, for how I made this.

A split decision, a left hand turn on a typical, quiet patrol.
One shitty break up text and way too much vodka with a rash decision.
Who would have thought two random moments, would bring two worlds together. Leading two worlds together.
They say two broken people can make each other while again. But can one girl fill something broken in four men? Four very different relationships. Four of New York’s Finest. One girl who might be just as broken as they are. But could they be everything they need?

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Story summary: Something strange is happening. Someone from space has made their way to Earth, armed with a strange weapon. Targeting teenagers, their ray gun, when fired, turns the victim into a toddler. The Avengers set out to stop this, and find a way to reverse the effects. However, they don’t all come out of the battle unscathed.

Previous chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Part of my Frostiron and Spiderson series.

Warnings/themes: de-aging, family stuff, corporal punishment (early chapters only), mental health stuff, hurt/comfort, hospital/medical stuff

Chapter 15 - How I Hate To See You Like This

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Hey Love! Here is my request, #17 and #21 with Steve maybe kind of NSFW.. Thanks!!

ashhdjd okok so fair note over here: i cannot write nsfw to save a life. like, i try then it just feels,,,, ehhh?? so im sorry if its not what you expected/wanted !!! this is why i have a huge amount of respect for people who can write nsfw ahaha

please validate me

17: your bed after travelling

21: thigh high stockings and garter belts

Originally posted by captainsamerica

Originally posted by armiidam

One of the things that comes with being an Avenger is fame. And that means you get invitations to a lot of events. Tonight was no different.

Steve kicks off his shoes to plant himself, face first, on the bed as soon as you both came home. Charity events were for a great cause, this he knows. But it’s tiring to walk around, dressed so fancy, smiling for pictures and nodding off to the words people say. It’s not thay Steve hates these formal events. Let’s just say it’s not his scene.

You chuckled at Steve’s current state, making a little comment how he was being a big baby. He sits up and is met with the sight of you getting ready for bed.

You let your hair down from the hairstyle you wore the entire night. You removed the jewelry thay made your entire look, and you began your routine of removing your makeup.

Something about the scene in front of him made Steve lick his lips. Maybe it was was because can you believe he has someone as beautiful as you? Or maybe it was because that dress is too good on you, and he’s ready to see what’s underneath.

You paused your actions to turn and smirk him. “Are you just going to sit there and watch?”

“Yeah sure.” Steve replied, as smug as you were. “I have a really nice view here. Why, are you gonna let me?”

You rolled your eyes, but a smile remains. “Hmm, how about you help me unzip this dress, and I’ll think about it?”

He stands up and moves to kiss your temple before his hands touch the zipper. The dress loosens and it begins to slide off. It easily meets the floor with a soft thud. His eyes scanned your form hungrily, hands reaching out to trace your curves. From your waist, hips, and your thighs.

“You were wearing these the entire night?” Steve asked incredulously, gesturing to your stockings and garter belts.

You turned to face him. “Yeah, what about it?” You challenged.

What about it? Baby, if I knew this earlier I would’ve begged to get home earlier or maybe have you at that party there and then.”

“Tsk tsk, greedy boy.” You teased, leaning in closer to him.

He wraps his arms around you and grabs a handful of your ass. “Can you blame me for being like this when there’s a feast right in front of me?”

The party may have ended, but the real main event of the night had just begun.

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Summary: Bucky left the reader on their wedding day many years ago.

Warnings: some cursing, angst. Please please please please do not read if gory details make you uncomfortable. Italics+flashback.

A/n: So basically I cried while writing this. I’m sorry but here’s Bucky’s POV. This is not the ending though we do have a wedding to attend people. With that being said I think there’ll be at least two more chapters coming. Thank you for reading I hope you enjoy it.

Originally posted by classylena

Bucky never made mistakes, he always made sure of it. Rescuing the children hadn’t been a mistake, if he could go back and do it over, he would in a heartbeat. The only mistake he had made that day was that he had acted recklessly, he hadn’t waited long enough for his unit to catch up and he hadn’t scouted out the area to make sure there weren’t any threats around. The only thing on his mind was getting the children out and to safety.

