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#marvel x reader

Day 23: Cooking A Roast
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Set in the ‘30s, I tried to make this one gender-neutral like the rest, but making the reader female helps character development.
Warning: Angst.
Word Count: 846

“Jesus Christ!” You exclaim.
“Not-quite, but definitely close.” You could practically hear Bucky smirking as he wrapped his arms around your waist from behind. “What’s the matter doll?” You place your book on the counter and frown.
“Your mother, sisters and Stevie are eating dinner here and let’s be honest. I can’t cook for shit.” You sigh.

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Miracle | Tony Stark

Pairing: Tony Stark x Plus Size Reader

Word Count: 1.1k

Request(s): Can you write with tony stark x plus size reader when he proposes to her after a hard mission & Can you write with tony stark where the reader has powers to take pain from the others and save tony but almost die and he gets angry bc he cares a lot about her.

Warnings: brief mentions of blood, reader has healing powers, mentions of injuries, a little angst, some fluff.

A/N: I thought those two requests complimented each other. The only change I made was that instead of taking pain away, the reader can heal people.

Gif credit: @downey-junior

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Some Government Official: Secretary Ross is replacing Nicolas Fury as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. effective immediately.

Y/N: I already want to kill myself.

Secretary Ross: Why don’t you wait a week? You’ll probably die of idiocy.

Y/N: The only way I’m going to die is if you touch me with your bony finger and drag me across the River Styx, you Reaper.

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star wars x mcu x fem!reader.

this is a very lengthy chapter because i really want to finish up tony’s story about being in the sw galaxy and then it’ll get REAL spicy from there.

main plot: tony stark has been sucked through a wormhole and since then, the avengers have been fighting without him as the show must go on. 5 years later, he comes back.

summary: tony is telling the avengers his experience with the resistance and the first order.

word count: 2.4k+

notes: i altered a few events from infinity war and put tony’s snap from endgame into infinity war. 

warnings: cussing and violence


Originally posted by stardustkylos


Originally posted by please-let-tony-live

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Bucky Barnes X Reader X Baby!Steve Rogers

A/N: Started as a fic idea, but my attention span is too short for that now. That said, ummm, there could be more??? - Nemo

Warning(s): Fluff. Babies. Bucky. Hydra. Someone dies once. You might want a child with James Barnes later?

Summary: Steve gets turned into a baby. Bucky and (y/n) become parents.  



Originally posted by itsawkwardfanboi

  • Mission gone wrong is how these things usually start, but it’s never been this bad before. 
    • Hydra was there. There was a weird gun. Steve got hit by it. Steve became a baby.
  • Bucky brought him back, because Steve wouldn’t stop crying unless he was with Bucky. 
  • (y/n) was less than impressed.
    • “It’s a baby.”
    • “It’s Steve.”
    • “-As a baby!” 
      • It wasn’t a good day for (y/n). 
  • During the mission debriefing, (y/n) had Steve.
    • Unlike Sam, (y/n) got Steve to sleep just as well as Bucky did.
      • Wasn’t a good day for Sam. 
    • Steve was to be under Bucky and (y/n)’s care until he ‘grew up’, or a cure was found. 
  • Steve was taken to Dr. Cho, and she said he was fine.
    • The serum was still in his system, so he wasn’t going to be waking up in a coughing fit in the middle of the night like he would’ve back when he was actually 6 months old. 
      • It was a good day for Bucky, hearing that. 
    • He also had no radiation type of injuries, which made everyone happy.
  • Then the babysitting began.

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Originally posted by cumberbatchlives

  • Bold of you to assume you werent immeditately put into the mirror dimension for protection
  • But lets say that he couldnt get to you in time, whatever or whoever that hurt you better be far away from you by the time he does find you or else the brutality of the gods shall strike dowm upon them
  • Stephens frantic no matter how small of a injury it might be, quick to stop all time around him while picking you up taking you to a more appropriate place to patch up your wounds
  • The city can wait awhile for time to resume, for now stephens main priority is you. Barely able to take the hisses of pain as your guided into the closest hospital he could find placing you down onto the bench of a operation room, 
  • He may have been a spine surgeon but that doesnt mean he cant handle basic wounds, stephen offering his hand for you to grip as he sews your flesh together 
  • Stephen hates to see you flinch within every piercing of the needle but he knows its necessary. During the whole procedure hes mummbling out apologies about how he wasnt there for you, if you dont calm him via some touch of affection hell probably break down in tears because of the guilt 
  • Youll be relocated to a save space where you can properly heal before the battle continues on, stephen leaving you with a kiss apologizing once more promising hell be back for you
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TW: OD, Suicidal


