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Summary: You follow Steve to save his friend and meet the winter soldier. He’s different than you thought he would be.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader (platonic)

Warnings: angst, fighting, tension, fingering, smut, unprotected sex, sex against a wall, a hint of dub-con (blink and it’s gone), biting


Running after Steve, your friend, and commanding officer you try to top him. This is a mistake and you know it, so you run faster, trying to keep him from breaking through the door.

Steve already tries to stop the man inside as you stumble into the room, slamming the door shut as you can hear heavily armored men running upstairs.

“At least five or more men, armored, Captain. I can take them down, but this will get messy if I do and I’m pretty sure they are not with Hydra, only men following orders.” Panting you hold your side, not used to be an active part of the team.

“Y/N, your powers can kill them.” Steve murmurs while the man behind him, the man you only know as winter soldier, looks you all over. There’s something in his eyes you don’t like when he looks at you, so you block the door, pushing Steve toward the window.

“Get out with him or without. I’ll stop them as long as I can, Steve.” When the noises grow louder you feel a hand on your upper arm, dragging you behind him.

“No, you won’t, Y/N.” Steve raises his shield as the first gunshots fall and you need to hide your smaller frame behind your Captain.

“This is fucked up, Cap. I know he didn’t kill T’challa’s father, but can we not get killed for the winter soldier, Steve? I’m pretty sure Tony will roast us…” Heart beating a mile in a minute you watch the door burst open and the first men storm in.

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Summary: Steve needs to go oversea and you’re afraid you will lose the last family you have. Making a deal with his best friend Steve hopes your life will be filled with love only to put you into more misery.

Request: He abt Bucky & Reader are married. But he doesn’t love her. It was an arranged marriage. He told his friends how he’s stuck with someone who’s not good looking and attractive. She hears that & obviously it shatters her. She try grooming & working out & is always polite, loving towards him cus she loves him. He doesn’t give a fuck. His friend sees how broken things are tells him to either love or leave. He decides to leave. After they separate tho he falls in love with her. Will u write this?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Sister!Reader, Sam Wilson x Reader (platonic/friendship), Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Clint Barton

Warnings: arranged marriage, angst, unrequited love, low self-esteem, sad reader, talks about divorce, rejections, language, Bucky being a douche, fake-dating, comforting, fluff, tears, heartbreak, injured Steve, implied smut, very light oral


“I have to go oversea, Y/N.” Steve’s words echo through your mind and you need to sit onto the couch as your legs are about to give in. “Doll?”

“Why?” Sniffling you look up at your brother, your hero, the man always being there for you. “Didn’t you do enough for your country? I mean you almost got killed in Afghanistan and now they want to send you to a foreign country again?” 

Losing all hope you lie on the couch, curled into a ball you cry uncontrollably.

“Sis, I’ll be back in a blink. It’s only a year, okay. Your big brother will be back and you’ve got your friends.”

“You mean your friends, Steve. I got none except for Peter and he only hangs out with me as he wants to be close to his hero, you. No one likes me, Steve. They are friendly to me as you are my big brother, nothing else.” Sobbing you hide your face in the palms of your hands.

“What about Bucky…huh? When he came back after he lost his arm you cared for him. I was jealous about the amount of time you spent with him.” Steve kneels next to the couch, nudging your side. “Still in love with that punk?”

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Request: Would you please write for Bucky & reader, wherein he’s in love with Natasha but is forced to marry reader, he’s never home ignores her even when she tries hard. She even must work as a waitress for money, one-night Brock tries to rape her, Steve arrives just in time and saves her. They become good friends. It’s on you if you want her to stay with Bucky or get married to Steve. It could be an au where they are not Avengers.

Pairing: Mobster!Bucky x Mobster!Reader, Mobster!Steve x Mobster!Reader, Gamora, Wade Wilson, Nick Fury

Warnings: angst, feisty reader, language, mentions of sex, tension, talk about ‘family’ business, fluff, comforting, light smut, violence

Consolation Bride Masterlist


A few weeks later…

“How is work?” Glancing at Gamora you can see the hesitation in her eyes. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

“You said no sex and giving favors to customers or your men but one tried yesterday. I came just in time as he wanted Hilary to give him a blowjob.” Gamora exhales and you jump up.


“It’s fine, okay. We are used to giving favors and stuff. At least we are safe here and get paid for our work. I don’t want to lose my job.” You can see the fear in her eyes, knowing that look all too well.

“Gamora, this isn’t about you or the others. It’s about me, James’s and my word. I gave you my word and someone tried to make me look like a liar. This is inexcusable.” Angrily pacing around the room you barely recognize Bucky  entered the room moments ago.