He hadn’t known that there was a war prison a few miles north of the camp that kept tabs on it. And he hadn’t noticed the little boy that ran off to alert them that he had fallen straight into their trap. It was soulless, using children for their evil doing.

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This is for @teamcap4bucky‘s 2K challenge. I was cleaning out my docs and saw this, and had an immediate reaction of “COME ON MAN” because I was supposed to have posed this 80 million years ago.

Steve Rogers x (Female)reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Mention of minor injury and alcohol, swearing.

Originally posted by captainsamerica

Life being an Avenger was… interesting. You fought, you seduced, you fought some more, and a majority of the time you loved what you did. You were just a normal human, but you did think of yourself as a little above standard… which is why, currently, you’re running a training op with SHIELD trainees. In the woods. You know, just the normal stuff. 

Wrong. You were up against a team that was mixed with the Avengers, and trainees. Of course, you weren’t quite against having mostly enhanced people coming after you. Except, you were you; cocky, secure, confidant, and most of all, you really wanted to win. 

Each Avenger had their own squad of trainees that they coached and helped out- which was quite beneficial to both parties, because trainees were well-versed in some things that some of the avengers couldn’t do. (SHIELD trainees could, and would run kill missions for SHIELD against HYDRA or AIM members, or run a capture of someone too high-profile for the Avengers to go after, with the whole sokovia accords thing. The Avengers couldn’t operate in Berlin, but SHIELD agents could because, you know, the whole “dead” organization thing. Most were operating under some form of intelligence committee, namely agencies like INTERPOL and the CIA- sometimes the NSA.)

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I thought of this on my way home from work and wrote it in a frenzy, hope you guys like it!

This is based off the song “Dancing With a Stranger” by Sam Smith/Normani 

Warnings: this is kind of angsty I guess 

Let me know what you guys think! 


Driving as fast as you can, you try not to think about the recent fight you had with your boyfriend. You don’t even remember what it was about, but Tom had left the apartment with a duffel bag, and you hadn’t heard from him since. Now it was Friday night, which happened to be your and Tom’s date night. You had tried to stay home, but everything reminded you of him. All your movies had romance in them, the blankets smelled like him, his shampoo was still in the shower, your dresser had more of his shirts than it did your own. You had to get out of the apartment, so you called some friends to meet them uptown. 

Pulling into the parking lot, you see your friends waving at you from their car. They hug you, then link arms to walk inside. 


You weren’t sure how it happened, but you ended up on the dance floor. Normally, you didn’t dance, especially in the dark, but tonight was different. A man with long blond hair had caught your eye, so you slowly moved closer to him, seeming to catch his attention. Before long, his hands were on your hips as the pair of you swayed against each other to the beat of the music. That is, before you stumbled and he caught you. 

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Pairings: Mer!Bucky Barnes x Reader x Mer!Steve Rogers (Mermaid AU)

Warnings: not much really, fluffyness out the butt

Word Count: 3900+

Summary: The sea had been Bucky’s and Steve’s life, both content to swim from ocean to ocean, side by side. A part of them always felt as if they were missing something, but neither could tell what. One night they come across a woman, and it’s as if their pieces fell into place. Only she comes with her own baggage and past horrors. Neither Bucky or Steve are willing to live their life without her, but first, they have to figure out how to help her with her own.

A/N: Can I just give a MASSIVE shout out to all you amazing people who have been following from the beginning to the people who’ve just started reading this series?? Like you don’t understand how amazing you all are. You just-i just- ugh I can’t even put it into words. You’ve all been so incredibly patient with me as I’ve been finishing my stories and you all rock. Seriously. You’re amazing. This is the LAST chapter of the main storyline at least. I probably will start working on other pieces for this, but I want to get my other WIP and requests done first. That being said, I hope you all enjoy the last part, I hope it fills in any blanks you might have and I hope it helps give you an idea of what their lives are gonna be like after all is said and done. Enjoy!  💕

Originally posted by kazablanka96

Chapter 37 | Epilogue | Series Masterlist

“You sure you want to do this?” 