Originally posted by soukokucchi

  • The thought of you was the only thing to keeping him going throughout starvation and coldness of space, comfort in the face of possible suffocation knowing that his space ship is running on low oxygen 
  • Imagine the dread as he finally lands on the surface of earth looking out at the crowd of familiar faces yet not seeing the one he was so excited to hold in his hands once more
  • Starting to hyperventilate as steve comes up to support him off the ship, flinching away radiating a defensive aura “where? Where are they?" 
  • Steves expression unidentifiable as he sighs looking away from him, tony begining to yell "Y/n! Where are they!? Steve tell me!” Hysterical pushing past all those that keep quiet watching as Tony stumbles to the house 
  • Natasha would be the one to stop him from figuring it out himself, just to kill his hopes quicker than Tony would searching each room himself, a mercy
  • Realizing he lost you destroys any possibility of him supporting the war agaisnt thanos in any little way, no matter what the remaining avengers do to convince him to make a stand nothing will pull him out of the pit of despair thats been created from your apparent death
  • He didnt even get to say goodbye to you, so focused on the idea that he might die from the mission to even think about how he might not be able to return to your arms
  • The 5 years that pass are depressing, when the monuments are made in the name of those who disappeared the white marble with his lovers embedded wasnt even gazed by tonys eyes, instead hours are spent in the room you shared together
  • Nothing of yours has been tampered with even in the slightest, collecting dust while tony stares at them everyday, holding the blanket you shared all those nights together close to his chest as he remembers all the lovely moments youve had together
  • Not even five years in Tony would have went to the hospital several times for various reasons, Drinking to the point of being shit face, opposing a threat to himself, and something that required the direct attention of the avengers, the fact tony had to be sent to get his stomach pumped for overdosing 
  • Of course Rhodey, Steve and Nebula wouldve been observing his behavior but tony always refused to let them get involved up until the point Tony legally needed to be supervised
  • He wouldnt be convinced to rejoin the effort to change the timeline until it occured to him that you could be in his arms again
  • It was beyond painful seeing you in the past, knowing he couldnt approach you no matter how much he wanted to. 
  • By the end he would sacrifice himself for you, knowing if his death meant you would be alive and able to continue without him tony would be beyond complaint
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Originally posted by shwdgold

  • God does he respect you, watching you go though your daily responsibilities even as your brain feels like its imploding, still kind and considerate as well
  • Steve tries his best to make the week easier for you via gifts of sweets or arranging naps inbetween work hours but over all hell actually set you up a doctors appointment during the weekend
  •  His reason for doing so is mostly to get you prescription pain medicine but itd be nice if he could hear a professionals explanation of what your condition is 
  • During your times outside the house steven is usually beside you all the time anyways, so he could also take over anytime a migrain pops up, helping end your sentences and translate what you might want to whoever
  • Hes full time on the support job, comforting you with homemade and over the counter remedies to ease any overwhelming sharp pains or aches, letting you lay ontop of him while rubbing consistent circles on your back mummbling in a soft tone of voice how much hes missed you today
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Originally posted by moodbig

  • With tony appearing to be such a sly type of guy his flirts would be taken as jokes, or at least they match tonys type of smart assed comedy 
  • Not to mention he was a playboy for a good bit, theres no reason for you to not assume his advances towards you are just playful jokes
  • Which is a shame for tony, the longer he flirts the more numb you become
  • No matter how bold he might be from silly to sexual flirts Tony never gets the reaction hes looking for 
  • Honestly he feels beyond stuck, how does he get close to you if you wont even take his attempts seriously?
  • Its not until natasha witnesses the same failure of a exchange does Tony actually become aware of what to do next, Natasha pointing out your mindset, that he has to be true with his feelings or he isnt going to get anywhere with the reputation hes given himself
  • Next time you see tony at a bar or something, he turns to you and immediately says “i find you very intriguing, would you like to go out on a date some time?” Most likely leaving you stunned
  • Please realize tony just risked everything while being chill about it, he could feel his heart beat agaisnt the bones of his rib cage just while turning around to meet your gaze 
  • A absolutle relief when you accept his proposal, tony thinks hell be more forward with how he feels with you from now on… but youre still going to hear a bunch of his inappropriate flirts
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Hela x reader: Now that we have gotten jealous reader how about some jealous Hela

Trust me


Hearing your phone ring you opened your eyes.As you reached for it you felt a heavy weight on your chest.Looking down you saw that Hela had fallen asleep on top of you,wrapping your arm around her pulling her closer.You pushed yourself up and grabbed your phone and that’s when the call ended it was your brother,you quickly called him back.

