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Locusts. LokixF!Reader.(insect warning)


Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

“Y/n.. isn’t that too mean?”

“Since when do you care about anything being ‘too mean’?” You laugh out at your soon to be husband.

“… you’re right. Who am i kidding? Let’s do this!” Loki nods and you hum a 'yesss’ .

Ever since you and Loki got engaged, the team started pranking you because you two where too invested in each other.

This resulted in a prank war that you and him are obviously nailing! I mean, you can’t beat the God of Mischief and his girl in a prank war!

You tap on the name “Tony” in your contacts after making sure to call anonymously. Meanwhile,Loki transforms into Nick Fury.

“Hello?” You hear Tony on the other side of the line.

“Y-yes, Tony it’s m-me..” Loki stutters in his form.

“Fury? Why are you stuttering? Is there an emergency?” You can hear Tony’s concern.

“Look..uh.. a lady called Mariza came to my house.. she’s from Wildlife services..” He tries his best not to laugh.

“Is there an emergency? Do they need us?”

“In this case.. there’s nothing we can do..” Loki says dramatically.

“If you tell me there’s another Thanos coming, i’m gonna flip!” Tony almost yells and you silently laugh.

“No..there’s a locust apocalypse..”

“What the fuck are you on, Fury?”

“See.. it rained yesterday and locusts went out of their homes.. You need to turn off all lights, close all windows and any electricity in general. They are a lot!” Loki elbows your side to stop you from laughing.

“Oh. So it’s serious.. Uh.. okay fine, we’ll do that..” Tony closes the phone and does as told.“F.R.I.D.A.Y , shut down the whole building.”

“Yes sir. Is there an emergency?”

“Locusts.” Tony says and Natasha laughs from the other side of the room.

The building starts shutting down,doors and windows closing, leaving the Avengers in complete darkness.

“Locusts? Really?” The redhead says and Sam bursts into laughter. “Turn the damn lights on, Stark.”

“There’s no way you’re actually shutting down the building because of locusts!” Clint laughs out.

“That’s obviously a prank. Loki and Y/N are behind this,i’m sure!” Steve says seriously, trying to find his way around in the pitcy black living room.

“My brother is extremely annoying.” Thor crosses his hands in front of his chest.

“Oh yes, how did this not cross my mind? F.R.I.D.A.Y, turn on all electricity and open all doors and windows. Give me the exact location of Loki and Y/N.”

“Yes sir.”

As the doors and windows open,locusts fill the living room, sending the superheroes into panick mode.

“What the actual hell?” Wanda says in her tick accent.

“Is this part of the prank or is there actually a locust apocalypse?!” Bucky almost screams.

“Ha! Told you this was gonna work!” Watching the footage on the screen from the cameras, you squeal and hug Loki, who is more than happy to see you have fun.

“I can’t believe humans are so scared of insects!” He shakes his head and then you both burst into laughter again.

Steve is trying to kick the poor insects away from him,Tony is on a table targetting and shooting them, Clint is screaming , Natasha is nowhere to be seen, Sam is yelling curse words,Thor is playing with a locust, saying that he made a new friend, Bucky is hiding behind Sam, and Wanda , being the only calm one in the situation, uses her powers to pick up as many locusts as possible and throws them out of the window.

“I can’t wait to keep doing this with you for the rest of my life..” Loki says and your heart almost jumps out of your chest.

“I can’t wait either honey… So many more to come in our lives. I love you!”

“I love you too, honey.” He leans in for a kiss and you are quick to kiss him back.

“Hey. I know y'all are listening!” You pull apart and see Sam as close to the camera as possible. “Next time y'all do anything insect-related, me and Bucky are gonna get you back and there will be no mercy. That was not a warning. That was a statement!” Sam points at the camera and you laugh behind the screen.

“Oh, how about uniting our teams together?” Bruce walks in the room.

“Where were you this whole time? We needed the hulk-smash. I am so disappointed in you-”

Being part of the Avengers is hard,but moments like this are what kept you sane all these years.

These guys are your friends and without them, you wouldn’t have met the love of your life.

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A/N: I got this idea from this prompt list! Check it out!! I do not live in New York City or have ever lived or visited. This is all based on what I’ve heard people that have lived or visited there have said to me.

Wordcount: 1348

Summary:  "You burst through the door because you thought you smelled smoke but it was just incense, listen you’re paying for that buddy.“ 

You moved to New York about six months since you moved to New York. You were originally from California, but you had always dreamt about living in New York City’s bustling streets and bright lights. It’s been your dream since you watched Home Alone 2 as a kid.

You were regretting your decision.

You missed the California weather you grew up with, especially right now. You were expecting the cold winters (and god did you fucking hate them. Snow is the worst thing to ever exist), but you weren’t expecting how humid their summers could get. It was ridiculous! You felt like you were choking on air.

The weather wasn’t the only thing that was making you seriously try to transfer back to one of the grad schools in your home state. How expensive your stupidly small Queens apartment was a major one, but you were also really lonely. You still hadn’t gotten a handle on the fast and rude pace everyone seemed to have down. It wasn’t like everyone knew each other and would speak to each other back home, but the at least smiled when they made eye contact and would apologize when they bumped into you.

You were stressed from school, lonely, and you just really missed home and the less humid summers. The only good thing you’ve gotten so far from living here was getting to see Spider-Man swing around. Maybe that’s why you were listening to your crazy coworker who had told you that burning incense really helped her relax.

Keep reading

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Peter Parker x Male!Reader -  Absentminded

A/N: as requested by @raviolin-down-the-streets

Never written for Peter before, so this is extra exciting - sorry that it’s a bit short, but I guess it’s better than Nothing? 

Oddly enough, I had a bit of trouble finding things to complain about when it comes to school - despite absolutely hating school.


