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Guess who did it again? Thats right. This year I am doing both Febuwhump 2.0 and the new one Febufluff! I have made a side blog for this called @febufluff (soon to be @febufluff-whump )

This is a multifandom/writers/artists event!

Febufluff is for platonic and OTP ships (though some are implied to be platonic!). The rules are simple!

  • You can chose to make every one of them platonic by changing the prompt a little
  • You may not participate if it is incest or statutory rape (Minor x Adult) SHIP.
  • This does not have to be specifically for any fandom, it can be your OC’s
  • Your stories can contain Whump and Angst, as long as it has a form of fluff in it. Please be sure to tag that because some readers do not want whump or angst.
  • You can do Febuwhump and Febufluff at the same time
  • You can alternate between the two prompts!
  • You do not have to write every prompt!

Rules for Febuwhump

  • TAG YOUR UNHAPPY ENDINGS!!!- some dont have the mentality for unhappy endings
  • Please, PLEASE tag stuff that can be harmfull to some readers like self harm, suicide, implied rape ect.
  • If you have a plotinic father son ship that is fine! But dont be having any gross old man kissing a TEENAGER

If you have a question, Directly ask @spidersonangst or @febufluff-whump

Do not start posting untill February

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ˏˋ♡ HC: daddy Steve and his little girl༄*

N/A: a lovely anon requested an headcannon for steve and his little. ♡

warnings: some spanking and fluff.

  • Steve is the sweetest daddy ever
  • you can count with him on everything
  • he’s so caring about how your day was, if you ate, if you still hungry, if you did something cool or wich movies you watched
  • he’s the type of possessive daddy that doesn’t let anyone take care of you
  • but often he finds himself having to ask Nat, Bucky or Sam to keep an eye on you when you’re in your little space and he has to go for a mission
  • his heart aches when he say bye to you, you cling on his leg and cry loudly when Nat holds you so he can leave
  • but as soon as he’s back you’re smiling again, bouncing at the couch while you tell him about your day
  • you tell him how Nat and you made cookies and watched Lilo & Stitch
  • usually you two stay at the compound but sometimes he prefers taking care of you at his apartment
  • so he takes you home, where you can be comfy and near him
  • Steve is soft but rigid
  • he can’t say no to your cute face and usually he gives in to your whims
  • but unlike Axel, he has a few limits and strict rules:
  • always tell daddy how you’re feeling and how old are you
  • definitely not swearing 
  • always clean your little room and organize your plushies and toys
  • don’t be rude and don’t tantrum in front of daddy’s friends
  • don’t eat candy without permission
  • don’t touch your princess parts when he’s away
  • if you disobey one his rules he will punish you, depending on the severity, of course
  • he prefers not punishing you physically so he has some ideas
  • no playtime for a while
  • giving you a number of lines to write on your little notebook until you learn that you were a bad girl
  • standing at the corner facing the wall for a few minutes
  • can’t eat candy for a while
  • or going to bed earlier
  • BUT
  • he can’t lie and tell he doesn’t like having you on his lap while you whine and cry after he spanked your little butt with his broad hands
  • you’re his cry baby
  • he loooooves cuddling you
  • strong and big arms holding you while you watch cartoons, he kisses your head and says that he loves you so much
  • when he has to cook for dinner he leaves you in your crib
  • you want to stay with him so you whine and pout until he takes you to the kitchen
  • “you’re such a spoiled little girl, hm?” He says, kissing your nose as he places you in the kitchen counter
  • Steve doesn’t let you worry about what clothes you have to wear or what food you have to eat
  • he likes being the one who commands so he does everything to keep you happy and carefree
  • Steve is a busy man so sometimes he forgets the name of your plushies so he has a few notes on his jeans pockets to remember him
  • Steve shows your draws for EVERYONE
  • one day you drew him and you at the beach with a puppy and colored flowers and he thought it was so cute that he showed everyone at the compound
  • Tony would rather die than admit that he thought it was cute too
  • cuddling with Steve while he holds your sippy for you
  • going to the museum and him explaining everything to you and he always gives you ice cream
  • Steve buying you cute little things like colorful pacis and onesies
  • tea parties and bedtime stories!
  • playing hide and seek at the compound
  • tummy kissies and love bites
  • sucking his thumb when you’re too sleepy to ask for your paci
  • Steve loves when you’re a small whiny baby
  • he holds you and whispers sweet nothings to you softly
  • he loves bathing you
  • stroking your soft skin with his big hands like a delicate little doll
  • spreading strawberry lotion on your skin and washing your hair till its clean and pretty
  • he dries and combs your hair and dress you on your comfy pjs
  • when you’re ready he gives your paci and your favorite plushie
  • Steve holds you all night, making sure you’re feeling safe and loved.
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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson/Odinson x OC (Eir)

Summary: Eir is the goddess of mercy, protection and, begrudgingly, calm. Growing up on Asgard, her mother put a lot of unwanted pressure on her and she often found it hard to cope with the standards. Her life seems to turn around for the better when she meets the two princes of Asgard! They end up growing up together, acting as her escape from the more stressful and dissatisfying areas of her life, as her comfort when her life undergoes changes, all while secrets and truths about her family begin to come to light. The more they grew, the less she could imagine life without them… and she thought she’d never have to…
but things change when you’re finally of age and in the seat of one of the most important roles on Asgard. Is it possible for her to keep her whole life from changing?

