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Top 5 : favourites.



“I’m not trying to be a hero. I’m just a guy that got fed up with men like you and I decided to do something about it.”


Originally posted by charliecoxlove


“I never wanted the throne, I only ever wanted to be your equal!”


Originally posted by bakmasenonlara

N.3- DIANA, WONDER WOMAN. (She'samazing)

“It’s not about what you deserve, it’s about what you believe.“


Originally posted by atparadise


"You’re just another tiny, momentary speck within an indifferent universe.”


Originally posted by slipperydevorak

N5 - TONY STARK, IRON MAN. (Ilovehimmorethanmylife)

“I am Iron Man”


Originally posted by tonystarkstudies

AND PETER PARKER, Spiderman. (He'sverystrongandSTICKY)

they share my 5th place .

“When you can do the things that I can, but you don’t, and then the bad things happen, they happen because of you”


Originally posted by conners-kent

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Master list

how would loki be as a stripper ?…well, I think…

  • The second diva of the place and whos not afraid to let the others know it.
  • One of the magical top dancers,it’s safe to say that he’s not just good at dancing but also dazzling the crowed and really making sure that the money is constantly going.
  • Takes clothes off quick if more money is involved
  • He isn’t submissive though. You’ll really have to keep coming back with more cash if you want him to go all out like that.
  • The only thing that’s more entertaining than getting cash is seeing how long someone will stay just for him and his company
  • To his lasting customers he is the most loyal to 
  • He gives all sorts of special gifts like free drinks,more time, a free private dance, even touching, our other if the customer so desired such a thing
  • To rude customers who try so hard to fat a posthaste edgy with him he refuses every time. He never takes the kind of offers end if the owner fended him to do such. For simply the answer is always no
  • If you want to get him on his good side to get him some vodka with a little lime and a few 50’s to sweeten the deal.
  • If you wanna buy him clothing he likes fishnets and thongs 
  • His outfits consist of leather, fishnets, corsets, gloves,and maybe a few bows, chains on occasion, maybe a tassel 
  • To go more in depth on what Loki does for his private customers
  • He can go above and beyond 
  • Special jewelry 
  • To massages 
  • Simple conversation
  • Cuddles
  • Petting
  • Heavy petting
  • Kissing
  • Rough kissing
  • Kissing your neck down too your thighs too your sweet clothes and all
  • Making sure that you are ever so satisfied with his serves
  • As his long tongue licks sucks and circles it self on your clit
  • Once you’ve called his name out enough to have you cunning and shaking for him. That’s when he’ll ready himself for you pumping his cock more and more until he’s just about to cum. Than he will pound into your sopping wet heart and take you.
  • Once he through he’ll make Sure that you’re token care of. 
  • Running a bath
  • Rubbing your back
  • More cuddles
  • Anything for his best customer
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hold on a moment


alright, were back

hello my darlings i have a treat for you! for the next weeks I’ll be posting a few of my thoughts that I’ve had. honestly i wanted to make another series but, i just haven’t been really into it. so my next best thing is this.

a world where some of the  marvel boys, that i have picked, as strippers. I’m sure that some one has done this and i’m definitely not the only one but i wanted to see if i could and i did.

I really do hope that you like it and if you’d like to even request a ff with one of them i’ll  see what i can do.

Adore you much 

-xoxo Mellow ☕

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Saw a Twitter post about how Sophia Di Martino was cast in the new Loki series, possibly as a female version of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki:


So I went to the trouble of trying my best to make this:


Not the best but it’s what I could do with limited resources! Hope you enjoy

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The (short) final part! hope u guys have enjoyed this and that I did okay writing for a blind!reader :)) 

Word count: 788

When you woke up, you were blind again.

You sat bolt upright, instantly panicking, no, no. A desperate sob escaped your throat and you pressed your palms hard into your eyelids, begging for it not to be true.

“Y/N? Y/N, love-”

A pair of hands gripped yours and pulled them away from your eyes, and you could see again. That probably had something to do with the fact that Loki had turned a light on.

Oh.” you breathed, beyond relieved. Loki pulled you on to his lap and wrapped his arms around you comfortingly; you returned the gesture. You weren’t sure how long you’d sat like that for, with him stroking your hair and pressing kisses to your forehead every so often, but you hadn’t wanted it to end. Ever, preferably. Eventually though, he convinced you to lie back down with him and try to sleep some more, as it was 3am. You agreed, but made him promise to keep the light on.

You woke next at a much more reasonable time, and left Loki sleeping peacefully on the sofa to go and take a shower. No one was yet awake, so you didn’t pass anyone on your way. You returned to your apartment in the compound and gathered up all of your shower things, but not before pausing to take in your room. It looked exactly as you remembered it, and had remembered it the whole time you had been without your sight. Entering your en-suite you dumped your towels on the radiator, which was thankfully on, and turned on the shower. Then you caught sight of yourself in the mirror for the first time in over a year. Your mouth fell open.

