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The Hogwarts houses as MCU characters.

Gryffindor, dead pool

  • Sense of humour
  • Jumping into deadly situation
  • Swearing 9000 times a day
  • Dirty jokes
  • Stupid decisions about wasting things
  • Heart in the right place even though it doesn’t seem like it
  • “The suit is red so bad guys don’t see me bleed”

Hufflepuff, Thor

  • Huge heart
  • Infectious smile
  • Love baked goods
  • Loyal to their friends
  • Don’t go near them when angry

Ravenclaw, Tony

  • Smart and creative
  • Sassy
  • Will send nick fury to voice mail
  • Caffeine . Loads of it
  • Breaks down lab to create new things
  • “Finally! Someone who speaks English!”

Slytherin, Natasha

  • good lier
  • Looks good in business attire
  • Will probably be a good assassin
  • Cunning
  • Accurate jokes
  • Rarely shows emotions
  • Human lie detector
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A/N: Hey guys, this is my first fanfic uhhhh ever.. Please be nice. This is super deep, but then it gets really fluffy and sweet. I’m sorry if the change between the two is super drastic. I’m learning. It’d mean a lot if I could get some constructive criticism in the comments or whatever. Thanks guys :)

!!!!!Trigger Warning!!!!! Mentions of self harm, contemplated suicide.

Summary: The reader is struggling with mental health, and her older brother reminds her that she doesn’t have to go through it alone and reminds her that he’ll always be there.

Word Count: 2,428


Originally posted by coporolight

You were slipping. And you could tell. The tell tale signs came creeping back unexpectedly and hit you like a freight train. You either slept too much or too little, ate extreme amounts to drown out your pain or never ate because you were scared you’d gain weight, you hardly left your room, and rarely talked. You were almost too far gone. Everyone was concerned, but they had no clue what was happening. Especially your brother, Bucky. God, he just wanted to make sure you were okay. He just wanted his baby sister back.

You had finally decided to drag yourself out of bed, glancing over at the clock. It was 3:26 in the afternoon. You groaned as you got up, and slowly walked to your bathroom. Today was the day, you thought. You took a shower and felt that burning sensation on your hips and thighs you knew all too well. They weren’t fresh, but they were new enough that they still hurt. Everyone was slowly catching on. And that’s when you decided to stop. Grimacing, you lightly washed over them. You hopped out of the shower and almost tripped from fright as you heard a knock on the bathroom door.

“Y/N? Are you up?” You heard Steve say. Steve had always checked on you the most out of everyone, besides Bucky. You guys had shared a special bond since you were little. You always went to him with all of your problems.

You slipped on your clothes carefully, but not before carefully patting your cuts with peroxide and wrapping them up. “Yes Steve, I’m in the bathroom.” You walked out, dreading the interaction. Please go away, you thought. He was leaning against your door frame.

“You okay, kiddo?” No, you weren’t. But you didn’t have to deal with that much longer. You nodded and gave a clearly forced smile, but it was enough to convince him for the time being. “Well we had breakfast, but it’s a little late for that now. Come on down for lunch, it’s Tony’s turn to cook. You absolutely adored Tony’s cooking, but if you ate right now you’d throw up. You were gonna miss it.

“I’m not really hungry, I might just go walk.” Right. A walk

“You at least have to come talk to everyone before you go, Y/N. I’d prefer you eat, but I can’t force you to.” You internally groaned, but obliged. That was a delay in your plan. Truth was, you really wanted to see everyone. Honestly, you did. You wanted to talk to everyone and laugh and have fun, but the depression had a harmful grip on you and you just couldn’t bring yourself to it. You wanted to tell everyone everything, to the cuts and your thoughts and feelings. But you were absolutely terrified that they’d find it immature and unreasonable, and just flat out stupid.  

You and Steve walked down the long hallways and eventually into the living room. Everyone smiled when they saw you. This was the first time you had seen everyone in the same room for while.. Probably a few weeks. Maybe even months. Mostly everyone had been off on missions, taking turns staying home. It made you happy that you’d see all of them one last time.

 You had almost forgotten that your brother had gotten home from a week long mission with Sam and Nat this morning. You had felt like an awful sister. Bucky got up and walked over to you, engulfing you in a hug and picking you up. 

“Hey doll, how you been? Don’t tell me you forgot about me.” He asked with a wink, carefully placing you back down. Honestly, you had felt awful. Drained. Broken. Suicidal.