“Hey Y/N,how you been?”

“Hey B/N i’m good,what about you?”

“I’m good and i’m gonna be in town for a few days.I wanted to see you how about friday?”

“Sure,i’m free all week”

“Great i’ll text you later”

You were running around trying to get ready.You were putting your hair up as Hela walked in

“Whoa”You turned to face her “You look absolutely beautiful”You blushed,standing up you gave her a kiss.

“Could you help me?”You said gesturing to your hair

“Sure”You turned around letting her fix your hair

“Thanks”You gave her a kiss on the cheek

“Oh by the way you left your phone in the living room and it’s been ringing”She handed it to you

“Thanks”You started walking towards the front door “I’ll see you later”You gave her another kiss longer then before

“Don’t be late”


“Hey B/N” 

“Hey Y/N,so how are you doing?”He asked

“I’m good what about you?”

“Well i’ve meet someone”

“What who is she? Tell me everything”He laughed

“She’s,she’s everything i could’ve wished for”He started but cut himself off by asking “What about you? Have you meet someone?”

“Yes i have”

“What’s he like?”

“She actually. She’s beautiful,smart and strong”You looked up to see him smiling at you “Stop looking at me like that”You both laughed.

After a couple hours you decide to call it and head back.As you walked in you noticed that the lights were off.

“Hela”You called out but got no answer. She turned to face you,she was sitting on the sofa but she wasn’t responding

“Y/N we need to talk” You started to panic at her words. You moved to sit down on the sofa

“If you wanted to see someone else you should’ve just told me”

“Wait what are you talking about?” You quickly asked

“I’m talking about you and that man you meet up with today. You could’ve just told me” At this point she had started yelling and you could see tears threatening to spill.“I always knew that you’d find someone better" 

"Hela” You shouted making her stop and look at you “I don’t wanna break up. I love you I could never do that to you”

“Then why did you?” She said her voice shaking

“Hela that man is my brother” You explained,she froze not saying a word. You moved closer pulling her into a hug

“Y/n I-I’m sorry” You felt her hold you tighter

“It’s okay” You ran your fingers through her hair

“I love you”

“I love you too but please you have to trust me. I understand that that it can be hard but please”

“I’ll try”

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Hi! What about a Tony x Reader x Pepper?

This is such an interesting request! It’s fun to explore poly relationships!))

-You had zero intention of entering a relationship with anyone when you first got your job at Stark Industries. Really, you were completely focused on work and work alone. You didn’t have romance on your mind at all.

-Of course, you started out pretty low on the ladder, as an assistant to the assistant’s assistant. And even that was a glorified term. 

-You were fresh out of school, a baby in the eyes of all the all the other geniuses in the company.

-That was why it was such a surprise to you that your work got noticed by the big bosses. The mentioned work was really nothing more than a dream, little doodles and sketches. You didn’t think they were that revolutionary. 

-As is customary within big companies, the higher ups liked to give all the meaningless little tasks to the underlings, essentially bossing you around. You were in a bit of a rush, a stack of papers in your arms. You were playing delivery person that day. The delivery that changed your life just happened to be to Pepper Potts herself.

-You had met Pepper before, of course, but really you only saw her as your boss. You thought she was a lovely individual yes, but you were mostly indifferent to her. And indeed the feeling was mutual. She was far too concerned about Tony’s antics to pay much attention to anything else. It was during a darker time in their relationship.

-As expected, with so much on your mind and so many papers in your arms at once…you slipped up a bit and gave her the wrong paper.

-You had rushed out of there quickly in order to deliver the papers on time. You didn’t even realize that you were carrying your ideas along with you, you supposed you were in such a hurried panic that you accidentally grabbed them and took them with you.

-Either way, the woman found herself impressed with your work. She was by no means an expert on science like Tony was, but even she thought it was really something special and potentially revolutionary.

-Of course, since it was simply a sketch, just some ramblings, you neglected to sign your name and take credit for your idea. Pepper frowned, it wasn’t often she became invested in something so quickly, which is why she decided to give this to Tony.

-All employees were required to take a number of tests and such before they entered the company. Such tests included, you guessed it, a writing submission. He had a sample of writing from every employee that had ever worked for him. Due to recent events, he wanted to be incredibly careful on who he hired and how he handled them.

-With just a few question from Pepper, he knew who wrote this. After he relayed this information to Pepper, she made him read your thoughts over. And like Pepper, he was rather impressed. 