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Summary: The plan comes to conclusion. What has Brock to do with it? And when became being the good guy that hard?

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader (platonic/friendship), Sam Wilson, Maria Hill, Brock Rumlow

Warnings: angst, sassy/self-confident reader, language, violence, betrayal, lies, a crazy plan, mentions of sex/drug use, a hint of making out

Shielded Masterlist


Walking through the hallway, sway in your hips you nod at Maria who is talking to Brock and your fists want to clench. For months you are busy to find every mole in Shield. 

Your investigations got stuck when the team found their new addition and you were busy with finding a mole among the Avengers too. Now knowing Lucie is no harm any longer you can concentrate on taking the mole within Shield down.

The person you hate the most, the person betraying you so badly is smiling at you, waving to order you into the room.

While Fury and you act as if you don’t know about the betrayal the mole believes that no one will ever find out who leaked information to missions and private moments between you and Steve.

A smile on your lips you fake you are interested in what the person you would love to stab with the hidden knife at your thigh has to say.

Brock glances at Maria, not understanding why you out of the blue insisted on going on the mission with her, not your partner.

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Dangerous Prequel


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Summary: You were Steve’s best friend and more until you chose neither Tony’s nor Steve’s side.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, former Steve x Reader, Thor Odinson, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Stephen Strange, Tony Stark, Wong, Stephen Strange, Loki, Bruce Banner, Sam Wilson, Jim Rhodes

Warnings: angst, fluff, light smut, comforting, explosions, fighting, injured Avengers, characters death, blood, violence

A/N: Please consider I do not follow the exact storyline of Infinity War and Endgame. Thor still has Mjolnir e. g. 

Worth her ring Masterlist

The room cleared and only you, Bucky and Steve are left. Your eyes meet Steve’s and you take a deep breath. “How worse is it, Steve?”

“Honestly…” Sitting onto the table Steve shakes his head. You can see the tension in his body as he tries to find the right words. “Strange said if whoever is after the stones gets Vision’s stone and his we are lost, the earth is lost, maybe the whole universe.”

“Nice. As if we didn’t have enough shit going on. Of course, there must be a new big bad asshole trying to mess with the universe.” Bucky grumbles pacing around the room. “When will Strange arrive?”

“He’ll be here in two hours. I hope we can keep Vision safe. Taking the stone away means killing him…” Steve sighs. “I know we had our problems, no more than that but right now we need to…” Patting his shoulder you nod.

“This has nothing to do with our ‘private’ problems, Steve. We still are a team, and no one will let anything happened to vision or Strange. Will Wong be there too?” Steve nods, telling you with his eyes he’s got no clue how to handle the situation.

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Summary: Steve sees red when an Alpha dares to look at you at the beach. You need to let him show you that he’s your Alpha. Nothing you rather do…

Pairing: Alpha!Steve Rogers x Omega!Reader

Warnings: angst (a hint), ABO dynamics, d/s undertones, dominant/possessive Alpha, breeding kink (slight), smut, unprotected sex, language, knotting, scenting, praise kink (slight), a hint of oral

Sequel to: Obey

His scent, overwhelming. Eyes darkened. All musk and muscles Steve stands at the beach eying all men, especially all Alpha’s, warily. If you would let your feisty personality shine through you would tease him but your Alpha’s posture tells you to not cross a line.

Instead of teasing your pumped-up Alpha you stand close to him, nuzzling your face against his cheek.

He’s purring against you but the Alpha’s around let his body react with aggression and dominance.

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Some Emoji Marvel Asks

🎥 favourite trilogy

🎞  favourite phase? 

🏆 rank your top 5 characters

🥇 rank your top 5 movies

📽 rank your top 5 scenes

🎬 the movie you’ll never get sick of watching?

🎼 favourite soundtrack?

🔋 best origin story? 

🎟 how many of the movies have you seen at the cinema?

💥 favourite villain? 

🖋 fan fiction or fan art? 

🤧 saddest scene from all the movies? 

🤯 a plot twist you never saw coming 


❤️ OTP 

💘 fav non-canon pairing

💕 fav platonic relationship

👽 inter-dimensional heroes or earth heroes? 

🤖 favourite of Tony’s AIs 

👔  favourite hero suit?

🗣 if you had a magic wand that could change one thing in any movie, what would you change? 

🤞what are you most excited for in phase 4?

⭐️ favourite actor 

✨ favourite superpower? 

🌺 do you have a favourite theory/headcanon?