Y/N sucked in a deep breath and stared up at the double doors leading into the precinct. She knew if she didn’t do this now, she’d never get it done. Steeling her nerves, she nodded sharply and turned back to Maria in the driver seat and glanced in the seat behind her. Bucky and Steve sat in the back peering around them in awe despite their long legs uncomfortably bent against their chests in the comically small car. She smiled warmly at the sight of childlike wonder that hadn’t disappeared from their eyes since they left Tony’s hidden lab.

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Originally posted by dobryk

Fic #18 of the Mamma Mia! Prompts
Song: Super Trouper

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Word Count: 1,095
Synopsis: The anxiety Peter feels since Endgame still lingers, but he eventually realizes that you’ll always be there for him.
A/N: Last one! I hope you all enjoyed the celebration! I am truly grateful for each and everyone one of you and look forward to posting and interacting with you all more later on! Love you all 

**Far From Home spoilers (kinda)

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Divided We Fall - Chapter 1


As Bucky and Steve walked to class, Bucky wondered what a small punk like Steve had done to piss off Brock. He knew Brock wasn’t that rude. Was he?

He turned to Steve and asked carefully, “So, what happened back there?”, looking at Steve’s injuries for the first time. 

Steve looked at Bucky and frowned. “Rumlow being a bastard, like usual. I’m fine.”, he said, looking away from Bucky, and choosing to focus on a scratch on his arm.

“You don’t look fine! You have scratches everywhere! You’re bleeding!”, Bucky exclaims, trying to get a good look at Steve’s injuries, before Steve turned and covered his arms. 

“I said I’m fine.”, Steve says, as they reach the classroom. Steve walks inside quickly, taking his seat, leaving Bucky to wonder what exactly was happening with Steve.


Sharon ran into her class, Government, and sat down, her mind still on that Natasha girl.

“Damn. She’s pretty”, She thought as she got out her stuff, leaning back in her chair when she finished.

She looked around the room and silently groaned when she saw a picture of Aunt Peggy hanging on the wall. She’d been seeing a lot of pictures of her Aunt, especially after she had gotten reelected for senator.

Was it so bad to want a class where she wasn’t in her aunt’s shadow?

Sighing, she sat back up as the rest of the students ran into the room.

Soon, her great friend, Wanda slid into the seat near her and grinned. “So.. How are you?”, She asked, getting her stuff out as well.

Sharon smiled at her and said. “I’m good. Rumlow was being a bastard again, but that’s normal.”.

Wanda looked at her and said. “I’m glad that you’re good. But you have got to report that son of a bitch. He keeps trying to bully you guys.”.

Sharon shrugged. “They won’t care. It’s okay, though. We can deal. ”, She says, before the teacher started the lesson.

Sharon tried to listen, she really did, but her mind soon wandered off to a certain redhead.

“I need to know more about her.”, Sharon finally decided. “Hopefully, I can see her again.”, She thought as she twirled her pencil.

“See who?”, Wanda asked as Sharon blushed, realizing that she said the last part out loud. Wanda smirked as she turned around in her chair while the teacher droned about the subject.

Wanda wiggled her eyebrows as Sharon, her face still red, whispers, “There is this girl, Natasha.”.

“Ooh. How did you two meet?”, Wanda whispered back.

“Well, I was looking for Steve. And I ran into her?”, Sharon whispered back quickly.

“Well, I’m telling that story in your wedding. Just watch me”, Wanda says, before quickly looking back to the teacher.

The teacher stopped speaking and glared at Sharon, looking at Peggy’s picture and back at her, before turning back to the board and continuing the lecture.

“Yeah. I know my aunt is awesome, you don’t need to keep reminding me of that.”, Sharon muttered under her breath. She looked back at the board and tried to listen to the teacher.


Natasha was in her own class, sitting in the back with Clint as she got her stuff out and stole a slice of pizza from Clint, causing him to glare at her. Natasha smirked at him before trying to turn back into the lesson, before her mind drifted off.