-Once they had their work done, they tracked you down. Though it was mostly Tony, he was the more impulsive one. He wanted to drop everything and confront you. He always enjoyed having random conversations with intelligent individuals.

-That’s really how your interest in Tony and Pepper began, and likewise with you with them.

-From then on, they grew invested in both your idea (they gave you some offers and such) and you as a person.

-As they helped you, all of you grew closer. You even came to call them your dear friends. 

-Your romance had actually started with Pepper first. Well, that was really worded wrong. She was the one who expressed interest in a romance first, after talking to Tony of course. 

-You weren’t exactly sure at first, and honestly neither was Tony. The both of you weren’t sure of how exactly this was going to work. 

-After a while though, it became a lovely and trusting little arrangement. Their contrast was endearing. Tony would gladly spoil you with gifts, expensive dates and such, even wanted to promote you.

_Both Pepper and you disagreed with his notion to promote you, you didn’t want to take the easy way up. You wanted to work it all out on your own.

-Cuddles were rather often. You all loved to hold each other. Usually, your position was Pepper in the middle, you and Tony resting your heads on her chest or shoulder, her arms wrapped around the both of you as Tony and you held hands.

-Tony and you love to work on things together, and indeed love to annoy Pepper together. And to your surprise, she loves to get you two back.

-Your addition to their relationship was really what they needed. You added an element of fun into it, something that managed to calm the both of them down substantially.

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Request - hi! I was wondering if you could write something with Frank castle from the punisher? with the reader trying to be a vigilante and frank is her role model, and frank takes her in and treats her like his own family (showing her how to be a vigilante)? thank you so much!!💕


Warning - 

Pairing - Frank Castle X Reader 



Originally posted by neatmonsterr


You take stance, hands up and ready to strike. As far as you’re concerned, you’re getting much better than you were when you started the whole “double life” thing. Granted your first life wasn’t all that it was meant to be so that leaves you with the secret double life. Everyone knows you as Y/n during the day, but at night? The media gave you the name F/n when you started to do things that caught their attention. 

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All my imagines will come here in their time (and when I remember)

Please Note! I don’t own any of the characters, universes or gifs! All credit goes to the owners.

Star Wars:

Poe Dameron x reader

I will always be back to you

Without you there’s no me

Kylo Ren/Ben Solo x reader

Scared lovers


Bucky Barnes x reader

Everything I wanted

A Time To Love

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@modestlyabsurd requested: a conversation with Loki about the idea of children?

cool url (:

i have a lot of headcanons about loki’s complicated thoughts on having kids, so if you want those, shoot me an ask!!

this short but (hopefully) sweet, and reeeeeaaaallllyyyy domestic. wow i wish i was in a committed relationship and lived with loki.


“Would you ever want a kid?” you ask one day, completely out of the blue. 

You’ve learned in your many years of being Loki’s lover that is how questions like this have to be. You love your god, but he reads too much into anyone’s words- yours most of all.

Loki shifts from where he is comfortably sitting on your couch. He meets your eyes, then his own flicker down to your belly.

“Are you pregnant?” he asks, his voice low. “I’m not angry if you are. I am willing to do whatever-”

“No, Loki.” you grab his hand and shake your head. “I’m just… curious.” Loki cocks an eyebrows, but visibly relaxes as he leans back.

“I don’t know.” he admits. “When I was a child myself, I always assumed I would. I was -am-” Loki pauses, unsure of what his rank is. “…Royalty. It was not a question of ‘if’, but a question of ‘when’. And around the time I came to New York- which is when I met you,” Loki gives your thigh a squeeze, and you smirk. “I was certain I would never. I have no doubts I would be a better father than my own. But… just because you’re better doesn’t mean that you’re good.” Loki stops talking. His gaze doesn’t reach your own, but he rubs circles into your knee with his thumb. “I became so much more conflicted when I fell in love with you.” This time he looks at you once more, offering a small smile. “You truly threw my life into chaos, sweet girl. I’ve had to come to so many conclusions I never thought I would even consider.” 

“And what’s the verdict on this one?” you ask in a playful tone, but your hands start to clam up. Loki leans forward and takes you in his arms before dragging you back with him, so his back is against the arm of the couch, and you lay between his legs and on his chest. His fingers begin to run through your hair. 

“I want to do anything to do with you. Every single thing, I want to experience it with you. Stupid girl.” he sighs. “You’ve made me so vulnerable. I want children, yes, and I only want them with you. But I don’t know if I can. You’ve had quite the influence on me, but I am still that same man you met all those years ago in New York.”

“No you’re not.” you frown. “Don’t say that. You’re not who you where then.”