Warnings/Tags: Eventual Implied Smut, maybe a smidge of profanity? , angst, sweet sweet fluff, Themes of grief, loneliness, guilt, and emotional isolation, Character deaths, Identity crisis, Questionable parenting, illness, crushes, denial of feelings, emotional comfort, Norse religion, mourning, coming of age, realization of feelings, narration, Thor is a good big brother, Thor is a good friend (most of the time)(he’s also an idiot), childhood, childhood friends, jealousy, slow burn

Word Count: 1240

POV: Eir

A/N: I haven’t left notes for a lil while so, Hai :3 I had fun writing this part lol. We’re going to be writing love poems in English class soon so I’m planning one about Eir and Loki. I’ll probably post it, but unfortunately, it has spoilers so I can’t post it till this book is done. I’ll use it as a lil treat while Part 1 of Book 2 is still in the works, I guess :D Hope you have a lovely day/night! Bai and I hope ya enjoy! X3

Part Twenty-Seven - Coming Real Soon! | Part Twenty-Five | Part Twenty-Four | Part Twenty-Three | Part Twenty-Two | Part Twenty-One | Part Twenty | Part Nineteen | Part Eighteen | Part Seventeen | Part Sixteen | Part Fifteen | Part Fourteen | Part Thirteen | Part Twelve | Part Eleven | Part Ten | Part Nine | Part Eight | Part Seven | Part Six | Part Five | Part Four | Part Three | Part Two | Part One

Discord - Story updates, General updates, discussing, community + more!

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Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

A/N: I’m so late in this challenge someone help me lmao 😂 Special thanks to the always sweet @eyesfixedonthesun22 who helped me 💕

Gif belongs to: @thosekidswhohuntmonsters

Pairing: Thor Odinson x Reader (This takes place after the events of Endgame but with some changes because yes, that’s my drabble and I do as I please. Period).

Kink: Hair pulling.

Words: 1,045. What the actual fuck???

You were admiring your boyfriend from afar, he was talking with Steve and Tony they seemed so relaxed, so at ease. The simple sight made you happy. Probably because you knew how bad they fought to undo the chaos that Thanos’ snap caused.

You felt your heart fluttering seeing your sweet Thor having a good time with his mates. The way the sun shone on his skin, the sound of his laughter, that actually sounded like a thunder echoing reverberating on his massive body. And God helped you, his beautiful smile, brighter than the sun itself. You were staring and you knew it.

“You’re drooling, Y/N,” Natasha said suddenly appearing on your side.

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Pairings: cop!Stucky x F!Reader

Warnings: Steve’s a little cheeky, and then all the fluff, no joke, tooth rooting fluff

Word Count: 3500+

Summary: (Cop AU) There was just one crappy thing after enough that happened to her. It possibly couldn’t get any worse, or so she thought until she saw the dreaded flashes of red and blue behind her. Could things get any worse?

A/N: I have NOT forgotten about this wonderful story. I hope you all haven’t either lol. This part is completely fluffy like I said in the warning. Because it is a warning. I just want you all to know that you might die for cuteness overload. So yeah. Fair warning. I hope you all enjoy it and let me know what you think! 

The gifs are not mine, credit to the owner.


Originally posted by evangerseb

Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 *Coming Soon* | Series Masterlist

Y/N grumbled under her breath, hitting the breaks as she yet again caught another red light. She let her head fall back against the headrest and let out a heavy sigh. She was so close to being home. It was her day off and she was supposed to be relaxing. But no. Instead, she’d been running errands all day and didn’t get one second to take a breather. She was exhausted and just want to kick her shoes off. Literally.

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Here’s a fic i stayed up until two writing which no one asked for! Enjoy also SEND US ASKS PLEASe x

Word count: 2.4k

Warnings: mentions of blood, swearing

Training with Loki was your favourite.

It was a rare occasion too, which only made you look forward to it even more when you were both free on the same day. It was odd when you thought about it, you always finished absolutely shattered, probably injured and ready for a long sleep, yet you preferred it to training with anyone else. It also made sense though, because Loki was the only one who didn’t treat it like a lesson, who wasn’t scared to get hurt, or for you to get a bit hurt either for that matter. It was the most likely training to help you in real life, compared to your training with Steve, who would tell you exactly what he was about to do and how you should react before either of you had even moved. You knew he meant well, but it was too unrealistic, what attacker told you how he was about to attempt to try and stab you before he did it?

So that was why you liked training with Loki. Well, one of the reasons. It would be a lie if you said you didn’t find Loki a teeny tiny bit attractive. Obviously that wasn’t the only reason you… felt things, for him. He was funny, in a sarcastic kind of way (your favourite kind), and just all round mysterious. Being unable to pinpoint exactly what it was about him that you liked so much was driving you crazy;  you were just determined to find out about him. The attractive part wasn’t doing anything to help.

This point was to be proven to you in about five seconds time. You were already in the training room, looking out one of the floor to ceiling windows stretching across an entire wall of the room, contemplating the view and thinking about, well, the attractive part. The attractive eyes to be specific.

You were deep in thought, when all of a sudden your feet weren’t on the floor anymore. You let out a gasp of surprise as you were flipped off of your feet, and hit the floor hard, on your back. Then you were looking up into said attractive eyes. He’d bought you swiftly back down to Earth, literally.

“Never get distracted when there’s a possibility of danger.” Loki told you, holding out his hand with a smirk. Glaring at him and ignoring the ache in your back, you knocked his hand away and struggled to your feet.

“I didn’t do anything wrong then. I don’t consider you dangerous.” you said haughtily, clenching your jaw as you faced him and noticed how especially good he looked this morning. Typical. Did he ever have a bad hair day?

