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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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[Peter is watching an old Disney show in the living room with Tony and Morgan]

Five year old Morgan: I don’t want to watch this anymore. It’s boring.

Tony: We have two other TVs in our home and there’s a tablet is in my office, Morgan. Go watch one of those.

Morgan: I don’t want to move though.

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tony stark left peter parker a new suit, nearly unlimited access to his tech to make new suits, exclusive access to a ready-made array of weaponized satellites and even happy hogan and somehow didn’t think to leave peter a cool new place for him and aunt may to live and maybe one of those sweet audis he drove in every movie.

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Peter: Tony! Meet my new boyfriend Johnny!

Tony: oh so this is how you want to play if? Fine I see how it is.

Peter: I-I what?

Tony: you know that people subconsciously date those that remind them of their dad?

Peter: w-what are you going on-

Tony: Am I a perfect father? No. but I try! I try so hard! AND YOU WENT OUT AND BAGGED YOURSELF A CAP LOOK A LIKE?!?!?! Ungrateful.

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