“I’m okay Buck, how was the mission-”

“It was the most epic one yet. So what happened was-..” Sam cut in, walking over to you guys. Sam started telling everyone in a very long detailed story how the mission went, probably lasting around an hour and a half. The story also consisted of Bucky and Nat explaining parts of the story how they actually went. You glanced down at your phone in the midst of the social chaos. 5:13. Enough time to slip out and be alone. I can finally go on my walk, you thought to yourself. 

“I’m going on a walk guys.” You said, mainly aiming it at your brother. They all nodded, giving you the okay.

You went around giving good long hugs. One to Bruce. One to Nat. One to Tony. One to Clint. One to Thor, you had always loved his hugs. One to Sam, with a squeeze. And then it came down to your boys. Bucky and Steve. Your worlds. You hugged them both, a good long squeeze. As you walked away, a tear slipped down your face. Here we go.

You had walked towards the bridge closest to the tower. You had forgotten in was winter with all the thoughts you had going through your head. You were freezing, and it was already dark. It wasn’t a very busy bridge, believe it or not, so you didn’t have to worry about anyone stopping you. You slowly climbed up and sat on the edge. Will it really be worth it? Is there anything after this? An afterlife? Is anyone going to look for me? I’ve been gone a while. You glanced down at your phone. 8:51. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to leave behind the people I love. Will they even care? Y/N, you know they’ll care. They’ll be devastated. But I just want the pain to stop. Please. How do I make it stop?

You started shaking, completely lost in your thoughts. You did the only thing you thought you could do. You took out your phone and dialed a number.

“Y/N?! Where the hell have you been? You’ve been gone almost 4 hours! I swear to God-”

“Bucky?” That’s all it took. Saying your brother’s name, the slightest voice crack. You broke down, letting out all your pent up emotions. “I’m a-a-at the b-b-bridge. H-help me. I-I-I can’t d-do this.” And with that, you heard the line drop. You sat down on the sidewalk on the bridge. You put your head in your hands and tried to calm yourself down. You rocked and rocked, trying to ground yourself from this attack. Minutes seemed like hours and you felt someone put their hand on your shoulder. You slowly looked up, “Bucky.” You stood up and embraced him, letting the tears stream down. 

“I got you doll. I’m here.” He picked you up and carried you with ease back to the tower. He walked through the living room, gaining concerned looks. You hid your face in the crook of his neck from embarrassment as he brought you to your room, where Steve was already waiting. He sat you down on the bed, tears still flowing. You just couldn’t stop it. You felt like a coward.

“Tell us everything.” And that’s exactly what you did. From start to finish. You explained when it started, your daily thoughts, your plan for the bridge. You showed them the cuts and where you hid the blades. “Why didn’t you tell us?” 

“I felt helpless. I felt immature and stupid. I was scared you guy would just brush it off or make jokes. Or tell me I was being unreasonable. I have no reason to be feeling this way. I know I don’t. And that’s what makes all of this so much worse. I have a near perfect life, with an actually perfect family. But these thoughts just consume me and I can’t stop it. It physically hurts. My chest, my stomach, my head. I feel weak.”

“Y/N, you are one of the strongest people I know. And that’s saying a lot considering who we live with.” Steve said with a half-hearted laugh, managing to get a pathetic chuckle out of you too. “We’re going to beat this, and you don’t have to go through it alone. You will have constant love and support through all of this.” You realized that Bucky hadn’t said anything this whole time, so you turned to look at him. He had a distant look in his eyes. 

You turned around to look at Steve, only to find him looking at Bucky too. “Can we have a minute?”

“Of course.” And with that, he walked out. You and Bucky sat in silence for a few moments.


“I should’ve known. I should’ve known that my baby sister wasn’t okay. That she was suicidal.” This was the first time you had seen him cry in years. It broke you inside. He wasn’t the type of person to cry unless he was absolutely devastated.

“Bucky, no one knew. It’s not your fault. Please don’t blame yourself.” You pulled yourself into his lap and he wrapped his arms around you, so tight that you felt like he was never going to let go. “This isn’t anyone’s fault, Buck. You know that, right?” He slowly turned his gaze towards you and nodded. He was rubbing your back, attempting to comfort you. But also comforting himself, thinking about how if you didn’t call him.. You might not be sitting right there in his arms. As he was rubbing your back, his hand grazed your side. You flinched with a giggle, and hid your face in his chest. That gave him an idea to cheer you (and himself) up. “Hey Y/N, do you remember how Steve and I cheered you up when you were little?”

The gears started turning in your head. Oh no. You tried to pull out of his lap, obviously not succeeding. He held you tighter against him, and began to spider his fingers up and down your sides. “Buhuhuhuck.” Your shirt began to ride up, and the cold sensation of his metal arm just made it that much worse. 