“Well you should.” he countered, holding back a smile as he watched you roll your eyes. You were the only person around here who made him want to smile. It was odd. He had learnt to tolerate these people at the compound since they’d started being civil towards him, and maybe even enjoyed their company once in a while. You were one of these few people. But it was still strange, there was something different with you. Good different.

Suddenly Loki was flat on his back. He’d stared at you for a second too long and you’d taken advantage. But it was difficult to feel triumphant when your heart was racing, why had he been looking at you like that? Was it possible…? No, stop getting distracted Y/N.

“Never get distracted when there’s a possibility of danger.” you mimicked, putting emphasis on the word ‘distracted’ and holding out your hand. Big mistake. Loki grabbed your outstretched arm and flipped you over as easily as if you were a pancake, pinning you to the ground with his magic. You fought against it angrily, glaring at him from the floor as he stood up, unable to speak.

“I don’t consider you dangerous.” he told you, but there was no cocky smirk to accompany it, and… was he blushing?! He definitely looked flustered. There was something going on with him; you needed to find out what. A plan, you needed a plan. Suddenly the magic was lifted and you scrambled to your feet immediately, breathing hard. It was game time.

You went immediately for the attack, which he predicted, blocking everything you threw at him with precision and skill, causing you to growl in frustration and push forward, throwing all you had at him.

You were good. Too good. Loki was beginning to break, his defense becoming weaker at you advanced. He had considered letting you past, just to have the satisfaction of letting you think you had a win and then taking it from you, but now he was in danger of actually losing to you. If only you didn’t look so good, he might be able to concentrate better…

Finally you broke his defense, scorching part of his face and some of his hair. Oops, maybe you should hold back a bit… but now he had turned to attack, forcing you to throw up a shield in defense. He wasn’t messing around.

Now you had a plan, but you needed to be careful: it was going to hurt. You were going to let him catch you with some magic, only a bit, and pretend to be hurt. Surely you’d be able to gauge his feelings for you from his reaction to thinking you were hurt. You really hoped so, because this could be painful. You weren’t playing to win this time, you just wanted answers, and if you knew Loki, this was the only way you were going to get them.

You teleported behind him, immediately hurling your magic at his back, and watched in dismay as he spun around and blocked it completely. Shit. You’d never tried that before, and it hadn’t made you feel amazing. Just as you thought you might be sick, a blast of green magic rocketed towards you and hit you square in the chest.

It was like an out of body experience. The pain that you felt was immense, and there was nothing you could do as you felt yourself slam backwards into the floor. Then your head split open. Okay, maybe that was being a bit dramatic, but that’s what it felt like to your already battered body.

Your vision was fuzzy, and you could hear a loud ringing inside your brain, so loud you thought you might go deaf from it. There was a sharp throbbing pain in the back of your head. Squeezing your eyes shut, you tried to focus on something other than the pain. It was difficult.

“Y/N, Y/N, open your eyes, look at me, gods…”

Loki’s blurry face came swimming into view as you opened your eyes slowly. The ringing was getting quieter as he talked to you, but the pain wouldn’t fade. Your head felt warm and fuzzy… and sticky. Blood.

Loki’s face was white as he dropped to his knees next to you. There was so much blood. He had done this to you.

“Keep – just keep your eyes open okay? Concentrate on me, don’t close your eyes…” he talked nonsense as he put his hands over your head, not knowing what he was doing.

Fix her. You have to fix her.

He watched in terror as your eyelids fluttered, your body was trying to shut down.

“Y/N, please, try – keep your eyes open. Look at me.” he pleaded, placing a hand on your cheek.

You reluctantly forced your eyes open and concentrated your gaze on Loki. Shaking, panicking Loki. The corner of your mouth quirked into a pained smile.

“What? What- why are you…”

“You like me.”

The magic that he was using to dull the pain faltered, and you gasped in pain as the full force of your impact seemed to hit you once again.

“Sorry! I’m sorry…” Loki directed the healing magic back to your head, having been too momentarily stunned to breathe, let alone perform magic. He moved his hand from your cheek back over to your head, wanting to heal you as quickly as possible, but kept his eyes fixed on your face.

“So you admit it?” you croaked, watching him intently, the pain from your head getting better by the second.

“Of course I like you Y/N, why do you think I train with you-”

“That’s not what I meant.”

He knew. Staying silent, he avoided your gaze while he finished healing you.

“I’m fine, it feels okay now-”

“Don’t move.” Loki told you, sharper than intended, as you tried to move away from his hands.

You didn’t argue with him.

After another minute, the pain had almost completely faded, and Loki finally took his hands away from you head.

“You’re okay, just be careful with-”

“Thanks.” you said shortly, sitting up and getting to your feet.

“Y/N -”

“I’m fine Loki! Just, oh-”

You turned to face him and instead saw the pool of scarlet blood on the floor which was meant to be inside your head. Your knees didn’t like that one bit, and decided that they didn’t work anymore. A pair of strong arms appeared around you as you headed for the floor for the fourth time that day, and you were pushed into a chair which had conveniently been summoned from thin air.

Sit.” Loki said, waving a hand to make the blood disappear. Then he pulled another chair out of thin air and sat next to you.

“I don’t do blood.” you whispered, closing your eyes, trying to get the image out of your head.

“I know.” Loki whispered back, and you looked sideways at him, fighting back a smile.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry, I didn’t- I mean, I would never intentionally…”

You thought about letting him struggle on, but then thought against it.

“It’s fine Loki, I know it was an accident.”

He was shaking his head, and you suddenly feared what he would say next.