Originally posted by marveledits

“I swear to god, this has got to be the worst assignment ever-”, you had started your rant about how terrible the school system is and how shitty your homework was going about ten minutes ago, and despite your heavy usage of curses and insults Peter couldn’t help but stare at you, head leaning against one hand as you raged on in a whisper-screaming tone after the librarian had given you a piece of his mind about being loud in a place like this.

“I mean, seriously, when was the last time you had the slightest bit of freedom? The amount of ideas I can’t act on because of this asshattery of a school is harrowing!”, you hiss. “Besides, they really expect us to have hobbies with this much homework? Or free time? ‘Hey, What do you do on Weekends?’, oh, I don’t know Mrs. Pancake-Face, probably writing the Five Page Essay on an irrelevant Topic that you made us do!”

You lean back in your chair, staring at the ceiling. “And then they don’t get their work done! The teachers that always tell you to turn your shit in on time don’t even manage to get their crap done on time - I- it-”, you stumble over the last few words as you notice Peter’s dreamy gaze at you.

“Something on my face?”, you ask, trying to snap him out of it. He doesn’t respond. You’re not even sure if he heard you. You try once more:

“Peter, Buddy, you there? Head stuck in the Clouds?”

You let out a chuckle as Peters absentminded expression is still stuck on you. You start frantically waving around your hand infront of his face. 

“Earth to Pete! Snap out of it Dude!”, you exclaim, receiving another warning glare from the librarian. You shoot back an apologetic smile before turning your Attention back to Peter, who now seemed wide awake - and a bit too alert.

"What? What’s going on?”, he asks, eyes wide open and eyebrows raised. You can’t help but smile at his adorableness.

“You tell me. You haven’t written a single word.”, You reply, pointing at Peter’s nonexistent work. He presses his lips together and nods.

“I, uh-”, he begins, unsure of how to explain why he was this out of it. He couldn’t just tell you, “Hey (Y/N), I didn’t pay attention because I was too busy fawning over you.”

“Are you okay? If you feel sick we can always continue work later.”, you suggest, now slightly worried about Peter’s wellbeing. Peter thinks for a moment before nodding frantically. “Yeah, yeah, that sounds- yes, a break would be nice.”,

You smile and pack your things together.

“Come on, we can get some lunch. The Saturdays special at that place down the road is pretty good.”, You then say, slinging your backpack over your shoulder. Peter quickly packs up, too, before following you outside.

“By the way, Pete?”, you then start, not looking at him. He blinks a few times before responding with a small 'Yeah?’

“I don’t know who or what you were thinking about, but it must’ve been something damn amazing.”

Peter’s face flushes red and he swallows before answering with a small giggle:

“Trust me, they are.”

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Mornings with you

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader; mention of Tony

Warnings: none, just some cliché fluff; I may add somethings later

A/N: the man deserves some happiness… EVEN THOUGHT HE LEFT BUCKY BEHIND.. Sorry, I’ll get over it.. one day ¡gif is not mine, sweetheart!


There was nothing like waking up in his arms. The smell of soap and aftershave invading your nostrils, sending a heat to your heart that you would never grow tired because it feels like home.

Steve wasn’t a heavy sleeper, but there were a few occasions, like this one, when he felt so peaceful and forgot about the weight on his shoulders. In night like this, he’d dream. Sometimes it would bring him back to the 40’s or just keep him in the present, but doesn’t matter where or when it was, he always fought to find his away to you, to keep you by his side.

You had memorazed every feature of him, the way his big lashes would rest on his cheek when he was asleep, how their beautiful pink lips would be slightly open inspiring and exhaling puffs of air, making his chest go up and down in a steady pace. Or even how messy his hair would get thanks to you not being able to keep your hands to yourself – it wasn’t always in a sexual way, but to show him that you were there for him doesn’t matter what was happening in the world and he was glad for that.

You were so distracted watching him like that, looking like he wasn’t carrying the weight of the world on his broaded shoulders, that you didn’t even notice the small footsteps around your bedroom until a pair of small hands found yours, pulling it to get your attention.

“Is daddy still sleeping, mommy?” he stared at you, big ocean eyes mirroring his father’s, still clouded with sleep.

You smiled, nodding your head, trying to make as little sound as possible to don’t disturb Steve.

“Can we wake him?” his eyes sparkled and you knew that Steve promised to play with him outside today.

Your hands caressed his chubby cheek, putting some dark blond hair away from his face.

“Hmm, I have a better idea” you slowly got out of bed, almost making you want to get back on your the warm of Steve’s body, but then those puppy eyes looked at you and you carried the little boy downstairs to the kitchen with you.

You sat him on the balcony, together with the ingredient of the breakfast. The weather was chilly outside, the first signs of winter’s already being felt so you decided to go with your typical pancakes – a recipe you learnt on the internet and adapted thought the years.

“Uncle Tony would like to know you liked his gift.” you turned your attention from the oven to the iron man’s pajama on your soon. It looked like Tony’s armory but in flannel.

You remember Steve rolling his eyes and whisper something among the lines of “really, Tony?” when James opened the box, revealing to everybody what Tony was confident claiming to anyone that wanted to hear that his gift was the best.

“I miss him.” he pouted, looking down to the pajama and then to you, a poud on his lips. “Can we see him again, mommy?”

You bite your lip, nodding. He wasn’t the only one that missed Tony and you were glad you and Steve had each other to seek some comfort every time the pain of losing someone decided to creep up.

“What about tomorrow, iron boy?” he nodded eargely, a happy smile showing on his lips.

Once the pancakes were done, you placed them on the plate and prepared the tray you bought for breakfast in bed a while ago. Jamie’s hands holding a piece of Steve’s shirt you were wearing.

He haven’t moved an inch since you left the room. The cover resting on his hips, soft snores filling the room, the curtains leaving some rains of light invade the bedroom.