You looked so different. A year ago you’d unbeknown to yourself glanced in a mirror for the last time in a very long time, and the girl that stared back at you now was not the same. The skin around your eyes was… well, it looked like what you would expect from being burnt so badly at that close quarters. You’d never really thought about your appearance while you were blind, but now… your Y/E/C eyes hadn’t changed colour or been altered at all as far as you could tell, and they looked weirdly out of place in the chaos of burnt, red skin that surrounded them.

You blinked back tears. This had been what the others had been looking at for a year. And Loki… how could he love you when you looked like this? It was a mess, he’d never even seen you without your burns…

“Y/N?” Loki had come looking for you.

You were about to come up with some excuse about being in the shower when he saw you. You could not get anything past that man. He walked over to confront you.

“What is it?”

You pointed at the mirror sourly. He still looked confused.

“My face Loki. Why would you not tell me…”

“Tell you what?”

You just mouthed wordlessly, gesturing at your burns.

He finally cottoned on, and looked horrified.

“Y/N, you’re beautiful…”

You rolled your eyes, hard. Damn, you’d missed that.

Loki grabbed your face firmly in his hands.

“Listen to me. You’re seeing it worse than it is. Burns or scars don’t define who you are as a person, you even told me that. I think you’re gorgeous regardless, nothing is going to change that.”

You softened slightly under his fierce glare; you knew he meant it. It made you want to prove the same thing to him.

“Can I see you in your Jotun form?”

He blanched. “I don’t know if that…”

“Please Loki.” you held his gaze, just as he had held yours seconds before.

He knew he didn’t have a choice, and pushed the door shut gently. You fought not to show your shock as he closed his eyes and transformed into his Jotun form right in front of your eyes, but you almost immediately got over it. He was still Loki, that was still the same clenched jaw and furrowed brow. You picked up one of his hands and kissed it, and then repeated the same thing he had said to you back to him.

“I think you’re gorgeous regardless, nothing is going to change that.”

He responded by rolling his eyes, and you even got a small smile out of him. At least that was something. He changed back into his human form and pulled you towards him to kiss you deeply. Now here was something you hadn’t needed your eyes for anyway.

Suddenly there came loud pounding from the door, and you jumped apart guiltily.

“Reindeer games, if you are in that shower with Y/N, I SWEAR TO GOD-”

- By @highfuncti0ningfangirl 

Let me know what you thought <3

Tag list:  @drakesfiance @ceruleanrainblues @veganfangirl5 @bellabart12 @maladaptive-ninja-returns @wishingforahome @pokengirl2 @dean-the-trickster @marie-is-in-the-dark @igoldieloxi @alfoos @leilei-draws @lowkyvoid @bluestaratsunrise @spunky-89 @what-the-hell-is-a-dropship @princessaurax @stansthetics @lokilover-39 @absenceoftranquility @screamingnewsies @lone-loba @jn-wolf @silverfountain @srtabloom @zoilalove213 @cosmicsskiess @a-midwinter-night-dream-86 @love-me-maybe @marvel-th @miwinski19 @marvel-ousnesss @serkewen12 @virtualsheepeat @sadmilkuu @lexie10123 @demonickittykat @kaetha @marisayouass @love-you-3-000 @claw1302 @siren-queen03 @meganlikesfandoms @babyhiddlestoner @forstarsandspace @lokislilslut @peitromoximaff @nb-thw-t @yuudru @only-kneel-before-loki @bi-bi-bi-bisexualz @libbymouse @iamverity @i-luv-stars @egos-r-life @cals-cigarette @timetraveler1978 @strangerliaa

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Loki x Reader Avengers The Office AU (Slowwwwww Burn)


Warnings: *inhales* my death by some of you

Word Count: You know those winter rains? When it trickles and the air suddenly is all chilly, giving you goosebumps before pushing you inside your duvets so you can keep yourself warm? And the same weather is all gloomy and kinda makes you wonder what the fuck are you doing? Yeah, that kinda weather is what I am experiencing right this moment. Other than that I had quite a fun day! :D I know. Surprising. But I liked it. Not to mention I’m driving (without any judgy eyes hovering beside me) these days which feels quite therapeutic, though not when the car shuts off in the middle of the road because your best friend appreciated your driving saying she didn’t wanna jinx it. *shrugs* And to think I was scared of driving. My dad always laughs with delight when I come back home because I had this freaking HUGE grin smacked on my face ‘because I drove!’ :D

MASTERLIST in bio, darlings. Tags are open (check bio)

It was a dream.

He knew it was a dream. Which was why he was a little irritated on the inside that it was not real.

That your being- alluring in the afternoon sun with the purest smile on your face as you watched him with your head supported by your palms- lay on your stomach in his bed over the mess of sheets.