“We can’t do this again, it’s too-”

“If you say dangerous I’m getting up and leaving.” you threatened, pointing towards the door. “I love training with you, you’re the only one who doesn’t treat me like a porcelain doll! All the others are too scared of getting hurt, or hurting me – what we do, it’s proper training.”

“I hurt you.” he said simply, as if that decided at, looking down at his hands.

“And then you fixed me. I’m fine. So we know how you would react in the field if that had happened for real.”  

Loki definitely went red this time. The thought of showing that much… emotion, in front of the other mortals. It didn’t appeal to him one bit.


He looked at you, confused at your impatient tone.

“Read my mind.”

You watched as confusion spread across his features.

“Just do it.” you said, leaning forward to grab his hand.

He opened his mouth, closed it, and then carefully delved into your mind, watching your expression in amusement as you felt what it was like to have your mind read for the first time.

You watched Loki’s face intently as he read your mind, resisting the urge to pull away from the weird sensation you were experiencing. Confusion was the main emotion you saw, and… awe? Your heart was racing.

Eventually he pulled away and refocused on your eyes rather than your forehead. He would really have liked to have kissed you, but couldn’t move. He also couldn’t speak. It was most unhelpful.

“I- ” Nope. He really couldn’t talk.

“Just – do you like me, shake for no, nod for yes.” you told him, nearing desperation. You needed an answer.

He let out a puff of air and made a face that said, ‘isn’t it obvious?’ And nodded. He frowned while he did it, but it was still a nod.

You’d take a nod.

Your face broke into the most relieved, gorgeous smile he’d ever seen, and then you tried to subdue it, embarrassed. He shook his head with a smile, unable to comprehend it. You… liked him?

“Help me back to my room? I think I need to lie down.” you asked with a smile.

“Yes, of course.” Loki said, or rather, croaked. You bit back a laugh and let him help you up; you still felt quite light-headed.

Once you were at your room, he paused awkwardly outside your door, still holding on to you.

“I’ll be okay.” you assured him, detaching yourself from his arm and opening the door to your apartment.

He nodded and seemed to be struggling for the right words. You loved shell-shocked Loki. It was so peaceful.

“I’m- I don’t, sorry.” he finished dejectedly, watching you apologetically.

“I don’t do blood, you don’t do talking about your feelings. It’s cool.” you smiled at him.

Loki actually felt his heart leave his ribcage for a moment.

“We’ll talk later, okay?”

He nodded. “Yes.”

“Bye then.” you smiled, slipping into your apartment and closing the door.

Once on the other side you pressed and hand to your mouth, feeling pure elation swell up through your stomach and into your throat, causing you to have to fight down a giggle. You listened out for Loki moving away from your door, but no sound emerged. After about ten seconds, you swung back around and opened the door again; Loki was stood there with his fist raised, having been about to knock again. You looked up at him, at those eyes. Those said attractive eyes.

An then, quite suddenly, he was kissing you, and you weren’t sure why or how he’d plucked up the courage but you weren’t about to ask him, you just kissed him back, pushing your hand up through his hair and feeling his hand tighten around the back of your neck, enjoying the feel of his lips against yours…

Then he wasn’t kissing you anymore. You missed it.

“Someone’s coming.” Loki said, pushing you back into your apartment swiftly and shutting the door quietly behind him, immediately reaching for you again.

“Shh, wait.” you whispered with a grin, listening to the footsteps come and go outside.

Once they had gone, you looked at each other again.

“I don’t know what I’m doing.” Loki said.

“That makes two of us.” you replied with a smile.

But, you thought, as he reached to kiss you again, it wasn’t a bad position to be in. You’d finally found out about Loki, and it had only taken him nearly killing you to do it. Result.

- By @highfuncti0ningfangirl

 Let me know what you thought :) x

Tag list:   @drakesfiance @ceruleanrainblues @veganfangirl5 @bellabart12 @maladaptive-ninja-returns @wishingforahome @pokengirl2 @dean-the-trickster @marie-is-in-the-dark @igoldieloxi @alfoos @leilei-draws @lowkyvoid @bluestaratsunrise @spunky-89 @what-the-hell-is-a-dropship @princessaurax @stansthetics @lokilover-39 @absenceoftranquility @screamingnewsies @lone-loba @jn-wolf @silverfountain @srtabloom @zoilalove213 @cosmicsskies @a-midwinter-night-dream-86 @love-me-maybe @marvel-th @miwinski19 @marvel-ousnesss @serkewen12 @virtualsheepeat @sadmilkuu @lexie10123 @demonickittykat @kaetha @marisayouass @love-you-3-000 @claw1302 @siren-queen03 @meganlikesfandoms @babyhiddlestoner @forstarsandspace @lokislilslut @peitromoximaff @nb-thw-t @yuudru @only-kneel-before-loki @bi-bi-bi-bisexualz @libbymouse @iamverity @i-luv-stars @egos-r-life @cals-cigarette

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“Loosen up already, will ya!

This was written for @littlestarkgone ‘s request:

One where the reader is the newest addition to the marvel cast and RDJ gets all protective of her and becomes a father figure to her and learns she’s crushing on Sebastian Stan BIG TIME and sets em up or something.

Warnings: *Language* *A little bit of the feels as usual*

This was your sixth week on set and you were more fidgety than usual - and you had anticipated being a bit of a mess overall.

The first portion of your day had been comprised of satisfying the Hair-And-Makeup crew members needs (you and your eagerness to remain busy every second of every day had you running all sorts of mundane chores for them in between your slower times), but after the briefest of lunches, you were mostly going over the outfits for the upcoming scenes that afternoon. 

