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#marvel fanfiction

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (eventual)

Warnings: Mentions of winter soldier + what he’s done, cursing 

Word Count: 693

Note: This is my @star-spangled-bingo entry for the square “Dear John/Dear Jane letter”


July 12th, 2016

Dear Journal, 

Nope, I am never saying that again. 

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Coming Soon: The Maiden and The Outlaw

Summary: Mixing folklore and the MCU with the tiniest pinch of history, this Robin Hood inspired AU features James Buchanan Barnes, Samuel Thomas Wilson and Steven Grant Rogers. Other Marvel favorites will be sprinkled in as well. 

Yes, of course Thor is going to show up somewhere. You just wait and see.

The story centers around an Original Female Character (who will be given no other physical descriptors). Also included is the requisite nasty sheriff played by none other than Brock Rumlow (*boo*). All the adventure and romance you would expect, minus the silly hats.

A reminder that I no longer maintain tag lists. All my work can be found on AO3 under the same ID.

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Fake in Love: A Series

Part 10


Part 10 out on 1/23/20 at 10:00am CST!

Series Summary: After two breakups, Tom Holland and Y/n L/n are left to pick up the broken pieces left behind by Zendaya and Harrison Osterfield. But as they plot at how to get back at their two former best friends, they just might find that true feelings will come to the surface.

(A/N): At somepoint these chapters get longer, I promise. I just don’t exactly remember when that is🤦🏼‍♀️😂

Warnings: Mentions of cheating.

Series Masterlist

When I woke up the next morning, I realized. I went into the living room and found Tom still lying on his couch, but awake.

“Morning.” he said when he saw me coming in with a blanket draped around my shoulders. 

“Why didn’t you just sleep in your bed too?” I asked. “Not like it would’ve been awkward. Do you remember sharing a bed when we went to the beach in middle school?”

He laughed as he remembered. “I don’t know. I just thought it was better given the circumstances.”

I smiled at him.

I sat my blanket on the couch as Tom suggested we make breakfast.

We were in the kitchen together trying to make pancakes, but we kept bumping into each other and or a hand kept brushing.

“Hey Y/N look at me you’ve got something on your face.” Tom said.

“Where?” I asked.

“Right….there.” Tom said as he rubbed flour on my nose. I gasped in mock horror as I rubbed some on his face.

That started a flour war that ended in both of us looking like ghosts, Tom’s kitchen being an absolute mess, and not having enough flour left to make the pancakes.

We ordered Uber Eats.

We cleaned up ourselves and the kitchen as we waited for the food. Tom loaned my some of his sweatpants and one of his T-shirts as he washed the ones he covered in flour.

The food finally arrived and we sat down to eat. As we ate, I finally asked him something that had been on my mind for a few days now.

“Tom how are you doing?”

“What do you mean?“ he asked.

"Like, with the breakup. I keep coming to you an absolute mess and you don’t seem to be hurting about your breakup with Zendaya at all. You haven’t even really mentioned it since the morning after we found out.”

Tom sighed and sat down his fork. “Honestly, it really hurts. She violated my trust. I’m hurting as much as you are.”

“So why aren’t you acting like it? I want to help you like you’re helping me.”

“Because you are my best friend and I’m more concerned with helping you feel better than making me feel better.”

“Tom that’s sweet, but that’s not healthy” I said laughing.

He chuckled. “I guess it isn’t.”

“Come on.” I said. “Today is about making you feel better. We’re going to watch all of your favorite things, eat all of your favorite things, and we’re going to help you.”

Tom sighed and shock his head, but I could see him smile as I pulled him by the wrist over to his living room.

My best friend had been making me feel better, now it was my turn.

We watched some of his favorite films, such as Captain America: Civil War, The Lion King, Spider-Man Homecoming, we both decided to watch The Avengers.

We ordered pizza that night, and during the day we ate more junk food than should be legal. We also did face masks, which even though Tom would never admit it, he loves. He says they make his face feel good. I made sure we took a picture together with our bright blue masks on.

As the credits rolled through out last movie of the night, which was The Avengers, Tom suddenly tackled me onto the couch in a hug. I laughed and hugged him back as his weight slightly crushed me. He gave me a big kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you for today.” he said as he looked down at me.

“Your welcome. Anything for you.” I said.

He stayed onto of me just looking at me until I couldn’t stand it anymore. “Tom, your kinda crushing me.” I said laughing slightly.

