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[Do you think social media has exacerbated anxiety issues for your generation?] One hundred per cent. People can anonymously give their opinion of you without any qualms about who they’re hurting. Also the unrealistic expectations: you can focus on a picture and that person is perfect and that’s immediately how you believe you should look or how your life should be. We’re kind of living in a filter now. The only thing you won’t see through a filter is yourself, which can really have an effect on you.”

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the beginning

i want to go back to the beginning, when you were trying your hardest to have my heart

i felt wanted, needed, for the first time in a long time

i want to go back to 4 months ago, when you finally took to leap to have me

but now that you have me, i feel like you just take me for granted

do you even love me anymore? like you did in the beginning?

or am i just there? am i just a person you do things with? do you feel like you no longer need to try?

there are times when you talk about the future, with me.

and other times when it feels like im a burden to talk to

i just want it to feel like the beginning again

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