☀️ you can meet one actor from the movies/tv shows - who do you meet?

🌙 you can meet one character from the movies/ tv shows - who do you meet?

1️⃣ favourite movie of phase 1? 

2️⃣ favourite movie of phase 2?

3️⃣ favourite movie of phase 3?

🔮 do you think phase 4 will be as successful as 1,2,3?

💎 what would you do with the infinity stones if you could use them?  

💯 are there any movies that you like that have a bad rep in the fandom?

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Summary: After Thor returned he’s more than happy you are having his child.

Pairing: Alpha!Thor x Omega!Reader, Steve Rogers x Sharon Carter (implied), Natasha Romanoff x Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Clint Barton

Warnings: angst (barely), true mates, abo dynamics, scenting, nesting,  pregnant Omega, overprotective Alpha

Sequel to: Chemical Romance

“No, you will not leave the room without me by your side. You will have my pup, Omega.”

Thor snarls as you try to brush past him, but your six months baby bump slows you down and your Alpha easily blocks the door.

“Alpha, I need to hand Tony these papers. You can’t just keep me in our room.” Hands pressed against your Alpha’s chest you sigh heavily. “How about you come with me and we can have lunch after I talked to Tony?”

Thor is not convinced but he nods before he takes your hand in his large palm to lead you out of your shared apartment.

Since he returned and found you pregnant Thor is almost suffocating you with attention. For example - you are not able to use the shower on your own as he’s afraid you could slip and hurt the pup.

At least your Alpha read an article about accidents within the household and now he wants to keep you on your nest the whole day to prevent you from getting hurt.

“We go to Tony and then we will leave.” Thor purrs and you want to roll your eyes, but he looks down at you with worried blue eyes and you melt against his body. “I need to make sure you and my pup are safe.”

“Morning Thor, Y/N. Look at your bump!”

Clint wants to rub your belly as the Beta doesn’t understand how protective an Alpha can get. Gasping Clint flinches away the moment Thor snarls into his direction, stunned as your Alpha is ready to attack him.

“Don’t touch my mate, Midgardian.” Voice low, threatening Thor narrows his eyes and Clint takes a few steps backward.

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Summary: Steve stood you up, hurt your fragile heart. Now you need to cope with the aftermath of unrequited love.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes

Warnings: angst, unrequited love, language, mentions of blood/self-harm (due to alcohol abuse), sad reader, angry Bucky, violence, comforting, fluff

Sequel to: Just Friends

When you walked away that night you grabbed one of Tony’s most expensive bottles of Whiskey and got drunk enough to slam your fists into the mirror, breaking your left hand as you didn’t stop till F.R.I.D.A.Y. called Natasha and Wanda for help.

Natasha was happy for you, even cheered a little before you entered the party only to find you drunk, heartbroken and bleeding on the floor of your apartment. You broke down in your friend’s arms, telling her what your former best friend just said and did. 

Six weeks have passed since ‘the accident’ as Natasha called it. Only Wanda, Nat and you know you hurt yourself on purpose to feel a different kind of pain than the one caused by your broken heart.

Steve never tried to talk to you after he saw Natasha leading you toward the medic bay, bleeding heavily while tears streamed down your face. He tried to help you but you flinched away, declining his help.

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Summary: Meeting your true mate was the best and the worst day of your life.

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader, Steve Rogers, OFC’s, Wanda Maximoff, Tony Stark

Warnings: angst, unrequited feelings, true mates, abo dynamics, violence, a feisty Omega, scenting, fingering, public sex, a hint of oral, smut, unprotected sex, knotting, mating, claiming, dominant Alpha, violence

From the moment you met Bucky you knew he’s your Alpha, your true mate. You talked to him, asking him if he can feel it too. 

Bucky told you he doesn’t feel anything close to you, even hates your scent.

Heartbroken you left the room, not wanting to hear more about how less you are what he wants. That you are not strong or his type - not at all.

Now almost a year later you sit in the conference room, glancing at everyone but Bucky. The Alpha is ignoring you, either way, so you make yourself as small as possible, not wanting to catch anyone’s attention.

“Y/N, can you tell us what you and Bruce found out about the toxin?” Tony gives you a curt nod as you get up to show the team your results. 

Bruce is smiling as explain everything without any hesitation. At least you relax when the kind Beta is next to you.

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Summary: Steve promises to kiss you at midnight at Tony’s party but then he comes with another girl and you are alone once again.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Steve Rogers x OFC Kelly, Natasha, Bucky Barnes

Warnings: angst, unrequited love, sad reader, New Year’s Blues, alcohol abuse

10 pm and your heart is racing. Tonight is the night. Steve suggested if none of you finds a date for Tony’s New Year’s party you will kiss at midnight.