“Oh yeah sorry.” he said laughing as he got up.

I could barely keep my eyes open as I got up to start cleaning up the blankets we had drug out when Tom stopped me.

“Hey no, don’t do that. You’ve done enough for me today. I’ll clean up. You go home, I can tell you’re tired. And I want you to get home before it’s too late.”

“You sure?” I asked him.

“Yeah.” he said nodding.

“Alright then. Let me know if you need anything Tom really.”

“I will.” he said smiling.

I walked over and hugged him. As he wrapped his arms around waist, I took a deep breath of his scent. He always smelt so good.

“Goodnight Tom.” I said.

“Night Y/N.” he said.

And with that I left.

Taglist: @depressing-but-loveable @martinafigoli @theolwebshooter @jackiehollanderr @phrogtheguitarist @holland-ndmr @iam-thevillain-of-thisstory @thegirlalmighty01 @tbh—idk29 @rubberducky-jrr @autobotgirl15-blog @thegalacticneko @midnightbarnes @thenoddingbunny-blog @princess-chocolate-drop @smilexcaptainx @caitsymichelle13 @143amberrose @kittybritty7 @jillanaholland @fanficscuziranout

(Let me know if you want added to the taglist! If you’re tag doesn’t work let me know and I’ll try to fix it. Strike-throughs mean that either Tumblr wouldn’t let me tag you or I couldn’t find your username and I apologize.)

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1363

Warnings: Alcohol, Drunk Bucky. 

Summary: Friday nights were always time for you and your roommate Bucky to hang out and catch up…except this week, which changed your friendship forever. 

It was finally Friday night. The moment you’ve been waiting for all week. The day that precedes a two day long trip to paradise where zero, yes zero, children are tugging at your shirt saying, “Miss Y/L/N, I have to go to the bathroom!!” or “Miss Y/L/N, I have a booboo”. While you loved your job as an elementary school teacher, every so often it was nice to relax. 

Friday was usually the night you and your roommate, Bucky would order some takeout and watch bad movies, laughing at every cliche, mistake, and just plain cringey moment. Simple plans, but this was the only time you ever saw each other due to your conflicting schedules. Friday night was the only time you both had free.

You and Bucky had been best friends since the moment you met nearly 8 years ago. It seemed like a dream to be able to live with him, even though you barely saw each other. If you knew any better, you’d say you had feelings for him. Of which you’d never admit of course, for the sake of your friendship. 

It was actually getting a little late and no sign of Bucky. Normally, this would be nothing to bat an eyelash at, but given his unique job, this made you feel a little uneasy. You were always worried about his safety.

“If he’s not home within the next hour, then I’ll text him” you promise yourself. 

10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, you were getting nervous. Eventually the hour passed so you shot him a message. 

“Hey Buck, it’s getting a little late, everything ok?”

No response until an hour later.

“Hi Y/N! I’m sorry I forgot to tell you! Sam and Steve wanted to hit the town tonight!”

“No worries, I’m glad you’re ok! Have fun!” you replied. 

You were relieved nothing bad had happened to Bucky, but also the slightest bit disappointed that this would mean chinese and a movie by yourself. Although, you understood because he rarely ever sees his friends.

You ordered your food and put on Sharknado. You didn’t realize how the day had caught up with you as you were out cold within the first thirty minutes. You slept well through the credits and were only woken up when a clearly intoxicated Bucky stumbled into your shared apartment. 

You shot up, rushing over to pick up anything he knocked over in his drunken state. 

“Looks like someone had some fun tonight”, you tease. You notice him stumbling into the kitchen, barely standing up straight. “Maybe a little too much fun”. 

“WhatareyouTALKINGabout, Y/N? I’m fiiiiine” Bucky protests as he almost walks straight into the counter. 

“Ok Buck, sure, I’ll believe you, but only if you can walk from the fridge to the table without falling over”

“Well you’re about to be proven WRONG, see I got this!” He barely made it two steps before falling ahead of himself. 

“Buck, you are not fine” you say, laughing slightly. “Here, let’s get you some water or you’ll regret it in the morning.” 

You walk over to the fridge and grab Bucky a tall glass of water with ice. Bucky had stumbled his way over to the couch and was sitting, laughing to himself about something. You hand him the glass of water and are careful to see that he doesn’t spill it all over himself. He drinks it exceptionally quick and then sets the empty glass on the table. You’re about to take it to the kitchen when he looks up at you, catching your gaze. He pauses for a second.