He was trying to be enraged at the thought of your smell- a hint of citrus with soothing sweet floral tones- not being real. But the sensation of breathing you in seemed too real. How?!

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#8 with Loki? Preferably not involving a death scene?

Thank you for requesting. I would love to!

I think this is my very first marvel fic so I’m kinda nervous haha. Have mercy on me.


Prompt : "“You promised! ”

Warnings : Angst, Fluff

Pairing : Reader x Loki


You’ve been sitting on your sofa for a couple hours now. You tried to go to sleep. You really tried, but you just couldn’t.

So you grabbed a book in hopes that time would pass more quickly that way.

Loki was out on a mission with the avengers and even though you knew he was more than capable of taking care of himself you were still worried sick.

Yes you had work tomorrow and yes you haven’t sleept properly yesterday either but this was important right now.

“Okay one last chapter.” you mumbled to yourself for the third time now while turning another page.

You were already halfway through the book now. When someone unlocked the front door and stepped in. Quietly loki enterd the room. Stopping in his tracks when he spotted you on the couch.

“Wha-…. Do you know how late it is!? ” he asked.

You jumped in surprise, nearly dropping your book. “Your home!” you jumped up pulled and him into a hug. Holding him tight but for a few second before holding him on arms lengths away from you. “How did the mission go? Was everything okay? Are you hurt? Wha-”

He stopped you by placing on finger on your lips. “Good, yes and no. Now answer my question.”

You looked across the room at the clock.

It was nearly 6 am. You stayed up the whole night waiting for him… “Uummmm….” you stepped back a bit, crossing your arms.

He looked at you and you could both see anger and worry mixed in his eyes.

“Something tells me that you didn’t just get up really really early today…. You waited for me again didn’t you? Y/n You promised! We both know that this isn’t good for you and you said it would happen again!”

You turned your back to him walking over to the sofa.

“No you said that! I just aggred… And I didn’t wait for you.. I read a book!”

You picked up the book you were just reading and showed it to him like it was the prove of your innocence.

He looked at the book with a blank expression, then back to you. With a deep sigh he walked over to you, taking the book from your hands.

“Are you trying to lie to the king of lies y/n?”

You looked back at him without breaking eye contact, responding, “Why? Am I doing good?”

He clenched his jaw. You knew he wouldn’t back down and why should he? You did promise not to wait for him anymore after all…

When he didn’t respond you looked down in defeat.

“Hey… I don’t wanna fight okay?…. I’m sorry that I broke my promise. I tried to go to sleep loki. I really did. It’s just… The bed was so empty without you and I kept thinking about all this terrible things that could happen… ”

You wrapped your arms around yourself, slowly shaking your head.

“I was just worried. I know that you are capable of keeping yourself safe but still…

The thought that I would wake up in the morning and you still weren’t there scared me so much that I couldn’t go to sleep…I’m sorry-”

Before you could continue loki placed a hand under your chin gently lifting your face up until your eyes meet his.

His facial expression has softened and he looked at you with adoration in his eyes, he opened his moth before closing it again as if he was out of words.

Carefully he cups your face with both hands. His thumbs ghosting over your cheeks while mumbling, “No one. Not a single soul has every cared for me like you do…

Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve that someone like you keeps waiting for me…”

You immediately shake your head at his words.

“That’s not true. You deserve anything.

You deserve someone who worries about you.  Who waits for you.

More than anyone I’ve ever meet loki… You really do. And I will be this person for you as long as you want me to be and longer.”

For a moment he just looks at you completely starstruck. His eyes scanning across your face as if he’s searching for the trick. For the lie. But he’s just meet with pure honesty. Gently he leans his forehead against yours.

“Thank you my queen…”

Both of you stay like this for a while silently enjoying the company of the other. You relaxe and feel your eyelids getting heavier by the minute. Loki grabs you tighter when he notices your state and carefully picks you up, whispering, “Let’s get you to bed now alright?”

But you didn’t even answer anymore.

You were already snuggled again him fast asleep. With a small smile on your lips.


Thaaats it!

Hope everyone liked it!

Love ya’ll <3

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Hey there! First off, I wanted to say that I've been following you for a while and that I absolutely love your writing! It always puts me in a good mood! But with your most recent story, every time I click the link to continue reading, it sends me back to the top of your page. I haven't been able to find a link that won't do that. I'm sorry if this causes you any trouble or stress...

Hey friend!

Thank you so much for letting me know! Tumblr ate it, must have been a most delightful and tasty fic for it to do such a thing. Ugh! 

I am so glad you enjoy my writing and that it puts you in a good mood! Thank you for building me up by letting me know! I have now fixed the link; I just had to repost it which causes a bit of a mess. Hope you enjoy it and it doesn’t cause any further problems.


 Peace always, 

Loki’s Pet Tiger

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