That blonde girl seemed familiar, but Natasha couldn’t put her finger on it. “Fuck. I have to find out who she is”, she muttered, thankful that Clint couldn’t hear her.

Natasha started to twirl her pencil, one of her nervous habits and Clint looked over.

“What happened?”, He asked, looking at her.

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”, She replies.

Clint looks at her for a minute before quieting himself and saying. “Ok. Fine. Anyway, did you hear back from that dance teacher?”, He asks softly, referring to Natasha’s recent audition with a prestigious ballet teacher.

“Clint. Not here.”, Natasha hissed, before softening her tone and whispering,“Not yet.”, trying to hide her own nervousness on whether she would get in.

But of course, Clint always had a knack at understanding her and whispered,“You’ll get in. You got this. I believe in you.”.

Natasha smiled a little and nodded happily.


Steve sat down at his usual seat, and his eyes followed Bucky as he chose to sit in the back. He wanted to go talk to him again, but decided against it when he saw Sam enter the classroom. Sam smiled at him and sat down. “Did you get mugged.”, Sam asked, glancing at Steve’s injuries.

“No. I got makeup tips from a zombie.”, Steve replies, completely deadpan.

“Well, that zombie was a good teacher, cuz you look like trash.”, Sam retorted.

Steve rolled his eyes. “Fuck you. Anyway, it was that bastard Rumlow. And then, some jerk thought I was a damsel in fricking distress. Do I look like a damsel in distress?”, Steve asked.

“Do you want me to answer that honestly?”, Sam replied, laughing as Steve chucked a paper ball at him.

“Fuck you”, Steve repeated, no malice in his voice as he also laughed before turning back to the lesson.


Bucky chose to sit away from Steve, and in the back.

While Ms. Hill was speaking, Bucky kept thinking back to Steve. “What did Brock want with him?”, he thought. He knew Brock. Brock wouldn’t do such a thing. Would he?

He kept glancing at Steve as well. Well, it wasn’t his fault that the tiny chihuahua looked so damn cute.

He kept thinking, when his phone buzzed in his pocket. He quickly took it out and saw a text from Pierce. “You better come home Right after school, or else ”, the text read. Fuck Pierce, who did he think he was.

Bucky frowned as he shoved his phone back in his pocket. “This bastard married Ma not even a month ago and he thinks he can control me?”, Bucky thought bitterly, ignoring the looks that he got from the other students as he put his head in his hands.

“Fuck this.”, He muttered.

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Originally posted by flexingtyger99

Oh, hush, my dear, it’s been a difficult year
And terrors don’t prey on
Innocent victims
Trust me, darling, trust me darling
It’s been a loveless year
I’m a man of three fears
Integrity, faith and
Crocodile tears’

- Bad Liar (Imagine Dragons) 

Summary: Aiming to live up to her sister’s legacy, a whole lot of trouble is in heading for (Y/n), trouble in the form of a Blue eyed devil.

Word count: 2.9k+

Hahaha guess who came back from the dead ! Me! This is the first part of what I expect will be a miniseries at the least, hopefully you guys enjoy it! 

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Part 7

word count: 1.1k

Colossus first notices you  standing in the middle of all the upheaval from the episode with Cable clutching defensively onto a silver suitcase, and some sort of matte black cane that seemed much too purposeful for its innocent looks.

The woman has plaited hair – double French braids. But half of her face is covered. She must be the lady we have been hunting. And that must be what we were looking for.

His eyes catch onto an incapacitated Cable, moving ever so slowly on the floor, as he lifts his upper body up into a seated position – Colossus hurries to his side; asking the usual questions you ask when a team member is hurt.

Cable grunts an affirmative to being alright, repositioning and ordering his TO arm back into use. The remnants of the shock still seem to stiffen him into submission from time to time, but he assures Colossus that he will be alright, propping a knee up before pushing himself off the ground and onto his feet. His movements seem mechanic – quite ironically – as he steadies himself against one of the tables.

‘‘Our lady got me real good.’‘ 

His smirk was mildly unnerving, considering how you kicked his ass just a few minutes ago.

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