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So…. since Fury, Maria, and god knows who else are actually Skrulls, did they have to be tutored on how to act like the specific person they’re mimicking? 

All I’m imagining is Talos and Fury in a room together with some sort of theatre/improv teacher and the teacher just being like, “Okay, Fury, walk around the room and, Talos, take note of what he’s leading with”

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If you guys even find this, i hope you can see it and understand what happened. Over the weekend i got hacked, and my original blogs were deleted…. meaning i had to start everything completely from scratch… I am currently sitting here crying as I write this because I know that I never saved any of my works after uploading them for storage reasons. I regret that i never saved anything but to make matters worse I can’t even begin to remember everything i wrote so i can not rewrite it. 

If you were on any tag lists for my new stories, please let me know because I am going to try to rewrite them the best that I possibly can and would appreciate your help in recalling different chapters. I will continue writing the chapters for Captain and my Hunger Games AU as I will also try to rewrite the previous chapters to the best of my ability. If you were put on my request list, please let me know and i will try and put you back on it.

To everyone that reads this, thank you for taking the time to do so and if you have any recollection of my fics that would be greatly appreciated as well.

I love you all and hope I can somewhat rebuild this blog that i love so much.

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Hello everyone! Thank you, already, to everyone who has commented, gave kudos, etc to this story. I’m super excited and already working hard on the next handful of chapters for you guys! I decided to go ahead and post today since I’m several chapters ahead already and because I hope to make Tuesday one of the update days for this. I’m thinking I’m going to try to go on a Tuesday/Thursday/possibly also Saturday upload schedule with these stories (meaning one of them will be updated every one of those days), and I’m hoping to once I finish enough of this to be actually getting into the first movie era to start on the Iron Man one of these. I just watched it again today and I’m super hyped already!

Anyway, I won’t drone on too much this time. Thanks to all the readers, and enjoy!

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I know we all talk about how independent the marvel women are all the time but I have to politely disagree in regards to Natasha. She needs people in her life, and that’s okay. It’s part of what draws me to her character. She needs other people, and that’s okay. It doesn’t make her any less stronger or badass.

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