This was not your first job as a costume designer. Your work had proven good enough - despite your self-doubts - to have made it to Marvel’s newest project and you were beyond honored. 

Extremely intimated too -  but not enough not to give it your all, as you often would.

When you had been contacted about the job months ago, it came as such a surprise you hadn’t slept that night.

 Alongside your team of junior designers - you had gotten so fully invested in your work, you overlooked the fact that this particular project involved your favorite MCU character: The Winter Soldier. So you took special supervision in his specific wardrobe. 

Every stitch and pattern had been done by hand by you and you alone. The amount of scrutinizing you had poured into it was borderline obsessive.  

You used to have a silly crush on the actor that so exceptionally played Bucky Barnes - none other than Sebastian Stan. 

But you were a grown-ass woman now, you had responsibilities and the foundation for a solid career. Crushes were for daydreamers - girls who weren’t as swamped as you.

 Real-life didn’t really leave much room for such fantasies…or so you thought. 


Before you had caught yourself absentmindedly peering at the set, furtively trying to catch a glimpse of him, or the times you took the long way to your tent -eyes alert and scooping.

You …were thinking about him. 

 A tad bit more than you foresaw, even.

The prospect of spotting him on set had you flustered and just distracted and that day you decided to put an end to that star-struck childishness you had inadvertently been immersed in - so that afternoon, you were determined to go back to the wardrobe for another thorough inspection and forget about Sebastian fucking Stan. 

They were shooting a scene that involved the amazing Robert Downey Junior and Don Cheadle next and you made sure their outfits were nicely arranged.

You had a ritual of sorts - you enjoyed running to your fingers along the seams of your ensembles. Following their trajectory helped you find mistakes  - the smallest of unevenness. A stray thread or an out-of-place wrinkle. 

Excellence demanded the utmost attention to detail - your instructor used to preach.

Hair up in a messy bun. The tip of a pencil securely between your teeth as you examine the fabric. A whisper made your face jerk upright - your eyes catching a glimpse of the guest you didn’t know you had in the tent. 

You recognize him instantly. 

He is sitting on the office chair at the very edge of the tent -  script sprawled open on his lap.  Eyes lowered as he mouths his lines.

You step from behind the rack of costumes as silently as you can manged yet his lips stop moving.

His head peeks around the side, and those devilish, brown eyes are accompanied by the warmest smile when he looks up at you.

“Oh hey there!” he greets, waving his hand. 

“Holy shit!” You blurt out. Regret sour in your mouth.

“Sorry, I hope I didn’t interrupt your concentration.” A palm to your chest - a gesture that seeks to break the sudden awkwardness.

“You didn’t,” he assures fondly.  "In any case, it is me who’s trespassing in your workspace,“ He stands up. ” I just needed a moment away from it all…“

"Forgive me for saying this but isn’t your trailer a more comfortable place than this?” You stammer, tucking a loose hair behind your ear as he steps closer.

“Not safe!” He glances around feigning paranoia and he gets a relaxed giggle in response.

“You are welcome here anytime!” You declare and he makes an appreciative gesture.

A shuffle of the tents’ curtain, a light that seeps in and next time you gaze up Sebastian Stan himself wanders inside.

“Here you are, Robert! They are looking for you everywhere, ya know?” Sebastian is in full makeup. Fake blood lingers at the edge of rosy lips, dark hair artfully tousled and you don’t even notice your pencil had plummeted straight to the floor.

Throwing his hands up, Robert shrugs.

“Who is this lovely lady?” Sebastian’s eyes shift from Robert to you. “You are not helping him bail, are you now?” And the answer to his question flutters in your stomach, nearly making you squeak - a smile, unbidden, returns Sebastian’s.

Nodding you divert your eyes back toward Robert, who is now squinting suspiciously at you.

In his assertive eyes, you can see the reflection of your clearly apparent fangirling, odd behavior.

“At least someone bothers to assist me in my escapades!” Robert gives you an ‘I’ve got your back’ wink.

“You’ve got yourself such a pretty accomplice,” Sebastian points out and your cheeks are burning so intensively now you fear they will combust any minute.

“Did you know you are standing in front of our very gifted costume designer?” Robert playfully smacks Sebastian right on his shoulder blade.

“Oh hello there!” Sebastian greets casual-like. “Your designs are impressive. I’m a huge fan.”

Did he say what you think he said? 

Are your ears betraying you?

You gape in disbelief.

“Thank you,” you say gently, though your words are trembling.

He’s noticed your work!!!

“Means a lot,” you reiterate, leaning slightly forward.

Too much? 

Quiet now, woman!

His grin broadens as someone who is well acquainted with this sort of strange behavior.

"I should probably get going before they send the big guys to fetch me,” Robert says - eyes filled with mischief. 

“You don’t have to be on set until tomorrow, buddy. Why don’t you invite our lovely costume designer to a coffee, huh?” Another smack from Robert and he continues, “She certainly has earned it…making us all look good and all!" 

Sebastian unglues his irises from you long enough to give you a chance to compose yourself. 

"That’s a great idea. What do you think, darling?” And he is exactly as you expected: charming, flirtatious and such an adorable dork.

He lifts his brow expectantly -  eyes trained back on you.

“S-Sure.” Some semblance of dignity is barely contained as the word spills out of your lips.

“Sounds youve got this thing all set. See ya both tomorrow!… And for the love of God, loosen up already, will ya!” Robert grins triumphantly. 

He tucks the script he’s holding under his arm and after gifting us both with his most smug smile he proceeds to exit the tent.