James tugged on your shirt again, raising his hands to hold the tray and you gave it to him, telling him to be careful.

You sat on the bed, your fingers tracing the skin of his jawline until it met his hairline, putting strands of hair away from his closed eyes.

“Wake up, sleepy head” you planted a kiss on his cheek, his eyes opening slowly after a few seconds.

Steve smiled, eyes still half closed as he reached for a proper kiss or as proper as his recently woke state allowed.

“Good morning, beautiful.” he was sat now, back pressed again the headboard.

“Daddy we made you breakfast!” your son said a little bit too loud, making Steve finally notice the small body on the room.

He couldn’t help the giggle seeing the boy trying to balance the table and himself as he walked to Steve.

You helped James, putting the tray on the nightstand and Steve brought him to his lap, arms wrapping around his neck as he buried his face on Steve’s shoulder.

If someone had told you years ago, that you would marry a super soldier and build a family, you’d have laughed on their face. But here you are, sitting on the bed with a stupid smile on your face watching both your husband and his smaller copy. You made a mentally note to thank Tony for that next time you went to visit his grave.


If you want be add or remove from my taglist, let me know.

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To Everyone Asking!

Yes I know you sent in ships, yes I know I’m super late and no I didn’t delete them. My mother is very sick so I’m helping her out the best I can. Ships take me some time because I make sure I match up everyone perfectly to an extent but I don’t have the time to go through them at the moment. They will get done but please stop asking, please stop resending your ships and PLEASE STOP PUTTING IN NEW ONES! The requests have been closed for a while and I’m not trying to sound mean but you guys need to give me a break. Thank you all for waiting and they will be up just not as soon as you’d like them to be. I would be happy if you guys sent in little notes or questions though, that’ll make my day😊

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Hey, could I have a ship?? I’m a gay, male who is around 5’5” with sorta wavy, short, copper/red hair. People tend to tell me I’m smart but I’m stressed a lot. I play the cello and love dogs. I’m an INTP and I always wear hoodies and black jeans. I tend to be anxious all the time and you can usually find me laying in bed or on the floor. The avengers or iron-fam is fine, thanks! -🥐

I just want to say, thank you for reading through the rules ;-; i love you. sorry for taking so long btw! Also laying on the floor is a fucking mood

TBH I was really stuck between tony and Bruce but like,,, sorry bruce I kinda chose tony LOL


Originally posted by tonyspepper

I ship you with Tony Stark!!

For once, there was someone shorter than him??? Like??? He’s always beint teased for being Tiny Stark and now, you’re tiny. You both probably got to know each other because you were at a charity event playing your cello as part of the string quartet they had. You were always amazed at how he noticed you, after all, you were just a cellist. But he did. after the event went south with some bad guys crashing the party. You were freaking out and trying your best to keep your cool to keep your fellow musicians calm and to get out before any of you could get hurt and all of a sudden, one by one, Tony got each of you out. Wearing his suit of course. From there it’s almost history. Sometimes you play your cello to help him relax on stressful nights or after rough missions. Or he’ll join you on the floor and get FRIDAY to project holographic movies. Cus apparently that’s a thing somehow. He also really admires you, even if you don’t believe it. Because you’re incredibly smart in your own way and you’re one of the few who could keep up with him. And even if you didn’t, because sometimes you’re a nervous wreck around your billionaire superhero boyfriend, it’s fine. Cus like Tony’s pretty fucking dumb sometimes too. There’s a reason why wisdom nad intelligence are two different stats. The two of you have a really pure relationship because of how you both try to help each other through anxiety/panic attacks. He’s also incredibly patient with you when you get overwhelmingly anxious. Like I said, pure.

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Redemption Ch.4

Pairing - Natasha x reader (F)

Summary - this is the story of how you met the infamous Black widow, but you know her as Natasha. Meeting by pure chance thanks to your ability to teleport, a friendship blooms and turns into something more.

A/N - thank you all for the support youve shown towards this so far it means a lot to me :)

Warinings - None

Chapter One // Chapter Two // Chapter Three // Chapter Four

You felt weightless. Floating in the darkness, the echo of the gunshot still rang in your ears. In some way you were glad, that your life had come to an end by her hand. Strange you know but over the course of the five years you’d spent sneeking off to see her you had fallen in love with her. Had she not been trapped in that place of death, maybe one day you would have asked her out and started dating hell even one day in the future built a life together.

Yet, it was all just a teenage dream.

“Y/N!” A male voice called out to you in the darkness. It sounded familiar but so far away. Struggle with the darkness you tried to fight its cold grip. “Y/N!” The voice called again closer, were you really dead? Was this some god calling for you to go to the light? “Jesus, Y/N please wake up!”

A groan passed by your lips as you fought your heavy eyelids. The blistering light stabing through your skull sending a shockwave of pain through your body. The blured outline of a boy hovered above you.

“Y/N focus on me, what happened?” The blur asked, taking all your concentration you force your self to focus on him. Blinking twice he slowly comes into focus…


Your eyes begin to burn as tears began to build. Reaching out you grab on to him before burying your face in his chest. Your face screams in pain at the contact of his chest, letting out a cry of pain and the heartache you felt.

“Hey.. hey, its okay. You’re okay.” He says rubbing your back reasuring you. You’d met Clint when you started High School and quickly became best friends. His father was ex military and when returning home he had turn to the drink much like your mother, you both bonded over that fact. Three months ago he clicked on to the fact you were slightly more tired than usual as well as somewhat more happier. You trusted Clint with your life and with that you told him about your ability to jump.

At first he laugh saying you were talking a bunch of crap, but you smiled and jumped behind him calling his bluff and had the last laugh. After that you he offered to help you gain better control of your gift and test its limits. Eventually you told him about Natalia. You never mentioned her name or that she was in some secret facility in Russia, only that she was a friend. Clint instantly saw through your whitelie and knew she was more than a friend to you.