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” You couldn’t stand to be teased, and boy did he know it. He flipped you over onto your bed and straddled your waist, pinning down your forearms with his knees. There was no chance you were getting away. “Now let’s find that smile of yours, shall we? It’s been so long.”

“Ihihihihi dohohon’t wannahaha smihihihile Bucky-YEEE! STAHAHAP!” His hands flew to your sides as you let out a loud squeal. While his torturing digits moved up and down your sides, you arched your back. He smiled as you squirmed around.

 “But Y/N, I’m just getting started! I can’t quit now!” He slowly moved up your sides to your ribs. He got down super close to your abdomen, after pulling your shirt up. “Gasp! Y/N! I think you’re missing some ribs! I better count them to make sure. Alright one, two, three-Y/N!” You thrashed around under his touch, letting out hysterical laughter. “You made me lose count! Looks like I have to start over. One, two- Y/N!” You were blushing so hard, along with scrunching your nose. One of your signature looks while laughing was your nose scrunch, and everyone adored it. Bucky never managed to forget to tell you how cute it was every time he saw it.

“Awh, look at the baby. You’re adorable! I forgot how ticklish you were, maybe I should do it more often.” He cooed, making stupid faces one would make at an actual baby. He stuck his tongue out at you.

“Fuhuhuhuhuck ohohohohoff.” You attempted to sound intimidating, but you failed miserably.

“Watch your language! Just for that I’m gonna-” He left the sentence hanging as he dug straight into your armpits. He was not a light tickler, and both you and Steve knew it.

“BUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUCKYYYYYY! PLEHEHEHEHEHEASE!” You tried pulling your arms down, but to no avail as you were stuck under the super soldier’s knees. Your face was turning red, but Bucky had no clue what the word mercy meant.

“Wow! That was a plea if I ever heard one. Hold on Y/N, I’m almost done.” While keeping you pinned, he bent down and pulled your shirt up. You knew what he was about to do. 

“Buck, no. No no no nohohoho.” Your laughter picked up as he got closer to your stomach. “Bucky please- ACK NOHOHOHOHOHOHOOO BUHUHUHUCKYY STAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP! I CAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAN’T BREHEHEHEHEHEATHE!” Your laughter went silent. He blew a few raspberries and dug into your hips at the same time. Your laughter could be heard throughout the whole tower. He finally let you go and you curled up into a ball with residual giggles, only after you slid off your bed from how weak you were. He went to pick you up and put you on the bed, but you only flinched away from him. 

“C’mon Y/N, I’m not gonna do it again.” You hesitated, but eventually let him pick you up and lay you on your bed. He covered you up with the blanket and leaned down to kiss your forehead. He sat beside your legs and stroked your hair lovingly, “We can talk about everything in the morning again. But for now I need you to rest, okay?” You nodded. He stood up and walked towards the door, turning your light off.

“Buck?” He turned around, the only light to be able to see you came from the hallway and shined delicately on your face. He hummed in response, “Can you sleep with me tonight?” He walked over to your bed, shutting the door behind him. He pulled the blanket up, got under the covers, and pulled you into his side. You cuddled into him without hesitation.

“Thank you. I needed that. I may not be completely fine right now, or even anytime soon. But I’m glad I have you. And everyone else here. To help me realize I’m not going through this alone. I love you.” He nodded and kissed your forehead again. 

“I love you too.”

He needed it too. He needed to see you laugh. He needed to make sure his baby sister was okay, and for the time being you was. And he was going to make sure that you were going to be okay, because that was his job as your older brother. He was your protector, and your best friend, and he promised himself that nothing was ever going to hurt you again. Ever.

And if the rest of the Avengers walked in looking for you and Bucky, and were met with you and your brother sleeping peacefully, they wouldn’t say anything.. Because they all loved you just as much.

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in regards of my second part of stark driven prom

sorry!!! i deleted that wip because i ended up hating it! i just rewrote it and i’m not sure if it’s any good but i like it a lot more! i’ll be posting in the morning ♡

it’s currently 10:54 pm here…

here’s the link to the first part!

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Happy Life, by: i_d0nt_feel_s0_g00d on Wattpad

Tony had always thought he was fine, that he was okay.

He had thought it and said it so many times that even he began to believe that it was really true. That he was actually okay and everything was perfectly fine.

But that’s when it hit him the hardest.

He was not okay.

He was not fine.

He was just another being floating around in space like everyone else.

Just a sack of flesh that wasn’t really important to anyone.

Just another person in the world that wasn’t truly cared about.

Sure, he was famous. But did the people that knew him and constantly talked about him, really and truly, care for him?