“Don’t mind him.” Sebastian nonchalantly points with his thumb toward the exit. “I better wash this off and I’ll pick you up at 5:00?” He asks, sweet and low and the butterflies in your stomach are wildly riled up.

“I should be done by then for sure.” Your answer is loud and brave - but your face is drained of color.

Sebastian’s little chuckle is music to your ears as he turns around and walks away.

You collapse onto a nearby chair. You’ve been set-up for a date with Sebastian Stan…and by no other than Robert Downey Junior in the flesh! 

The more you try to wrap your head around it, the more unbelievable it seems.

Even though you are well aware that you won’t be able to be anything resembling productive for the rest of your afternoon - you still try - and the minutes become hours and the seconds feel like minutes and when five o'clock finally rolls on, you are eagerly waiting outside the set. 

For your sanity’s sake, Sebastian is strictly punctual when his car screeches to a stop in front of you.

Mesmerizing smile flashing - full force - as he opens the passenger door for you.

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Castle!Reader

Warnings: Language. Sexual comments, language, and insinuated moments. Death. Violence. Threats. Stalking. Lying. Alpha male Peter. Fighting. So much arguing and snarky comments.

They say it’s the sweet girls you should watch out for. But really, you should watch out for the trouble maker who lives next door.
He was told to say away from her. Off limits, boy. But he was never good with the rules. The sweet girl with the sassy attitude, off limits to him was everything he wanted. He turned her into a rebel, shedding that sweet girl away.
He never guessed his created a monster. That she’d turn around and rip his heart out. Leaving him holding his shattered heart in hand as she slipped off to chase her dreams.
Skip a couple years down the road. Peter’s duck tapped his heart back together. Some how it still beats for the girl who destroyed it. Now she’s back home, her dreams failed her. But the rules are still the same. But now Peter has his own rules.
Stop staring at her. Stop wanting her. Stop dreaming about her. Stop lurking around in the dark. Stop pining for her. He’s not giving in that easy, but that doesn’t mean anyone else can have her. She’s still his and he’ll do whatever he has to, too uncover her dark secrets.

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Pairing: Artist!Steve Rogers x Black!Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: Some misplaced anger, some angst, otherwise pretty fluffy

A/N: Hey look, I finally wrote something! I have a bunch of WIPs that I’ve been stuck on, so I just sat down and wrote something new. The car ride is based on So In Love by Jill Scott featuring Anthony Hamilton (aka an absolute bop)!


Originally posted by rogers

Something was a little off with you. Steve had noticed it earlier in the week. Somewhere between sweet and sour, his girl and not at the same time. You left early and came back late. The kisses you left on his lips seemed more out of routine than out of love. He saw you closing in on yourself and tried his hardest to stop you. Still, he could only do so much.

He sat on the couch of your apartment, sketching your face with a small smile on his own. He would always joke that he didn’t need you to pose for him anymore, that he had your face and body memorized. It made you laugh. Like really laugh, head tilted back and small crinkles near your eyes. Still, it was less of a joke than the absolute truth for Steve. He knew not just what you looked like, but the energy you carried about you. An aura that never failed to make the people around you smile just by being you. He had that ingrained in his mind and heart.

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Pairing: The Winter Soldier x S.H.I.E.L.D. agent!Reader

Summary: With your team dead and your mission failed, you’ve been taken by the assassin to an unknown location and are at the mercy of your cruel tormentors. (This fic is explicit, 18+ only, dubcon in earlier chapters)

Chapter Warnings: Drama

Word Count: 1.6k



You and Rumlow didn’t linger in the Helicarrier bay for long—just enough for the ice cold dread to weigh heavily on your heart as you realized how in over your head you were. The sight so surreal and yet horrifyingly real and solid.

Aware of Rumlow’s watchful eye, you put on an expression of awe and wonderment, hoping he bought the act, because you sure as hell didn’t feel awe-struck and wondrous. Your stomach roiled with nerves and a white noise filled your head. HQ had been your home for years, and you had never suspected what was lying beneath your feet.

Your relief was palpable when Rumlow took you back into the elevator, but the feeling immediately vanished when he opened a door and led you inside to what was definitely not a conference room.

You had expected to be debriefed by board members and liaisons and officials from the US government. Possibly the World Security Council itself if your streak of bad luck held. Sweat had already begun to break across your hairline at the thought of what you would, and would not, tell them about HYDRA.

Apparently, you wouldn’t have to worry about that. The room beyond the door was dimly lit and windowless, the only source of light from faintly buzzing fluorescent strips above your head. The space contained a table, two chairs on opposing sides, and a computer console with wires leading from it to several small devices on the table. You recognized them as biometric readers for what could only be an advanced, S.H.I.E.L.D.-designed polygraph machine.

This wasn’t a debriefing. It was an interrogation.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Cuddles-Tom Holland Oneshot

Summary: When Tom is late coming over to your place, you immediately know something isn’t right. When you find out the youngest Holland sibling is sick, you immediately head over to he’ll take care of him.

(A/N): Requests are still open!! I would love some good fall ideas since it FINALLY feels like fall where I live😂😍

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1.2K



I had been going about my usual business, cleaning up around my apartment since this was the day of the week I did that. Tom had been planning to come over later for a bit, and then we were supposed to go have dinner with his parents and brothers.

I looked at the clock and realized it was 2:30; Tom had said he’d be here at 2:00. Frowning since Tom was never late, I figured there was probably traffic and he’d be here in a few minutes.

Fifteen minutes passed and he still hadn’t show, that’s when I decided to call him.

I heard the phone ring a few times before Tom picked up.


“Hey bub is everything ok? You said you’d be here 45 minutes ago.”