“You’re so nice to me Y/N” He says, his words slurred. “You care about me so much”

“Bucky of course I do, no friend of mine is going to wake up with a hangover… hopefully”

He didn’t seem to notice your reply as he kept going on and on and on. 

“You’re always so sweet and caring and you put up with so much at your job, I mean like to care for that many kids at once… you’re like…-like a superhero. You’re literally just sssssso amazing.” He pulls you into a messy half hug, you return that gesture.

“Bucky, that’s very sweet, thank you, you’re also amazing and badass but I really think it’s time for you to go to bed, it’s almost 4am”

“FOUR AM? How??? I ssswear it’s only one!!!” 

“I don’t know Buck, but c’mon”. You help him up off the couch and into his bedroom where you dig out a fresh set of pajamas for him. You know he probably would have forgotten if you didn’t hand them to him. 

“Goodnight Buck. I’ll see you in the morning”. You start down the hall to your bedroom when he calls.

“Waiiiiit come back for a second”. Bucky pleads, still obviously intoxicated.

“Bucky, you really should try and get some sleep!”

“It’ll only be for one second, pleeeeeeease???” You could never say no to him. 

“Ok fine”, you walk up to his doorway, “What’s up?” 

“I know I’m like reaaaaallllly drunk right now”

“Yes, yes you are” 

“But I love you”

“You- Bucky… what?”

“Lissssten ok. I love you like . a lot. And the boys aaaalways tell me ‘bucccky you gotta TELL her’ but I’m alwaysssss too scared.”

“Bucky it’s ok, but we should talk about this in the morning, ok?” you reply softly, leading him to his bed. You tuck him in and tell him, “Goodnight” before making your way down to your room to lie awake and unpack what just happened. 


The kitchen was filled with the smell of bacon and coffee, you decided to make Bucky some real food for breakfast. You figured he’d need it after the night he had last night. He makes his way into the kitchen, long hair draped messily over his face, himself wrapped up tightly in his navy blue robe. 

“Mornin Buck, how ya feel?” you ask, giggling slightly.

He smirks. “Whatcha making?”

“Bacon, eggs, coffee… the usual. Thought you’d like it after last night.”

“Yeah, about last night…” He scratches the back of his neck, you give him a puzzled look as if you both don’t know what he’s about to say.

“What about it?” you ask.

“Oh, nothing”, he attempts to dismiss the subject but to no avail. You pick the last piece of bacon from off the stove and walk over to face him. 

“Buck, we both know what you’re about to say” His face goes flush. 

“It’s just- It’s things like this. You get up, you make me breakfast after I come home drunk at 3am, wake you up, stumble all over the place and TOTALLY ruin our friendship. And even then, your amazing self was kind enough to make sure I was hydrated and that I went to sleep. How do you do this?”

“Do what?”

“Make me fall this hard for you? It’s crazy. I mean, I guess I should’ve known what I was getting into, moving in with you and all… but”, he begins to slow down. “Y/N, look. You’re amazing and any guy would be so lucky to have you. We’re not even together and you take care of me like we are. Ok? I love you. And I have for a really long time. And I totally just ruined our friendship and I’m sorry.” He turns around and heads back to his room, you catch his hand before he’s able to go any further.

“Buck, you haven’t ruined anything.”


“I- I love you too. You’ve always been so important to me and I care so much for you. Since the day we met, I knew you’d always mean a lot to me.”

“Y/N I-”

He stares at you, dumbfounded for a really long time, before finally breaking the silence by wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you in for a kiss. Your fingers find their way into his long, dark hair. You break the kiss and look at him. He takes your hands and looks directly into your eyes.

“Does this mean you’ll be mine?” He asks

“Always have been, Bucky” You reply. “Always will be”

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Bad Idea - 1

Bucky Barnes x Reader social media!AU

Description: You’re a new Broadway actress and have been obsessed with the scene since childhood. Newly cast as an extra in Waitress, you’re easily star struck with your costars and their generosity. In more ways than one.