He could answer that question in a heartbeat.


They couldn’t give a single fuck about him, who he actually was inside, not just the person they see on tv and read about in magazine’s.

The answer is no, you want to know why? It’s because they don’t care.

They never really cared.

They pretend to care when the time is right and once that time is over they turn their backs. They whisper about him and prod into his life until they find every dirty secret he has.

They laugh and ridicule him until they decided he deserves their fake sympathy.

And he let them give it to him.

He let them lead him into the darkness.

Tony was slowly fading into the darkness.

The bright happy world he had built for himself had started to crumble and he was desperately trying to piece it back together.

He tried to pick up all the little shards of what was once what he thought of as a ‘happy life’ and tried to hurriedly stick them back in place so he could go on living that 'happy life’.

He tried and tried to keep that world from crumbling, but the harder he tried to faster it went.

He cried for help and support, but to his avail, he wasn’t heard or seen.

He was shut out and his world was starting to shatter faster than ever before. His light had started to fade and darkness was consuming him faster than every before.

And he was letting it.

He dropped the shards of his 'happy life’ and fell to his knees, no longer racing to pick up the pieces and build again.

The light was beginning to go and he just couldn’t get it to say, so he let it go.

So there he sat, his world crumbling and the darkness spreading; he sat there alone and scared as the darkness started to crawl up his fingertips and slowly make it’s way to his heart.

Then, it all stopped.

Someone had brought a broom and started sweeping away the broken shards, they had brought a lantern to keep the darkness away.

They held Tony’s hand and brought him to his feet, they took his hand and put a new piece in it.

Tony smiled, and put the piece in place.

There they started to rebuild their worlds, but not as two different ones, they built their world together.

As they built their new world the darkness left and the light began to shine, their world was steady and beautiful.

Tony Stark’s happy life was back, and it was better than it ever was before. This time his happy life truly was happy.

All thanks to the person that chased away the darkness and brought in the light, the person who swept away the broken and put in the new.

All thanks to Peter Parker.

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It’s funny how Fury created the Avengers, when you know the Furies (or Erinyes) were 3 goddesses of vengeance in the Greek mythology.

Vengeance created the ones who avenge.

Plus the Furies were supposed to punish the ones who committed crimes against the natural order. They’re avenging the Earth. Literally.

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Finally! I’ve finished this piece of art after about 1 year. Using about 2.200 nails. It’s lovely to touch, you can’t see it well in the picture but I’ve tried to use different heights, to give more deepness into it and make it more realistic.

Could have been faster, but with that much noise I have made, my neighbours would have killed me. I’m afraid, I’ll need a studio for the next work…. it will be bigger 🙈

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I’ve really sort of checked out of MCU / superhero movies in general for a while, and I’m really lukewarm at best over Morbius (both the movie and the character), but this is some of the best trailer music / use of remixed classical music I’ve heard in a very long time.

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Originally posted by gameraboy1

*In an interview*

Interviewer: Tom, (y/n), would you rather scream ‘Hulk smash’ before using the washroom or before kissing someone.

Hiddleston:*laughs* I’ll tell you, that’s a tricky one. Maybe the second.

You:*also laughing* Yeah, that would be interesting!

Interviewer: Oh, really?

Hiddleston: yeah, I think.

You:*nods head*

*after the interview*

Hiddleston: hey, (y/n).

You:*looks at him*

Hiddleston:*yells* Hulk Smash!

Hiddleston:*grabs you and kisses you passionately*

Hiddleston:*sweetly* So, would you go on a date with me?

Tagging some people who must see this😂:

@afictionaladventure16 @spideyyeet @missbasicxxx @tommysparker @miss-nerd95 @lokihiddleston @drunklili @dazzling-rubabe @angelsparkers @loki-and-the-loon @hiddleston-daily @tomhiddlestonarchive

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Warnings - MOSTLY FLUFFY AND SO SWEET IT’LL ROT YOUR TEETH BUT DOES MENTIONS :- Divorce, Depression, Family breakups and Sadness.

Word Count -   3888

A/N - This series will be completed by the end of January! Sorry for the delay! December was extremely busy due to university deadlines I had due!

Masterlist -



A sweet warmth was filling the bakery entirely as you were in the midst of preparing for the Avengers Christmas party, trays upon trays of sweet treats were laid around the kitchen. Cinnamon, lemon and peppermint were a small selection of scents which filled the air around you, it was almost overwhelming. Heading out of the kitchen, you opened the windows, letting the cold breeze into the bakery a little, clearing your nose with the smell of the crisp winter air. The bakery was closed today, but that did not mean you had a day off. Preparations needed to be completed by tomorrow so that you could have a day to organise the catering and of course, to prepare yourself for attending the party yourself.