“Oh sho-I’m sorry Y/n/n. Paddy woke up sick this morning and I’ve been taking care of him.” He sounded flustered and a little overwhelmed.

“I think I’m gonna have to cancel-“

“Tom it’s fine. Hey do you care if I come over? I can help.”

“No your fine babe don’t-“

“But I want to! You sound really overwhelmed.”

Tom took a deep breath. “Ok. Paddy would like it if you came. I think he’s getting sick of looking at me.”

I laughed. “Ok. I’ll be there in 20.”

“Thank you darling. I love you.” He sounded immediately relieved.

“Of course. I love you too.”

I finished up what I was doing and then put up my cleaning stuff. I grabbed a hoodie and threw it on over my old t shirt and sweatpants before I jammed my feet into shoes and went out the door.

I got into my car and drove down to the Holland household. I pulled in next to Tom’s car, and made my inside.

I quietly opened the door, not knowing whether Paddy would be asleep or bouncing off the walls when I opened it.

I found neither on the other side. I saw Paddy laying on the couch with a fluffy blanket draped over his small frame. I could see he looked paler than usual.


I turned to see Tom, who smiled gratefully at me. He came over and wrapped me in a hug. He curls seemed messier than usual, and he look tired.

“Thank you” he said gratefully.

“Is it that bad” I asked trying not to laugh, knowing Tom was probably being dramatic.

He shook his head. “No, it’s just that mum and dad left early this morning, and he woke up sick at like 6. I’m just really tired.”

I wrapped him back into another hug, sliding a hand into his hair and playing his curls.

He hummed happily. “You gotta stop doing that you’re gonna make me fall asleep.”

I laughed. “Come on. Let’s go check on your brother.”

We both walked quietly into the living room, where Paddy was absentmindedly watching whatever was on the TV. He didn’t look up when he came in.

“Hey Padster” I said quietly as I came in. His eyes opened a bit wider when he saw me. “Y/n/n! I’d hug you but I don’t want to get you sick.”

I giggled. “That’s ok. Do you feel any better?”

He shrugged. “A bit I guess. I felt awful this morning, so it’s a little better now.”

I smiled. “Good. Have you eaten anything?”

He and Tom both shook his head. “I tried around noon but he couldn’t keep anything down” Tom said.

“And I’m starving” Paddy said.

“Does he seen like he’s gotten better since then?”

Paddy nodded and Tom just shrugged, obviously not knowing.

“Why don’t we try soup or something” I suggested.

“I think he could handle that. There’s some in the cabinet. I’ll come with you. Paddy don’t puke while we’re gone” Tom said jokingly.

Paddy gave him a thumbs up. “That’s the plan.”

I laughed as I went into the kitchen with Tom. He opened a cabinet and pulled out a can of chicken noodle soup and tossed it to me. I caught it and began getting out everything we’d (I’d) need.

After the soup was started, I was about to turn away from the stove when Tom came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He placed gently kisses on my jaw, before burying his face in my neck, placing a kiss there.

“Thank you for coming over” Tom said, his voice muffled.

“Of course.”

“I really don’t know what to do with sick kids.”

I laughed. “Well you’ve got a few years to figure it out.”

I heard him laugh and felt his smile against the skin of my neck. I kissed the side of his head as his arms squeezed my middle before he let go of me. He grabbed some bowls and spoons before coming back over to where I was standing.

“I’m…I’m hungry too.”

I chuckled and shook my head, pouring soup into both of their bowls.

Tom carried his and I carried Paddy’s as we made our way back into the living room.

“Thanks Y/n” Paddy said with a scratchy voice as he took the bowl in his hands.

We sat in silence as the boys ate, and I could tell that Paddy didn’t feel good mentally either, so I grabbed the remote with an idea.

“You wanna watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine?”

“Only is its season 3” Paddy responded.


I turned on Hulu and flipped to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, onto the Halloween Heist episode of Season 3. We all watched it together while Paddy slowly finished his soup.

By the end of the first episode we watched, he’d finished his bowl, and halfway through the third his eyes began to droop. By the end of that episode, he’d snuggled into the blanket as well as my side as was in a deep sleep.

“This is crazy.” Tom said a few moments later.


“He hasn’t slept all day. He never sleeps when he’s sick. And he’s out.”

I blushed and shrugged she shoulder that didn’t have Paddy’s head on it. I gently scratched his head through his curls.

“This is why you’re perfect” Tom said quietly. I looked up at him, bright red.

“I love you” Tom said.

“I love you too.”

Shortly after Tom fell asleep on my other shoulder.

About an hour after the first boy fell asleep, Nikki and Dom came home. They came in with a bit of noise, and I politely motioned or them to be quiet when they got it. They quickly saw their sleeping sons and quieted down. Nikki made her way over to us.

“What’s wrong. Are they ok?”

“Tom’s fine” I said. “Paddy’s sick. I’m not sure what’s wrong with him since Tom’s been with him all day and I’ve only been here for about two hours. Tom took care of him most of the morning until I got here, and when I got here I started helping. And now he’s asleep too.”

Nikki laughed softly. “Thank you. I’m gonna call out a pizza for dinner, and since I take it you’re staying, what would you like?”

“Whatever you all are ordering is fine Nikki, thank you.”

She placed a kiss on the top of her son’s heads, and then mine. I laughed.

“Thanks for taking on the big sister role today.”

I blushed again, my heart swelling at her comment. “Thank you Nikki.”