A/N: this is my first social media!AU so please be nice also I know some words are the UK spelling be kind to me I’m Canadian k bye


Permanent Taglist: @morsmordrethings @captainscanadian @thingsthatkeepmeawakeeveryday @this-kitten-is-smitten @wtfisachoncexx @jllngls02 @abrilkatz123 @buckysgirls-stuff @tomhollandenthusiast @sebastian-i-stan @farfromjustordinary

Bad Idea Taglist: @nerdamongnerds


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So another series because I need some constant projects

So, I’ve decided to start another series based around Captain America: The First Avenger. This series will go through the movie as the reader in place of Steve, Steve in place of Peggy, and Bucky….as Bucky because why not. I’m going to basically rewrite the entire movie as I remember and as I feel it would fit best with these character changes. If this gains enough traction, I may just do another for The Winter Soldier with more Bucky x Reader. I’m not meaning to just copy the movie. I want to take a little creative liberty with the original story and sorta make it into my own while still following the Cap storyline. Lemme know if you guys wanna see something like this or if I should just leave alone for now.

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Hi love!! Do you know of any great fluff works? I've been needing something soft to read lately and I haven't really found one that's really soft 💕

Hi babe! I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well. My favorite super soft story I’ve read lately has been

“I’m With You” by @wkemeup

I recently just reread “Uptown Girl” by @brooklyn-boy which was way too sweet.

But also some soft ones I usually re read to make me feel good are

“Astrophile” by @all1e23

“Touch Me Tenderly” by @delicatelyherdreams

“You Don’t Have To Be Alone” by @thottybarnes

“I’ll be seeing you” by @ugh-supersoldiers

“My Sweet Girl” by @sunmoonandbucky

“On, Off, Repeat” by @avasparks

“Three times” by @softlybarnes

“Magic Touch” by @jaamesbbarnes

“Run To Me” by @sgtjbuccky

Those are the ones i can think of off of the top of my head, but also I will say most of the ones on my soulmate list are super soft 🥺

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                                     “The Man Behind the Mask”

                                                       Pt 6

Peter Parker x reader

Warnings: None

Summary: You’ve recently moved to Queens, New York after your father finds a new job with the U.S. government handling alien affairs in the city. You’ve grown up in a small town, and it’s your junior year of high school; culture shock takes a whole new meaning when you’re saved by the famed new web-slinging Avenger - and when you meet a new group of friends at Midtown High that seem to always be hiding something. But things quickly get personal.

Masterlist / Pt 1Pt 2Pt 3Pt 4Pt 5

You gave Peter one hell of a farewell after school that day. The buses were lining up to take students home, and you gave Ned a quick hug before turning to Peter with endless emotion in your eyes. You couldn’t put into words how thankful you were to him for his promise to request Spider-Man’s help, but it wasn’t from lack of trying. The burning questions, the ache of the unknown, could finally end for you and your mother – or, at least, the possibility was there.

You gave him a watery smile before wrapping your arms around his neck, pressing your cheek against his unscratched one. His arms welcomed you, and soothed your worry like a balm. For the millionth time that day, you whispered, “Thank you, Peter. So much.”

The faint scent of some sort of cologne (or did he just naturally smell like that?) made you melt against him. Your hand barely brushed the chocolate curls at the base of his neck. He had to know how much this meant to you.

You could’ve sworn his arms tightened when your fingers barely touched the nape of his neck, but you tried not to read too much into it. Your heart was heavy enough already with your father’s situation, so you didn’t need to start looking too deeply into Peter’s feelings about you, in case they weren’t reciprocated. You weren’t sure if you could handle it right now if they weren’t.

“Anything you need,” he whispered back, “let me know, okay?”

Peter Parker was a saint.

You regrettably pulled apart from him, frustrated that you had to end the intimate moment. You pushed down the flurry of butterflies that spread from your stomach to your throat at the way he was looking at you. How could someone be so handsome, yet simultaneously look so puppy-like?

You could’ve sworn you heard Ned mutter something along the lines of “whipped”, but you decided that you’d imagined it.

The sunglasses-donning gorilla dropped you off at your apartment that afternoon instead of at the facility. Your mother insisted that you needed to go sleep in your own bed and escape the stale environment of the prison masquerading as a hospital. She’d looked at your sleep-deprived face that morning and refused to let you argue with her – after all, you had school. You only stopped disagreeing when she promised to text you at least twice a day with updates on your father’s condition.

You wanted with every fiber of your being to be by your father’s side, but you couldn’t ignore the joy of the thought of sleeping on a mattress instead of a much too small, lumpy loveseat. Your back couldn’t take it much longer.