After taking a small breather from the kitchen to clear your head and nose, you decided you needed to head back in to see if your shortbread had finished cooling off, you’d dusted them with a sugar beforehand. But before you could fully enter the kitchen, a knock came to the locked door of the bakery which made you jump a little “U-Uhm who is it?” thinking it may be one of shop-owners from next door. Wiping your hands against your apron quickly before pulling back the curtain that covered the front door, you usually kept it drawn when the bakery was closed. 


Steve was just standing there on the other side of the door, he was still dressed in his work attire with his suit jacket and tie with a long coat gracing his shoulders which swept down to near his knees, standing out against the colourful setting of the cul-de-sac of shops on the street. With a raised brow, you unlocked the door and ushered him inside “Come in!” Steve breathed out gently as he was hit with a gust of warm air which was emanating from the kitchen, he rubbed his hands together to warm them up. After gently closing the door gently, you turned to look at Steve.

“Hi.” Steve adjusted his tie gently, looking at you with a smile, his cheeks had been reddened by the cold winds which had been hitting his face outside. Hands in your apron pocket, you grinned “Hi Steve! What brings you to my part of the neighbourhood?” wiping your brow which covered in sweat from the heat of the kitchen “If it was a delivery you would have just texted.” Leaning back against the front desk gently “Well I was driving in the area so I was wondering if you’d like to maybe go and get some coffee with me, a little break from the kitchen?” 

You blinked and looked at Steve “You do remember that this is a bakery & coffee shop?” Steve flushed, which you just put that down to him just coming in from the outdoors “Oh. Well! How about just a walk in the park?” Pointing towards the door, your own cheeks flushed now “I guess a small break would be nice, fresh air too.” Steve nodded and smiled “I’ll return you to your work after the walk, I promise.” Grinning as you took your apron off and hung it up on the peg on the kitchen door, grabbing your day-to-day bag on the way over to Steve. Snatching up your coat and colourful patchwork scarf, wrapping yourself up happily, keys in hand “Passes time before I have to put the filling in the Black Forest Gateau.” Exiting the bakery with Steve following behind, taking the time to lock up the bakery securely and making sure the windows were locked as well. Shoving the keys into your bag, the wind gently blew through your hair as you turned to Steve “To the park?” Steve held his arm out for you which you took happily, the two of you walking down a few blocks, rushing across some crosswalks to reach the park. 

The trees were dusted with snow, it looked as light as powdered sugar being dusted on a beignet or some other sweet treat, the pathway had mostly been cleared by park staff but that didn’t stop you from stepping on some crunchy patches of snow on the path, making Steve laugh but at the same time roll his eyes. 

The two of you walked together through the park which had people littered in all areas, some kids making snowmen and others building dens out of the large heaps of snow which had fallen in the park. Letting out a happy sigh, your breath looked like a dragon’s breath, making you smile “Hey look Steve, I’m a dragon.” doing it again and looking at Steve this time, making him laugh and in response, Steve breathed out heavily through his nose, his breath immediately imitating a dragon’s breath “Okay you win!” A burst of laughter breaking out between the two of you as you continued walking through this part of the park side by side. 

When you took a moment to glance away at some other people walking through the park, you felt Steve shudder which made you snap your head around to look at him “Are you cold?” asking him as you looked him over. 

His coat had only one decorative button which held it closed but clearly this jacket was not designed to keep the wearer warm, more or less to make them look fashionable. A design feature that did not work well with the current climate of the city. Steve’s neck was exposed to the elements and would definitely be sending a chill down his back “No I’m not cold, I promise.” Steve tried to retort but you were not going to let him get sick in your company “Steve, your neck is completely exposed to the cold! Let me give you my scarf!” Unwrapping your scarf from around your neck and zipping up your green winter coat to the top to keep your neck covered as you held your scarf in hand. Steve held his hands up in defense “Hey Hey! No! Now you’ll get cold. You don’t need to give me your scarf (YN).” He insisted but you were not giving in. With a hand around his tie, you gently pulled him down so he was hunched down, making it easier for you to coil the scarf around his neck at this height “I’m not letting you get a cold on my watch, Mister Grinch.” 

Your hands worked quickly to coil your scarf around his neck, his breath on your face as he watched you. Adjusting the scarf for a second, you pulled back to look at him “There.” Smoothing out his tie for him “Much better. Nobody wants the boss ill before the Christmas party now do they?” Smiling at Steve who’s just smiled “I guess you’re right.” Your arm interlocked with Steve’s once again “Come on” ushering him to keep walking on through the path.