“Y/N what happened?” Clint asked slowly pushing you back to get a better look at your face.

“They found out about us,” you sniffed bringing you hand up to whip away the tears. Whincing slightly as you do.

“Right come on we gotta get you to the hospital. You’ve been gone for three days.” He says helping you up, you don’t fight him. Truth be told you dont know if you have any fight left in you. He helps you into the house and sits you down at the kitchen table as he runs up stairs to call his older brother Barney to give you both a lift. Barney took one look at you before practicly carrying you to his car. Thankfully he never asked any questions, he knew that you werent the typical girl when it came down to it and figured what had happened was a result of that.

Once at the hospital Clint never left your side, Barney went downstairs to try and phone your mom but had no luck. Three x rays later you were diagnosed with a mild concussion, fracture righ eye socket, cracked jaw, a suspected dent in your skull next to your left temple and two broken rib as well as severe bruising. They decided it would be best to keep you in over night as well as call in the police as it was required for anyone under the age of 18.

Thankfully Clint never left through out of it and answered some of the question for you as were still in shock over the whole ordeal.

“Is she okay?” He asked once the police left. You look over at him, he was slouched over in the chair in what seemed to be a uncomfortable position.

“I don’t know.” You whispered, looking down at your hands. Since Clint found you, she never crossed your mind. God.. what if they done something to her when you jumped back? What if they were interegating her like thwy had with you? Or worse?

“Hey hey! Y/N breath!” Clint said leaning forward grabbing your hand, you look back at him. He gives you a gentel smile and squeezes your hand. “Give it a few days and you can go see her again?”

“Yeah,” you sigh squeezes his hand back, “Thank you for this Clint.”

“Any time,” he chuckles before sitting back in his chair. “You still wanting to come with me this summer?”

“I’m not sure..” you sigh again sitting back into the large pillows keeping you upright. Both you and Clint had saved up on money for some fake IDs. You both werent academic students and both wanted to join the army. Both your mothers wouldnt let you join before you turned eighteen and neither of you wanted to wait another three years. So you’s had decided to try your luck and see if you both could get in earlier. “What about Laura?”

“Oh, she doesn’t think we’ll get in,” he chuckles smiling at the thought of his girlfriend.

“She does have a point, we could end up in jail.” You giggle smiling at him.

“Yeah well nothing ventured is nothing gained.” He grins setting his feet up on the bed. You couldn’t help but laugh.

“Touché Barton, touché.”

A week had passed before you were finally discharged from the hospital. Your mother visited twice both times being far to hungover to spend any time with you, however Clint stopped by everyday after school bringing you what homework you had for that day and dping it with you.

After a few hours, you’re mother came home with take out and another bottle of her favourite alcohol. Picking at your food for a while you told your mom you were going to bed, she slirred a response at you before taking another drink. You ran up to your room locking the door, you draw your curtains closed and take a shakey breath.

You hadn’t jumped in a week and quiet frankly you were scared that this time you may not be able to. Taking another deep breath you steady your nerves and close your eyes picturing one thing. Natalia.

The warm sensation began to build up in your core, within a few seconds you feel yourself jump. Opening your eyes you see youre back in the room where you first met. However this time theres a smaller blonde girl in front of you.

Her eyes go wide recoiling back in the bed in fear at your sudden appearance. Quickly you shush here rasing your hands slightly.

“I mean you no harm, do you know where Natalia is?” You say quickly in Russian. The blonde suddenly looked at you confused.

“You know Natalia?” She askes slowly stepping out the bed.

“Yes, she’s my friend.” You reply, trying to read the girl.

“Your the one who she had to kill. How are you alive?” You see her piece together the events that happen the week prior.

“Its a long story, but I really need to see Natalia.” You reply steping closer to the blonde. She gives you a look of pitty.

“They took her.” She sighs looking down, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Took her where?” You ask panic beginning to bloom in your chest.

“To graduation.” She whispers a look of discomfort and discust washing over her.

“Take me to her.” As you say it, the blonde looks up at you in disbelief. “Please.” The blonde stares at you, trying to get a read on you.

“Fine,” she sighes out. “ But if they catch us I don’t know you and will kill you.”

You couldn’t help but laugh at her response, she raises a brow to you questioning you reaction before waking round you to the hall.

“Thank you! I owe you one.” You say catching up to her.

“Don’t thank me yet.” She mumbles checking the other hall ways making sure they’re clear.

“What’s your name?” You ask her after a few minutes of silence.

“Yelena,” she replies coming to a stop outside a white door. “I know who you are, Natalia spoke of you from time to time. She’s the only one in there.”

“Thank you Yelena,” you say reaching for the door handle. Before you can turn it, she grabs your wrist, you stop to look at her questioningly.

“Be careful Y/N, the procedure takes something away from all that under go it. She may not be the person you once knew.” Her eyes bearing into your own. You swollow the lump the had appeared in your throat before nodding. Slowly opening the door and going inside.

The room was dull, dispite the flotecent lights above bearly lighting the room, it gave off an unnatural coldness, it reminded you of the hospital room you had left a few hours prior. Taking a step into the room you notice one bed at the back of the room with the curtains drown round it. Again you swollow the lump in your throat taking another deep breath, walking towards the curtain.

You pause for a second before drowing it back, revealing her. She looked broken. Her left eye held the ghost of a bruise you remember her having, her lip had a small cut on it you couldnt remember if it was there before. Emerald eyes met Y/E/C.

“Natalia.” You breath out, rushing towards her clapping down by the side of her bed reaching out for her hand. She looks back at you, shock painting her face.