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Love and War - The Makings Of This Story.



(The read more links actually working on mobile posts would be suuuuuper freaking helpful right about now. *grumble grumble, bitch bitch*)

Love and War’s Masterlist can be found HERE.

But anywho, this is for anyone who is interested. It is a behind the scenes look into this series and what makes it up. There is break downs of all the characters names and who they each represented. Plus an insight into the real story of Aphrodite: the Goddess of Love, Ares: the God of War, and Hephaestus: the God of Fire, Craftsmanship, Blacksmiths and Volcanoes. Along with all the other Gods and Goddess’ that played a hand in their story.


The Main Characters.

Y/N - Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Steve/Alarick - Ares, the God of War.

The name Alarick means: Noble Leader or a Wolf ruler, Fierce, Supreme ruler of all.

Bucky/Harlin - Hermes the God of Trade, Thieves and Travellers. And many other things.

The name Harlin means: Noble Friend and Noble Warrior.

Natasha/Premala/Dabria - Peitho is the Goddess of Persuasion, Seduction and Charming Speech. But also Aphrodites handmaiden and attendant, and the wife of Hermes.

The name Premala means: A loving and caring person.

The name Dabria means: An angel of death.

Alexander Pierce/Hepha - Hephaestus the God of Fire, Craftsmanship, Blacksmiths and Volcanoes. Plus a few other things, but honestly who cares haha.

The name Hepha was just shortened from the original name, due entirely to it just being easier to pronounce. And the fact finding a shitty name to give him that started with H was impossible.

It never ended up coming up, but I always envisioned Alexander Pierce as Hepha in my head. So there is some insight into that for you all.

Brock/Charandas - Cedalion is Hephaestus’ servant.

The name Charandas means: Servant or one who serves his master.

Joesph/Athos - Zeus the King of the Gods and the God of the Sky, Lightening and Thunder.

The name Athos means: It’s actually another name for Zeus. So, fun fact there!

Sarah/Hypatia - Hera the Queen of the Gods and the Goddess of Marriage and Birth.

The name Hypatia means: A supreme woman.

Carol Danvers/Amaris - Artemis the Goddess of the Hunt, the Forest and Hills, and the Moon.

The name Amaris means: ‘child of the moon’ or ‘given by God’.

Once again, Carol’s name never came to light in the story, but she is who I envisioned as Amaris.

The Three Graces - Attendants to Aphrodite.

Pepper/Aalin - Aglaia represents Elegance, Brightness and Splendour.

The name Aalin means: Beautiful, calm, fair, graceful and serene.

Hilde/Tyarra - Thalia represents Youth, Beauty and Good Cheer.

The name Tyarra means: A young, tender and attractive person.

Hope/Edden - Euphrosyne represents Mirth and Joyfulness.

The name Edden means: Delight, Joy and the one who has great ambition and strength.

Peggy Carter/Aasira - Athena the Goddess of War. I was originally going to give her a larger part in this story and make her Peggy in the mortal plane, but decided against that plan half way through writing this story. Though I would still like to address the name change from Athena to Aasira.

The name Aasira means: Brave, strong and a powerful fighter who can conquer and imprison enemies.

Peggy also never came to light in the story. But she started off as Aasira in my head.

The other names in this story:


The name Thorfinn means: Strength of a Thunder.


The name Uruloki means: Fire breathing dragon. (hahaha. So there’s that.)


The name Samuel means: It was told by the God.


The name Anthony means: They are unique and a priceless flower. (So that is super fitting for Tony.)


The name Clinttun means: One who hails from the highland estate. (Or in my mind, someone who is up high, which is also fitting here. Sort of.)

And finally Scott aka Scott. Which yeah, there is no meaning here. Sooo just go with it.


The Story Behind the Story.

This series is based loosely on actual Greek mythology, and some of the tales surrounding Aphrodite, Ares, and Hephaestus. But also some myths around Hermes, Peitho, The 3 Graces, Cedalion, Zeus, Hera and Athena. Some of the tales are from The Odyssey, The Iliad, and a few from more recent works.

The parts that I stuck to are:

- Hermes and Peitho are married.

- Hephaestus imprisoned Hera in a golden throne to force Zeus to give him Aphrodites hand in marriage. But Zeus also wanted to marry Aphrodite off quickly to prevent the other Gods from fighting over her.