You didn’t even look for a date. Refused any offer of any guy knowing Steve will kiss you at midnight. Natasha smirks as you check on your outfit again.

“You will rock this party, hun. Don’t you worry, Steve will love the dress and kiss these red lips of yours. Hell, if I wasn’t sure you are into guys I would kiss the life out of you.” Natasha smirks as you nervously fix your hair.

“Done.” Still not satisfied with your look you let your best friend drag you out of your room.

“Steve will love it or he’s a damn fool,” Bucky smirks as he slings an arm around your shoulders. “Believe me, Stevie will love your dress for sure. Gives a man all those naughty thoughts.”

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Summary: Steve had to bear Logan christened every place in the tower with one of his best friends. Now he will strike back by seducing you.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Wolverine

Warnings: angst, language, smut, unprotected sex, dirty talk, Captain Kink, a tiny hint of breeding kink

X vs. A Masterlist

Dinner is delicious. You talk to the members of the Avengers and smile seeing Logan with his new girlfriend. He seems to be happy and you are more than proud your brother finally found a mate.

“So…do you want to come to the tower too and meet the other Avengers?” Steve leans closer, flexing his muscles on purpose to impress you.

“Hmm…judging the way my brother is glaring at you I should say no.” Now you squeeze Steve’s biceps and he smirks at your brother knowing Logan is ready to attack him. “But…I’m a grown girl, Captain.”

The way his title leaves your lips makes Steve’s cock twitch and he starts panting heavily the moment he feels your hand squeezing his thigh. “Grown girl…” Choking the words out as your hand just wandered to his cock Steve licks his lips.

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Request: You’re part of the Avengers and you have to work with the x men. Logan catches your attention and you catch his. You both flirt and it’s sort of a love-hate thing. Your best friend Steve Rogers is not amused about your relationship and find’s a liking in Wolverine’s adopted sister.

Pairing: Logan x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader (Wolverine’s sister)

Warnings: angst, language, love-hate relationship, arguments, violence, smut, unprotected sex, semi-public sex, arguments

A/N: We have two readers here. Logan’s girl is member of the Avengers and best friends with Steve Rogers. Captain America’s girl is Logan’s adopted sister.

X vs A **

A vs X **

A & X - Perfect Mix **

Captain’s Revenge **


** contains smut


Marvel Tags

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Summary: Now you left the Avengers they want you back but as you said before - no one walks all over your without feeling your wrath.

Pairing: former Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader (platonic/friendship), OFC Lucie, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Brock Rumlow, Quentin Beck, Tony Stark

Warnings: angst, shitty friends, unrequited love (kinda), Peter being a good friend, sassy/self-confident reader, language, violence, badass reader, tension, smut, unprotected sex, revenge sex, dom/sub references, sex tapes, mentions of cheating/infidelity, nakedness

Sequel to Shielded

Feet propped onto the table; hands crossed behind your head you smirk at Quentin who struggles against the restraints holding him.

“You should be smart enough to know it’s useless to fight the ties binding you to my nice ass. Sometimes you can break free, or rather need to break freak.” Smirking at Steve who insisted to join the interrogation you chuckle. “And sometimes you can’t break free, this goes for you cutie pie.”

“Why am I here?” Quentin cocks a brow as you refuse to answer. “Answer me, doll.”

Slamming your hands onto the table you inhale sharply. “Never call me doll again. I’m not a puppet anyone can play with only to toss me aside. You will treat me with respect, and I might answer your question.”

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Request: Was thinking something angsty with Sebastian Stan & reader. His friend maybe tells him that she’s not nice & is behind his fame & money so she’s acting all nice. Once when she’s talking abt someone else Seb thinks she’s actually talking abt him. He acts cold towards her & throws her out on her b'day. He insults her in front of everyone & tells everyone how bad she is. She leaves the country & changes all the contacts. Seb sees her after 2yrs, with his child. Idk a happy ending??? 

This part got inspired by James’s Blunts ‘The truth’

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader, Chris Evans x Reader (platonic), OFC Matteo Christopher

Warnings: angst, arguments, daddy!Sebastian, shared custody, tension, longing, language

You love me not masterlist

Around three months later…

“Please let me come with you, Chris. I want to help her move into the new house. I could paint my sons’ room or help carry heavy stuff.” Shuffling on his feet Sebastian begs his best friend to let him help you move in.