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Pairing: Preacher Son!Steve Rogers x Outlaw Daughter!Tony Stark Daughter!Reader

Warning: RELIGIOUS AS FUCK! Rebelling. Sneaking around. Going against religion. Swearing. Violence. Lying. Struggling with beliefs. Name calling. Virgin jokes. Sexual references. Catty girls. Yes fighting over a boy, but it’s different.

Characters: Val - Valkyrie // G - Gamora // Will - The Grand Director (AKA Captain America) // Eddie - Venom // Quill - Starlord // Amora - Enchantress // Mary - Titania

Two sides of one town.
Two entirely different worlds.
One storm left one school.
Two worlds colliding together before the storm swept in.
Secrets start swirling.
Pasts come to light and someone’s hands aren’t the cleanest.
Something so forbidden but how are they supposed to fight what feels so right?

Interview Questions For BIDW

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So, @infj-slytherclaw gave me an idea with a prompt of a cynical reader and a hopeful Avenger and I got to typing.. sloooowwwly… Here’s a teaser, y’all can tell me if you want to read more, if I should keep writing and start posting or if it’s a dud. This will take place in our happy land where it’s all fine and everyone gets along (mostly). 

Pairing: Bucky x f!reader, the whole gang will probably make an appearance

Rating: T, for now

Words of Teaser: 990

Warnings: canon typical violence, snarky reader, sweet Bucky

Summary: Bucky used to think Steve was stubborn and hard to keep out of danger, but then he met Y/N. Now her partner, Bucky works extra hard to make sure Y/N walks away from each mission with all her limbs intact. 


Originally posted by friendzoned-by-avengers

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Pairings: Loki x Reader
Warnings: Fluffy, may cause a sudden desire for hot beverage or a walk in the autumn weather.
Request: Prompt 10 with Loki please?

Summary: Loki and the reader take an evening stroll. 



Originally posted by lokitty

Autumn has finally settled in. You and Loki went for an evening walk to take a breath of fresh air and spend some time to reflect after another tough day. The leaves rustled under your shoes, and a gentle wind blew your hair. You gazed at the treetops amazed by the golden and crimson robes they were wearing. Their warm colours seemed to keep you in a nostalgic mood and contrasted with the cold weather. You went past a few other couples who came up with an idea similar to yours, kids who laughed as they were jumping in the piles of leaves, scattering them all around and you couldn’t help but feel a connection to all those people. Fall was truly a season that could easily bring everyone together.

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Be My Saviour - Masterlist (coming soon)


Summary: Five times Peter saved you and the one time he didn’t 

Pairings: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader, May x Happy, Tony x Pepper 

A/n: Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list either by responding to this post or messaging me :) 

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Summary:  Peter and you somehow keep getting on the same subway. You didn’t notice at first but when you did, your world changed forever.

Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader 

A/n: So this is the final part of my little story, I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading! (Sorry if there are spelling mistakes, I tried to get this part up as fast as I could) 

Part one, part two, part three, part four 


“What the-?” Your voice suddenly came from behind him and Peter jumped. He turned quickly, seeing you stood in the door way with a carrier bag of Chinese food in hand and a shocked expression on your face. He was then thankful he had changed and was now stood in his pyjamas once again, blood covering his cheek and dirt in his messy hair.

“What happened to you?”

He had completely forgotten to text you that he needed a rain-check on the date, too busy focused on stopping the bleeding from his wound. He quickly regained his voice, removing the shocked look on his face.

“Nothing,” Peter quickly lied and you gave him an unimpressed look, seeing the deep cut across his cheek and the bruised eye accompanying it.

“I’m not an idiot, Peter,” you said, stepping into the bathroom and scanning him for more injuries. “What happened?” You then asked again. “Were you mugged or something?” You placed the Chinese bag on the floor before taking the slightly bloody cloth from him and wetting it under the sink tap.

“No, I was… It’s nothing.”

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Square Filled: Confetti ( @brucebannerbingo​ )
Summary: You arrive home from work looking for comfort from Bruce and your daughter, instead, you find a very interesting mess.
WC: 350 words
Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader
Warnings: Parent Bruce Banner and fluff.


You looked around as you stepped into your apartment. The day had been a bit too long for you. Traffic was hellish, your computer broke, your car decided it would stop working for some random reason, and your Uber took half an hour to reach you. All you wanted was to go home, have your daughter and your husband crashing over you, and sleep the stress away.

“Honey?” you called.

It was far too quiet, and the moment you stepped into the living room, your eyebrows shot straight up. The floor was completely covered by confetti and colourful glitter, and Bruce and Leia were nowhere to be found.

When you and Bruce decided to have kids – more than twelve years into your relationship – it was clear that they wouldn’t be genetically related to you. Your husband couldn’t risk passing on the Hulk part of him onto your kids, so you quickly turned to adoption. Leia was about to turn three when you three met, and Bruce’s status as an Avengers – plus the help from Tony and Steve who didn’t even give space for them to bring the Hulk as a problem into the conversation – was one of the key factors that allowed your daughter to come home just in time for her party, and things were going steady since then. One year later, your husband was a fool in her hands and you were happy parents to a very healthy and happy child.

“Friday?” you called. “Where are they?”

“Doctor Banner and miss Banner are in her room, ma’am.”

You entered your daughter room with silent steps and shook your head when you finally caught them. Leia was fast asleep in her bed covered in glitter and confetti from head to toe, and your husband was sleeping upright on the floor beside her, in a position he clearly had not intended to fall asleep in.

“Bruce?” you called.

He woke up with wide eyes and opened an embarrassed smile just as soon as he saw you.

“What the hell happened here?”

“Uh…” your husband hesitated. “So… Leia found the confetti. And the glitter.”

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