- Peitho and The 3 Graces/Charites are Aphrodite’s attendants and closes advisers.

- Ares and Hermes are the closes Gods can be to best friends. Supposedly.

- Hephaestus is the God of Craftsmanship, and Volcanoes. Hence why I choose for him to trap her under a Volcano. Did I mention that? Shit. I hope so.

- Zeus and Hera are the parents of Ares.

- Zeus isn’t fond of Aphrodites disreputable and promiscuous ways. Though he isn’t really one to talk what with his own insanely promiscuous ways, soooo.

- Ares and Aphrodite have a long standing love affair, which goes behind Hephaestus’ back. And he does find out about it.

- Hephaestus is rumoured to have a bad leg, which he was either born with or Zeus made lame by force. Either or.

- Aphrodite does actually attempt to trick Hephaestus into believing that Athena is in love with him, in an attempt to get out of marrying him. However, Athena is rumoured to have never loved anyone, and after Hephastus nearly rapes her, does he finally realize Aphrodite had actually tricked him.

- Aphrodite does in fact hate Hephaestus, meaning she definitely doesn’t love him.

- Cedalion is actually Hephaestus’ attendant.

- Mytikas is actually the highest peak of Olympus, where it is believed the Gods reside.

- It is believed the Artemis was the Goddess that created Lycans. She also went by the name Selene, who is believed to be the mother of all Werewolves and Lycans, alike.

The parts that I altered are:

- In some accounts Aphrodite and Hephaestus are actually supposed to be the married ones. And in others, Hephaestus is married to another, and Aphrodite is the unmarried concert of Ares. So I sort of pulled from both.

- The fact everyone is related and sleeping together, yeah, I altered that fact for sure.

- Aphrodite basically being the worst of them all, and sleeping with damn near every God on Olympus. Get it girl.

- Obviously Hephaestus doesn’t trap Aphrodite under a Valcano for thousands of years. But he does lay a trap for Ares and her once he learns they are having an affair behind his back. The trap catches both of them in the act, and then Hephaestus brings all the Gods in to humiliate them both as revenge. That’s sort of where my inspiration came from. Sort of.


Lycan Vs Werewolf.

As for why I chose Lycans instead of Werewolves, the answer is quite simple really. Werewolves were believed to be created by witchcraft, whereas Lycans were created by the Gods. And as I knew all along that Artemis’ character would create the Lycan army for Ari, it all stood to reason that I’d pick them to be Lycans over Werewolves. Plus Lycans are believed to be stronger, faster, smarter and harder to kill. So that worked in my favour as well.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Anywho, that’s all from me. This series is finished and now on to new and interesting stories! So stay tuned!

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Pairing: Single Dad!Bucky Barnes x Parker!Reader

Warnings: Ahhh, small catty moments. Angst if you squint hard at it. This is nothing like what I normally write. Not even joking. So I mean good luck peaches.

A/N: Heads up, I write more Comic Book Bucky. Not MCU Bucky. Sorry Not Sorry. Oh and this story took on a whole life of it’s own. I’m not even sorry.

You were content with your life. The way your life was. Till you take on the Barnes Twins. Kindergarten’s worst nightmares.
Epic love wasn’t in your cards. Fate didn’t deal you in, this lifetime. Till James, aka Bucky, Barnes sets his sights on you. It’s not right, you can’t. Right?
Love doesn’t have a timeline. There is no set amount of time to tell you what you feel. For the way things progress when you fall in love. Can you get everything you ever wanted with Bucky and his boys, or is it just too fast?

Tag List Is CLOSED!!!


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Summary: Before you were his and you obeyed Steve had to find a way to accept his true mate in his life.

Pairing: Alpha!Steve x Omega!Reader, Nick Fury

Warnings: angst, kidnapping, a hint of violence (scratching, biting), rejection, language, aggressive Omega, dominant Alpha, feisty reader, true mates, scenting, claiming, knotting, smut, unprotected sex, hair pulling, comforting, fluff

Prequel to: Obey & Mine


“What do you mean with you found my true mate?” Steve is not amused by hearing the words leave Fury’s lips. “I’m ready to go back to Peggy. I can’t just stay here and mate with someone else. Peggy is my true mate!”

“Captain Rogers, I’m sorry to tell you but according to our investigations and the tests we ran the Omega in your room is your true mate and to 97 percent compatible with you. Peggy Carter only reaches 67 percent.” Fury tries to reason with Steve but the tall Avengers scoffs, shaking his head.