“You’re alive.” She breaths out in disbelief, slowly reaching out to crese the right side of your face, you wince slightly but lean into her touch.

“It’s gonna take more than a Russian beating to kill me.” You laugh leaning up placing a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“I thought I killed you,” she chocks out, you pull back and study her face. Greif and guilt poaring off of her, tears beginning to stream from emerald pools.

“Shh it’s okay you didn’t.” You say slowly climbing into the side of the bed to hug her. She turns into your arms and crys into your chest. All you could do was comfort her and kissing the top of her. “Hey look at me…”

Slowly she looks up at you, you push a few strands of hair from her eyes and tucking it behind her ear. You ghost your fingers down the side of her jaw coming to settle at her chin. You slowly pull her closer to you as you lean down meeting her half way. Your lips met, you can taste the salt from her tears ot almost causes tears of your own to fall. Suddenly she pulls away, taking in a sharp breath through her teeth. Your eyes fly open to see her face twisted in pain.

“You okay?” You ask running your eyes over her. Her hand cressing her lower stomach, she nods slowly. Yelena’s words slowly came back to you… ‘graduation’. “What did they do to you?”

“Made me a monster.” She whispers pulling away from you. You didn’t understand.

“Nat,” you whisper reaching out for her. She flinches away from you, your heart sank again. Shock began to corse through your vains again. It didn’t take much for you to figure out what happend. How could these people do something like this? It was and is barbaric.

“Leave.” Natalia breaths wraping her arms around herself.


“Leave Y/N!” She yells, turning pushing you off the bed. She struck so fast you had no time to brace your self, landing on the floor, you stare up at her in disbelief. “Don’t come back.”

“What?” You breath out in confusion. Slowly getting to your feet. Eyes locked to hers. She takes a steadying breath.

“Leave and never come back.” She says in a dead plan voice. Her eyes now held no emotion, it was like you were looking at a stranger.

“You don’t mean that. You can’t!” You say reaching out for her hand which she snaps away.

“This was never going to work. Go back home and live a normal life.” She starts, your eyes sting with tears, you allow them to fall freely. “Never come back to me. I don’t want to see you ever again.”

“Nat…” you breath out, trying to get your tears under control. “Don’t do this. We can leave now together!”

“No Y/N. You need to leave. I now have a job to do.” She says plainly, looking away from you. You look at her, bearly being able to keep the tears back. Silently begging her to look at you, to change her mind. But she never did. You let out a small sob before taking a deep breath. Turning around you head towards the curtain to leave before you jumped away forever. You look down before you do. The glint if silver on your chest catches your eye.

You spin around, taking the silver item from around your neck holding it in your hand for a second. Your fathers dogtags had been your only connection to him and you wore them all the time. On one of your visits Natalia had seen them and taken a liking to them, saying they were special knowing that you had a piece if him with you all the time. Taking a step forward you place them on the end of her bed. She doesn’t respond, but you know shes watching you.

“Others say he was a monster, my mom said he was a hero. I never knew him so I can’t say for certain what he was. But I know you Natalia. You are not a monster. Just remember that and be safe.” You say slowing moving to the edge of the curtain giving her one last chance to look at you before you go but she doesn’t turn.

Letting out another sigh you close your eyes and jumped. You open your eyes when you feel the rain against your skin, looking up into the dark sky you fall to your knees, letting out all the pain you felt out. It felt like hours but eventually you stoped crying and even letting out a sob was too much, you felt something snap inside you. The world around becoming distant, the happiness you once held dear gone. The pain and grief for losing Natalia was also gone. You were a empty shell with only one purpose now.

Getting up you close your eyes and jump one more time.

“Y/N! Jesus!” Clint cried out at your sudden appearance, he was in the middle of packing a bag. “Whats up?”

“I’m in.”

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“Why are you always on your phone?” “Why do you never come out of your room?” I don’t know, parents, maybe it’s the fact that you yell at me for not being able to order things on a food menu or telling me I won’t have friends if I continue to refuse to eat because I’m so insecure about my body I’ve developed disorders and then proceed to tell me I ruined the night. Maybe that’s why.

Or, you know, maybe it’s just me “being an angsty teenager.”

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Peter Parker Dating a Runway Model:


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  • talk about a supper supportive boyfriend
  • always does his best to be at all your shows
  • absolutely adores you
  • so proud to have you as a girlfriend
  • such a soft and caring boyfriend
  • basically your personal photographer
  • posts loads of pics with you
  • cheers for you so loud
  • he’s been with you since the beginning of your career
  • always believes in you
  • has your back
  • always there when you need a confidence boost
  • and when you need to stay humble
  • loves holding your hand
  • can always calm you down if you’re nervous about a big show
  • when he sees you Peter gets such big heart eyes
  • basically, he’s whipped
  • lots of soft kisses
  • doesn’t always understand modeling 
  • but he’s willing to learn it all for you
  • it helps him talk about things with you that involve your business 
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Steve Rogers with a Daughter who Loves Animals and Plants and is a Vegan:


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  • he loves her so so much
  • she’s Steve’s world
  • tries to be interested in what she’s interested in 
  • wants so badly to be connected with her 
  • when she was little they would play safari and other similar games 
  • when she becomes a vegan he does too
  • it’s hard for him at first but he’s commited to the idea 
  • they plant a garden together in the backyard 
  • he’s so proud of her 
  • Steve is such a caring dad
  • always telling her how special she is 
  • Steve loves how soft she is 
  • also loves her passion for animals 
  • calls her rosebud 
  • very understanding when she brings home stray animals 
  • lets her keep the majority of them 
  • but also helps her find homes for the ones they can’t keep
  • buy her so many succulents
  • her rooms in themed like a zoo
  • advocates for helping animals together
  • even work side by side at several animal shelters
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A/N: I’m exhausted, and it’s only 5 o’clock. I had college orientation this morning, and honestly, all I want to do is sleep, watch star wars (or the JGP. Figure skating is always fun), eat food and write fluff. Thus, here we go. Ridiculous fluff with Carol, our favorite lovable dumbass :)

Warnings: Carol being a liability in the kitchen

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Hi! I haven’t seen you on my dash in a while... how are you? And can I request another headcanon? Maybe Peter’s reaction to a first date where reader (female preferable) takes the initiative, like planning the date, picking him up, brings him flowers as a joke, etc?