Soon enough a scent began to waft through the air which immediately made you perk up excitedly.

“There’s a mulled wine stall!” You spotted it in the distance, a small stall resembling an ice cream or hot-dog stand was positioned further ahead in the path “Mulled wine?” Steve’s brows furrowed in confusion at the words which made you gasp “You haven’t tried mulled wine?! Then I have to get us some!” Breaking the hold of your interlocked arms to scuttle up the path towards the stand. Chuckling, Steve watched from afar as you chatted with the gentleman running the stall, smiling to himself as you chatted so freely. You ushered Steve over with a wave of your hand “Grab yours, Steve! I’ll snatch us a table so we can sit and enjoy these!” Saying thank you to the owner as you held your decorative cup of mulled wine in hand, searching for a bench which wasn’t completely iced over, making Steve smile fondly.

“You’re a lucky man, your girlfriend is such a kind soul. I saw the two of you walking up the path and I haven’t seen two people so happy to be in each other’s company in such a long time.” The older gentleman served up Steve’s cup of mulled wine to him and held it out for Steve to take from him. 

The words made Steve go pink, this time not from the cold weather 

“U-Uhm she’s not my g-” He stuttered out before turning his head to see you sat on a bench waiting for him, a smile on your face which made him feel seventeen again. He turned back to the owner, taking the warm mulled wine in hand.

 “Yeah. I’m the luckiest man alive.” 

Steve sighed and smiled, speaking the honest truth in that moment before thanking the owner for the drink and taking his time walking over to where you were sat. With one hand holding the mulled wine, you pat the space beside you “Saved you a spot, Mr Grinch.” making Steve chuckle “Why thank you, Mrs Claus.” which made you giggle in response. Steve glanced down at you before speaking up “(YN), can I ask you something?” you finished taking a sip of your mulled wine to look at him “Yes of course, ask away!” You placed your mulled wine on the seat, putting it beside you as your focus was singled in on Steve and this question which he seemed to be pondering.

“Why do you love Christmas so much? You just breathe out all this jolly-ness and I just don’t know how you do it.” Steve’s baby blues watching you intently, this seemed to be a question which Steve had, had on his mind for some time, “The music, the decorations, the mulled wine.” He motioned towards the cup in his hand and then turned to you again “How are you so jolly?” 

This question stumped you for a second and made you quiet as you thought back on how you viewed the holidays, unlike other people. Steve, immediately concerned he’d overstepped, broke the quiet “You don’t have to explain, I understand if its personal.” You held your hand up before he finished “It is personal but… I trust you. You seem like someone I can talk to about it.” you fiddled with the zipper on your coat out of nerves, breathing out “I never had ‘good’ Christmas experiences as a kid. My parents were at odds most of my younger years, tension was always lingering, especially during the holidays.” Looking down at your feet as you kicked a rock which was on the ground, thinking back to those Christmases you had growing up. 

“My mom was tired and stressed and my dad was severely depressed, they were divorced by the time I was 6.” Feeling Steve’s eyes on you as you revealed this personal side to you, this sadder side to you which you mostly never let anyone see “I would see my dad cry, he loved my mom but they just weren’t good for each other.” 

Memories flashed of being only young when you heard your dad cry, sobbing in his bed which he had shared with you at your grandmother’s place, not enough rooms or space for the two of you to have separate rooms. It was the night before Christmas eve and there you were comforting your father, a man who needed help, who needed someone to pull him out of the darkness during this time. That was the hardest Christmas for the family which was once 3 and now 2, but during that time, you put on a smile for your dad, none the wiser to the deeper feelings he was experiencing, but doing anything you could to make him smile. 

At 9’o o'clock that night, you helped your dad find a smile, though the pain wasn’t gone, he could be strong for you. Strong for the little girl who needed him in this moment of time.

“My dad, after battling his demons, decided to go to receive help for his depression, he always told me that I was so important to his journey to healing. That I pushed him to find peace again, to find a place where he could experience the happy times with me.” Eyes becoming glassy at the thought. With your head turned towards Steve, eyes watering as you reflected on the past, you started trying to wipe your eyes with the side of your hand slightly “When my dad started to get better, he promised to make Christmas the best time of year. To make-up for the years before.”