“Sebastian, Y/N agreed to let you see your son on a regular base but she’s not ready to see you more often than she must. Give her more time Seb. I know you want to win her over, but this is the wrong way. If I bring you with me she will get mad or worse.” Chris tries to reason with his friend, hating he always must play the buffer for his best friends.

“Chris…” Sighing Sebastian sits onto the sidewalk, nodding as his friend opens his trunk to toss more movement boxes in. Chris wants to say more but his phone starts ringing, and he raises one finger.

“Y/N…wait. “What’s wrong? Oh…shit. Yeah, how about I bring Sebastian with me? He’s at my place to talk about the script and…oh…good. Great. We are on our way. Do you need anything else?” Hanging up his phone Chris points at his car. 

“Is something wrong? Does Y/N need help, Chris? Is she okay, is my son okay?” Panicked Sebastian starts panting and Chris needs to calm his friend.

“Breathe, Seb. The movement guys just tossed most of her stuff onto the street and Y/N is all alone with Matteo. She agreed to let you help her now get your shit together and don’t jump at her right away.”

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Summary: For five years you were their friend, their ally only to get tossed aside for a new recruit.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader (platonic/friendship), Avengers x Reader (platonic), OFC Lucie, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Brock Rumlow, Quentin Beck

Warnings: angst, shitty friends, unrequited love (kinda), Peter being a good friend, sassy/self-confident reader, language, violence

It started with little things. Clint would forget to buy the pizza you like. Steve would forget to train with you. Natasha and Wanda would ignore your calls, too busy to spend the evening with the rookie in the team.

For five years you were working with the Avengers, fought side by side with them when the world was close to its end but now - you lost your usefulness. At least it seems to be that way.

Your friends, your fellow Avengers spend all their time with Lucie, the new addition in the team. You tried to be friendly, tried to welcome her but she didn’t want to become a friend or at least a good comrade.

The moment you met her for the first time she showed her true colors toward you. You held out your hand, tried to greet her and she, well she asked you if you are an Avenger.

When you had to admit you are still with Shield, even while working for five years with the Avengers she just snorted, telling you she won’t waste her time with a mere Shield agent.

The tension and anger built inside of you for over three months by now. Today you became furious, today you saw her taking over your seat at the dining table as now one offered to get another chair for you.

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Summary: After the accords, Steve had to fight in the shadows to bring people light. Which means you didn’t see him for years.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Rhodey Rhodes, Natasha Romanoff, Secretary Ross

Warnings: angst, reunion sex, Steve with a beard (as Nomad!Steve is a fucking warning), dirty talk, language, smut, unprotected sex, sex against a wall, a hint of semi-public sex, reunion sex

6000 Followers BINGO CARD theme: Reunion Sex

6000 Followers Celebration Masterlist

Moving his arms as he walks, talking to Natasha Steve seems to ignore you stand next to Rhodey.

You hate feeling the drift between you and the man you love, hate he’s wearing a black suit and black star on his chest instead of the blue you loved so much.

His hair is longer, there’s a thick beard covering his chiseled jaw and you can see Steve is tired even while walking self-confident toward you.

For a moment you drop your gaze, knowing you are the last person Steve wants to see and you are close to leaving the room but Rhodey places one hand onto your shoulder, encouraging you to stay.

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Summary: Thor takes one step too far and you feel rejected. Turning your back toward the tall Alpha you try to move on with a broken heart.

Pairing: Alpha!Thor x Omega!Reader, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers

Warnings: angst, unrequited love, arguments, abo dynamics, sad reader, rejection, tears, fluff, comforting, scenting, cuddling & snuggling, nesting, hurt/comfort

6000 Followers BINGO CARD theme: Hurt/Comfort 

6000 Followers Celebration Masterlist

Another stab to your heart, another hurtful fight over his former lover. His chosen Omega who left him years ago. This time you won’t back down, won’t let Thor break your heart even more.

“Thor, I…” Sniffling you look up at the tall Alpha, trying to explain why you don’t want to compete with his former lover. Anytime you do something he doesn’t like Thor tells you Jane would have followed his order. Today is not different.

“I want you to listen for once, Y/N. Didn’t I tell you to wait for me? I told you there will be way too many Alpha’s inside.” Thor inhales sharply, trying to calm his anger. “I told you as an unclaimed Omega you are in danger close to all these Alpha’s.”

Hands balled into fists, lips pursed you glared at Thor, your lover, the man you love with all your heart.

“You keep on telling me to stay away from Alpha’s, and that I’m in danger as an unclaimed Omega, still you refuse to claim me.” Voice higher than usual you stand your ground against the tall Alpha.

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