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“For Your Sins.”


A/N: a little drabble as promised @shadowheart-2000 I do hope this fulfills your wishes :)



Warnings: ANGST, death.



It seemed a bad dream, something unreal.

His body was livid, cold, didn’t know how long he’d been staring at the blinding white of the wall.

The chains were gone, a mere idiotic precaution for outings and visits to face the throne. His power now coursed and prickled his veins again, brazen and crazed.

“Your highness…Loki?” The soldier called, vacillate and more than frightened to say the liesmith’s name out loud; for only chaos brought his call. His baby blue eyes betrayed and displayed that fright disguised under plates of gold.

“Leave…and thank you,” his eyes never drifted from the white. Didn’t even noticed the startle in the soldier’s features at his distant politeness before turning and scurrying away.

Loki didn’t know why he’d thanked him. Didn’t have time to reproach himself or second-guess now. His mind was somewhere else. He was in a daze.

“Dead,” he murmured. The four-lettered word fluttering in the air before withering away just like its foretelling.

Yes. That was what Odin declared with a sneer on his face and crinkles around his eyes. Dead for his penalties.

“My, to what do I owe this sudden outing from my comforting cell?” Loki shifted his weight and stood upright. His grin elongating as he contemplated the one whom he’d known as mother, “Mother, why such grimace? Does it ache to see your child bound?” The now prisoner of war tilted his head and gazed at the Allfather. “Shouldn’t you be rejoicing as your king is doing now?”

Yet the Allmother said nay and wept in silence. Lowered her gaze and allowed the silent tears to shower her cheeks as her fingers fidgeted with each other.

That was no good omen. He should’ve known better.

“Enough with your child act,” Odin deadpanned. “I have not called you here to fool.”

“Then, by all means, do us both a favor and cut right to the chase, as they say.” Another smirk made itself present on the trickster’s face and tilted his head; aloof and more than amused to notice his exasperation on his tense jaw. The chains rattled and shrieked as Loki made a hand gesture.

“Very well,” Odin snickered.

Loki failed to notice his malice until it was too late. That was his mistake.

Loki exhaled as his limbs trebled. His life left with ever breath, with every shudder, every blink.

He had nothing again. Everything was taken away.

Loki fisted his hands. His knees met the cold bare cement and heaved for air that never came. The ghosts and shadows on his face never ceased to torment and take shape.

He’d taken it all, ransacked every bit, taken away his humanity. His will to live.

Murdered him mercilessly without even killing him. How funny, fickle…cold.

“I have called you here to have you know the final verdict.”

“Will you finally swing the axe?” Loki pondered more than amused. At least his suffering would cease to be.

The Allfather’s face was not his face as his smile spread. That twinkling eye reflecting twisted calm, and softened line along his forehead, were a contrast. The face was that of revenge. He should’ve known it then. “I already have.”

Silence engulfed the golden room and sunk in with the weight of Odin’s delivery.

Loki’s face paled and his eyes sunk. The prisoner became a ghost without being he the one dead.

“No,” his breath faltered and stepped back warily. Odin’s smile though contradicted his negation. “No…”

A guttural scream rattled his bones, battered his soul, destroyed all his hopes.

She was dead. Brutally murdered. Taken away. He hadn’t even said goodbye to her.

Furniture crashed against the walls until nothing but destruction lay on the floor. Until it all became nothing but dust. Until the cell was no more than a cage where a wailing creature wept and moaned.

Loki had lost. Was nothing no more.

Another scream ricocheted in the cell. All creatures nearby went silent at the trickster’s rage. Froze on their place and dared not to look his way and trembled to be his witness.

Her name was screamed to the skies who wept along. Who mourned his injustice, his loss, her crucifixion.

“Your punishment will be to carry the knowledge that your beloved died by the hands of your vanity, for the sole purpose of mending your sins. To see her in your sleep, and have her wither by the dawn of reality. That is my verdict.”

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The Two Apprentices masterpost


Word count: 2.3k


Originally posted by peters-holland

7. Hard Work Pays Off

“Welcome, Mrs Parker!” your mum greeted May at the door. “Hi, Peter!”

“Mrs Dawson, this is yours,” Peter smiled at her as he held up the bouquet of flowers. 

“I got this for you,” May showed the bottle of fine wine. 

“Great! It’s gonna be good to drink with the fish.”

You and your sisters were in the kitchen making the scene beautiful and prepared the food. You loved how excited your sisters were about Peter. It was good to see they welcome him with love. 

While Karen showed May the flat, Peter walked to the kitchen door and watched you for a few seconds before he coughed to make you realize he’s there. 

“Hey, “ you smiled and walked to him. 

"Hi,” he welcomed your hug and kiss on the cheek and he gave one in return. 

“Hi, Peter!” you heard all of your sisters. 

“Hi, girls! Who loves strawberry chocolate?” he asked making his way to them, taking out three bars of chocolate from his bag.

“Me!” “Me!” “Me!” they chirped.

“Hi, yn!” you heard from behind and May hugged you as you turned around. 

“Hi, it’s good to see you!”

It was a calm dinner, your sisters constantly watching Peter, who was all red and flustered from all the attention they gave him. After dinner May and Karen stayed in the living room to talk, the girls had to go to bed and you were left alone with Peter in your room. He looked carefully around, he was fascinated by all the tech stuff you had from Tony. 

“Wow! This is so cool,” he said and turned on the holographic map. 

“It’s the map of Queens.” You hoped he won’t ask anything else about it, because it was the map, you made to track Spiderman. 

“What are the little dots?" 

Yet, he asked more. 

"Frequent… Crime spots?” It was more of a question than an answer. 

“Yeah, I’ve been to most of these places when fighting crime.” Luckily he dropped the topic. 

“I think they’ll be friends,” he said. 


"Karen and May.”

“I hope so. Mum doesn’t have many close friends. Her best friend was John, my foster father. After he died, she didn’t really made friends. She worked a lot to raise four girls. She still does, but with Tony’s help she finally has some time to breathe and enjoy life a little more.” You smiled softly. “She does everything for us. When John died they wanted to move me to another family, but she fought so hard for me and kept everything together even though she was grieving. I owe her a lot. She’s the real superhero for me." 

"She’s incredible and she loves you. But do you have a favourite Avenger?” he smirked. 

“Yes. Cap,” you said just to annoy him. 

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Thorquill MIB!au

Agent T a.k.a. Thor Odinson is assigned to protect Peter Quill, a half-celestial, a prince from the planet Ego, who is in on Earth for some governmental work. Their first meeting doesn’t go as smooth as Thor expected to. Peter is loud, childish. Quill sees Thor as an arrogant, selfish agent who lives in his own world. As time flies by, both men get attached to each other and in the end both fall in love with each other. When it’s time to leave Earth, Peter doesn’t want to go and leave Thor behind. Same with Thor, he doesn’t want to leave Quill alone. Both not knowing what to do, Peter and Thor decide to start their lives over. Peter leaves behind his father and planet and Thor leaves Men in Black. MIB is not happy with Odinson’s decision so they decide to neuralyse him. Now Thor has to hide from MIB but he is not scared of them because he has a powerful celestial, his lover by his side.

“So, what does T stand for? Thomas? Tony?”

“Thor. It’s Thor.”

“Like the Norse god?”

“Yeah, just like him.”


@mythicalguardian thanks for this awesome idea! (go and show them some love!) A little side note: after spending time with Peter, Thor decided to grow a beard and after becoming boyfriends he just started wearing more space looking like clothes ‘cause you know, he will go to space with Quill :D - for those, who will get confused by two last gifs of Thor.

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