“Has he? Made up for years gone?” Steve asked, eyes trained on you and full of concern as he listened. You nodded and smiled faintly “My dad and I have such a strong bond now. Closer than ever.” Heart beating fast as emotions ran high, you tried to continue your words “I learned to appreciate Christmas because even though it originally caused such pain for my dad and I, it now brought us closer together… I love Christmas because it helped a little girl and her dad feel like a family again.” A tear gently trickling down your cheek which you tried to wipe away, Steve quickly wiped it away gently with his own hand as you broke out into a soft smile “So in turn, I try to spread Christmas cheer because I know that someone may be feeling how my dad was feeling, how I was feeling and I would do anything to make sure someone didn’t feel alone during the holidays.” Steve reached to hold your hand which had begun to shake as you spoke.

“So whether it’s my cakes or even a small conversation, I just want to make people smile.”

The air was quiet for a moment, Steve holding your hand and squeezing it gently for a moment before he began to smile at you “Oh (YN). You do. You make so many people happy. Sarah, Sam, Bucky and me. You make the Grinch smile.” He tried to lighten the brevity of it all, it helped and made you smile. It felt as if your silent mission was being recognised and appreciated. You helped people smile, even though it was the smallest thing to other people, spreading a little joy around was still important. 

You giggled faintly and sighed  “Thank you Steve, for listening to all that, I’ve never really talked to someone about it all.” Steve nodded and picked up his mulled wine “Now. Let’s enjoy the rest of this moment. Living in the now.” which you nodded to, picking up your own cup of mulled wine, which was still warm to the touch. 

“Cheers.” The two of you clinked glasses and took a sip, Steve took a small sip to test the waters. You watched, hoping he liked it as it was his first ever mulled wine. Steve brightened up “This is so nice, it just warms you up from the inside out.” He took another sip, his happiness making you feel light inside. The pair of you just sat on that bench for a little longer, finishing off your cups of mulled wine contently in the serenely quiet path which you were on, the bench overlooking the large expanse of trees which littered the park. With your cups no longer being filled with mulled wine, you put the empty cup into your bag, keeping it for the memory of today. 

You wanted to remember this day when you saw the decorative cup of mulled wine on a shelf.

Steve glanced towards you as he too finished off his own cup “Shall we head back to the bakery?” He asked, you agreed and rose to your feet. The wind was much colder now and the sky turning slowly more grey above the two of you. Steve held his arm out to you once more, which you took, starting to make your way back through the park towards the bakery. The park was becoming more and more deserted as the weather grew colder, people exiting the park. Suddenly, as if coming out of nowhere, a patch of ice on the ground was exposed and your feet immediately went sliding as you stepped on it. Your body couldn’t recenter and with your grasp on Steve’s arm, the world began to spin and twirl before gravity pulled you downwards, no longer on the cleared pathway, closing your eyes as you braced for impact.

Letting out a squeak as the world stopped spinning, you kept your eyes clenched shut but blinked as you felt hot air close to your face and something brushing against your nose. Peeking one eye open slowly, you squeaked again. 

Steve was atop you, one arm trapped under you as if trying to cradle you close, probably from when the two of you took a tumble down. The other hand was close to your face, implanted into the snow. His nose brushed against yours, your mouth was suddenly very dry as you stuttered, staring into his eyes which resembled the clearest blue waters you’d only seen in photographs. Steve seemed to not have any words but neither did you, eyes locked in a trance for a moment before you let out a tiny


Steve and you broke into hysterics, laughing as your noses were brushed against another’s, laughing at the situation you’d dragged Steve into. With a smile on his face, he helped you sit up from the ground, removing his hand from the snow, the two of you realising how far you’d tumbled. People were looking from the path concerned that the two of you were hurt, but looked away when they noticed you two were laughing hysterically. You looked over to Steve, his suit was awry, his tie was halfway off his neck and his jacket was covered in snow, the scarf you’d let him borrow had fallen off during the fall. Steve’s normally swept back and styled hair was covered and caked in snow and so was his beard, meaning he’d gotten a face full of snow on the way down, he reminded you of a jack frost-like character with the hair so full of snow and ice. 

You knew by how your body felt cold and somewhat wet, that you too were covered in snow and that your clothes would be soaked through soon enough. You reached a hand up to swipe the snow out of Steve’s hair, he looked at you confused for a moment “Forget the Grinch, you look more like Jack Frost now.” Steve now understood and sniggered “Well you’re no better, Mrs Claus.” He brushed back a snow-covered strand of your hair away from your face. Glancing up at the sky, you saw more snow was starting to fall “We better get back to the bakery, we’re going to be soaked with all this snow.” Pointing to yourself and Steve’s clothes as snowflakes landed on your nose, Steve quickly rose to his feet and held his hand out to you, grabbing the scarf which had fallen off during the tumble, it now covered in snow. 

