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#marvel sneak peek

Sneak Peek Sunday!!

So, next week I really want to focus on the requests I have to do. Which I why, this week’s Sneak Peek will be one of the requests and you get to choose which one.

And yes, I am opening votes early, just because I can😂


Originally posted by muvana

Here are your options:

  • The Wolf in the Woods * (Alpha!Ivar)

Summary: It’s time to leave your father’s pack and find your own mate. When Alphas scent you out and fight for your approval, only the most ruthless will come out on top and claim you as his.

  • Like Father, Like Son (Tony x Son!reader)

Summary: The Avengers become worried about your bad habits. Tony even more so when he sees a similarity from his young adult years. They all try to get you out of it before something bad happens, but they find that it’s too late…

  • You’ll Regret That (Ubbe)

Summary: Aslaug tells Ubbe that he has to let go of all his lovers due to her arranging a marriage for him. But he only has one lover who does take the news all to well.

  • Proceed with Caution! (Ivar)

Summary: After you get injured in a raid, Ivar argues with you about what would have happened if you had died. More importantly, what your children at home would do if they lost their mother


(*will contain SMUT)

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Sneak Peek Sunday - Truth and Trickery

Posting this from my phone because I am without a laptop

“Bucky’s on his way to Wakanda to make sure that his Winter Soldier programming isn’t the problem.”

“He should be put in an Agardian cell for what he’s done to her,” Thor snaps at Steve. His head turns back to you when you weakly squeeze his hand and whine in protest.

Slightly shaking your head, you breathe out a pained sigh and flinch in your spot. “No. I don’t want to see…” It’s hard to talk, every word making it harder for you to breathe as you rest your hand on your stomach. “It’s better if he goes to Wakanda,” you whisper, your head lulling to the side and touch Thor’s arm as he shifts of sit beside you on the hospital bed.

Thor takes your hands off your stomach and strokes the back of your hand. “You should get some rest, my love,” he whispers, pressing a kiss on top of your head as you try to shake your head.

“No. I want to know what the doctors say. If our baby-”

“(Y/n), please,” Thor softly begs, squeezing your hand before bringing it up to kiss the back of your knuckles. “Rest. You’ve lost a lot of blood,” he reminds, a quiet mewl leaving your lips as you lean closer into his body.

Steve watches the action intently, smiling to himself at the memory of the times when one of you were injured on missions. That smile falls quickly when he realizes that he will never share moments like that with you. It’s certain that you won’t be coming back to Earth after all that’s happened. Thor won’t allow it.

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A/n: This is a little piece from the first chapter of my series. It’s about a young girl who is adopted by Tony Stark. This series will go through the life of Y/n Coulson-Stark living with the one and only Tony Stark.

Summary: Y/n Coulson’s father, Phil Coulson, is dead. Killed by the god of mischief, Loki. Knowing her father didn’t have any close relatives, she figured she was going to an orphanage or a foster home. Come to find out, Tony Stark, Iron Man himself, wants to adopt her. Figuring it’s better than a foster home, she tells the judge she wants to live with Mr. Stark. Living with a rich superhero sounds like the perfect life; but Y/n doubts it will be or that it will lasts.  


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