I’m good, I’ve just been super busy and uninspired so I’m trying to get back into the swing of things here. And absolutely, thank you for requesting!

Requests: Open

Reader: Female

• The windup to ask you out has went on for a while now

• Peter always hypes himself up just to get anxious and back out of it again and again

• You notice this

• You’ve noticed it the first couple of times actually

• So, in order to relieve the stress on Peter, you ask him out when you meet up with him again

• “What?”

• He heard you, he’s just so shocked that you actually wanted to go out with him

• While he’s stumbling around his words and trying to keep his cool, you set a time and day for your upcoming date

• He nods and that’s it - you’ve got yourself a date

• Pete is freaking the hell out the night of the date cause he wasn’t sure when to get you and didn’t want to disturb you if you were getting ready and what if it was all a joke and-

• Oh, that’s a car horn

• Oh, that’s your car horn

• He rushes down the steps of his house but slows down at the front door

• Once Peter opens the door he’s not expecting to have a lovely arrangement of flowers offered to him

• Flowers?

• Shit Pete you forgot to get those

• He takes the flowers, confused for a moment until this big grin swallows his lips and he’s just

• So happy

• He’s never been in a relationship beforehand where the girl would care this much for the date and

• It’s genuinely relaxing

• Peter can’t stop thanking you throughout the night and you guys end up having a great time for a first date

• You jokingly took it up a step for him by opening doors and letting him hold onto your arm throughout the night

• He gets so flustered over the little things you do but doesn’t care whatever someone else might think about the switched roles

• Peter also does things for you of course, but the balance between the affection is something he often finds himself valuing in you

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 2.3k

Warnings: Again, language, a scene in a hospital, some arguing angst but I’ll tie it all up in a big fluffy bow, I promise :)

A/N: Here we are already, chapter two, half way through! Thank you so much for your kind words, especially after such a break between posts, I was half expecting nobody to even read it! You’re all the bestest and I love you lots and lots. I’m going through some super stressful life decisions at the moment and writing for you guys has been a somewhat salvation! As before, this is for the beautiful Layla’s (@wxntersoldiers) 5k Challenge!

masterlist is in my bio and the series masterlist can be found there! if you fancy being tagged in the next parts over the weekend, drop me an ask!

When you next woke, you were in a hospital bed, in a disgusting hospital gown that instantly gave you a million itches to scratch. You then noticed one hand was warm and clammy and you slowly turned your head towards it, trying to ignore the stiff neck muscles that told you not to.

Steve was in the chair next to your bed, both hands holding one of yours, head resting on the join of your hands. Explains the temperature. His hair was unkempt and body was hunched over and you knew without seeing his face that he’d been crying. He only ran his hands through his hair enough to do that to it when he cried.

You tried to squeeze his hand to let him know you were awake, but he was holding it so tightly that you couldn’t actually feel it properly anymore, so that wasn’t an option. You attempted to lift your other arm instead, intending to run it through his hair gently to rouse him but as soon as you moved your left arm just an inch, you cried out in pain and Steve jolted upwards.

Well that was one way to get his attention.

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Chapter 7: maybe it’s meant to be like this


featuring: Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers

warning: angst, cussing maybe?, and lots of crying

summary: After Steve ended things Bucky is left wondering if he is able to continue things with (Y/N). Guilt seems to be eating him alive while he tries to figure out his feelings.

an: It’s been a million years and I apologize for that. I’ve had a major writers block on this series and I’m trying to get the last chapter finish soon on this one. Thank you everyone for your patience. I got super inspired by the songs Cruel Summer and Cornelia Street by Taylor Swift.

Links are broken you can find all others chapters linked in my masterlist

gif by  dailymarvel


It had only been a day since Steve had ended things with (Y/N) and in that time Bucky had kept to himself. He was completely unsure of what he was feeling or even what he should do. He stood in the shower just blankly staring at the wall, as a million things went through his mind. He thought back to the times that he had showered with (Y/N) and how they would stand there talking while he was washing her hair. He thought of how her bright eyes would stare back him. Her always seemed to show exactly what she was thinking.

Bucky Barnes had never been in love, and he wasn’t sure if the stabbing feeling in his chest was the feeling of guilt of betraying his best friend or the fact that he was indeed in love with a girl next door. He felt so betrayed for hurting Steve, he knew when he started this with (Y/N) that Steve liked her.

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for now i am leaving

i don’t know for how long, if i’ll be back or if i’ll ever write on here again but this is my decision right now so goodbye. i love you all that supported my writing and reblogged and commented on my stuff. you’re amazing.

i will be active on this tumblr but i just won’t be writing

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Paring: Reader X Avengers Platonic & slight Steve x Reader 🤷

Warnings: Cursing

Summary: Based off a deleted scene from Endgame


“So what happened to the tesseract after that?” Sam asked Steve “Pass the takis!” You shoved Rocket and grabbed the bag from him “Get your own” . “This was my own dipshit” Natasha laughs and continues writing notes, “It’s at the bottom of the ocean… Fell out after I had to crash”

“Yeah I’ve been meaning to ask, why did you have to crash the plane anyway?”

“Bombs on board” Sam nodded slowly before speaking “You couldn’t have jumped out before it crashed?” Steve thought for a second

Shit, I should have done that

“He’s a dumbass, that’s why” Steve looked at you and narrowed his eyes “A dumbass?”