“I’m talking about a connection, not my knot telling me what to do. I’m more than my instinct and for sure I don’t want a woman throwing herself at me. I bet she waits in my room like an obeyed Omega.” Hand on his door handle Steve wants to bring you out of his room but Fury stops him.

“Captain, a bit of advice - do not underestimate this Omega. We had to use force to bring her here.” Fury mumbles but Steve ignores his words.

Entering the room, slamming the door shut behind him Steve sees you curled in a ball on his bed. Your eyes narrow as he dares to get closer.

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Summary: A goddess borne of fire. A god who can’t stay away.
Word Count: 3.269
Warnings: Made up Greek Mythology to fit the story, language, angst, mention of attempted rape (nothing graphic), sensuality, canonical blood & injury.
Author’s Note: GIF Credit [X][X] You can also read this on AO3. This is written for two challenges. @captain-kelli500 follower celebration (Prompt: “She has been through hell. So believe me when I say, fear her when she looks into fire and smiles.”) and @mermaidxatxheart500 follower celebration (Prompt: “Kings and gods have bowed to me. What makes you think you can refuse for long?”) Both prompts will be in bold. Celebrity face claim for Seraphina is Yennefer from The Witcher on Netflix. 

My work is not to be posted on any other sites (AO3, Wattpad, etc.) without my express written permission. Reblogs are fine.


She was created amongst the stars, in the deepest recesses of space and time. Fire and ice. Fury and contempt. Beauty and grace. War and peace. Love and rage. All rolled together, forced into a being, a living soul that should not have been. 

Some said it was Hades himself. Cast a most vile curse into the heavens once he received word he would not be allowed to have Persephone as his bride. Others claimed it was Zeus in a fit of unbridled rage. Lightning crackling through the inky sky, spreading far and wide. Then there are those who swore Aphrodite and Athena merged their bloodlines. Made a sacrifice, cast a spell. Magicked themselves a baby.

Whatever you choose to believe, the result is the same; Seraphina came into this world a bundle of screaming, angry, creamy flesh with eyes of violet, raven hair, and a darkness in her soul.

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Pairing: Steve x Reader, Peter x Liz, and Bucky x Reader (Eventually/Possibly)

Warnings: Social Media AU, Restaurant AU (they work at a chain restaurant),  Foul Language, Fights (both verbal and physical), Angst, Fluff

Summary: There are so many things that could make and break a person. Bucky clearly sees Y/N at her breaking point and makes his move. Steve knows it’s his fault and does all he can to make it right. It’s not in Steve’s nature to back down from his goal, but what if he does this time? Will it be for the better? He’s just going to have to trust Bucky and see how things pan out.

Memo: Again this one is a lot…I’ll answer all concerns in a mass post and tag each person who reblogs with reactions ;D


WoY: @agent-barnes40@supraveng@cap-just-said-language@my-drowning-in-time

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Request:  Over stimulation with Thor.

Words:  500 (Just a drabble)

Warnings:  Overstimulation, a bit of fem!dom,  Smut, Plot?What Plot? PORN

A/N:  This is for @couldntbedamned

   “Mmmf.”  You wiggled underneath him, rolling your hips hard.  “Faster.  More.  Please.”  

   “Don’t want to hurt you.”  Thor grunted as he thrust.


Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

   You touched his shoulder and he rolled over.  He was strong, so strong, but insisted on treating you like a delicate flower and you’d had enough.  

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Frank Castle x OFC! Jane Runner x Billy Russo

Word Count: 6.3K

Warnings: Language, Implied smut (18+ only), blood, PTSD

Author’s Note: Requests are closed. Thank you for enjoying this series with me, it means a lot! Let me know if you would like to be added to any of my tag lists!

Everything: @negans-lucille-tblr // @coffee-obsessed-writer

The Punisher: @baseballbitch116 // @suchatinyinfinity // @harrysthiccthighss

Frank Castle: @hudsonbird // @harrysthiccthighss 

Billy Russo: @harrysthiccthighss

Series: @me-robot-x // @its-my-little-dumpster-fire // @imaginecrushes // @jooheoniesdimples // @cole-winchester

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4Part 5 (FINAL)


Originally posted by tanrininprezervatifi

“I called Curtis…said you’d be down to see him later today.” Billy’s raspy tone spilled from his slightly chapped lips, his brown hair tasseled along his head that rested on the fluffy white pillowcase.