Loki smiles, and presses a kiss to your nose.

“Well…” he says. “…Not when I’m around you I’m not.”

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if you have a request, please feel free to ask! i am currently taking requests! 

i take requests for:

  • kylo ren, poe dameron, finn, the mandalorian (star wars, modern au, etc)
  • tom holland
  • peter parker/spider-man (mcu or modern au)
  • any character in the marvel universe (basically)
  • percy jackson/heroes of olympus characters

if what you want me to write about is not listed, feel free to ask! just message me in my inbox! 

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2020 writing list!



  • Edward Cullen
  • Bella swan
  • Charlie Swan
  • Rosalie hale
  • Jasper hale
  • Emmett cullen
  • Alice cullen


  • Aro Volturi
  • Cauis Volturi
  • Marcus Volturi
  • Demetri volturi
  • Felix Volturi
  • Heidi Volturi
  • Jane and Alec Volturi (Aged up to 17 if romantic)

Wolf pack:

  • Sam
  • Leah
  • Seth
  • Jacob
  • Paul


  • Oswald Cobblepot
  • Edward Nygma
  • Jerome Valeska
  • Jeremiah Valeska
  • Victor Zsasz
  • Fish Mooney
  • Bruce wayne
  • Jonathan Crane
  • Jarvis/Mad hatter


  • SweetPea
  • Fangs
  • JP
  • Jughead/Betty (poly only.)

Teen Wolf:

  • Stiles
  • Scott
  • Derek


  • Michael Myers
  • Bubba sawyer
  • Jason Vorhees
  • Freddy Krueger


  • Sam Winchester
  • Dean Winchester
  • Castiel
  • Crowley
  • Lucifer
  • Gabriel
  • Chuck

Harry Potter:

  • Harry potter
  • Ron weasley
  • Hermione granger
  • Fred and George Weasley (poly!)
  • Draco malfoy
  • Narcissa and Lucius malfoy (Poly!)
  • Tom riddle/Voldemort

IT 2017:

(Both poly and seperate)

Bowers gang

  • Henry Bowers
  • Patrick Hockstetter
  • Reggie/Belch
  • Victor Criss

American horror story:

  • Michael Langdon (Any age from the series)
  • The countess/Elizabeth
  • James March
  • Tate langdon

Disney Descendents:

  • Uma
  • Harry Hook
  • Gill
  • Mal
  • Evie
  • Ben


(Both Poly and seperate)

  • Loki Odinson
  • Thor odinson
  • Tony stark
  • Peter Parker
  • Steve rogers
  • Bucky
  • Natasha
  • Bruce banner
  • Vision and Wanda (Poly)
  • Pietro
  • Carol Danvers


  • Villain!reader
  • Child!reader
  • Shifter!Reader (what kind is up to you)
  • Fem!reader
  • Male!reader
  • Trans!reader
  • GN!reader
  • Alpha!Reader,Beta!Reader, or Omega!Reader


  • Mafia
  • Apocolypse
  • Kingdom/medieval
  • A/B/O
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Warnings: Bullying, violence

Notes: None


Originally posted by spiked-tea


  • Peter has never thought you could notice him
  • After all, he’s just the nerdy kid that no one really pays attention to if they’re not bullying him
  • He wishes you could though
  • In the time you’ve been in school together, he’s realized how strong and amazing you are and he wants you
  • The first time you defend him from a bully, he’s shocked
  • You insult the guy even worse than he was insulting Peter
  • And it keeps happening from there
  • You give black eyes and broken noses, or send them away crying from the verbal assault
  • Everytime someone tries anything with him, you’re there
  • Peter’s puzzled because the two of you have never even talked, but he doesn’t want to question it either
  • The first several times, he tries to thank you since you did save him when you didn’t have to
  • But it always ends with you brushing it off like it’s nothing and leaving
  • He decides pretty quickly to stop doing that though because he doesn’t want you to be upset with him or walk away
  • So now he just smiles at you, hoping you get the message
  • And he swears he sees a very slight pink tint to your cheeks every time
  • But he must be seeing things, right?


Permanent Tag: @soulnoon @want-to-watch-it-burn @sleepisafuckinglie @stripedeyeswithasideofbirds @ietss @winterssoldierrs @t-v-head @nixphomaniac @dcyandere @annie-stoch @httpfandxms @bored-green @wholesome-homosexual @cutiepoo16 @curious-expectations @shyyprincess

Peter Tag: @retrobhaddie @tomsbuttercup @risa-99 @xblueblossom @wonderlace19 @hollandfic @freestarlight @belleknows @platniumdahlia

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