You nodded “You do the dumbest shit, jumping out of windows and crashing into crap, you a dumbass”

“She has a point, how many times have you jumped out of the quinjet without a parachute?” Natasha said smiling at the memory of watching him fell 8 flights “Im super soldier, I can take it” he said sighing “What if you got seriously hurt? Serum or not it’s still stupid” she continued, Steve shifted uncomfortably and mumbled “Well….”

“Or when you pulled a helicopter down with your bare hands?” Tony spoke not looking up “I couldn’t let Bucky leave”

“Still” he said shaking his head “You could have got him another way capsicle”

“Or, when you go in public wearing a hat and glasses? Like people won’t recognize you” y/n laughed out loud “I didn’t want people to flock me”




He stood silent and walked closer to you “I didn’t want to see anyone get hurt” you heart fluttered but you still smirked “I can understand… But let’s agree on something?”

“STEVE ROGERS IS A DUMBASS!” they all chanted while he rolled his eyes

“Y/n” you watched him chuckle and sit down with you “You may have a point”

You knew you did, but he was your dumbass

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Dressing room pt 2

Parings: Tom holland x reader 

Summary: Part 2 of dressing room. Tom doesn’t have time to get his revenge because he has to travel which leaves him frustrated so you decide to help.

Warnings: smut, smut, smut, no spoilers. fluff.

Part 1

Tom didn’t have time to get back at you. He has to fly to London to continue to film. Of course you’re coming with him. Smirking to yourself as you start to pack your bags in your shared hotel room with Tom.

He’s been out of it ever since you made him cum in his spiderman suit this morning. It took him longer to shoot scenes for the movie, he constantly forgot his lines and was obviously not focused but he got it done. That’s one of the many things you loved about Tom, he always gets the job done. Once the both of you got back to the hotel room he didn’t speak to you much, he started packing his things quickly, not really organizing anything. Tilting your head you stalked behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist, hugging him from behind, you figured he’s upset for not being on his A game today.

“Baby. “ You mumbled against his back, he hummed in response to you and you smiled at that. “You okay?” He nods at your question and continues to pack his bag, rolling your eyes in annoyance you squeeze his waist causing a small huff to escape his lips. “Y/N.” he mumbles and you slide your hands up his back, massaging his back muscles you love so very much. “What’s my name baby?” You coo and he leans into your touch a bit before shaking his head. “We gotta go.” He says, moving away from your hold. You flick your eyes towards the clock. You had 30 minutes until you guys had to be downstairs at the car.

“Are you being bratty because i embarrassed you today?” You asked him, arms crossing over your chest. Tom sits down on the bed with his hands running over his thighs. He does the cutest thing- He tilts his head up to look at you through his thick eyelashes.

“No.” his answer is sweet and short but you know the truth. You know he was a blushing mess when he had to get undressed.

You’re standing a few feet away from him arms still crossed, he’s still looking up at you from where he’s sitting, looking like a lost little puppy. Moving yourself between his legs, you push some of his hair back and cup his cheeks in your hands, gently rubbing his cheekbones. “Can you get on the floor for me lovely?” You asked sweetly. You know when Tom is bratty he’s not gonna listen to you if you’re not sweet or gentle. You press a kiss to the tip of his nose and he looks at you with a fucked out expression before nodding. You move out his way so he can make comfortable on the floor and you take his place on the bed.

You’re wearing a tight leather skirt with high heels and a nice crop top to match, noting that your jacket is near the door just in case you’d have to leave quickly. Then your eyes flicker over to the time. 26 minutes left. Turning your gaze back down at Tom whose sitting on his knees in front of you. He knows what you want and how exactly to do it but this is dangerous- sometimes he slips out of his subby state when he eats you out and becomes dom. You had to make sure that didn’t happen despite the time. “Beg.” You say gently and Tom looks down at your thighs in the skirt and licks his lips.

“Miss please? been thinking about you all day i’ll be good.” Tom begins to beg, knowing not to touch you yet but desperately wanting to. You decide to let him off easily, giving him permission by spreading your legs the best you can in the tight leather skirt. Pulling the skirt down would be too much trouble Tom thought so he bunches up the leather and pushes it up and over your thighs so he can gain access to your core. “Slow down baby.” You remind him and he whines in response. That fucking whine he does. He moves his left hand on your right thigh before gently leaning his face down to kiss your thighs.

You smell so good to him, always smell so fucking good. He gently sniffs your skin before pressing wet kisses down to your inner thigh. You hiss and reach down to yank at his hair. “No teasing.” You say sternly and he reframes from whining this time. “Sorry.” Tom mumbles gently before gripping your lacey panties, pulling them down. He eyes your already wet pussy. He wants to taste it, nope he absolutely needs to. Without any warning he dives in, your legs automatically going over his shoulders. He starts by lapping your slit, whining quietly you pull at his hair telling him you want more. You can feel his hot breath against you, causing you you squirm at the edge of the bed.

He continues to slide his tongue along your your folds, purposely ignoring your clit, letting his nose brush against it ever so often. He’s slipping out of his subby space. You know it too- “Tom.” Was all you said before yanking his head back from you. He lets out a soft growl before locking eyes with you, making your breath hitch. His eyes are hard and darker, cheeks flushed. You gently massage his scalp, watching his eyes soften. “No teasing.” You remind him and he nods and obeys. His tongue going straight to your clit making your body jerk, causing him to move one of his arms around your thigh. He’s absolutely devouring you. You’re panting, sweat dripping on your forehead, you’ve accidentally kicked his side with your heels a couple times causing him to hold you tighter. His tongue is doing figure 8’s around your clit, stopping to suck around it. He loves this- loves pleasuring you in any way he can rather it be you shaking above him or below him. He’s slipping between being dom or subby, your moans making him want to pull away and fuck you until someone’s banging at the door but he just can’t because he wants to be a good boy- he wants you to praise him. He wants to listen to you.