“You’re kidding right?” Jane rolled over on her side to glare at her fiancé. He tipped his head down as he readjusted himself to lean against the headboard of their California king sized bed. “You know I’m meeting with a dress designer today and the florist to finalize everything. I don’t have time to just go ‘down to see him’” she mocked his voice and rolled her eyes.

“Jane.” He sighed heavily as she slipped out of the bed, pulling the white sheet along with her, draping it around her small body. “I know you’re stressed with planning the wedding next month and everything but,” he paused and reached over the side of the bed and grabbed a stray article of clothing from last night and covered himself up.

Stressed? Me? No, not at all, Billy. What makes you say that?” She said with extreme sarcasm dripping from her lips.

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so and the thunder wasn’t it but i’m still glad i read that cuz SOFT. it was something like their first night together and they like made dinner and we’re so domestic and soft. i’m so mad i lost it. stupid tumblr

Okay, so this one is about the reader being scared of thunder and Bucky staying with her and comforting her. My first guess was wrong, but unfortunately I don’t think I know the right answer.

Anyone know the right story?🥺💓

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Requested: No

Summary: You are in charge of making all kinds of cookies, brownies, and cupcakes for your school’s academic decathlon fundraiser. You were supposed to have help from your friend, Amie, but when Amie doesn’t show up you decide it’s time to call and get some answers. Instead of Amie, you gets a wrong number: Peter Parker. And lucky for you, he’s more than willing to help her bake a few hundred cookies.

Word Count: 2,640

Warnings: None

Category: Fluff


Amie was late. She was supposed to be here half an hour ago to help me make about a million cookies, cupcakes, and brownies for our high school’s bake sale, but here I was in my kitchen with ingredients galore and no one to help.

I decided to call her.

I whipped out my phone and aggressively punched at the buttons, dialing her number from memory. When she picked up, I didn’t give her the chance to so much as say hello before I laid into her.

“Where the hell are you?” I demanded. “I have fifty boxes of cake mix and we need to start baking ASAP.”

There was silence on the other end for a minute, and then a male voice that definitely wasn’t my friend Amie started speaking.

“Uh… I think you have the wrong number, but I’d be happy to help anyway! It sounds like fun!”

I paused, considering my options. The person on the other end of the phone sounded nice, but they were still a complete stranger. I’d have to be totally stupid to take them up on their offer to help, right?

Then I looked at the mountain of baking supplies in front of me and decided I didn’t care.

I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose. “Okay, normally I wouldn’t do this, but the friend that was supposed to help totally bailed on me so… if you’re serious, I’d love to have an extra set of hands.”

“Sure thing! Just let me know where to go and I can be right over!”

“Great, I’ll give you my address. I’m Y/N, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, Y/N! I’m Peter, Peter Parker.”

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Originally posted by parkershawn

Falling For You

Genre: Romance, fluff.

Warnings: Mentions of blood

Walking along with your best friend, you blabber on about whatever had come across your mind.

Never once did he interupt, content just listening to whatever had popped into your head.

That is until his foot caught the jagged edge of the pavement, the action sending him to the hard ground below.

“And what are your thoughts on-”

Your question was quickly interupted by a soft grunt escaping your companion who you turned to see grimacing upon the ground.

“Peter, are you okay?”

You quickly stoop down to bring him back to his feet, careful not to touch the bleeding skin of his hands.

Your eyes were almost immediately drawn to his scraped knees.

You continue to keep his hand within your own to stablize him before he pulled away to scratch the back of his neck. A flustered grin across his lips.

“I’m fine, but I guess you can say I just scraped my knee falling for you?”

Your mouth falls open with a gasp as your brain struggled to comprehend what he had just said to you.

The smile he gave prompted one of your own to shine through whilst you allowed all your books to fall to the ground without a care.

“Are you serious?”

You asked in disbelief, tucking a stray strand of (h/c) hair behind your ear only to see him nod with a laugh.

With excitement coursing through your viens, you wrap your arms around his neck.

A content sound emits from the boy as his own arms lock themselves around your waist to pull you against his body.

Once your eyes had fallen shut and you breathed in his comforting scent. Your lips move against the skin of his neck as you confess.

“I fell for you long ago.”

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