As soon as the two of you were up, the snow began to fall heavier. Yeah you needed to get back to the bakery as soon as possible. Steve and you tried to make it up the hill and back to the path you’d been walking on fast, trudging through snow which was leaking into your boots slowly but surely but Steve’s business shoes were probably not faring any better at this moment in time. Reaching the path, you and Steve rushed along and tried to get to the exit as the snow cascaded downwards, your footprints that you left were being covered up seconds after you’d laid them down, the snow piling on thick. The city was shrouded in snow as you made your way across crosswalks with Steve following close behind.

The bakery was within sight, though the snow was growing even more blustery and was pushing you around. But Steve’s arm came to wrap around you and helped you through the blustering wind. Cars were completely covered in snow and the wind kept piling more and more on, completely covered in white. With Steve’s arm around you, the two of you pushed on through the wind till you reached the bakery, your cold hands shakily handling the keys and trying to push the door open. The door had become so cold that the metal of the hinges and door handle were starting to freeze, Steve reached over and with joint effort, the pair of you pushed the door ajar. Stumbling into the still-warm bakery, the warmth hitting the two of you in the most comforting way. Steve closed the door, trying to keep all the warmth inside the shop, rubbing his hands together to try and warm them up “This is the worst winter I’ve seen in a while.” Steve admitted, he’d seen the city during many of its worst winters in his childhood, but this was something else. Sighing, you ran your hands through your hair “At least we still have electricity and gas.” the lights of the bakery were still beaming and the heating still going, this was a good sign. Steve glanced out to the street, his car completely covered by the snow outside, it was thick snow and would take forever to break off right now. You decided to put on the radio, checking the road news, concerned about Steve and how he’d get home to Sarah.

“All Weather sources recommend that if you are still in your homes, to stay there till morning and not to venture out onto the roads. The streets are a hazard due to the heavy snowfall and on-coming storm. Stay in your homes and stay warm, folks.”

The woman on the radio spoke, the radio signal was slightly fuzzy but the two of you got the message loud and clear. Everyone was being told to stay inside and that no one was going anywhere. 

That left Steve Rogers stuck with you for the night, practically snowed in with you till morning came and the storm moved onwards. The two of you turned to look at each other as the radio went silent, you gulped and broke the silence. 

“I guess you’re staying here tonight by the looks of it.” 

Steve looked at you and gave you nod  “I suppose I am, aren’t I?” he peeled his snow-covered jacket off of him and placed it on one of the tables and before turning to look at you “What shall we do to pass the time?” arms crossed gently across his chest and immediately when he said that, he could almost see on your face that you knew exactly what the pair of you could do to pass the time.

“I guess this is the perfect opportunity to prove that I’m right.” Making Steve Rogers ponder for a moment what you’d meant, he paused and rose a brow “Prove yourself right about what?” making you grin like the Cheshire cat as you walked over to him, determination on your face.

“Well. You see…”

You were now face to face with Steve, a smirk on your face

“Tonight. I’m going to prove that you, Steve Rogers can bake.”



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My fanfictions ( that I’m working on)

Just wanted to put these here. Because I still need to do that.

Writings I am working on right now ;

• Merlin / Harry potter Crossover. (Based on this AO3 free given idea (Maybe 2/3 versions with one will be french) ▶️ Merthur - Gwen/Lancelot - Gawaine/Percival

• The Flash’s os serie, based on multiple OC questions. ▶️ ColdFlash

• 911 / Addams family Crossover. (idea still under development. Will take time to be written/posted. If you want to contribute to it, feel free to !) ▶️ Buddie

• 911 fanfiction (Post lawsuit. With a bit of angst, Buck begins, exes, characters death, found family, forgiveness etc) ▶️ Buddie (slow burn) - Buck/Original male character(s) - Original male character / Original Male Character - Original Female Character / Original Female Character - Original Female Character / Original Male Character

• 911 / MCU crossover (Still under development. Like it’s still only an idea. You can give all the ideas you have about this !) ▶️ Buddie

• Sherlock (BBC) / Harry potter Crossover (Mysteries, magic AU, Married characters, Magical adoption, family feels, enigms, etc) I need a bit of help, tbh. Maybe a beta somewhere ? ▶️ JohnLock (Magical, both of them) - Mystrade (Mycroft/Gregory Lestrade)

• Harry Potter fanfiction (Time Travel, Use of magic to bring back spirits of magical being to life, Hogwarts being alive/a powerful living magical being, Wizarding word, pure blood wizard etiquette (which I have to create myself, due to not have much informations about it), Semi-original characters, bashing etc) ▶️ Drarry - Luna/Neville - Hermione/Fred Weasley - Godric/Orion (OC)

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