He moves his pointer finger to your entrance, completely forgetting about the rings on his fingers he wore for a brand deal. You gasp sharply when you feel the cold metal against your hole. Tom soon remembers the ring and pushes his finger in as deep as he can, dragging his finger in and out of you before opening you up and adding another finger. His tongue is flicking over your clit as he fucks you with his fingers, he feels like he can do this forever, he presses a soft kiss to your thigh as he hears you praising him. Your legs are shaking around him, there’s not as much dirty talk, which is unusual for the two of you but you could care less. The wet sounds along with your moaning and Tom’s panting is just pure sickening, sounds just like a straight sin but you love it so fucking much.

“T-Tom i’m gonna cum.” You say as you tug on his hair, he adds another finger- the third one, making you feel so full. He has a ring on the third finger too. You’re dripping all over his hand and the bed at this point. Tom moves back from your clit to watch you, he’s painfully hard in his jeans, his hips are thrusting into the bed, the strictness of his jeans making him even more frustrated. He’s quietly panting to himself, he prays he doesn’t bust again. He blinks out his thoughts, smirking to himself as he sees you come undone from just his fingers. He latches his lips against your clit and begins sucking, your toes are curling in your boots, accidentally kicking Tom in the side again causing him to groan, sending vibrations through your body making you to cum all over his fingers and mouth. He uses his fingers to fuck you through your orgasm. Body shaking and trembling as you come down from your high.

He’s pretty sure you squirted a little- his fingers and hand are soaked, so is his mouth. You winch when he moves his fingers from your entrance. Your eyes are hooded as you look down at him, smiling lazily at him. he smiles back. You laugh slightly when you notice his hair has curled up from him being sweaty. “Suck on your fingers baby, you deserve to taste me some more.” Your voice is hoarse as you speak to him, he nods obediently and begins to suck and lick his fingers clean- well cleaner than they were. You watched his tongue swipe over his rings, trying not to get horny all over again since you have to leave in five minutes.

“Did i do good?” He asked you innocently and you nodded quickly, pulling up your panties and skirt. Shifting at how uncomfortable you are since you’re still wet. When you sit up and Tom stands you notice his bulge and lick your lips. “If we had more time i’d help your problem.” You told him and he blushes, taking his bottom lip between his tongue.

“We need to go.” He replied grabbing his jacket, wrapping it around his waist, using the arms of it to hide his bulge. You grab your already packed suitcase, standing up from the bed, Tom takes the suitcase out of your hands and you smiled at him before walking out, Tom not far behind you with his own things.

Once you and Tom got downstairs to the lobby along with the other actors and team members Tom headed straight for Zendaya and Jacob, you didn’t mind though so you decided to go get a snack since your rides are running a little behind. You smiled and thanked the worker that took your luggage and followed the sign that said restaurant and cafeteria, knowing you didn’t want to pay for that expensive ass airport food you packed up on snacks putting it in your little carryon backpack you had before going to eat some real food. You wondered to a small Italian restaurant and ordered some pasta to go. The waiter smiled at you before going to put your order in. A few minutes later the waiter came back and tried to make conversation with you.

He’s taller than Tom but not as broad, his face fuller and he has black hair with light brown eyes. You tried to be nice to him, tapping your foot impatiently wanting your order to hurry up so you won’t have to deal with him anymore.

Meanwhile Tom was panicked. You had wandered off without a trace and you’re not picking up your phone and your rides will be there in five minutes. Everyone tried calling you but no answer. “Maybe she went to get food?” Jacob said simply and Tom widened his eyes and nodded. “You’re a genius Jacob!” Tom exclaimed before heading off into the direction of the food. He felt extremely protective over you, you’re in a city where you’ve never been before and a hotel you’ve never been before and in a place where you don’t know anyone. He knows you’re not a child but he can’t stop worrying. Once he spots you with another guy- A waiter he noticed, sitting down next you he felt angry. He’s obviously flirting with you and he’s no where near you to hear the conversation. He watches you both stand up and you have a to go bag in your hands, he realizes now why you stayed and talked to him for that long.

You beam as you see Tom and rush past the waiter to go to him. “Hi baby.” You say and kiss his cheek. “I got us some pasta for the road so we don’t have to spend money on the airport food.” You explained to him and he wrapped his arm around you and kissed you right on the lips in front of the waiter. Your felt yourself blush as you kissed him back, normally he doesn’t display this much affection in public. “We gotta go, our rides here.” Tom said as you followed him to the front of the hotel.

Tom still felt angry. Some tall dude was flirting with you and you were all alone looking pretty. It’s not like you did it on purpose- did you? You and Tom were in the back of a black SUV truck with tinted windows, your legs on his lap and the empty food box on the floor next to you. He noticed the outfit you’re wearing, all black and leather. His fingers rubbing against the fabric of your skirt, and you look down at him curiously. “You wanted someone to flirt with you, didn’t you?” Tom asked suddenly. You’re alone in the car with Tom besides the driver being in the front of the truck. “No? Why would i?” You questioned moving your legs off his lap. “I- nothing, just being insecure.” Tom signs and you frown, cupping his cheek in your hand. “I dressed like this for you, i know how much you love seeing me in leather baby. “ You mumbled against his ear causing him to shift in his seat. You knew exactly how to set him off. “But maybe i knew, a couple of guys would be looking at me, but you’re my little subby baby that would love nothing but to get fucked by me. “

That’s when a deep growl left Tom’s lips and you felt his nails dig into the skin of your thigh making you hiss.

“Mind repeating that again?”

Oh this is gonna be the longest trip of your life.

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