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Matt has only met Thor once or twice but he hates him with a burning passion because first of all He Is Wrong. His smell is off, his body is off, there is a slight aura of electricity coming off him at all times. And also because Thor can tell that Matt (as daredevil) is also off, but whereas Matt hates being around Thor, all of Matt’s friends love Thor so every time he is in town Wade and Peter try to get them to interact.

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This was one of the leftover prompts from the daredevil exchange  for @stripedscribe​.

The Defenders (Marvel TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Luke Cage & Jessica Jones & Matt Murdock & Danny Rand
Characters: Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock, Luke Cage, Danny Rand, Stephen Strange
Additional Tags: Fluff, Friendship
Prompt: Daredevil/Defenders find an abandoned puppy/other animal in a dumpster. The more extreme the animal the better.

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Danny *adjusting reading glasses on his face*: So, you want advice on how a relationship is supposed to be?
Matt: Yeah.
Danny *taking off the glasses and crossing his legs, looking like he’s about to drop some knowledge*: Shit, man. I don’t know. I kinda almost took out my boyfriend’s teeth by punching him with a flaming fist on our first meeting. I have no idea how I even got here.
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Matt’s personal style is stuck in the 90’s. When he has free time he wears double denim and colorful windbreakers and Foggy for years tried to explain the new fashion but Matt wouldn’t here it. Then the past few years rolled around and suddenly 90’s fashion got really popular and Foggy could no longer say shit.

Extra: one time Peter and Matt ended up in the same outfit and that was when Foggy gave up.

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I like to think that Peter was revenge for Foggy because now Matt has to deal with someone who is just as or more self-sacrificial as Matt with even less training. And for a while it’s great because Matt will come in all upset because Peter fought a guy with alien tech without backup or didn’t mention a stab wound because it would heal on its own and Foggy would get to be like “now you know how it feels”. But then Foggy also gets attached to Peter and now he’s worried about another person on top of Matt so he’s like “this backfired so bad” and then at this point he hadn’t even considered Karen.

All I’m saying is Foggy is the king of collecting self-sacrificing people that take 10 years off of his lifespan.

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The only one who can put together ikea furniture is Frank. Matt can’t for obvious reasons, Foggy is one of those guys who thinks he doesn’t need instructions, Karen somehow is alway 3 screws short, Jess and Danny don’t have the patience, and in theory Luke should be able to, but he never can figure out the little pictures.

Honorable mentions are Wade who refuses to use ikea for some reason and Peter who keeps breaking it when he gets frustrated.

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